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Fairytaled by Mischief_managed18
Chapter 9 : Classics
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Why hello there dear readers. :) So I was supposed to update Fallin' first but unfortunately because it's one of the last chapters, I'm having a difficult time wrapping it up, but it should be next. For those of you who don't read that one, then you're lucky, you get another chapter of this story first. xD 

Huge thanks to miss Bella Bug for editing all my chapters. :) 

My reviewers are incredible. Seriously, you all get virtual cookies of your choosing! >:D 

Disclaimer: I obviously am no JK Rowling. I don't own this wonderful world or the characters. The Beauty and the Beast aspects belong to Jeanne-Marie Le Prince de Beaumont or Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve and of course, I do not own Romeo and Juliet, that comes from the brilliant mind of William Shakespeare.


It hurt. I hated this feeling and the fact that I was upset with that I'd said to Malfoy and what he'd set to me. It shouldn't upset me, but it did.



With each passing hour I found myself more and more confused over Malfoy and how he was behaving. I felt as if there was something he could tell me but wasn't... Like there was some key fact that I couldn't quite put my finger on that was absolutely necessary and that I would need to know if there was going to be any kind of trust between the two of us.


Why was I worried about trust with Malfoy? As if it were something that was necessary. Though, I suppose it is necessary if I'm to be living with him. Living with him. I sounded as if I were talking about a significant other or a roommate.



I sighed to myself and stood up, making my way over to the bed and flopping onto it, stomach first. I cried in frustration, completely beyond angry with myself and the fact that I had absolutely zero control over my own fate and this entire situation. I hated not being in control, it was the most helpless thing in the entire world.



After I'd finally cried myself dry I sat up, pulling my knees up to my chest. I needed to somehow smooth everything over with Malfoy. I'd never felt worse about this whole thing and we were only in day two. I'd been so unbelievably rude to Malfoy after he'd shown me nothing but kindness since I'd arrived. I know that we'd never exactly had the best relationship, especially during school, but I feel like he'd somehow changed and we were both willing to start over from this point.



I needed a distraction and I got up from the bed, making my way to the bookshelf and pulling a book at random from the top shelf. Romeo and Juliet. Of all the books I could have possibly chosen, it had to be this one? I flipped it over in my hand, admiring the cover.



I have no idea where he'd gone to get this copy, but it was old. The pages were a deeper yellow and the edges were somewhat frayed. It didn't look as if it were destroyed, merely worn. I flipped it open and saw that it was all in old English. I smiled to myself and sat down on the couch, immediately becoming absorbed in the book.



~*~* 3 hours later ~*~*



A knock sounded on the door, pulling me out of the book. I'd just reached the part where Juliet woke up, and realized Romeo was dead. A tear slid down my face but I shut the book and wiped my face with the back of my hand.



"Come in." I said, sighing.



The door creaked open and Narcissa Malfoy stepped in the room, giving me  a small smile.



I jumped slightly, staring at her in disbelief.



"It's okay. I know you were expecting Draco but I'm also sure Draco told you that I know. In fact, besides him and Dinkie, I'm the only one in this household who knows your here. I just wanted to come see if you wanted to talk for a little bit." She made her way across the room and sat down on the arm of the chair, looking hesitant.



"I know. I'm the last person you want to talk to, I'm sure. I haven't exactly been one of the best people in the past and I've never even spoken a word to you. My son is responsible for the death of one of your mentors and it's not as if I've ever really had a daughter to talk to." She stopped talking and looked at me, unsure of what else to say. "I've always wanted a daughter..."



She trailed off and looked out the window. I stared up at her in shock. I'd never really heard much about Narcissa. Everything I'd ever heard about the Malfoys was in regards to Draco and Lucius.



"I'd like that," I said and she looked at me completely surprised, "even if it's just small talk at first."


She gave me a thankful look and a smile, clearly not quite knowing what exactly to talk about, but appreciating the gesture nonetheless.



"I wanted to start by telling you that my son really does care. I know he has an odd way of showing it, but he truly fought to have you here. I'm sure it's not exactly ideal for you. You must feel so trapped and helpless and I'm sorry. We're in the midst of figuring things out but I can assure you, we'll try our best to make you comfortable here." she gave me a sad smile and shook her head.



"I also know that you've got some spirit. My son isn't easily upset and I just saw him walking to his room looking more upset than I've seen him since the beginning of the summer after everything with Dumbledore. You must've hit some soft spot of his. He needs that sometimes." she laughed, "I swear, that's just about the only thing he gets from his father. That and his stubbornness."



"I'm sorry if I upset your son Mrs. Malfoy," I shook my head, "sometimes words just get the better of me and I find myself saying things I don't always mean. I guess all those years at school made me more upset than I'd ever really realized... He's been nothing but kind to me since I got here and I have no reason to act that way. I want to put everything behind me but there's just some things that have lingered and I guess I had to get that out somehow."



I looked her in the eyes, "I am so sorry." I said, now beginning to tear up.



"My dear. First off, call me Narcissa. Don't you worry about my son, he's tough. He needs to be put in his place sometimes and believe me, he doesn't normally get that around here. He's never had a girl truly put him in his place. Maybe this will turn out to be better for him than I'd expected. Here I thought he was only trying to protect you but maybe it'll end up being a good lesson for him as well. I care about my son more than anything in the world."



I smiled through my tears, not quite sure why I was crying. "Does that mean you want me to put your son in his place?"


"Well, someone's got to do it. I certainly won't, I baby him far too much." she shook her head, "I can't help it and I know I should stop."



"You've done a fine job raising your son Mrs. Malfoy." I said and she smiled, looking truly appreciative.




Thank you." she stood up, "I best be heading downstairs. It's approaching supper time and being the hostess it would be rude not to attend. I'll be checking on you from time to time, and if you need me, just send Dinkie."



"Of course." I said, standing up and shaking her hand.



She walked towards the exit before turning back to me with a smile. "It's Narcissa, by the way." she opened the door and quickly turned back, "good book, by the way." She said,  pointing to Romeo and Juliet. The door clicked shut behind her and I found myself wondering if I'd been wrong about the Malfoys all along.  



That box is quite hungry and is in desperate need of some words to fill it or it just may starve to death. *sigh* Poor box. 

I love you all. Thanks for reading and hope you continue to do so.


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Fairytaled : Classics


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