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Pureblood's, Halfblood, and Mudblood's no more! by clumsydolphin
Chapter 22 : Chapter 22
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AN: This is it, the story ends here. I really appreciate everyone who has taken the time to post reviews as the story was being written. You have NO IDEA how much that kept me motivated to keep going when I decided I wanted a break instead lol, so we all got here together! Also for those just reading, please continue to review and I will continue to answer! Clumsy!



Today was moving day, and Hermione’s insanely overprotective husband wouldn’t let her do ANYTHING! Even after pointing out that she could lift things with her wand, he said the energy used would exhaust her and she needed to rest up considering she could give birth any day now. So she directed where things should go, and how she wanted it set up. He wanted her to supervise the setup of their three bedroom cottage that was built by the pond and their private escape in the wooded meadow where they first made love, but she put her foot down. The school was her dream and she wasn’t going to miss setting it up and therefore made sure everyone knew where things went, and Draco was handling the cottage.


It was a massive project that had taken about 7 months to build, and should have taken at least a year, but Draco had paid for so many workers that it was all finished before the baby was born thankfully.  Draco and his mother had torn down the old manor and in its place built two separate homes and the school Draco and Hermione had dreamed up together. Neither Malfoy was saddened to see the manor razed, there were just too many bad memories and they all wanted a new start. So in its place stood the brand new All England Magic Primary School which would teach children from magical families until they attended Hogwarts, and Squib children could then move into the boarding school addition and receive a secondary Muggle education so that they could go on to university, or get a job in the magical world, giving them the choice between the two worlds.

Draco was going to handle the business end of the school while Hermione would deal with the educational things. She had already hired seven teachers to begin in September when the school officially opened for the school year. Until then they would help set things up, arrange their classrooms, and attend training with Hermione after the baby was born. They had six months to get the school in shape for the start of term and there was a lot to be done.


Ginny, Neville, and Luna who were three of the seven teachers hired all walked into her office at the same time, asking if she needed help.

“Thanks, yes I do, my back is killing me, and I want these pictures hung in the lobby and I’m just having difficulty trying to do it alone. Also, Luna there is a delivery due this afternoon that I need you to handle, some of the magical and Muggle creatures you ordered for your class will be here and need to be taken care of. Have you gotten their facilities taken care of?” she asked as Ginny and Neville left with the pictures.

“Yes and thank you for helping me convince Draco we needed both barns. I just think it unwise to house the magical creatures with non-magical creatures.” Luna answered.

“I agree, and so does Hagrid by the way, I think he was the one to convince Draco actually.” Hermione told her.

Just then Draco and Harry walked through the door, and when Hermione turned to approach them her foot caught on the corner of the desk, and she had to catch herself by grabbing onto it. It was at that point that her water broke.


There was a mad dash for the floo to get Hermione to St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries by the guys, Hermione for her part wasn’t particularly worried, she had begun watching her back ache this morning thinking it may be the beginning of labor. She was unsure if the stumble broke her water, or if it was coincidental timing. Either way, she was here and it was time to have her baby boy! Not only did she want to hold him, she was tired of being pregnant!


When they had gotten to the hospital she was immediately taken to a room and her healer had come and examined her and confirmed she had probably already been in labor, and that the baby was fine. Hermione was dilated to seven centimeters and 5% effaced so she was about halfway through her labor.

“I am so pissed at you!” Draco growled through his teeth when the healer had left them alone. “Don’t think I don’t know that you hid this so you could work at the bloody school today!”

“Draco, firstly I wasn’t even thinking it was anything other than a backache until it continued, secondly I was going to tell you when I started thinking it might be labor, but I got distracted, and then you showed up with Harry.” She answered, upset herself now.

“I’m sorry, your right, and now isn’t the time or place for this discussion anyway. Is there anything you want me to get for you?” he soothed.

“Yes, can you tell everybody it’s ok to come in here now please?” she asked.

Soon the room was crowded to bursting as Draco, and Hermione looked around at their loved ones. Crowded into the room was Molly, Arthur, Jean, Richard, Narcissa, Ginny, Harry, Neville, Luna, Ron, George, Monica, Blaise, Goyle, Pansy,  and Hagrid who honestly could make a room crowded all by himself he was so big.

Hermione was just telling the women how well she was handling the pain when the healer returned to check her again.

“Okay, I need everyone to clear the room while I examine the mommy, when I’m done there will be no more than two people permitted in the room now, as things progress.” She told the group.


Three hours later nobody but Draco was brave enough to go in the room with the witch, but then again Draco didn’t really have a choice the guys reasoned, laughingly. They could all hear her yelling at him across the hall.


“Alright honey, no more sex. Just keep doing your breathing; it’ll help with the pain.” Draco tried to calm her.


The healer interrupted to let the couple know that everything was ready and it was time to push.

Draco grabbed one of Hermione’s legs and held it the way they showed him, while trying to rub the sore muscles of her back at the same time. She had taken a deep breath and grabbed his face while she pushed! Damn it, that hurt!

“Dear, would you like to squeeze my hand while you push?” he tried suggesting, though she ignored him until after squeezing his face one more time for good measure.


Hermione had never felt this kind pain before. She hadn’t been at all afraid of the pain of labor, after all, she had been tortured with the Cruciatus and nothing could be as bad as that! She was wrong, this was much, much worse.

“I need another good push Hermione, I see his head.” Her healer told her.

“Why are her legs shaking so bad, is something wrong?” Draco asked, very worriedly.

“That’s perfectly normal, don’t worry.” She answered.

“One more good push and the baby’s head should be out, come on Hermione push!” she directed.

Hermione pushed with all her might, please just let this be over soon! Then she felt it, she actually felt his head come out. She started to reach down to touch him, but her job wasn’t yet over.

The healer told her to push really hard through the next contraction and she would be done. Thankfully, the healer was right, Hermione had never pushed anything as hard and she felt the most amazingly, magical relief as the baby was fully pushed from her body. She collapsed into the bed, as she and Draco both cried when they heard his little newborn cry.


When he had been cleaned up and Hermione healed from childbirth, Hermione and Draco took thirty minutes for themselves with their son before they would allow anyone else in. They admired him, already in love with their perfect son.

“He’s got your eyes Hermione!” Draco said rubbing her hair as his son held onto his pinky finger with his little fist.

“Good thing or nobody would ever know I was involved! He looks exactly like you!” She teased with him.

“I love you, you know. I love you both so much.” Draco said to her, and then he kissed her. The baby let out a squawk and they broke apart laughing.

“How about you go get our loved ones so they can come meet our son?” She asked him.

When everyone had gathered around the bed and Draco had climbed back in, Hermione smiled at them all and said, “We’d like you all to meet our son, Keagan Michael Malfoy.”

“Poor kid, my God, he looks just like Malfoy!” George cracked.

“Shut it, Weasley. Besides, he has Hermione’s eyes.” Draco said good naturedly. He couldn’t be goaded today of all days.

As he looked around the room at all the people who were here to support Hermione and him, he couldn’t help but think of how his life had changed since that fateful meeting. He’d gone from alone to a family. A motley crew of sorts, but a family none the less, and he couldn’t be happier.

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