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Building Dollhouses In The Sand by daliha
Chapter 14 : Chapter Thirteen
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Chapter Thirteen

 April 1994

“You can’t possibly be angry! We won fair and square!” shouted Katherine. They stood in the middle of the empty Quidditch pitch. After the match Gryffindor left celebrating their chance at the Quidditch cup while the Ravenclaws lamented their loss. The other houses slowly emptied the pitch chatting admittedly about the following match. Michael was already red as he continued rambling about how unfair Harry Potter had been, Katherine rolled her eyes and turned her back on him walking off the pitch. He wasn’t going to ruin what was supposed to be a happy moment for her, she could hear him call her name and in response she made a rude hand gesture.


They stood outside the Gryffindor common room, in his hand Michael held a pink rose. “Sorry, I just, well Roger wanted Ravenclaw to win something…” he muttered holding up the flower. Katherine sighed impatiently ripping the flower away from his hand.

“You promised Quidditch wouldn’t get in the way” she said paying little to no attention to the flower. He nodded taking her hand up to his face.

“Sorry, really I am” he said kissing her hand. Katherine felt her hand become hot as he went on “and I love you loads but losing again, to Wood, got to me” Michael now held her cheek, she sighed patting his hand. “Forgive me?”

“Alright” she whispered kissing his cheek.


May 1994


May had slowly made its way into Hogwarts. This, to Katherine, was probably the worst thing that could ever happen. Why? This only meant June was getting closer. Meaning two things:


O.W.L.S and of course the Quidditch final.


Slytherin versus Gryffindor.


The worst part of all of it. You couldn't forget about either event because there was always someone constantly reminding about one or the other. Whether it was Oliver Wood, who was slowly going insane, at least according to Fred and George, or Hogwarts Professors.


The pressure had gotten everyone, besides the usual fainting there was also the tense atmosphere that resulted in arguments and fights between the students.


One morning, Katherine noticed Kenneth Toweler had developed some sort of rash.


Katherine watched as he mumbled something as he released the fork, now using his nails to further attack his skin. She took a glance at her breakfast disgusted; beside her Angelina openly stared at Kenneth. Alicia surprisingly enough was the first to speak.


“Kenneth is there something wrong?”


He looked up at her frowning “no, I think I might have a rash is all.” Katherine tilted her head, somehow Kenneth's frustration told a different story.


Her blue eyes immediately fell onto Fred and George who seemed to be whispering. “Kenneth” said Katherine gaining the boy's attention “have you given Fred and George detention in the last twenty four hours?”


It was the most obvious answer, and Katherine was surprised that no else had come to the same conclusion. “Yes” Kenneth clenched his jaw as he continued to scratch his face.

Angelina shook her head, while Alicia pulled her goblet away from Kenneth reach. “I’m suspecting itching powder” she said “you might want to go to Madam Pomfrey....” Katherine nodded biting her bottom lip.

“Kenny! How are you on this fine morning?” called Lee


“I will and once I'm done-”


She didn't anymore of his words; Katherine went back to her breakfast. It was a comfort to know that after the Quidditch finals all that was left would be their O.W.L.S. On which their futures career would ride on. She shuddered, what kind of demon came up with these things? Katherine could only be grateful to know that June would soon come around.


“A weekend” she thought taking her last bite “that’d give me time for homework...”

She stood up walking out of the Great Hall, so far it had been two days since she had last spoken to Michael.


Forty-eight peaceful hours, hours where she wouldn’t have to give him any thought. His stories had begun to become meaningless. All of them were of his feats as Prefect, or of the Ravenclaw Quidditch team. Their meetings became more of a chore than anything else, and she could never find the words to tell him the truth about herself.

Whereas with George it had been a completely different story…

You seem miserable?” he said pulling up a chair. Katherine looked around the library for moment before rolling her eyes.

I’m a miserable person” she mumbled shutting her book. He tutted while pulling the book away from her. For a moment their hands brushed, she felt her skin burn but did her best to ignore the feeling.

Well then, what makes you miserable?”

Katherine raised an eyebrow pulling the book away from him making sure to keep her skin away from his“nothing, besides who the hell do you think you are?”

George put a finger on his chin in faux thought “well besides being your advisor-“

Advisor?” scoffed Katherine though her lip twitched.

