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When One Story Ends, Another One Begins by potterfan310
Chapter 3 : Surpise Paties, Insane Best Friends and Confessions
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Pheebs came back to the flat with me. She curled my hair using my straighter. I didn't trust her to do it with her wand (she has a habit of blowing things up if she's not concentrating.) She also did my makeup before we left. I emptied my holdall and packed it neatly before taking it and my hand luggage down to my car. I would be staying at Mum and Dad's tonight since I'm leaving tomorrow. This is the last time that I will be in this flat. I haven't many memories here as I only moved out of Mum and Dad's a year ago but the ones I have here are the best and most of them have been with Pheebs.

I went back upstairs and put on my dark jeans, my new blue top, my black heels, and my black cardigan. I only remembered to do the spell 'celare gibba' which hides my bump when I looked in the mirror before I grabbed my little black bag and left. The reason I did the spell to hide my bump is because I didn’t want anyone else to know just yet. The only people I don’t use it around are when I’m with Al or Phoebe.

After locking up, I went down to my car and drove over to the housing office
further down the estate. I got out and went in. The woman on the reception desk
looked at me.

"Hi, I'm Rose Weasley. I called last week about moving out." I told her.

She checked the computer. "Block one, flat twenty?" She read off the screen.

"Yes. That's me." I confirmed.

"I’ll be back." She went though the door, leaving me standing there. She came back with my land lord, Jeff.

"Miss Weasley, I'm guessing you would like your deposit back." he said.

"That's correct."

"Well here it is, two-hundred and fifty pounds." He handed me the cash.

"Thank you. Here's the key's. There are three copies." I told him.

"Pleasure doing business Miss Weasley. Going somewhere nice?" He stated looking at my outfit

"Yes, for a meal. I'm moving to America tomorrow" I told him, a smile playing on my lips.

"Oh well have a nice meal and enjoy America. I wont keep you any longer."

"Bye Jeff."

I left and hurried back to my car and drove to Mum and Dad's.


Mum and Dad live in a small village not far from Nana Molly and Granddad Arthur's. It's a five bedroom house and three of the bedrooms have en-suite's. It's the place where I grew up, where I took my first steps and did my first bit of magic. It's home.

I pulled in and grabbed my stuff from the boot and knocked the door. Mum answered wearing a gorgeous red dress that suited her well. "Oh Rosie. Don't you look beautiful. Give your Father the bags."

Dad came out of the living room and took my bags off me. But instead of taking them upstairs he took them back outside. I heard car doors open and then slam shut. Strange.

I went into the living room to find Hugo sat on the sofa wearing a blue shirt and black trousers. When Dad came in he hugged me. I noticed he was wearing a red shirt to match mum and a black suit.

"Rosie, I’m going to miss you my baby girl." he let me go but held me at arms length and then frowned. "Have you put on weight Rosie? You look fat."

Thanks Dad, aren't you just lovely.

"Always the charmer Dad. How on earth did you get Mum to marry you by saying things like that?" I asked jokingly.

"Well Rosie, I pretended to hate her." He started to say.

"And you caused silly arguments which lead to falling out." Mum interrupted.

"They were not silly, one was very true." He argued back.

"He's not on about Krum again is he?" I muttered to Hugo.

"Probably. You know how much he hates him." Hugo replied.

"Oi, you two, There was a perfectly good reason behind that falling out." Dad said having heard what we had just said.

"Yeah the fact that he snogged Mum before you did and you were jealous." Hugo whispered so only that I could hear. I giggled.

"Yes dear we know. You might haven mentioned it a few times over the years, Now come on, Rosie do want to go look at your room one last time?" Mum snapped coming into the living room from the kitchen.

"Why?" I was confused, first Dad put my stuff in the car and now I had to say bye to my room? What was going on?

"Because we're all staying at the burrow tonight as your Grandparents are coming to dinner with us." Mum replied.

"Oh, ok then."

I made my way upstairs slowly, taking each step like I was a toddler again. I pushed open my door. It was exactly how I left it. There were still books on the shelves but some had less than others as I they had been at the flat with me.

My bed was made and on top of my pillows was Mr. Snuggy. It's a little grey bear holding a square of fleecy material with a silky lining on the back. I've had it since I was born. Dad bought it for me and I could never sleep without it when I was little. I picked him up and went back downstairs. Mr. Snuggy was still in my hands as I stood in the middle of the hall looking around.

"Come on you, lets get going." Mum murmured putting her hand on my shoulder.

