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Teen Woes by mtb1997
Chapter 2 : Urgh
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 I wake up in the bathtub, and the events of last night come back to me as I groan.  No, this was not a "the morning after" groan, seeing as this was not a "the morning after" situation.  Granted, there was some alcohol involved, but I'm not much of a drinker, to be honest.  Everything started out good, I was reunited with my other Hogwarts friends who I didn't see on the Express and stories were exchanged.  Charlie Thomas had an anecdote involving a muggle priest and a tranny that had us hysterical and Gregory Longbottom told us about an encounter with a Horntail that he witnessed that had us grimacing.  It was all fun until it was Albus's turn to tell a story.  Much to my misfortune, he rambled about meeting up with and asking out Sadhya.  Now, I was tolerating this part, and I feel like I was doing a rather good job in keeping my dinner in my stomach, but then he started to talk about her, and I had to excuse myself to the bathroom.  I promised myself that I wouldn't come out until I knew for a fact that he was done talking about her.  I fell asleep before he was done.


I stumble out of the tub (easier said than done) and look at myself in the mirror.  How did I get like this?  I mean, it's been less than twenty-four hours since I've seen Albus for the first time since June, and I've already declared my love for him, a guy!  Not to mention that he has an amazing girlfriend, who at the moment I cannot stand; but I can't dismiss the fact that she's a genuine good person.  I sigh; they seem to be doing well in their relationship, and I'd be an arse if I was to break them up, they deserve each other.  I roll my eyes as I brush my teeth, and then spit angrily into the sink.


When I finish my morning routine, I open to door to see none other than my mate Albus with his hand reached out to grasp the doorknob that is no longer there.  His pale face and messier-than-usual hair are signs that he just woke up.  That and the fact that the only thing he's wearing is a pair of boxers with Quidditch brooms on them.  My mouth goes dry as I see his hipbones.  I've always been a fan of people with noticeable hipbones.  With a burst of unexpected courage, I snort.


"Albus, good sir, I'd appreciate it if you put on some clothes."  I told him in a pompous accent.  "It must be terribly cold."


Albus gave a tired laugh.  "It's good to have you back, Ly.  I thought you'd drowned in the lou!"


I wish.  "Not today!  Listen, I'm famished.  I'll see you at the Great Hall!"


"That you will.  Don't we have your mum after breakfast?"


I mentally groan.  "Unfortunately."


With that I head out for the Great Hall.  I wasn't looking forward to Divination at all.  Mum'll probably... show the class my baby pictures, or something like that.  I can see her now: "uh oh, someone's making bubbles in the bath!"  That would be the end of me, and I would barricade myself in the dormitory bathroom for the rest of my life.  When I reach the Great Hall, I sit myself down next to Scorpius and Fred, who are eating like barbarians.


I snort at them.  "Really, guys?"


Scorpius swallows.  "We're stuffing our faces so we don't have to eat lunch."


"Gals like men more when they don't eat lunch, it's a fact!" Fred adds.


I shake my head.  "You guys are idiots."


"Ah, but are we?"


"Yes."  I say as I cut my toast.


As I'm eating, I turn my head to see Albus walk in.  He has a sort of swagger to his step, and he looks a tad smug as he meets Sadhya and gives her a very passionate kiss.  I roll my eyes and try not to throw up.  While I'm glowering at them, I didn't notice someone take the seat next to me.  I grunt and take an angry bite of my toast.


"You alright?" A voice asks.


Not expecting someone to be sitting by me at the moment, I jump and slam my hand down on the table, well, actually a knife that has a large amount of butter on it.  The butter flies up, hits me in the face, and proceeds to slide down my face and then, robes.  I make a disgusted sound as try to think of a way to clean myself up before Divination started.


"Oh my!  I'm so sorry!  I didn't mean to give you a fright!" Rose said.


I sigh.  "No Rose, it's alright.  Do I smell of butter?"


She laughs nervously.  "A tad.  Here, let me help you."


Before I could stop her, she has her wand out, and with a quick flick of the wrist, the butter comes off my face and robes and forms into a neat square on my toast.  I look at her and smile, and she grins.


"Thanks."  I say.


"You're welcome." She replies.  "Hey, Lysander, who do you think would win in a fight, Lily or I?"


