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The Ghost in the Attic by Cr00kshanks
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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06:35 PM May 22, 2005

“Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Weasley. It’s a girl.”

Ron Weasley turned to look at his exhausted but beautiful wife, beaming happily.

“Did you hear that ‘Mione? It’s a girl! A beautiful baby girl!”

Hermione Weasley (neé Granger) rolled her eyes as she said “Ron, I’m tired, not deaf.”

The midwife healer brought the cherubic baby towards Hermione as he asked them what they wanted to name her. Ron and Hermione both smiled.

“We had agreed that if it was a girl, we’d name her Nymphadora. If it was a boy, we’d name him Remus.”

The healer nodded. “Nymphadora Weasley.” He pronounced, his quill scribbling on the new Nymphadora’s birth certificate. He looked at Hermione and handed Nymphadora to her. Hermione took hold of Nymphadora as a wave of emotion passed through her. This was her baby girl, her precious baby, a new life! It was overwhelming but so satisfying at the same time.

“I’m never going to let anything bad happen to you.” She murmured to her.

“Too right we aren’t, she’s not allowed to date until she’s 50.” Her husband added. Hermione rolled her eyes and she gazed at her sleeping daughter. It was so peaceful and she felt herself slowly drifting to sleep.

Suddenly three figures burst through the doors jolting both her and Nymphadora awake.

“WHERE IS SHE? Where is my goddaughter?!” A red-headed, pregnant woman exclaimed, carrying a snoozing black haired baby in her arms. Right behind her was a tall, black-haired man with startling green eyes and a lightning bolt shaped scar on his upper-left forehead.

“Shush!” the midwife silenced them as they walked into the room.

“Ginny! Nice of you to drop in! How’s James? I’m sorry I missed his first birthday, I was a bit busy here.”

Ginny Potter (neé Weasley) rolled her eyes.
“Oh please Hermione, is that the first thing you say? Where’s that goddaughter of mine! Harry and I want to see her! And I’m sure when James wakes up, he’ll want to as well.”

Hermione grinned as she passed on Nymphadora to her and lay down to finally get some rest.

“Oh look Harry! She’s got the Weasley hair! Let’s just hope it’s not as bushy as yours right ‘Mione? I bet she’s going to have freckles, we all do, so I wouldn’t be surprised. Oh wouldn’t it be nice if she got Hermione’s brains and Ron’s quidditch skills? She’d be perfect! I can see her breaking hearts already.” Ron looked alarmed.

“Oh no Ginny, she won’t be talking to boys let alone breaking their hearts. No way.”

“Oh please Ronald. How is that going to work? She’s obviously going to Hogwarts!”

“Doesn’t mean that she’s going to be talking with them anytime soon. Not until she’s 50.”

“No way in Merlin is she going to avoid boys until 50! Do you expect her to have no life? Of all – “

“Ron! Ginny! Please! A little peace and quiet please. I’d like to get some rest.”

“Sorry Hermione. We’ll see you later okay?” Harry apologized on Ginny’s behalf as he hastily gave Nymphadora to the midwife healer and dragged Ginny and James out of the room. Ron looked guiltily at Hermione as he apologized and sat down to give her a bit of quiet.

The midwife healer placed the still sleeping Nymphadora into the nearby cot and after re-checking Hermione, walked out the room. 10 minutes later all three Weasleys were sleeping soundly.

12:05 AM 23 May, 2005

A hooded figure climbed in through the window of where the three Weasleys were sleeping in St. Mungos. The figure tiptoed past the sleeping Hermione and Ronald Weasley to the newborn baby, peered over the cot and gazed at the baby sleeping within. She looked around and then quickly picked up the baby and crept out of the room. She was just climbing out the window when Nymphadora woke up and started crying. Just as both Ron and Hermione woke up with a start, the figure vanished. All the Weasleys say was the curtains flapping about. There was a feeling in the room that something had just gone terribly wrong.

Ron scrambled to the cot and gasped. He turned to Hermione as he shook his head. Gone.

Hermione broke out into tears as Ron walked to her and held her close. The healers came through the doors, confused at the noise. They were shocked and horrified at their discovery.

They quickly sent an owl to the Potters who apparated to their room straight away. Ginny walked up to Hermione and just squeezed her tight while Harry just stood there gaping like a goldfish.

“Hermione, I just, I just can’t believe it! Who would do such a thing?” Harry asked. Hermione shrugged, tears still streaming down her face. A grim line set on Harry’s face.

“I’m going to get some coverage on it. I’m sure that they’ll find Nymphadora, and whoever took her too. Don’t worry Hermione. We’ll get her back.”


by Rita Skeeter

Hermione Weasley (neé Granger) and Ronald Weasley, two thirds of the famous Golden Trio who saved the Wizarding World from Dark Wizard Lord Voldemort were shocked to find their hours old baby girl missing from St. Mungos early this morning. Hermione Weasley had just given birth to Nymphadora Weasley a few hours prior and both she and Ron were delighted at their daughter. The Weasleys and the Potters (including the famous Harry Potter) urge wizards to look for a baby with bright red hair that may not belong. More investigation and information to come sooner.


by Rita Skeeter

It has been one year since the kidnapping of baby Nymphadora Weasley, daughter of Ron and Hermione Weasley (two thirds of the golden trio) and she still hasn’t been found. The search for her continues but many people have lost hope.


by Rita Skeeter

It’s with heave hearts; we must inform you, our persistent readers, that Nymphadora Weasley is declared officially dead. With absolutely no information on her for more than a year, there is very small chance that she is still out there. The investigation has been dropped.

DAILY PROPHET 8 August 2007

by Rita Skeeter

Hermione and Ron Weasley are pleased to inform you, valuable readers; that the birth of their second child has gone smoothly and their baby boy is to be named Hugo Remus Weasley. They were ‘apprehensive’ to have another child especially after the disappearance of their daughter Nymphadora Weasley hours after her birth but had realized a few months ago that Mrs Weasley was pregnant again. There are much higher security measures at St Mungos and a spokesperson has said that ‘they are confident that the same situation will not happen again any time in the future.’ Best Wishes to the Weasley family.

A/N: Hi there! This is my first PROPER fan/fic. This plot idea has been whirring around in my head for a few months now and I knew that I had to get it down before I forgot it completely! This story is loosely based on Rapunzel. :) But REALLY loosely based. It changes pretty fast.....
Please R/R!!!

Thanks!!! :D


Edited on 2/11/12 with help from my amazing Beta Pottergirl7


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