Yes dear I make sure you down the correct path of life ”he answered pulling her cheek. “A poor girl like you needs the guidance of-” before he could finish Katherine stood up leaving her things behind. Lately he had been following her around constantly asking her questions, constantly trying to figure out the reason behind her recent spout of the blues. Katherine hid behind a couple of large shelfs, hopefully she’d lost him already. She ran her fingers through her frizzy hair, tears welled up in her eyes as the image of her mother appeared at the back of her mind. “You said you'd get over it!” she hissed now looking at the different books. For her remedial Herbology essay she need on of the ones on the top shelf.

Sighing Katherine reached for the shelf now pulling herself up, she stopped for moment as she heard footsteps. “Really, don't mind me” said George, Katherine turned towards him jumping back down.

I'm not giving you a view of my knickers!” she snapped, George smiled as he pretended to busy himself with the books.

As much as I love you argue with you”he whispered now turning towards her “don't change the subject, now why were you crying during Charms.”

No reason...”

If it has anything to do with Blackwood, you I bought somethings at Zonko's that I'd love” began George, Katherine shook her head putting a hand on his lips.

No...I...” He leaned in closer pulling her hand off his lips, George was tentative as he stared her down.

Then it's a date: he whispered smiling, Katherine looked taken aback as he patted her cheek. “You can tell me all about in the common room, ten o'clock sharp!”


She walked outside her first class today was Herbology, maybe a walk to the greenhouses would clear her head a bit...


Even if for minutes she wanted to avoid thoughts of Michael, her mother, father or anything else for that matter. All she wanted was peace and quiet.


Something impossible to come by at Hogwarts.


The greenhouse was closed, Professor Sprout was probably still at breakfast. Sighing Katherine took a seat at the glass door.




She pulled her knees up laying her head on them.

“Kitten, I knew you'd make it!” he said excited pulling his feet off the other sde of the couch. Katherine simply walked into the common room dropping her bag near the fireplace. She took a deep breath as she sat down next to George who suddenly seemed to be looking through his schoolbag.

“George”she whispered, he looked up his smiled fading. Katherine cleared her thoart trying to make her self seem a bit cheerful.

How could she when her hair hung around her face and her blue eyes were surrounded by two large black stains and her skin resembled that of a vampire. “I'm just going to tell you once”her voice began to break “I...I'm a child that came from an unwanted relationship, they never loved each other.” He simply stared at her dropping his bag. “I've tried talking to Michael but I feel like he's not going to understand...I mean after I found out... after certain things” she wiped her eyes. “Oh George! I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry, avoiding you was stupid!”

Katherine threw herself into his arms now sobbing.


“Katherine” she heard a voice call her name, slowly she looked up meeting a pair of dark eyes. “Where have you been?”


“Around” she whispered trying to keep her eyes off him. Michael scoffed pulling his hands out of his pocket. The past few months she understood that their relationship was no longer the same. Ever since the holidays Katherine hadn't been the same, but she made the effort. Perhaps Michael needed more?


“We have to talk-” The words stung but she wouldn't give them importance.


Katherine rolled her eyes “later then, I'm exhausted.” He frowned pulling her arm from under her head. Katherine stood up, she let her arms drop at her side defeated. “What is so important?”


“Us” he said biting his lip. Katherine took a deep breath and shrugged. Lately Micheal's gotten dungbombs in the mail, itchy Quidditch robes, and a Hiccup Sweet disguised as a toffee. It was then Katherine had regretted ever mentioning Michael in her last conversation with George.


Due to these events Michael insisted the Wealsey twins were out to get him. “You've been acting odd these past few weeks” he began running his fingers through his hair. His dark eyes scanned the grass beneath their feet as if searching for something.

Months thought Katherine. She frowned as he slowly raised his head “you and I haven't really spent much time together-”


“I told you” she began dropping her bag “I've been studying with the girls” Katherine stood her ground. She wasn't going to cave in, even if she told him the truth he wouldn't understand. Michael was unusually quiet so she went on “and yet here I am assuming this has nothing to do with my behavior...”


He scoffed “studying, not even you believe that!” Michael now raised his finger inches from Katherine's face. “You've been with someone else!”


Katherine blinked pushing his finger from her face “cheating Michael!” She picked up her bag angrily “here I was thinking Ravenclaws were supposed to be clever.”


“Then why is that you won't let me touch you any more.” Katherine's heart stopped, she couldn't keep her eyes off him.


“Is that all that worries you” she whispered. It was true, they had only been together a couple of times since their return to Hogwarts. Katherine licked her lips “how many times we've been in bed is the greatest issue you have with relationship” Katherine hitched her bag onto her shoulders.


