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Mrs Malfoy, Being Found Again by little_welsh_lily
Chapter 11 : Chapter Ten
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Chapter Ten

Disclaimer - I don't own Harry Potter as if I did the epilogue would of been very different!

10th January 2000

Hermione had spennt most of her weekend thinking about Draco, different reasons for his stopping slowly driving her crazy. Had he come to his senses and realised who it was he was kissing and been repulsed? Did he even care for her or was it the drink talking? Then her thoughts began to include Ron, would she be so confused and upset right now if he hadn't cheated and completely knocked her confidence?

She woke up on Monday morning wih an anxious feeling in the pit of her stomach. She went about her daily routine as normal, but couldn't help here nervousness she felt when going into their office. Neither Draco or Blaize were around so she busied herself by going through some files.

It was a little after eleven when Draco walked through the door and Hermione couldn't help but be shocked by his appearance. His face was paler than usual and he had deep purple bags under his eyes indicating how little sleep he had had that weekend, even his hair looked dishevelled. He walked past her as if she wasn't there and towards his desk, she felt a little stap in her heart at his lack of reaction to her, before he turned to look back at her. He turned fully around and walked back towards her desk, "I um - I need to speak with you privately Hermione, it's - um it's - uh - important."

"Now?" she asked her voice catching slightly.

"No, not here. Would you be able to stop by my appartment later, it's more private?" Draco asked, looking her in he eyed for the first time since h arrived.

"Oh - yeh - sure," she replied. He smiled at her and continued to his desk, neither said anything and the office was silent until Blaize came in from his meeting at around half one.

"Afternoon my tel favourite colleagues!" he said with a smile on his face, this soon dropped when he saw the tension in he room. He looked between the two of them and was also shocked by Draco's appearance, "Shit D what the hell happened to you mate?"

"Now is not the time Blaize," Draco replied barely looking up from his work.


Hermione breathed a huge sigh of relief when half five came around and quickly left the office to go home and change before going to see Draco. Seeing that she had gone and not knowing how long he work have until she came found, Draco left soon after. He asked Blaize to make sure the office was shut down correctly and left before his best friend could ask any more questions of him.

He showered and changed before getting out a book to read while he waited and hoped she'd show up. At seven o'clock, he opened the door to a very nervous looking Hermione and the despondant feeling I the pit of his stomach lifted, 'she came,' he thought, 'I have a chance.' He smiled and motioned for her to come in, he couldn't help but stare at he beauty now stood in his living room. She wasn't overly dressed up, her haired up in a clip and she had on minimal makeup, but draco couldn't help butErin's her beauty amazing.

"Do you want a drink?" he asked, breaking the ice, "I've got tea, coffee, pumpkin juice, water or butterbeer."

"Pumpkin juice please," she replied. Draco got them both drinks and motioned for her to sit down on the sofa with him as he took his usual seat

After want felt like hours Draco finally said, "I've been going crazy all weekend about how I handled Friday -"

"Its okay Draco," she cut him off, "I get it we'd been drinking and were not in our right minds. You don't seems that way, it's fine. I get that you don't want to ruin our friendship." She turned away from him slightly and took a drink hoping it would calm her down. " We'll still be friends, that won't chance we can just put Friday night behind us."

Draco stared at her in shock, "Is that what you want?" he asked the sinking feeling rising in his stomach again.

"Do you have a better idea?" she retorted, turning around so she faced him again and looked at him.

"Actually I do," he replied leaning over and closing the gap between them. "I meant what I said Granger, I really do care about you." Their lips met and all their worries and anixities about what happened seemed to disappear. Draco pulled away smiling, "You have no idea how much I've wanted to kiss you tell you how much I care about you, but I kept putting it off and finding excuses not to incase you didn't want me to. I wasn't rejecting you on Friday I just didn't want to have sex with you if it didn't feel special, like it should."

"How about we make it special then?" she asked, grabbing his hand and leading him towards the bedroom area.

"Hermione are you sure?" he asked as they sat on he edge of his bed.

"I was sure in Friday," she replied before pulling him closer and kissing him.


Draco looked down and smiled at the beauty who was sleeping in his arms. As much as he hated to admit it, this would change everything. If he had daydreams and fantasies about her before his brain would end up in overdrive after this, just thinking about her soft skin, and how she bit her lip when he teased her.

"What are you smiling at Malfoy?" Hermione asked stiring Draco from his thoughts.

"You," he replied kissing her on the forehead and then the lips. "Wondering how I got so lucky as to have such an amazing women in my life."

Hermione smiled up at him, "You're a lot better than you give yourself credit for Draco Malfoy."

"Maybe, I just need to find the right woman who knows how to keep me in check," he replied cheekily.

"Really, I wonder who that is. It takes a really special women to do that," Hermione retorted.

"Well there is this one lady, she's a pretty amazing witch to be fair, smart as hell, stronger than you expect to," Draco replied. He ran his fingers through her hair that was fanned out across his chest, "It just depends on if she willing to deal with me. I know I'm not he guy you imagined yourself with Hermione, especially with how I treated you in he past, but it you give me a chance I promise I won't let you down. I'll show you that you deserve to be treated like the princess that you are."

Hermione sat up and took his hand into hers smiling, "You Draco Malfoy are an amazing man and don't you ever let anyone tell you different. Any girl would be lucky to call you their boyfriend."

"Your not just any girl though Hermione, you are special," Draco replied. "You are the only person I know who can keep up with me and make me smile even on a bad day."

"I'd love to be your girlfriend Draco," she replied. "I'm just not ready to tell everyone yet, I don't like my personal life being broadcast about." Draco nodded and began to kiss her again pulling her back down so they were lying on the bed.


A/N: I know the wait has been terribly long and I have no real reason other than horrific writers block! Any way those of you still following me, I have written up to chapter 13 and know that I am close to the end of Draco and Hermione's story.
Lily xx

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