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Unexpected by Dmlong
Chapter 13 : Chapter Thirteen
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“This is going to be the worst holiday in the history of mankind,” I complain for probably the fiftieth time today as we pile off the train and onto Kings Cross Station.





“I’ll write to you every day!” Andi reasons.





“I wish I could just go home with you instead.”





“You are always welcome to stay with me Roxanne. Maybe if you talked to your parents about what happened between you and her they will understand and let you leave?”





“Hmph, not a chance. The holidays are for family Roxanne!” I exclaim, mimicking my mum’s voice.





“Well take this, just in case.” she hands me a piece of parchment with an address clearly written on it.





“Great. Now I know your exact location that you will be having a fantastic time at while I am miserable,” I joke.





“Oh hush. If things get too hard to handle, you know where to find me,” she says seriously.





“Thanks Andi,” I whisper before my voice catches in my throat.





I have been on the verge of tears all morning. It usually happens when Andi does or says something extra nice, which has been happening all day. I think she thinks I am all fragile now. Which I’m not. I’m just miserable and dreading the next two weeks.





I actually felt peaceful and happy when I fell asleep last night but when I woke up this morning and realized I would be spending the next few weeks with Lucy and without Andi, I wanted to climb back into bed and die.





I decided to skip out on breakfast. I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle the weird looks I would be getting from the other students once they noticed Lysander replaced me with my cousin, when we looked perfectly happy yesterday morning. No thank you.





I did spend all of my money on the Hogwarts Express once the trolley cart came along. I think with the combination of being upset and the fact that I hadn’t ate all morning, I couldn’t resist any of the sweets that were staring back at me. The chocolate did make me feel better for a little.





“Don’t mention it, I’m going to miss you Roxy,” she says before embracing me in a bone crushing hug.





“Can’t. Breath.” I joke.





“Andi, will you please unhand my daughter before you accidently murder her,” I hear my dad’s voice say from behind me.





“DADDY!” I exclaim before turning to give him a hug that could rival Andi’s and making a few people snicker at our affection as they walk by.





“How’s my favorite daughter and her sidekick doing?” he teases.





“Hey! What makes you think Roxanne isn’t MY sidekick?” Andi asks.





“Honestly, how do you not know who is in charge around here? And you call yourself my father...” I joke.





“Oh, I’m sorry Andi! How are you and your faithful sidekick doing?” he asks.





“I’m only joking, Roxy is definitely the ring leader,” she laughs.





He looks taken aback for a second, but then starts laughing. Laughing loudly. More people are staring now. Brilliant.





“Oh if Fred could see you two, he’d be proud,” he says between breaths, making me smile.





I love when he talks about Uncle Fred, and especially when he compares me and Andi to himself and his twin brother. They are something of a legend at Hogwarts, so I always feel accomplished when we are mentioned in the same sentence.





“What are you causing a scene for George?” I hear my mother ask as she makes her way over to us.





“Am I causing a scene? We better leave now, I’m not used to all this attention!” he jokes causing my mum to roll her eyes.





“Hi mum,” I reply casually.





“Hello dear, I’ve missed you,” she replies before giving me an affectionate hug that I return halfheartedly.





I really am dreading the moment she asks about Lysander. I know she really loved the idea of us being together. Especially since he has always been such a hard worker and she believed he would acquire a ministry job with no problem. Thus, dragging me along with him and finally making me the perfect daughter she has always wanted. Not a chance.





“Hello Mrs. Weasley, I’m Andi. Apparently Roxanne has lost her manners and forgot to introduce us,” Andi says and does a quick little wave as an introduction.





“My Roxanne not using manners? I wouldn’t dream of it!” my dad exclaims.





Again, my mum rolls her eyes. “It’s nice to meet you finally Andi, I’ve heard a lot about you,” she says.





“Oh? Don’t believe everything you hear. It’s all lies,” Andi jokes.





“So you didn’t get a month’s worth of detention on your first full day at Hogwarts?” my mum asks suspiciously.





“Well..” Andi starts.





“And the other 52 detentions you and Roxanne shared together were completely coincidence?” she asks again with a hint of sarcasm in her voice.





“Well when you look at the full picture like that it sounds bad and all, but Roxanne and I are a great team,” Andi counters.





