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Finding Out About A Little Thing Called Love by JamesSiriusPotterII
Chapter 11 : The Decision and Pre-Quidditch Week with HER
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11) The Decision and Pre-Quidditch Week with HER




“Black. We need to talk. In private,” she added, when I didn’t move. I gulped, and followed her out of the hall.




One word was going through my mind. Shit.




We slowly made our way outside the Hall, both in silence, while Prongs looked on in confusion. I hadn’t mentioned anything to him about last night, and I was guessing Mayfield hadn’t either. Moony and Wormtail didn’t think much of it though, as Moony was immersed in a conversation with Marlene McKinnon and Wormtail was focusing on his sausages, moving it around his plate nervously. Probably wondering how many calories it would give him- poor guy. One of the disadvantages of not being a Quidditch player- you actually have to watch your diet.




“Black, forget we even know each other, okay?” she said, and I nodded meekly, not a clue of what was going on. “Was I good to snog?”




I nearly choked on my own spit.




“Em… well… I can’t answer that!” I trilled. Like a man of course. It was a manly trill.




“Pretend. We. Don’t. Know. Each. Other.” Her expression was unreadable. I couldn’t lie to her. She was a damn good snog- but she was like a brother!




“Em, if we were complete strangers, I guess you were- no, I don’t guess, I know you were. It was a fucking great snog, but of course you’re like a brother, so that makes me like being gay, no offense against them, and like incest, when I don’t so-“




“Perfect. Cause, I’ve got a little issue. Are you willing to help?” asked Mayfield. I cocked an eyebrow. An issue? Something to do with me liking snogging her? I am so damn confused. Voices?








Not one.
















“I guess,” I replied, cautiously. What was I getting myself into?




“As much as it might shock you, I am a girl.”




“Uh huh.” Wow, real intellectual reply there Sirius. You’ve obviously astounded the whole of the Wizarding World with your wit.




“And as any straight girl, I have hormones for guys.” You could tell she found this conversation almost as awkward as I was finding it. “I don’t believe in relationships, you know that, and I have a reputation of a guy. But, I’ve had five years of not snogging, and I’ve been missing out heck of a lot. I’m going to cut to the point. How about we become… friends with benefits?”




This is the part where my expression says ‘Da Fuq?’ and I’m thinking this is all a weirdly, retarded dream which I’m going to wake up from any second now.




Nope, not a dream.




“Did you just ask me to be your snog buddy?” She nodded, now looking at her feet. “What- no ground rules? Are we still allowed to date?”




“No ground rules,” she hastily replied. “You can date whoever the fuck you like and snog whoever else you want, I don’t care. I just need someone to bloody snog.”




“Why not Prongs?”




“He and Evans are going to get together anytime now, and he’d feel guilty and call it quits. Plus, I don’t know if he’s a decent snogger.”




“So you think I’m a decent snog?” I smirked.




“I don’t have anyone else to compare you to. Don’t get so cocky Mr. Black,” grumbled Mayfield. I gaped.




“So you have truly never snogged someone?”




“Not up until last night.”




No wonder she was so desperate. But why was she so against relationships? I voiced my question.




“Because I’ve never seen the point- I mean, apart from snogging, what does a best friendship lack? Someone who’s always there for you, who always wants to see you happy, who when you feel sad will comfort you- all the qualities of a best friend as well. Plus, it’s much more relaxed and chilled, and you can’t just break up with a friend.” I was dumbfounded. It was such a deep answer, a side of Mayfield I never knew. I had no idea we meant so much to her. The Marauders obviously have a steel-bond, but since Mayfield was new I never thought she held that much importance for friends.




I couldn’t help it. I brought her in for a gigantic hug. She stiffened, but then relaxed and I felt her smile against my shoulder.




“Thank you. For thinking of a dumbshit like me so highly,” I stated, and she laughed.




“So? Your answer?”




“Why the hell not? At least I’ll get some action too, without having to deal with clingy girls in short skirts hanging off my arms.” She grinned.




“Cheers, mate. It means a lot. But, this changes nothing, alright? We’re the same as always, but sometimes we snog.”




“Couldn’t think of a better way. So…”




“You still hungry?”




“Not really, I finished food.”




“Good,” she declared. “Then we can start now.” And she pulled me into the nearest broom closet, and we began snogging like the world was ending tomorrow.




This felt so good.




Honest. If you need your life problems sorting stuff psychiatrists and therapists and have a good snog. That’ll cheer you up.




