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Taking Initiative by Mystique
Chapter 1 : Taking Initiative
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A/N: Hi everyone. This is my first Molly/Arthur story so I hope you like it.

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to the wonderful J.K. Rowling

Molly sighed as she leant back against the trunk of a wide oak tree. She glanced over at a group of boys by the lake.

“Arthur Weasley?” asked her best friend Clara as she followed Molly’s gaze to the lake.

“I just don’t get it, Clara,” Molly said to her friend. “I must have dropped about about a thousand hints but he still doesn’t ask me out. Honestly. When will he bloody realise that I bloody fancy him?”

“Welllllll,” Clara said glancing once more at the boys and than back to Molly. “You, could always ask him out to on date to Hogsmeade this weekend.”

“What? Me ask him?” Molly said pointing at herself as if to emphasise the question she was asking.

“Yes, you!” Clara replied.

“B-b-b-but the boy always asks the girl out!” Molly said, the sunlight coming through the leafy trees was glinting off her red hair turning it a deep auburn colour.

“No they don’t,” said Clara shaking her head in exasperation with her friend. “Honestly Molly. Half the time I don’t even know what planet you live on. It’s perfectly acceptable for a girl to ask a boy on a date.”

“Are you sure that I should do this,” Molly asked nervously, glancing over to the boys.

“Yes. How else are you going to get him to ask you on a date?” Clara replied.

“Alright then. I’ll do it!” Molly said making up her mind. She picked herself of the ground, a mischievous glint in her warm brown eyes.

“Good,” Clara said as she too picked herself of the ground. “Come on, lets do it before you lose your nerve.” Together the two girls approached the the small knot of boys by the murky black lake.

“Hi Arthur,” Molly said nervously.

“Hi Molly,” Arthur replied.

“I’ll see you at lunch then, Molly.” said Clara winking at Molly before heading up to the stone castle.  

“Arthur, can I have a word with you?” asked Molly pointing at a nearby rock.

“Sure,” said Arthur leading the way.

“Listen,” asked Molly fidgeting with her sleeves. “What are you doing this Hogsmeade trip?”

“Nothing really. Why?” Arthur replied.

“Welllll, I was wondering...That is only if you want I mean,” Molly said nervously biting her lip. “Well what I’m trying to say is, do you want to go to Hogsmeade with me this weekend. Only if you’re not doing anything else that is or going with someone else or - .”

“ - No. No I’m not going with anyone.” Arthur said cutting her off, his ears steadily growing redder underneath his ginger hair. “I would love to go with you though.”

“Great,” Molly said grinning. “I guess I’ll see you around then. Bye.”

Halfway up to the castle Molly stopped and waved to Arthur. He waved back. Molly smiled to herself. Really, Molly thought, Clara was right. Sometimes you did just have to take matters into your own hands. After all look at what she had done. She was finally going on a date with Arthur Weasley.

A/N: So I hope you enjoyed it. Please leave a review about what you think of this story.

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