“Oh I believe you,” she says with a laugh, “You’re about as good a team as George and Fred were (again I smile). But you two do need to start taking school more seriously.”





“Ugh mum, can we please not do this here?” I beg.





“Well we do need to talk about it Roxanne,” she says matter-of-factly.





“Save it dear. Let Roxy say good bye to her friends for now,” my dad interrupts before dragging her off through the barrier.





“I’m not good with good byes,” I say honestly when Andi and I are alone.





“It’s not good bye, it’s see you later!” Andi says.





“I’m not good at those either.”





“Just tell me how much you love me, how you are going to miss me, write to me every day, dream about me, go insane with my absence. You know, those kinds of things,” Andi says making me smile.





“All of the above,” I reply truthfully.





“Ditto,” she remarks, all the cheerfulness gone from her voice.





We make our way off of platform 9¾ together as slowly as possible. After we pass through the barrier, I instantly spot my parents, and much to my dismay Lucy and her parents are amongst the group. I was hoping they would feel antisocial and stay away from the rest of the family for the entire holiday. No such luck apparently.





I let out a very exasperated sigh.





“Kill me now please,” I tell Andi.





“And lose my best friend? Not a chance. Just be strong,” she tells me before grabbing ahold of my hand and guiding me towards my family.





I have the urge to pull my hand free from hers for a split second, but let the thought pass. Why do I care if my family sees me holding my best friend’s hand? The entire Hogwarts population sees it every day. Still, I can’t help but feel uneasy when I notice my dad’s eyes instantly travel to our interlocked fingers.





I drop her hand the moment his eyes meet mine and his eyebrows rise. I see Andi look at me questionably from the corner of my eye, but I ignore her and continue to stare at my dad, willing him to make a joke.





“All set then are we?” he asks instead.





“Andi where are your parents?” my mum asks, sounding concerned.





“America,” she states as if it’s as normal as ever.





“America? Why are they not here to pick you up?” she asks, sounding even more concerned.





“They are picking me up,” Andi laughs, “Just not here. I have to take a bus to the airport and fly back to America tonight.”





“All by yourself?” my dad asks.





“Yes. I did the same thing on my way here. It’s too expensive to have my parents buy plane tickets just so I can have someone ride along with me on an airplane. I’ll be quite alright,” she says confidently.





“Well do you need some of us to wait with you until your train leaves?” I ask hopefully.





Andi gives me a knowing look before replying, “No, my train actually leaves in ten minutes, I should get going.”





I feel a lump forming in my throat. I swear to Merlin, if I start crying now I will never live it down. I force myself to stay calm and offer a small smile to Andi before she opens her arms wide and motions for me to come here.





We embrace once more to the sound of my waiting family saying “awww.”  We pull away laughing and I notice a single tear rolling down Andi’s cheek before she smiles and wipes it away.





“I’ll see you soon Roxy,” she states before telling the rest of my family bye and sprinting off to catch her next train.





I watch her disappear into the crowd of strangers and instantly all the happiness I was able to muster before now is gone. I wish so badly that I could be going with her and avoid the hectic Weasley holidays just once in my life.





“Are you listening Roxanne?” I hear my mum ask.





“No,” I reply honestly.





I hear my dad laugh before my mum sighs and asks (for the second time apparently), “Where is Lysander? I didn’t see him get off the train with you.”





My stomach drops at her question. Of course I knew it was coming but I was hoping she would at least wait until we were alone and not standing right next to the reason I have no idea where Lysander is.





“Maybe you should ask Lucy instead. I’m going to the car, I’m not feeling well,” I lie.





I hear my mum calling after me but I don’t stop walking until I get outside. I scan the lot quickly and notice our car parked on the other side of the street. Why my family still insists on driving to pick us up is beyond me.





When I reach the car I notice that it isn’t empty like I imagined it would be. Instead there is a red haired man sprawled out in the backseat snoozing away. I rap on the window a few times before he wakes up and looks around alarmingly.





“Open the door you toss pot!” I scream through the window causing my brother to look up at me and smile mischievously.  





As much as I pretend that I think my brother is the most annoying person in the world, I am actually thrilled to see him. I haven’t seen him since the beginning of summer when he came home to visit for a few weeks before the Quidditch World Cup.





“What’s the magic word?” he teases.





“Stupefy, if you don’t open the door!”





He puts his hands up in surrender and flings the door open, nearly missing me.