We left and drove to The Burrow. I was sat in the back with Hugo. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my car keys and then chucked them to him.

"Here Hugh. You can have my car as long as you promise me that you wont crash it." I told him.

He looked delighted. "Cheers sis, your the best and I promise I won’t crash."

I spent the rest of the journey thinking of things and what it would be like in America. When we arrived The Burrow was all in darkness.

"Right every one out." Dad ordered.

I was confused again. "What's going on?"

"You'll see sis." Hugo grinned.

I was following Hugo, towards the house but Mum stopped me before I went thought the gate into the garden. "Wait by here for Al, I'll come and get you both now."

What was going on? Just then Al appeared.

"Do you know what's going on?" I asked him.

He shook his head "Not a clue."

Mum came back and told us to follow her, so we did.


I blinked looking around. Oh my god, there's a big banner hanging across the house 'Good Luck in your new jobs Rose and Albus'

I looked at Al and whispered "But I haven't got a new job."

"Well I couldn't tell people that you were running away, could I." He whispered.

"I,I, I'm not." I stammered.

Before he could reply. I was almost blinded when Phoebe came rushing over to me in her neon pink dress.

"I thought that was for doing the housework in."

Al looked at both of us with a strange expression on his face. It's not the first time he's been confused by us, well mainly Pheeb.

"It is. But I thought I best wear it to a party first."

I laughed. My best friend is truly insane.

All my family was here and my other friends from Hogwarts as well. I spent the night talking and dancing, I was off the drink and only drinking pumpkin juice. When I saw him arrive, he walked straight over to Al, hugged him and they started talking. He spotted me and I ran quickly, well as quick as I could in these heals and hid in the bathroom on the third floor.

It was Pheebs who found me stood on the loo, my shoes abandoned on the floor. I was peaking behind the curtains trying to watch his and Al's conversation.

"Oh are we playing a game?" She grinned when she spotted me.

She rushed over and stood on the loo next to me, She ripped the curtain across and flung open the window and grabbed me around my shoulders before yelling "Ahoy mates, I have captured Rosie and if no one pays the ransom she will be forced to walk the plank Arghhh!"

Oh my god I could kill her right now and too be honest I don't even think she's drunk. Everyone looked up at us and I could see him looking directly at me. I felt myself blush and saw my face getting reder in the mirror that was on the wall.I was trying to free myself from her grasp,when I heard someone, (probably James) yell "what's the ransom then."

She took a minute to think before yelling "A huge slice of chocolate cake and ice cream."

He was staring right at me and then he disappeared.

"You have five minutes for the cake to be delivered or she gets it." Pheeb yelled.

"Pheeb will you let me go please. This isn't a game." I hissed.
"I have the ransom right here, you can free her." I heard someone drawl from the doorway.

I turned my head and there he was. Holding a dish with a huge piece of chocolate cake in it covered in ice-cream.

"Don't worry," She yelled back out the window, "The ransom has been paid."

She let go of me and jumped down off the loo seat, grabbed the bowl and ran. My best friend just sold me out for cake and ice-cream, seriously that girl has problems.

"Hi" was all he said.

I blushed again.

"You know you look even more beautiful when you blush." He added.

I didn't say anything, I just got down off the loo carefully.

"I'm sorry I never called. I've been really busy with work. Congratulations on your new job by the way. I've missed you since January."

Again I said nothing. Jeez rose year's ago you would have killed for a moment like this with him, but now things are different. I opened my mouth to announce that I was pregnant when he leaned forward, to kiss me. I shut my mouth, ducked down, grabbed my shoes and ran all the way to my room and locked the door. Praying that he wouldn't have followed me.

I pressed myself against the door listening for footsteps but none came so I got changed and put on my pyjamas and got into bed. This time tomorrow (if I ignore the time difference), I will be in America starting my new life.


The next morning I was woken up early, very early by Mum, "Rose honey,you need to get up and get ready to leave for the airport." she called through the door.

I sighed and slowly got up. Instead of getting dressed I just threw my jeans on top of my pyjama bottoms and pulled on a hoody. I packed my new top and my heels in my holdall which someone (I'm guessing Dad) had brought up before I locked myself in here last night and got out my purple flats to wear.

I rushed to the bathroom, just in time as well. Otherwise the contents of my stomach would be all over the floor. Once I had stopped being sick I brushed my teeth and looked in the mirror. My hair was a mess and some of the the curls from last night were still there. I made my hair straight using my wand and then I put it up in a messy bun out of the way and went down to breakfast.