Right now, nothing mattered. The upcoming Quidditch match, Regulas, Voldemort…




Just her lips. And her neck. Her soft, supple skin. Mmm.








“Padfoot! Where you been?” Mayfield and I had just walked into the Common Room, to meet Prongs. Shit. I elbowed Mayfield who muttered something about being back in a minute and ran upstairs before Prongs could get a good glimpse of her. We both looked like we had been thoroughly snogged, which we had. “Ah, been snogging someone.”




“No,” I squeaked, and coughed trying to regain the normal tone of my voice.




“Course you have. What did Mayfield want to say? And wasn’t she just behind you?”




“Oh, well, it was nothing. She was just worried about the Pre-Quidditch Match Phase, but didn’t want to pester you with more problems since she knows you’re already so tense because of the match. Then I went to snog a sixth year Ravenclaw, and Mayfield and I met up again on the way back to the Common Room,” I lied, hesitating at some points. He stared at me with one eyebrow raised to show he didn’t believe me, but chose to ignore it at that point. I could never lie to Prongs. Damn that guy.




“So, I was thinking, its been ages since just the two of us went to the Quidditch Pitch to just fly around,” said Prongs, changing the topic.




“That’s true, mate. I feel like we’ve not really done anything, just the two of us,” I muttered, sadly. Prongs and I used to spend almost all our time with each other. If we didn’t snog so many different girls or Prongs hadn’t been so mad about Evans, people would think we were a couple.




I would like to assure you Prongs and I are both straight, nothing against gays. Just, so you don’t think there is a budding romance between us.




“So, should we head off to the pitch?”




Flying was always the thing we did together, excluding pranks. It was the thing that bonded us two in the first place, and separated us from the rest of the Marauders (excluding honorary Marauder Mayfield).




“Sounds good.” I’m sure Mayfield could hang out with Moony for a while. He’s been looking a little bored lately.








After grabbing our brooms from the changing rooms (we didn’t bother actually changing), we headed over to the pitch, which was free. Straight after dinner was the hour when the pitch was not booked, with Gryffindor practice in half an hour and then curfew.




We zoomed around a bit, before halting in the air, level with the top of the hoops in the middle of the pitch, and twisted round so we were laying on our backs.












“Do you think I really have given up on Evans?”




“How so?”




“I mean, do you think I can stop loving her? Is it even possible?”




“Man, you’re talking to the wrong person about love.”




“I don’t know. I can’t stop thinking about her, Pads. Even now.” He sighed deeply.




“You know what, Prongs? If Evans makes you that happy, win her over.”




“What have I been trying to do for the last 6 years?” he snapped.




I chuckled. “Win her over in a way she won’t expect it. Be nicer, kinder, more mature around her. Don’t pay so much attention to her, and distract yourself with other things. Don’t whore around, but maybe get a girlfriend who you reasonably like.”




“Wise words, Pads. Who knew you’d be the one telling me that?”




“If someone means so much to you… You know you’re really lucky Prongs.”








“You’ve got someone who you love. Someone who you can marry one day, someone who you’d live with. I have no one.” He was about to interrupt, but I stopped him. “Yes, I know I have you. And the rest of the Marauders. But no one who I could give a kiss to goodnight.”




“I never knew you wanted that, Pads.”




“I sure do a good job of hiding it. But, to be honest, who doesn’t want love? Who even knows what love is? You can’t exactly define it.”




“The dictionary did a good job of it.”




“Fuck it. The dictionary can’t define it. It just annoys me. All the bloody time.”




“You do have one girl. Who you’d give everything for. I bet you, she’d give everything for you as well.”




“Who? I can’t think of any girl who I’ve ever actually cared about. Though, sometimes I swear you know more about me than I do. Tell me- who is she?” Prongs opened his mouth but then shut it.




“You’re going to think I’m utterly mad. It doesn’t matter. If it’s true, you’ll figure it out yourself, Pads.”




“I hope so, Prongs. I don’t want to live alone, and nor as a third wheel with you and Lily.”




“How do you know I’ll even get her to be my girlfriend, let alone live with me?”




“I know. Cause, when James Potter has his eyes set on something he doesn’t give up. And when he trys to, his mega-awesome best mate won’t let him.” I smirked at Prongs and he laughed.




“Practice now.”




“May I ask why you schedule practices when its pitch black?”