“I’ve missed you too sis,” he jokes before attempting a one arm hug in the back of the car.





“I can tell. You came all the way here to pick me up and couldn’t even be bothered to get out of the car,” I remark sarcastically.





“Hey I’m tired! Do you have any idea the hectic schedule I’ve been on for the past few years? I sleep every chance I can get,” he tells me.





“Clearly,” I say and nudge him in the ribs to scoot over and allow me more space.





“What’s got your knickers in a twist today?” he asks.





“My knickers are not in a twist, and I would appreciate if you didn’t mention my undergarments. You’re my brother, and that is just creepy.”





“Well then, knickers aside, what’s got your wand in a knot?”





I sigh and begin rubbing my temples in mock exaggeration at his questions.





“Freddie, shut it please. I’m fine,” I lie.





“Riiigghtttt,” he says skepticism dripping from his voice. “If your fine, than dad has never been in trouble his entire life.”





I can’t help but laugh at his comparison. Noticing that he made me laugh, Fred tries another one, “If your fine, than Aunt Hermione has forgotten how to read.” Again, I can’t help but laugh and this time Fred begins laughing with me.





“If your fine, than Uncle Harry has the most boring life story imaginable,” he continues.





“Oh I want to try,” I say between fits of laughter, “If I’m fine, than Nana Molly will refuse to feed us the moment she sees us.”





“Ha as if that will ever happen! If your fine, than Uncle Ron will insist on only eating one serving of food this Christmas,” Fred laughs.





As ridiculous as it seems, this simple conversation with my brother improved my mood significantly. We always turn to making fun of our extremely large family when one of us needs cheering up. It works every time too.





“If I’m fine, than Uncle Percy wins the award for most exciting man of the year,” I joke again.





“Actually I believe your father won that last year Miss Roxanne,” I hear my Uncle’s stern voice behind me. I notice my parents are putting my luggage in the trunk of the car, and apparently Uncle Percy followed them. No surprise there. Once he gets talking about his boring job, he won’t shut up.





Freddie looks at me with wide eyes and then falls into a rage of laugher that I immediately join him in.





Uncle Percy looks furious with us and mumbles something about our “obvious lack of respect for our superiors” before calling for Lucy to follow him and stomping off. This only causes us to laugh even harder.





“What did you do to Bighead Boy?” my dad asks as he slides into the driver’s seat.





“We’ve no idea what you mean,” Fred remarks calmly, which only makes me laugh more.





“We haven’t even made it home yet and you are already insulting your Uncle! What am I going to do with the two of you?” my mum asks us from the passenger seat.





“We didn’t insult him, we were complimenting him,” I insist.





“I don’t think he saw it that way.”





“Well he does have very pore eyesight dear, that why he wears those ridiculous glasses,” my dad points out.





Despite trying to keep a straight face my mum can’t help but laugh. Seeing my mom laughing at the expense of Uncle Percy just makes the rest of us join in again.





“Alright Weasley’s,” my dad exclaims, “are you ready for another wonderful family holiday filled with love, family, and most importantly as much food as you can get your hands on?”





“You forgot our annual Quidditch game!” Freddie says.





“You forgot to mention presents!” I exclaim.





“I would think family is the most important,” my mum says.





“Let me try that again, shall I? Are you Weasleys ready for another wonderful family holiday filled with food, family, quidditch, presents, and most importantly as much love as you can get your hands on?” he bellows again.





“YES!!” we all exclaim, laughing as we pull away from Kings Cross and begin the drive to our home.





So maybe I was overreacting about the holidays. I will be able to manage without Andi. After all, I do have my family, more importantly I have my dad and brother, and it will be hard to not have an excellent time with them around.





For the first time all day I am actually looking forward to the next few weeks. I smile to myself at the thought and then join my parents and brother in singing Christmas songs. We sound horrible I might add.









A/N: This chapter was pretty much just a filler and I apologize for nothing exciting happening. Hopefully the next chapter will be better! Either way, reviews are still very much welcome! Thanks again for all the love & support! :)) 




P.S: Sorry this chapter took so long to post, it took a couple submissions to get it right apparently. Also, I hate to say it, but I wont have the next chapter ready to post until next Tuesday because I have to drive to Missouri tomorrow and will just have no time to do so. Hope to hear from you guys next week though. :)

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