Pheebs was still here and was munching on toast, Mum, Dad, Hugo, Granddad Arthur and the five Potter's were all sat at the table when I entered. Nana Molly was cooking.

"Breakfast dear?" She asked.

"Just toast please"

I don't think my stomach could face anything else, morning sickness is no fun.

Once breakfast was over, we said our good byes, as the taxi was picking us up at seven am. I still cannot believe that I am up at this time. I am never normally up before ten am, well except for when I was at school and that was a few years ago now.I hugged everyone who was downstairs,but when it came to pheebs she pulled me into a rib squeezing hug and started crying .

"Promise me that you'll write and phone, I'm gonna miss you so much." She sobbed.

"I promise, I'll miss you as well."

The taxi arrived and we loaded out luggage in. Mum, Auntie Ginny and Nana were all crying now.

"Promise me, that once your settled,you'll invite us all over for a holiday." mum said.

Hmm lets think. Not bloody likely Mum, I will have two children by then and how am I going to explain that she has grandchildren. That they magically appeared out of thin air...

"Hmmm." was all I could say as she pulled me in another hug.

"Let her go 'Mione, they have to leave now" I heard Dad point out.

She let me go and handed me Mr Snuggy "Hug him tight and he will bring you sweet dreams every night." she whispered. She always used to say it to me when I was younger and especially when I had nightmares.

Even I had tears now. Pheebs who had, had a box of tissues in her hand, which was full when the taxi arrived but now it was nearly empty. The Used tissues scattered around her.

We got in the taxi, and started waving out the back. I'm really gonna miss this place and them, I thought as I turned around in the seat as we went around the corner. The Burrow getting further and further away.

We had to be at the airport three hours early to check in and make sure everything was correct. After three hours of waiting around it was finally time to board. Just before we were about to board I received a phone call, from a number that I did not recognise.

Who the hell is it? I thought as I answered. "Hello" I said brightly.

"Rose," He breathed, "It's me I don't know if this is too late or whether that your on the plane yet. But it took me eight years to realise it and I just want to say that I love you and I always have. I was a coward, worried about how my father would react and whether or not your family would kill me for dating you. I want to be with you because I love you, I've waited eight years I'm not going to wait any longer. I'm sorry if it's too late but please come back. I love you with all my heart and I want you here with me and not in America. I'm sorry I left it too late, but please, please come back Rose."

I could feel tears leaking and running down my face.

The air hostess who was checking our tickers looked at me and said cheerfully"Can you turn your mobile off please before boarding and have a safe flight."

Al who was in front turned to look at me and mouthed 'hurry up'

"Rose, Rose are you still there." He repeated.

This is the second hardest decision of my life, I took a deep breath and whispered those three words, I never thought I would say, "I'm sorry, too." Before switching my phone off completely and boarded the plane.

"Who was that?" Al asked looking worried.

"No one" I muttered.

"You sure, because your crying Ro."
"I'm fine." I muttered. And with that I curled up in my seat. With Mr Snuggy, put the headphones in and blocked out Al by pretending that I was watching the in flight movie. I was staring out the window, my tears falling thick and fast. Why now?, Why couldn't he have realised earlier when I was not about to get on a plane to America or before He got me Pregnant.

After a while I noticed that we were amongst the fluffy white clouds and the blue sky. Plan move away and never see him ever again is operation go,go,go.

Did I mention that the guy I slept with at Brenda's leaving party......

He was also the one who I hadn't seen or heard off in two months...

He also got me pregnant with twins...

He is the one that me and Phoebe call you know who...

He was the one who rescued me from phoebe by bringing her cake...

And He is the person who phoned me just as I was about to leave for America declaring his love for me...

Did I mention he also got me pregnant with TWINS! ...

Oh yeah and did I mention that there is only ONE guy who is the answer to all these statement's...



And his name is Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy...

A/N Yay new chapter :) Beta'd by erinn1197

what did you think of Phoebe and her mad ways?

What did you think of Scorpius calling her just before she got on the plane?

Do you think Rose was silly for not getting off the plane or calling him back or do you think she did the right decision by getting on the plane and starting a new life In America With Al?

Thank You to Aria and rainstormsatnight time for reviewing it really made my day and also a thank you to Pottefan17 and The_Seeker12 for adding it to their favorites :-)


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When One Story Ends, Another One Begins: Surpise Paties, Insane Best Friends and Confessions


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