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True love: A path that only fate can break by ginerva_molly_weasley
Chapter 1 : Oh my my my my
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 ‘Watch out!’ Roxanne shouted as a mud-pie flew in my direction. I looked up just a second too late and suddenly …


My sparkling white dress which I’d been taking extra care not to dirty was covered in this dark, dirty coating. The mud dripped off the dress, covering every inch of the shiny crystals and tiny pieces of white fabric. Mum was going to be so mad with me, but it wasn’t my fault!

Turning around, my eyes narrowed to the place where I could see a tuft of green hair hiding. A pathetic attempt to blend into the background. I stomped over, mud flinging from my dress with the force of my stomps.

‘TEDDY Remus LUPIN! GET OUT HERE!’ I screeched from across the grass. His head popped up slightly, and he faced me with a sheepish grin on his face.

‘Sorry, Vic,’ he said, trying to hide a certain amount of laughter from his face. The mischievous twinkle that he had made me giggle. He made me so angry with his playing about. I was a big girl now, and he was a big boy, and he should act like it.

I was seven and you were nine

‘TEDDY, YOU THINK AN APOLOGY WILL GET RID OF THIS?’ I shouted at him. My mum was going to be so mad; the mud wouldn’t come out that easily and then I wouldn’t get pudding. Pudding is my favourite meal of the whole day and I won’t get it… all because of him.

‘Vic, I’m really sorry. Don’t hate me… LOOK!’ He pointed at my dress with a screwed up face and little by little the mud seemed to come off. I looked on in awe of him as my dress became as sparkling white as it was before!

‘Wow, Teddy. How did you do that?’ I asked him, looking at him cautiously.

‘Well, Vic, its just magic. If I’m upset about something, then I change it to get my own way. You’ll be able to do it too when you’re older.’ He nodded at me, and I couldn’t believe it. If I could change things when I was upset, then maybe when Dominique stole my toys then she would just disappear!

‘Wow, Teddy, really?’

I looked at you like the stars that shined

In the sky, the pretty lights.

He walked off towards James, but I didn’t care. I couldn’t believe that I could make things happen just because I wanted them to! Daddy had told me I always needed a wand to do magic and that I wouldn’t be able to do magic before I had one… but Teddy doesn’t have a wand! I raced off towards my mum and dad who were sitting on the patio with my Auntie Ginny, Auntie Hermione, Uncle Harry and Uncle Ron. They were probably talking about ‘adult’ things but I didn’t care!

‘Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, guess what!’ I jumped up on to his lap and looked at him. He smirked at me before pushing my hair behind my ears.

‘What, darling?’ He asked me.

‘Well, Teddy just did some magic because he threw mud at my dress and then he said sorry and looked at it and then it was gone so does that mean I can do magic too?’

‘Victoire don’t talk so fast!’ My mum tutted at me from across the table but I didn’t care. I just wanted to hear it from my daddy.


‘You know how Teddy has the special gift, Vic? Well that means he has more magic and can control it more so that means he can do things like clean your dress.’

‘So Teddy’s clever?’ I asked.


 ‘Wow!’ I said. I slipped off of daddy’s lap and ran back over to Teddy, trying to get involved with their game.

Our daddies used to joke about the two of us

Growing up and falling in love

And our mama’s smiled

And rolled their eyes

James and Teddy were trying to climb up trees when I got over there. My mum had always told me that ladies don’t climb up them, but I ignored her anyway and clambered up there with them eager to be involved. They were seeing who could get the furthest up and then who could jump off the furthest but I just thought that was silly. Why would I want to try and hurt myself when I could just climb back down? I didn’t understand.

Take me back to the house in the back yard tree

You said you’d beat me up

You were bigger than me

You never did, you never did

After that Teddy was just a bit like a hero to me. I couldn’t believe how much magic he could do and every time he came round I couldn’t wait to go and speak to him, just to be near him. He entertained me with pulling different faces and changing the colour of his hair. I really liked it when he turned it pink just because it was my favourite colour!

I loved it when we all got together at either our house or at Nana’s. My cousins were some of my favourite people but I think I loved being around Teddy the most. He just made me laugh so much and every time he was around me I couldn’t help but smile.

