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Let's Do A Saturday by EosAella
Chapter 1 : Eggy Bread and Thunder Storms
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Disclaimer: Unfortunately I do not own Harry Potter because he chose to stroll into J. k. Rowling's head rather than mine *sigh* oh well. 







"I can't eat that." Amy announced as she saw what was for breakfast today. 

"And what's wrong this time Amy?" I sighed. This girl was impossible, we'd been on camp for three days and she had refused practically every piece of food placed in front of her. Today was eggy bread, who doesn't like eggy bread? I mean seriously! It's staple diet whilst on camp it's like our... Thing. Eggy bread and ketchup (ok maybe the ketchup was just me but... shut up).

"It's bread."

"Yes, I know. Hence the term 'eggy bread', now what's wrong with it?"

"I'm allergic to crusts."

Are you freakin' kidding me?

"You're allergic to... Crusts?" I asked finding it hard to believe, "Amy I don't even think that's possible."

"Yes it is! I am!"

"Oh what just like you're allergic to vegetables?" asked a girl from further down the food line. 

"And rice?"

"And blue?"

"Amy what aren't you allergic to?" I asked thinking that this would be easier. 

"Ketchup." she said as if it were obvious. 

"Right well then here you go," I picked up the ketchup bottle and plonked it down on her blue plate (what do you know, she's not actually allergic to blue crockery just everything else) "There's your breakfast." I would go without my ketchup on eggy bread if it meant she would stop complaining.

"But Elizabeth..." She whined and I ground my teeth together, anyone that calls me Elizabeth is immediately placed in my daydream in which I shoot them in the face. 


"It's not the right brand."

"It's not... The right... Brand." I said slowly. Luckily Amy seemed to pick up on the fact that practically everyone was giving her the 'say one more word and you will die a slow and painful death' look and decided to just leave it. 

"You know what, I'm not that hungry." she said and quickly scampered back to her place on the mats that were our seats.
Maybe I should explain, my name is Elizabeth Harper but no one (except Amy) calls me Elizabeth. They call me practically anything else but not Elizabeth. Ever. I'm 11 years old and have just finished my last year of primary school. I'm also going to be going to a slightly... alternative secondary school but we'll get to that later. 

Amy is Amy Barnes, the fussiest girl ever in the history of ever. 

We're currently on guide camp (yes we're girl guides laugh all you want but at least we - well I do, I'm not sure about Amy - know how to put a tent up) and I'm not entirely sure why Amy even bothered coming. So far she's eaten just enough to stay alive, refused to sleep in a tent instead opting for the toilet block and had a panic attack about a fruit fly (she was convinced she was going to get malaria until we pointed out that it wasn't a mosquito and she lives in Britain). 

I wish to throttle her. 

But soon enough I'll be away from her forever! Yay! Celebration time!
You see the day before I was due to leave for guide camp an owl flew through our living room window and landed on top of my bedding roll (which to be honest is more a sleeping bag inside a bin bag tied with string). 

You can probably guess the rest seeing as you wouldn't be reading this unless you know about Hogwarts. 

That's where I'm going by the way, Hogwarts! Can you believe it? 


Right, sorry about that. Moving on... 



Life hates me. It really does. I've been put in a tent with Amy and whilst she may not sleep with us she still spends all her time with us. 

By us I mean me. 

I repeat, life hates me. 

And so does Merlin and Dumbledore and The Universe and you. Yes you, I know you're laughing at my hardship. Well karma will come and get you, and if it doesn't then I will. Remember I'm a witch!

"What now Amy?"

"I'm hungry."

"Well maybe if you had eaten something earlier..." I trailed off under the glare of death she was giving me. 

Seriously I think I just saw a frog die because of it. 

"What are we doing anyway?"

We? No sweetie, you're not doing anything. 

"I'm collecting firewood, you're complaining."

"Why do we need firewood?"

"For the fire." Seriously how thick can you get?

"Why do we need the fire?"

"To cook food."

I carried on picking up sticks and breaking fallen branches for bigger logs for a couple of minutes in silence. 


"Yes Amy?" I sighed.

"I don't think the other girls like me much."

"Oh, umm..."

"It seems like you're my only friend in this place." she sat down on a log and I joined her awkwardly. 

"It's alright." I tried to be soothing. 

"I mean I know they're just jealous but it's still unfair."


"Yep, I can tell. I'm glad we're so different, you're too much of an oddball to hate me." Oh don't worry, I can try. 

She stood up and flounced back off to camp. I sighed before picking up my wood and following her. Two more days, just two more days. 



Normally I love rain. 

I mean think about it, how cool is it that water - the stuff of life - just falls from the sky?

But this? This is just taking the piss. 

I looked out from the toilet block where I had been when the TORRENTIAL rain started. Well I suppose I should go and help. 

I took one last moment to enjoy my current state of dryness before running out to help. I saw one girl struggling to try and keep the craft tent from blowing away and went over to help her. We were pulling on the guy ropes for about thirty seconds before they were ripped from our hands. 

Well there goes the craft tent. 

And oh look, it just took out half of another campsite. 

Now it's landed in a tree. 

The tree just fell over. 

I'm not even kidding that's how strong this storm is. 

I heard screams from behind me and turned around to see that the marquee where several people had taken shelter had just collapsed. I ran over and began helping people out, I noticed that one girl - Rhiannon - had hurt her ankle so I supported her and helped her start to limp to the lodge. 


Oh no not now Amy please. 

"Why are you helping her when my stuff's getting wet?"

"Amy Rhi's really hurt her ankle."

"But my stuff's getting wet."

"I'll come and help you once Rhi's sat down ok?"

"Fine." She grumbled. 

"Is she always like that?" Rhi asked. 

"Unfortunately." I muttered and we proceeded to hobble to shelter. 


So that was the first chapter! It's pretty much just to set the scene between these two but the reason will become clear later on, I promise that everyone else will turn up in the next chapter but meanwhile why don't you tell me what you think? Like it, hate it, have some constructive criticism? Leave me a review and let me know!

Here's a hug in advance for those that do (>^0^)>



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