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Plan B by StormThief17
Chapter 1 : Diaries and Conversations
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CI by MyMyMiss @ TDA!

I own nothing that you recognize, the amazing world of Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling!

Beta'ed by Ravenclaw_FTW!



My name is Kat Donahue, I am sixteen, and I am a witch. No, I don’t have any warts thank you very much! I go to Hogwarts, which is only the best place ever. In fact, my dear diary, I am writing in you as I am on my way to Hogwarts for my sixth year.

Isabelle is sleeping (it seems like she can never get enough sleep, the poor girl), Genevieve is dyeing her hair turquoise—don’t ask me why—with her wand, Olivia is trying unsuccessfully to do nonverbal spells, Juliet is staring out the window, her forehead furrowed in thought, and Molly is writing an essay. Yes, you heard me, an essay. Apparently one of her cousins told her that we would be writing an extensive essay on love potions for Professor Dewey this year and she decided to get a head start on it. Ridiculous isn’t it?

Anyway, these girls are my housemates and my best friends ever, even Molly, who is a bit of a school freak. I mean, when you have to live with someone for seven years, you better like them or you’re screwed. We’ve been through thick and thin and mildly chubby as well. We’ve braved the terrors of Professor Clemons' defense against the dark arts class and faced down the infamous Moaning Myrtle when she interrupted us in the bathroom.

Heck, we’ve even seen each other through our first boyfriends! Well, Isabelle, Juliet, Molly, and I have seen Genevieve and Olivia through their first boyfriends. Genevieve dated Dominic Dorsey almost all fourth year but that ended after he accidently dropped his bubotuber plant on her and it sprayed her all over with its stinking pus. She never forgave him for that and I honestly don’t blame her. He was a prat anyway.

Olivia on the other hand is always having a thing with one boy or another. In fact, Juliet and I have a running bet on how many guys she’ll have “dated” by the end of seventh year. She’s at about sixteen I believe. Does it bother me that I’ve never had a boyfriend, or even had a guy admit to liking me? Yeah, it does. But this year is about to be different. This year I am going to be someone, not just little Kat Donahue, the quiet nothing. I have the year all planned out, and I can promise that it is going to be the best year ever. And it happens to involve a certain very cute boy.

I closed my diary, satisfied with the first entry. I had to admit, I had thought a diary was pretty stupid when Grandma gave it to me as a going away present. I mean come on; diaries are for twelve year olds to scribble hearts around their one true love’s name! But after a few nights of deliberation I decided that I would use it to remember my sixth year which, after all, was going to be amazing.

As I placed my diary in my purse, I heard a sharp exclamation.

“It’s the boys!” Olivia cried. Isabelle woke up with a start and groggily pushed the hair out of her face.

“Oh it’s the boys,” she groaned when she saw the object of Olivia’s excitement.

It was indeed “the boys”, the Gryffindor sixth year guys swaggering down the train corridor as if they owned the place. They were laughing and shoving each other around and almost passed our compartment without stopping. I prayed desperately that they would enter as I quickly rearranged my hair in the distorted reflection of the Hogwarts Express window.
Normally I wouldn’t have cared about the Gryffindor boys because let’s be honest, they’re a bit full of themselves. They are all decently cute and I like them well enough, but I was never interested in any of them in particular--until last year. Last year I fell in love with Lysander Scamander.

It was sometime around Easter break when I noticed how adorable his nose was, and how bright his eyes were. I noticed how the light caught in his golden blonde hair, and how he would tap his fingers on the desk when he was bored. I noticed the way he laughed, slowly at first but then faster as he continued. I noticed the easy way he slung his book bag over his shoulder. I noticed the way he frowned when he didn’t understand a spell.

Even better, I noticed how kind he was to the younger students, always helping them out in the common room. I noticed how careful he was when handling the animals in Care of Magical Creatures. I noticed his weird little quirks, like his ongoing argument with Professor Lancashine about the existence of the Crumple Horned Snorcack, or his incessant warnings against Nargles. I noticed all this and I loved him for it.

Unfortunately, before I could figure out how to start a conversation with him without being weird, school was let out I had to resort to dreaming about him for a whole summer. But the summer had also been a great time for planning and I had come up with a master plan that would not only make Lysander notice me, but would also make sixth year amazing.