‘Vic, come here.’ Teddy shouted to me. He was in the tree house in Nana’s garden with all of my other cousins. I didn’t like it up there much, especially because it was just too small, but I would have done anything for him, so I went up there anyway. They were playing their favourite game, ‘Truth or Dare’.

Take me back when the world was one block wide

I dared you to kiss me and ran when you tried

Just two kids, you and I

The friendship between Teddy and I didn’t change as we grew older. We were both in Ravenclaw in Hogwarts and spent almost every spare moment together. People speculated our relationship but honestly, all we ever were was friends. I don’t think either of us could have imagined it any other way especially at Hogwarts where everyone knew everything about everyone. Nothing stayed a secret for too long especially with my family generally being at the centre of all the gossip.

He became the one person who I knew I could rely on no matter what the situation and no matter how badly I’d messed up. He was the one who would stay awake with me until three am to do James’ homework to save him from yet another detention. He was the one who would dry my tears and tell me everything would be okay when yet another guy tried to use me for just one thing.

When he left Hogwarts, I became a recluse. I’d pushed everyone away really with my friendship with Teddy and I had finally realised that no-one really knew me as a person. I’d always had Teddy there to help me along with everything and stick close to me so I’d never really let anyone else get that close because I just didn’t need to.

The shock of reality when I realised I couldn’t see him every day anymore was too much to handle and I realised how much I loved him. Not as in just a best friend either. I actually loved him. He was the one person I couldn’t imagine living without and now it had happened I just felt an ache in my heart. The ache that could only be cured by that person coming back into my life.

Teddy was off doing his high flying Auror training and I didn’t see him for months on end, not even in the holidays. Auror Robhalt always had him on some sort of field work, but Teddy would have done anything to become an Auror. To be just like his mum.

Well, I was sixteen when suddenly

I wasn’t that little girl you used to see

But your eyes still shined like pretty lights

When I finally saw Teddy again, I couldn’t help myself. I ran into his arms, buried my hands around his neck and literally jumped on him.

‘Teddy Remus Lupin, I love you.’ I whispered into his ear.

‘I love you too, Victoire Alexandra Weasley. I’ve always loved you. I just didn’t think you loved me back, I thought you wanted to be just friends!’ he told me back.

I dropped down from his arms and looked up into his eyes. They were a sea green for once and his hair was my favourite, bubblegum pink. The huge, glassy orbs that seemed to search my soul had so much love hidden within them.

‘Well you were wrong!’ I told him, kissing him on the cheek. I had waited so long for that moment, so long for him to say those words to me and make me feel loved. All I’d wanted for the past months was for him to hold me in his arms, to show me that he was different from all of the other boys that he comforted me from.

Our daddy’s used to joke about the two of us

They’d never believe we’d really fall in love

And our mama’s smiled and rolled their eyes

After that, well we were inseparable. Even when I went to Hogwarts for my last year, he wrote every day, there wasn’t much need for field work these days. The time for Death Eaters had gone and no-one dared even attempt to make history repeat itself: The most the Aurors did these days was chase after people that managed to evade the hit wizards.

Teddy was the type of guy who wanted kisses and cuddles, intimate nights in rather than extravagant nights out… and you know what, I loved it too. I felt comfortable with him: I didn’t have to wear my hair up and layers of make-up on just to keep up the ‘beautiful veela’ appearance. He loved me just the way I was, and he made sure that I knew it. Those secret little love notes that he hid in my trunk, between my pairs of socks and beneath the endless stacks of books Ravenclaw’s were required to have.

People didn’t understand why we still continued with the long distance relationship. It was extremely difficult, but we made it work despite how many people scoffed at us. He was there at my graduation, with all my family, beaming up at me as I finally stepped foot out of those doors, no longer a student.

The party at Uncle Harry’s afterwards was amazing. He’d always been my favourite uncle; he was the only one who hadn’t hidden the stories from us. Just dancing with Teddy on that tiny patch of floor underneath the moonlight reminded me of how lucky I actually was.

