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Riley's Boy by a_star
Chapter 11 : Chapter 11
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 Prestigious Hunt Family- Not What They Seem?


Over the years we have become used to seeing the Hunt family grace our pages, starting from the marriage of Richard Hunt and Adriana Wright, which was highly publicised for its surprising circumstances (See pg 3) and since then the couple have had very public lives, Hunt being an important figure in the Ministry, and a member of the Wizengamot. As well as Wright’s many charitable endeavours, which are said to have resulted in better quality of life for many (see pg 4). Of course we have also seen their three children grow and have watched as they have each become exemplary members of the wizarding world; the girls already starting to continue with their mother’s works and Joe’s years spent on the Quidditch Pitch, and now teaching Transfiguration at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


We have given money and support to Wright’s charities and have attended events brought together by Wright. We have followed Hunt’s career, some believing that he should be looking at getting the top job at the ministry in coming years (though he has denied his interest). We have cheered for Joe on the quidditch pitch and after his retirement from the game have entrusted him with our children. We have watched as the girls (Riley and Taylor) have grown into lovely young ladies and have wished them well in their schooling(Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Beauxbaton’s Academy of Magic, respectively) and have been eagerly awaiting the days when they are finished with school and can join the wizarding world as adults.


Many of us have thought of this family as a family to be looked up to, many have been influenced by their behaviour and most of us have, at one point or another, striven to be more like one of the members of the Hunt family. But according to our source, who is close with certain members of the family, has come forward with the information that we have been taken in by them, that they have been deceiving us. It has been brought to our attention that the lovely Adriana Wright is descended from an ancient and dangerous line of Vampires. That the children, who we have all grown to love, have been affected by this disease and now experience vampire like tendencies.


This is the family who we have looked up to and loved, and wished the best over the years. And they are, in reality, nothing more than a group of vampires out to make us believe they are just a normal family. We at the Prophet are deeply shocked by this information and will be thinking very carefully before we attend any more of Wright’s galas or sending our hard earned money to her charities- most likely cons set up to take money from the honest people of our world.


When I finished reading I slumped against the wall behind me, “How could he do this? Have I actually done something so bad to him that he would tell the whole Wizarding World that I’m a vampire? How could he even know?” It slipped out before I could stop it; I looked up at Lily with wide eyes to see the same expression on her face,


“What?” the question was barely more than a whisper. She turned to look back into the Great Hall; it looked like she was looking for a way to escape from me and tears sprang to my eyes, I guess I had that to look forward to from now on- people looking at me with fear in their eyes. I didn’t even try to stop her as she turned and walked quickly back into the Hall.


I didn’t know what to do; I couldn’t face everyone. Especially not now that I had confirmed it to Lily, she was probably telling everyone that the article is all true. But would it be worse if I ran away? Would that not just make everyone sure that I was, without a doubt, a vampire? Which wasn’t even the truth, yes, I was descended from vampires, and yes I did have extra sensitive senses but apart from that I was just a normal teenager, like everyone else in that damned hall.


No. I couldn’t run away, not so soon anyway. I stood up straight and got myself together again, preparing to walk into breakfast with my head held high, and I would ignore what everyone had to say, and sit with my friends like normal. Hopefully Lily wouldn’t be sitting with Gabby and Susie today, and I would just deny everything.


I turned towards the Great Hall and was just about to go in when suddenly I doubted whether this was the best way to do things, could I just feign ignorance? Pretend I hadn’t even seen the stupid paper? No, I had to do this. I had to face them.



I walked into the Great Hall and searched for my friends. Gabby, Susie, and Remus were sitting all staring at the door with identical worried looks on their faces. I was seeking out Joe’s gaze when I caught Professor Dumbledore’s and he twinkled those eyes of his at me, looking proud. I found Joe’s gaze and noticed that Professor Andrew’s had laid a hand on his arm, I assumed it was so he didn’t come running to meet me, which would have looked very suspicious. I gave him a small smile to let him know that I’d seen the paper but that I was okay, and I could face everyone. He frowned in response but Professor Andrews was able to take his hand back and carry on with his breakfast. “Morning guys.”