To my utmost delight, the guys stopped and James Potter opened the door. Well of course James Potter opened the door; he always has to be in the center of everything, including girls’ interests. He’s not a bad guy, just way too cocky and popular for his own good.

“Hey ladies, did you miss me?” James said with a smirk. “Oh sorry, stupid question, of course you missed me!”

“Shut up James,” Molly said to her cousin, looking up from her roll of parchment.

James groaned. “Are you seriously doing homework, Molly? You do realize that we aren’t even that close to Hogwarts yet,don’t you?”

“You’ll be sorry when I’m done with this and you’re scrambling to finish it,” Molly sniffed and began writing primly on her essay again.
“Stop clogging the door, you git!” It was one of the other boys, who emphasized his words by shoving James in to the compartment. James stumbled forward and tripped over Molly’s feet and landed on Genevieve’s lap. She shrieked and pushed him off as the other boys filed in.

Oh Merlin, I thought, He’s here!

Lysander walked in last, blonde hair, blue eyes, cute freckles and all.

I heard the other guys and girls chatting and laughing, but my heart was louder than them. I could feel it thudding against my chest, trying to escape into Lysander's heart. Just keep calm, remember the plan, I told myself. Nothing could go wrong with the plan. I steadied my hands, brushed a stray strand of hair out of my face, and took the plunge.

“Hi Lysander! It’s a bit crowded in here…” I gestured to the jumbled mess of luggage, girls, and boys.

He smiled, his teeth peeking out from behind those adorable lips, and said, “Well of course it is, what do you expect when you’ve got James‘ big head taking up all the space?”

I laughed, my head dizzy. He told me a joke!

“I heard that!” James said, trying to turn his head to glare at Lysander. He was blocked by Connor Finnigan, who was trying to sit in the narrow space between Olivia and Molly and failing miserably.

“Yeah you heard it, because your ears are big enough to match your head!”Called out Barnaby, who was squashed against the window.

Genevieve tossed her strawberry blonde (and turquoise streaked) hair behind her back as she tried to escape being sat on by Mike, who was leaning dangerously towards her as he tried to make room for Perius. “If your eyes were as big as your ears you might’ve seen how crowded it would be and not come in here in the first place.”

James threw his hands in the air. “Hey, I was pushed in here against my will. It’s not my fault!”

“Well you can all get out now and leave us alone!” Juliet said.

I was surprised by the angry tone in her voice. Usually Juliet loved hanging out with the guys and joins in their jokes as readily as anyone. Molly and Isabelle got angry at the Gryffindor boys far more often than any of us other girls.

Luke gave her an odd look. “Ok, if you want us too.”

Slowly they managed to crowd out of the compartment, after knocking over Genevieve’s purse and laughing at the girlish collection of lip gloss, nail polish, sickles, and heart covered notes that rolled out. As James exited last he blew us a kiss and promised next time he’d do autographs. I rolled my eyes. That boy was so cocky.

“What was that about?” Isabelle said to Juliet, pointing at her accusingly. “You never get mad at the guys.”

Juliet turned back to her post at the window without a word. “What are you talking about?” she said finally as we continued to watch her in silence.

“You just yelled at the boys before I even got a chance to,” Molly pointed out. She had finally rolled up her essay and put it away.

“Exactly,” Olivia said, “you always think the guys are hilarious. Why are you so mad all of a sudden?”

“It’s nothing guys. I was just fed up with Perius stepping on my foot.”


“Drop it,” I said, cutting off Isabelle. I could tell Juliet was upset and had no desire to talk with us. To my surprise the girls did drop it and turned back to their pastimes. I joined Juliet in staring out the window.

So far, my plan was going perfectly. I had talked to Lysander without either of us being awkward about it .We had even shared a laugh! I could remember vividly the way he had pushed his hair back as he smiled, the way his eyes narrowed when he laughed. Alright fine, I admit, I’m a bit obsessed. But if you could see Lysander you would be too. In fact, I don’t understand why all the girls in Hogwarts are not falling at his feet. But I was relieved I didn’t have any competition. I had a whole year to get him to like me without any annoying girls trying to get in the way. And I was confident that he would be my boyfriend by the end of the year.

I had it all planned out.



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