Take me back to the creek that’s reaching dark

2am riding in your truck

And all I need, is here next to me

Time passed more quickly that any of us could count. I got the job in the best place I could have ever dreamed of and going to work at the hospital each and every day of my existence just to make someone else’s life better or at least make their final moments more bearable made me happy in so many ways.

After I got my job, well the inevitable happened, Teddy and I moved in together and I couldn’t have imagined being happier. Waking up next to his smiling face each morning never failed to make me smile. In the pouring rain, I could sit there under the blanket hugging myself into his chest, listening to the war raging on outside those windows. I felt safe.

Take me back to the time we had our very first fight

The slamming of doors

Instead of kissing good night 

You stayed outside til the morning light

Life moved on, taking us with it and discovering new things about one another. Teddy made me laugh daily with his impressions of people and even when he was away doing work we kept in touch owling each other as much as we could allow. Him not being in my life was no longer an option.

Mama used to talk to me about silly little things telling me that we’d get married and have children and someday even become as happy as Nana and Grandpa but I ignored her. Teddy and I were just happy, and I just thought, well if it doesn’t need changing then why do it? I guess I didn’t really understand the significance.

We were already seen as a married couple, heck the Prophet had been speculating our ‘secret wedding ceremony’ since we were sixteen. Dominique and Louis already saw him as a brother and he was almost family to all of my cousins anyway. He just fitted right in between the chaos and I liked it. It was comfortable.

A few years had gone and come around

We were sitting at our favourite spot in town

Then you looked at me

And got down on one knee

The proposal changed everything and soon I was planning the wedding and preparing to be Mrs. Victoire Alexandra Lupin. It felt strange to think that I was going to be Mrs. Lupin after all this time. I used to hear about Teddy’s mum at school but she was always called Tonks, despite the fact she was married so even hearing the name Mrs. Lupin was completely unfamiliar to me.

The planning went into the realms of ridiculous with everyone and anyone having an opinion of what I should wear and where it should be, but that just wasn’t right. The whole point of Teddy and I getting married was to make it about us, to confirm what we had for each other and tell each other that they were the person I wanted to stay with for the rest of my life, not for the whole world to be more focused on my dress.

Soon, everything had to be kept a secret. From what I was wearing, to the invitations, everything was kept under so many charms and everything had to be hidden from Lucy. Lucy was the youngest of us all at only 12 and was still at Hogwarts. Whilst she was going to be a bridesmaid, she loved to tell people about the ‘biggest wedding of the year’ which soon got out into magazines and everyone knowing where the venue was.

I wasn’t angry with her, actually I was slightly bemused by it all, but it still meant having to get more security and making sure people weren’t going to come and confess their undying love to the super sexy Teddy Lupin in the middle of our vows! It took months to make sure everything was sorted, and for being engaged to the super sexy Teddy Lupin, I became one of the most hated people in Witch Weekly.

Take me back to the time when we walked down the aisle

Our whole town came and our mama’s cried

You said I do and I did too

The only thing missing from the perfect day was Teddy’s parents. Tonks and Remus should have been there in more than just spirit. Sure Teddy had Harry and Ginny but it wasn’t the same. Instead, we left two spaces at the top table, Remus next to Mama and Tonks next to Dad, the way it should have been.

Everything else went just as we’d planned it, the singing girls, the tweeting birds and even my dad managed not to embarrass me too much during his speech. However there wasn’t just two of us standing at that alter, there were three…

Take me home to where we met so many years before

We will rock our babies on that very front porch

After all this time, You and I

We grew up, but we grew up together. Our one child progressed to four children and we watched as they grew up too. My daughters found men who loved them just as much as Teddy loved me and had many children. Our son found a man who loved him too.

As other people changed, Teddy and I didn’t. We stayed as close as we always had been, confiding in each other as much as we’d always done, staying true and loyal. Our love grew stronger each day with each argument, intimate moment and smile.

And I’ll be 87 and you’ll be 89

I’ll still look at you like that stars that shined

 in the sky oh my, my, my, my

A.N hey guys... another one-shot of mine... this is becoming a habit isn't it! This is my first ever song fic so I hope you like it... All lyrics are property of Taylor Swift as they come from her song Mary's song(Oh my my my my)

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True love: A path that only fate can break: Oh my my my my


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