“Have you seen-?” I nodded,


“Ridiculous wasn’t it? I don’t know who they thought their source was, but I’m fairly certain they have just helped someone in a fairly elaborate prank.” I flashed a glance at Remus, to see if he understood what I was saying but he gave an almost imperceptible shake of his head, indicating that he thought I was wrong, that Sirius Black would never do something like this. Gabby and Susie both sighed in relief, I was glad that they believed me rather than the paper but it did make my heart fall to know that they probably wouldn’t have accepted me for me if I’d told them it was actually true, which I would; just not there sitting in the Great Hall.


After that we just went about our breakfast as normal and made our way out of the room and up to our first class, which just so happened to be Transfiguration. I smiled at Joe again as we left the Hall and saw that Professor Dumbledore was speaking to him, but Joe was shaking his head; it looked like he was arguing with the older man. Their conversation looked like it had finished badly for Joe; he clearly hadn’t won the argument against the Headmaster.


When we were let into the Transfiguration classroom it was about five minutes after the bell had rung and Joe was not in a good mood, once everyone had settled down and he had finished writing what we were doing on the board he turned to us with a thunderous look on his face. “Riley, Professor Dumbledore would like to see you in his office.” My mouth dropped open, the Headmaster knew about us; surely he could see how this would look bad if I was called out of class after that article. I stood to leave, “He asked that you bring your things with you.” My eyes widened to go with the gaping mouth, but I picked up my bag and left without a word.


“You’re going to get it now Vampy.”

“He’ll never let you stay now that he knows what you are.”

“Your kind should be disposed of at birth.”


These were just a few of the things that the Slytherin side of the room shouted at me on my way out. Tears came to my eyes again for the second time that morning.  I heard Joe shouting for silence as the door closed behind me, I guessed this must have been what he and Professor Dumbledore were arguing about at breakfast.



The headmaster met me at the bottom of the stairs leading up to his office, a good thing too since I had no idea where to even start guessing the password for the gargoyle. I sat in the chair he gestured me into, waiting to see what he had to say. I figured it wouldn’t be anything too bad, he knew about out ancestry before Joe started his first year, then he let me in and brought Joe back as a professor so there was no way he could be about to kick me out. “I just wanted to know how you’re doing, after the Prophet this morning.” He wasn’t twinkling at me anymore, he was frowning a little bit, and that was what got me worried.


“I’m doing okay, I’ve told my friends that it isn’t true, they’ll hopefully start spreading the word and it’ll all blow over?” I knew I shouldn’t have been asking him that but I needed the reassurance that this wasn’t going to be hanging over me for the rest of the year, his frown got a little deeper with this information though,


“Why did you do that? Do you not trust that you have chosen your friends well enough that they would accept you for yourself?” I’d heard about this from James in past years; Professor Dumbledore has a way of knowing what you’re thinking and making you talk about things that you’d really rather not. Making you tell him about your insecurities and find your own way to overcome them. I swear if I didn’t know any better I’d think that he was some sort of evil genius- of course he wasn’t though, he defeated Grindelwald after all.


“I know I’ve chosen them well and I do intend to tell them the truth but I just couldn’t do it in the Great Hall surround by the rest of the school, who were already talking about me and speculating whether or not it’s true.” He looked at me with a kind of penetrating stare, one I’d also heard about from James, and I just felt like I could tell him the rest of what was troubling me,


“I told Lily that it’s true; I didn’t mean to, it kind of just slipped out, and you should have seen how scared she looked. She couldn’t get away from me fast enough. I didn’t want to tell the rest of them because I didn’t want them to have the same reaction, even though I’ve known them so much better for so much longer than I’ve known Lily but… they were so relieved when I told them it wasn’t true.” My vision was blurring so the headmaster turned a little fuzzy but I could still see the look of pity on his face.


“Why did you call me here now? It’ll make things look worse, like you believe it and are going to kick me out or something.” My eyes widened again, I hadn’t meant to say that. “I’m so sorry Professor, I don’t know why I said that.” But to my surprise the headmaster chuckled,


“Of course you’re curious about my reasoning, and of course this doesn’t come as a surprise to me but there are certain- people- who would be expecting me to speak to you in light of this revelation. That is the only reason you’re here just now and not later in the day, your brother also pointed out to me that it would make it look worse but I think that if the school knows I have spoken to you and you are still here they will come to the conclusion that this article has no merit.” I frowned but nodded, it did make sense and maybe it would make people think it wasn’t true but still- it felt like he was throwing me under a bus to appease a group of unknown people. “Now I think that has been a sufficient length of time, you may return to your lesson now.”