I chuckle.  "That's a cheeky question, but I'd have to say Lily."


A surprised expression forms on her face.  "Lily?  Why?"


Warning lights are going off in my head.  "Well, it's just that... I think she'd fight dirtier than you."


"Alright."  She left with a slightly unhappy look on her face.


I was telling the truth.  Lily had grown to become a... rebel, of sorts.  Her hair was dyed yellow and pink in spots, making it resemble a sunset.  Also, she always had a pin on her robes to give it some extra "pizzazz."  They would say things like "The Weird Sisters Live On!" or "Is That a Wand In Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?", and I enjoyed seeing what they would say the next day.  Rose, on the other hand, had a sort of proper aura to her.  I mean, she was starting to relax a bit, but she still thinks that studies come first.  Even though she's like that, she's still fun to hang out with when she's not in the library or reading.


I was too busy being lost in my thoughts to notice the time, and by the time I snapped out of my daze, Divination was about to start.  I quickly began to run to the classroom; some friends I have, they didn't even tell me they were leaving!  This would also be a good reason for my mum to embarrass me.   I run faster.


Right as I get off the ladder, I find myself in a room full of mirrors.  I pulled a face as I went to open the door.  As I open it, I find twenty-one heads turned in my direction.


Mum smiled at me.  "You're late, honey."


"Yeah, I know, sorry,"  


I start to walk, but then find that I'm sprawled out on the ground with my trousers at my ankles.  I see a pair of feet walk past me.  Lorcan.  I stand up as people laugh and pull up my trousers with the little dignity that I have left and sit down.


"Now as you all know, Professor Trelawney retired last year."  Mum starts. "I am her... successor, of sorts.  Now, when I was your age, I just loved Divination.  I thought the whole concept was so interesting, so I was glad when I was asked by Headmaster McGonagall herself to take Sybill's place.  Now, let's get on to today's lesson: reading tea leaves.  Now, can I have a volunteer to use as an example?  No?  Alright.  Lysander, darling, come up here, please."


My face flushes as I walk up hesitantly as some Slytherins sniggered.  "Now, I've already poured a very, very small amount of water in the cup, now you need to pour the leaves in there."


I roll my eyes as I poured them in.  "Like this?"  I asked sarcastically.


Mum nodded.  "Oh honey, it's perfect!  Now, just give the cup a little shake and see what you get."


I give my cup a quick shake and pray for Merlin to kill me now.  I looked at my leaves.  They were arranged in a near-perfect circle.  Mum looked at in in confusion.


"Erm... I've never seen something like this before...  let's just say that you will soon fall in love with a tall, dark, stranger."  Mum joked as some of the class laughs, and I just redden more, if possible.


If she meant short, light best friend, then she's a lot better at Divination than I thought.




The rest of Divination went by painfully slow, and I was glad to finally get out of that Hell.  I was walking back to the common room instead of going to Lunch when I hear a noise coming from the nearby broom closet.  My first reaction is to vomit; only slags and douchebags use the broom closets.  My second reaction was to open the door, don't ask me why.


My heart stops as I see who I caught in the broom closet.  It's none other than Albus and Sadhya, half naked and making out.


"Albus, what the fuck!"  My third reaction.

They stop sucking each others faces and Sadhya screams.  They both scramble to put their clothes on as I try to remember how to breathe.


"Ly, it's not what it looks like!"  Albus says in a panicked voice.


Oh, that's it.  "'Not what it looks like?'  That's funny, because it looks like you two were about to shag in the fucking broom closet!"


Sadhya paled.  "Lysander, please calm down."  She goes to touch my arm.


I pull back.  "Don't touch me with those filthy sex-hands!  Don't tell me to calm down!  I'll do whatever I please!"


I round on Albus as my vision clouded up.  "And you!  I... I don't even know what to say to you.  I... can't even..."


And that's when my throat closed up.  Talking becomes useless, so I just run.  I can hear him calling me as I dart through the forming crowd.  No, I wasn't going to go back to him.  He... he doesn't know how much he hurt me.   I mean, he doesn't know that I love him, but still!  You can't just go slut things up in a broom closet when you know that your friend is walking down that way!  Well, he probably didn't know, but that's not the point.


I burst into the dorm and jump on my bed.  The tears are falling freely now as I slam my face into the pillow and let out a scream.

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