“We must learn to play in all weather conditions! Honestly, Pads, you should know this by now!”




“Alright, alright. Let’s press the ‘Gryffie’ tattoo and get this practice started.”




We zoomed down, but one thing continuously nagged me.




Who was this girl Prongs was talking about?








I was talking to Jason, an awesome, social seventh year Hufflepuff, and similarly, Ciara, another ‘puff in my year. They were awesome, and Mayfield, Prongs and I were tagging along with them and a few of their friends. It looked like Mayfield was having fun chatting to Lois, a Ravenclaw in our year, who had a sharp mind and a sarcastic exterior, but was in fact quite sweet. Cato, another ‘claw in our year, was joining in with amusing comments at the right times. Prongs was chatting to Milo, an outspoken, hilarious ‘puff, who was on the Hufflepuff Quidditch team as a chaser. The best time to get tactics off a team member was before a game where they weren’t playing and rooting for you. But, Milo wasn’t giving them up easily, and it didn’t matter, as the two were quite good friends in general off the Quidditch pitch as well. Moony was joining them with their conversation, as commentator of the matches, and Wormtail was adding a few comments in now and then.




The reason we were in such a big group was the Pre-Quidditch Match Phase. All of them, apart from Milo, didn’t play Quidditch so we were pretty safe around them.




“Well, well, well… What do we have here?” For one minute I thought it was the Slytherin team, but I saw the yellow robes and another person behind him, who must have been Jake.




“Mendolt,” I growled in reply.




“On a second name basis already? I’m going to get you back for that punch and for snatching that girl when you least expect it Black. I don’t see her around here- did she leave once she realised how shit you were?”




“Can you not see 3 feet in front of you?” asked Mayfield, in a sickly sweet tone stepping forward. His face went through a series of emotions before it landed on shock.








“Yes, Mendolt. I’m not some resident whore, so why don’t you go fuck Jake or something, and leave all of us be. You don’t want to get on the bad side of us,” she declared, and he scowled.




“Fine. But don’t expect the ‘puffs to be supporting Gryffindor this match.”




“Woah- Rui, you can’t just tell them not to support Gryffindor. It goes against what’s tactically good for us and what our tradition is. Gryffindor and Hufflepuff have always supported each other. It’s just the way it goes,” objected Milo.




“Well it won’t this time. So, are you coming, or not? I see some ‘claws who’ll keep our lovely Gryffies company. Wouldn’t want a hex to hit them, now would we? Ciara? Jason?” They all looked awkwardly at each other before Milo blew.




“Honestly, stop being such a twat! Those ‘claws’ are my friends! You can’t just control us- I don’t care if you’re my captain. You’re not my captain off the pitch,” he fumed.




Rui scowled. “Fine, but just remember hanging out with traitorous people like them is not good for the team. If any of our tactics reach Gryffindor ears, I know who I’m coming to.” He stormed off and Milo let out a deep sigh.




“Sorry about that guys,” he muttered.




“Thanks. You know, for defending us,” I replied, and he smiled weakly.




“He irks all of us. None of us wanted him to be captain. I’ve just had enough of him.”




“He’s an arsehole. The only people worse than him are the Slytherins- speaking of which…” added Mayfield. I groaned, looking to my side. Sure enough there was the Slytherins all in a big group.




“Oh look! Potter, Black and Lupin have made some new friends!” laughed Avery. Suddenly Wormtail’s eyes widened and he looked like he wanted to scamper- poor guy was even ignored by our enemies. The Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws looked scared, but were holding out, and I was thankful that they didn’t run off.




“I see you’re still stuck with the same old gits cause nobody else will have you,” I growled. He glared, and looked like he wanted nothing more than to punch me.




Feeling’s mutual. The Marauders (excluding Wormtail) had formed a protective line in front of the others, and I tried to nudge Mayfield backwards, but she was adamant on being at the front. I don’t think they had noticed her up until then.




Regulas’ eyes locked with mine, and I searched for any emotion, any feeling, but there was none. He was gone. His eyes flashed red with fury before he walked up to Mayfield.




He wouldn’t. Just to irritate me? He wouldn’t.




“Ah, I believe we haven’t met before,” he greeted, in a deep voice, running his spindly finger up her neck, lifting her head. She visibly cringed at the touch, but hid it so quickly I don’t think anyone else noticed. “My name is Regulas. Regulas Black,” he whispered the last bit in her ear, so close to her, that water could barely get through. I needed to beat him up, teach him a lesson, but Moony put a hand on my shoulder. I didn’t move, but I was fuming on the spot. One more move, just one, and I would kick his but to the Underworld.