It was only halfway through the lesson when the headmaster dismissed me from his office, I still didn’t really understand but I had other things I needed to think about. The whole class turned to stare at me when I got back to Transfiguration, until Joe snapped at them to get back to work, it seemed that no one wanted to get on his bad side when he was in this mood; not even the Slytherins.  I sat down and caught up on what I’d missed; we were just making notes from the book, Joe obviously wasn’t in the mood to teach. At the end of the lesson he asked me to stay behind, I’d been planning to anyway but smiled and nodded anyways. I noticed that Severus Snape seemed to be hovering around the doorway after everyone else had left and frowned at him, when he noticed my look he sneered and went on his way. Joe cast a muffling charm on the room so that we wouldn’t be overheard but anyone outside the door, he must have noticed Snape’s lingering as well. “What did Dumbledore want?”


“To see if I was okay after this morning, and to advise me that I should just tell my friends instead of keeping it from them any longer. Also he said that he wanted to speak to me straight away to keep some people happy... probably the governors or something.” Joe didn’t look too pleased by this information but he didn’t say anything about it.


“Do you have any idea who this could have been? Have you told anyone?” I shook my head,


“Well I did tell Remus but he wouldn’t tell anyone else, you know that.”


“And how can you be sure about that? Maybe someone found out about him and he leaked this so that his secret wouldn’t come as such big news.” My mouth dropped open,


“How can you even think that? Have you met that boy? There is no way he would do something like that! He would rather have the whole world know about him rather than tell anyone of his friends’ secrets, and considering who his friends are there would be a fair few of them floating around.”


“Exactly! Think who his friends are, maybe he told them and they decided it would be funny; didn’t you have a fight with James this year? And everyone knows Sirius Black has never been your biggest fan. How do you know that one of them didn’t do this as some sort of prank or a form of amusement for them- you’ve seen what they do for fun, you told me about that time with Snape in your fifth year.” I shook my head, but something in my face must have told him what he wanted to know, “You think it was Black and Potter don’t you?” I shook my head again but my eyes, which had filled with tears again, gave me away, “I’m going to kill them! They just don’t think about anything before they just go on and have a jolly old time ruining people’s lives!” he was pacing back and forth across the room looking like he was ready to go out and hex someone.


“Joey listen to me, it wasn’t them. It couldn’t have been. James and Sirius don’t know about us, when I was speaking to Remus about it no one else was there…” I suddenly remembered something about the morning when I was talking to Remus about everything; there had been a noise on the stairs. It was Sirius, I had thought it was him but now that I had proof I wasn’t sure what to do with it.


I got up to leave the room “I have to go…”


“Riley wait, what’s wrong?” I just shook my head and walked out of Joe’s office, I needed to think.



Remus had told me why Sirius hated me so much, and I could understand that those reasons would make him not want to speak to me too much at school and he wouldn’t want his best friend to also be my best friend, but there is no way that he could justify ruining my whole family just because James would occasionally turn to me for advice rather than him. This would ruin my dad’s chances for any future promotion at the ministry, my mum’s charity work would be over, Joe’s career as a professor would never go further than the end of the year, and Taylor and I’s careers would never even take off; no matter what we want to do.


I had to talk to Sirius, he needed to explain himself. I didn’t even care if he denied it to everyone else, I knew it was him and I wanted to know why.



(AN: so I had some trouble with the actual article bit, but I don’t think it ended up too badly :/ its possibly a little bit rambly and stuff but it was a lot worse before my re-edit :P Also just so you know... I really don’t like a certain Headmaster… that’s why he’s possibly not painted in the best light here, in case you were thinking he was slightly out of canon J but still, I had a bit of trouble getting what I wanted him to say right... I’m not too happy with the way that conversation wound up but can’t find a way to make it better… ahhh this is rubbish L definitely not my best work, so apologies for this chapter but I just cannot find a way to make it better. Also I’m pretty sure the tenses are a bit messy, so that’s something I need to work on. So, sorry about the chapter.. I’ll do better next time J )


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