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Us Against The World by NobodyKnowsHowToTalkToChildren
Chapter 4 : "That" Night
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CHAPTER FOUR: "That" Night

"You came." Scorpius looked very pleased when he opened his door to find Rose standing there.

"I said I was, didn't I?" She said, walking inside.

"I know, but you, er, didn't seem like you really wanted to."

"I'm sorry, I had a bad day."

"Oh. Well... Would you like a drink? A glass of wine?" He offered, leading her into his living room. It was very different from their flat, Rose mused. Everything was white. White furniture, white walls, white carpet... It must be protected by some spell to stop stains getting into it, because it was pristine, yet he hadn't told her to take off her shoes. Everything matched. It made her itch to go and decorate her own flat, already. Make it as neat and perfect as Scorp's. She realised she hadn't answered him.

"Oh, yes please. Sorry. Your place is amazing, it's distracting." She smiled. He chuckled.

"Jackson hates it." He informed her. Rose looked over the back of the couch she'd sat on with surprise.

"I thought this would be his deal. You know. Quiddich star and whatnot."

"Not at all. He says he wishes it was more homely... but Gran wont let me redecorate."

"Why not?" Rose was surprised to see Scorpius blush a little now as he settled beside her, handing her a glass of fruity rose wine.

"Well, she used the last of the Malfoy fortune to buy this place and do it up to her standard and I can't really..." He trailed off.

"Well, I think it's beautiful the way it is." Rose stated matter-of-factly.

"Thanks." He mumbled, embarrassed. There was a pause during which they sipped their wine. Rose couldn't help but feel weird, being sat so near to Scorpius, his blonde hair falling into sleepy blue-grey eyes, golden skin seeming to glow. He looked even better than he ever had at school, and she'd thought he was the most gorgeous boy she'd ever seen back then, apart from Teddy. But he was surpassing Teddy now, and Teddy had his Metamorphagus abilities to change his appearance.

He spotted her staring then. "You look..." He began.

"No, I don't!" Rose squeaked with a nervous laugh. "Scorpius, I'm er... I'm sorry about Friday night. I was kind of... Well, you know. But it was rude of me and I should'nt have-"

"Rosie, I was unforgiveably rude to you. It's my fault. And I'm sorry. Don't worry about you." He looked into her eyes so sincerely then it was all she could do to remember how to breathe. Rose blinked and looked away.

"Oh, Rose." Jackson stepped into the living room, obviously from his bedroom, at that particular moment.

"Hi." She said.

"Is Dominique at home?" He asked immediately. Rose didn't have a chance to answer before he was out the front door. She gaped after him, then turned to Scorpius, who read her face like a book.

"Let them sort it."


The knock at the door came as Dominique danced around the living room happily. She'd never show this to her sister's face, but she was ecstatic. In fact, she barely heard the knock on the door over her music. But luckily, she did, and pointed her wand at the wireless, and the music stopped. Another knock.

"I'm coming!" She yelled, scurrying across the flat to the door. There was a third knock by the time she was in front of the door, which she pulled open, "Give me a chance, will you, I was b-" Jackson was standing there, leaning against the doorframe, looking determined. "-Busy..." She finished more quietly.

"Dom, I... I wanted to talk to you." He said, sounding more uncertain than he looked.

"I don't want to talk to you. Go away." She made to close the door, but he grabbed it, stopping her.

"Please. Just hear me out." His dark eyes were like anchors. Dom let the door go and stepped aside. He went in and she followed him back to the living room. He looked around for a second then turned to her. "I wanted to explain about what happened that night."

Dominique groaned and flopped down on the sofa.

"Can't you please just leave it? I'm sooo embarrassed about the whole thing..." Peeking through her fingers, Dominique saw Jackson was totally perplexed.

"What? Why?"

"Because I kissed you and you clearly didn't want to and I made a complete arse of myself and-"

"You thought I didn't want to?" His voice was husky and Dom stared up at him. Had he just said? "Dom, I never wanted anything more... but how was I supposed to know it wasn't just because you were drinking? Or because I'm... I'm..."

"Famous." She supplied in a breathless voice.

"Yeah." He looked uncomfortable at the word. "Plus, I didn't want you to wake up the next day and think of me as some big mistake you made when you were drunk, you know? That wouldn't have been fair on you... or me." He added, sitting beside her.

"But I... I had no idea who you were. Honestly." Dominique felt like a massive weight had been lifted off her shoulders, but that didn't mean she was jumping for joy. Not yet. Jackson chuckled though.

"Oh Merlin, that is so refreshing!" He threw his head back and laughed properly. Dom stared. "Sorry. It just... well it's kind of rare."

"And for the record," She continued, on a burst of courage, "It wasn't just because I was drunk."

"Oh." It was his turn to stare now, but he looked away quickly, ducking his head so his hair hid his face. "I, uh... I feel really stupid now."

"Why should you? You haven't done anything wrong." Dom shrugged.

"But I have... we've gotten off on the wrong foot all because I refused to trust you really weren't gonna write some kiss-and-tell story on me... and I like you, you know." He blushed.

"You don't even know me."

"But I'd like to." They looked at each other for a long moment, but then they both suddenly felt very hot under the collar. "Well, I'd better go, anyway, get an early night, last practise before the match on wednesday and whatnot." He garbled, getting to his feet. Dominique jumped up to and played the hostess, showing him out the door.

"Well, good luck, bye!" She screamed, suddenly not being able to be rid of Jackson fast enough.



A/N: Updating fast! Thank you for the lovely reviews so far, guys! I've noticed Rose is not a favoured character with people reading this. But I promise as time goes on you will get to understand her a bit better. She's just... socially awkward, I guess. Anyway. This is giving some stuff away so I'll shut up now. More reviews would be much appreciated!

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