“Hello Regulas. My name is Alex,” she whispered, not moving away. He slowly undid the zip of her hoodie, her not doing anything about it. That was it.




I was about to crush him with my bare hands, when Prongs heaved me back. His look clearly said, ‘Think about Mayfield. You know her better.”




She was going to manipulate Regulas. I hid my smirk so not to let the game away. Even though I knew it was all a ploy, I still wasn’t comfortable with Regulas ogling Mayfield, after he had taken off her hoodie. I slipped the invisibility cloak out of Prongs’ pocket and put it over me while everyone was watching Mayfield. Stupid Slytherin team- if they didn’t stop looking at her, I might just blow and destroy all the plans. Can’t do that now.




Control, Sirius. Control.




Meditate in your mind and find peace within yourself.








That’s enough.








She was so close to him now, their noses were touching, and their hips were joined.




“Why don’t we go somewhere, a little more private?” she whispered, huskily. Shit, I needed to snog her sometime soon. I usually forgot about our little arrangement when we weren’t snogging, but it was a bit harder now with her trying to seduce my brother.




He nodded, stunned with her, but milking it for all it was worth. He smirked and nodded, and the two of them made their way under the tapestry.




And now I’m not following so I can watch porn. I know Mayfield- she wouldn’t really go far. She’d just get him high enough so the fall hurt. I don’t think she’d kiss him.




He wrapped his arms around her waist bringing her tightly in, while she pressed herself into him.




It’s just a game. All fake. Don’t lose it Sirius. Relax.








Meditate. Find inner peace.








She slid her eyes into his T-Shirt, hands on his stomach, while he put his sleazy hands on her back, too low for comfort. He ran them up, bringing her T-Shirt with them so her bare stomach was pressing against him, till the bottom of her top area and moaned as she tugged on his belt.




Alright Mayfield. That’s enough. You can stop it now. Kick him already. Now. Before I feel like I am actually intruding in on porn.




But, no. Obviously, she can’t do what I want and continues.




She slowly unbuttoned his shirt, while he rubbed his hands on her back.




Slytherin germs! Mayfield, its time to finish it off!




It seems our thoughts were in sync as she leant forward, he closed her eyes, her arm swung back, and BAM. One of the hardest punches I’ve ever seen her give.




He doubled over, moaning loudly. She picked up her hoodie, zipped it up, and gave a sharp glare at him.




“That’s what you get for messing with Snuffs,” she growled before storming out the tapestry, a gleeful me following quickly behind. “Does anyone else want to receive a fist? Or would you rather just run away like the cowards you are and avoid injury. Your captain and seeker is already injured, who more do you want gone?” The Slytherins scowled before running away.




“That… was… awesome,” declared Moony, and Mayfield grimaced.




“I practically had to sacrifice my dignity though. Sleazy Slytherin germs all over me,” she shuddered. Then she leaned over to me and whispered so only I could hear, “But, I’m afraid he is pretty damn hot, Snuffs. Fine set of abs.” I growled.




“They can’t be as good as mine,” I replied.




“Would you like to prove that to me?” asked Mayfield. I grinned.




“9pm in the empty Transfiguration Classroom.”








“Alright guys, this is our chance to thrash Slytherin. Not just win, but make them want to cry to their little friend Voldemort.” Some heads snapped up from the team, but Mayfield and I knew Prongs enough to be fine with it. He was bitter, and so was I. Mayfield, because both of her best friends were bitter, automatically was bitter. “Quidditch is my life. This is my shot. We. Cannot. Fail. Understood? No pressure, I know you’re amazing players. But, you’ve got to give your all. The Slytherin team is the best we’ve seen from Slytherins in a while. We’re going to scare all the other teams into isolation. The Quidditch Cup is ours,” finished Prongs, firmly. Everyone grinned.




“What team are we?” I yelled.








“What team are we?” I shouted louder.








“WHAT TEAM ARE WE?” I yelled at the top of my lungs.




“GRYFFINDOR!” My ear drums were almost defined, as we flew onto the pitch.




Game on, little bro, game on.




A/N: Next chapter is the Quidditch match! Y’all excited? Who you rooting for? Gryffindor of course!


A review makes my day, honestly. Even if it says how rubbish my writing is ^_^

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