Before Micheal could say anything else Katherine had begun to walk away. “Don't you dare lie to me!” he snapped grabbing onto her arm “ I have a reputation to uphold as Prefect, and I won't have a little whore ruining it!”


Her jaw dropped, students had begun to walk towards the greenhouses. Some pointed, others rushed to see what the argument was about. “Whore?” she repeated her voice shook as the boy released her. Had it been anyone else a simple hex would have solved it. Instead she stood dumbfounded, Katherine loved him. She gave him what little she had.


Was this his thanks? “Tell them you're what a whore!” he yelled pointing at the crowd, he pulled her towards him. People began to whisper, others just stood shocked. Katherine opened her mouth only to close it again.


“Fine!” he said releasing her “it's over.” His voice came like a whisper, and could have sworn to have seen him smile. It ended just like that. The boy who claimed to love her, dumped her . Two words was all it took to break her heart.


She took in a deep breath hoping the air would keep her from breaking down into tears. Katherine searched the crowd for any familiar faces. She found Angelina who tried to get past the crowd of gossiping girls.


Katherine the crowd suddenly seemed to have dispersed, and Angelina was in full view. Her mouth was moving, probably trying to comfort her. She tried to smile but instead ended up twitching the corners of her mouth. Angelina pulled her into a hug, a voice called their names. “Kathy what's wrong?” asked Alicia rubbing her back.


Katherine covered her mouth “nothing-”


“Micheal broke up with her in front of our class” answered Angelina squeezing Katherine's shoulder. Alicia took Katherine's bag.


“Let's forget Herbology” she said taking a glance at Angelina who usually was against skiving a lesson. When Angelina nodded the girls pulled Katherine away from the greenhouse.


On their walk up it felt like she was floating. As if the recent events in her life had nothing to do with her. She was a failure, in fact Katherine had been doomed from the start.


Born as an unwanted child. Cast aside by her father, unable to be anything more than average. It sounded like a failure to her.


“Here just sit down” said Alicia guiding towards the couch. Angelina dropped their bags onto the floor before taking a seat next to Katherine.


Katherine made sure they left before retiring into the girl's dormitory. She sat on her bed rubbing her temples. Katherine felt exhausted, it was all too much.


Her father was a monster. Her mother never wanted her. Her uncle and godfather both liars, and now Michael decides to suddenly break it off. Though the end of her relationship with Michael was a weight lifted of her shoulders ,Katherine couldn't help but feel a hole in the middle of her chest.


“I love you...” whispered Micheal pulling her closer. “Don't ever forget that.”


“I won't” she smiled looking at him. He smiled down at her.


She sobbed pulling her pillow up to her face hoping none of the other girls would hear it.




As the final match came up the House rivalry got stronger. Fights between the Gryffindors and Slytherins broke out in the halls. Thank to Oliver Wood's instructions Gryffindor house had made sure to keep Harry Potter out of harm's way.


Katherine had managed to avoid the fights along with Fred and George and although they meant well with their comments and pranks towards Michael she couldn't help but feel guilty. She hitched her bag over her shoulder as she walked towards the Defense Against the Dark Arts. A few feet away she could already see a duel about to break out.


“Enough!” she heard a voice yell, it was Cedric Diggory. He stood between Lee Jordan and a Slytherin seventh year. Cedric had his wand raised his eyes narrowed as if daring the boys to defy him.


Katherine pushed through the crowd but stopped the moment she noticed Fred and George behind Lee. “He started it!” yelled Lee pointing at the Slytherin who smirked.


“I don't care” answered back Cedric turning to face Lee. “I said enough! Really is this even necessary-” Katherine watched the exchange though her eyes slowly traveled to where the Slytherin boy stood his wand raised pointing at Cedric.


Before Katherine knew she stood in front of Cedric Diggory with her wand raised. The boy's wand flew from his hand. Cedric pushed her aside as she putdown her wand.


He was quiet. “She attacked him!” yelled one of the Slytherin girls pointing at Katherine. “I saw it!”


“I didn't” began Katherine “I just disarmed him...”


“Detention!” yelled Cedric before anyone could go on “Jordan, King” his eyes soften “and Rowle detention tonight!”


Katherine blinked. Everyone began to protest as Cedric tried to clear the crowd.


Detention. How lovely...

“Don't worry”said Fred patting her back “you'll have Lee for company!” Katherine though somehow failed to see how detention could be any fun. 

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