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I'll Hold You Forever My Slytherin Princess by stagzpotterfan
Chapter 4 : Pass us the 'dad'wiches
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A/N: Warning of mild scene of sexual nature, hope it doesn’t put you off the chapter.



Hyde Park




“James stop pulling Opal’s hair! I’m so sorry Luna; he’s acting out today because I took away his stuffed snitch earlier as a punishment.” Ginny brushed a stray strand of red hair from her eyes as she apologised to her friend. Luna waved a hand in her airy fashion, “Never mind about it, it’ll save me the trouble to comb out the nargles later – her hair is full of them!”



“Yeah...totally.” Ginny nodded, slightly confused about what was being said. She turned to see Hermione lazing in the sunshine while Mia was sitting playing with her yellow teddy bear. Her curly hair seemed to glisten in the warm sunshine, making it look like a spiralling waterfall of beauty. It seemed strange that Mia had not inherited Hermione’s chestnut colour seen as it was carried in the Granger genes which made Ginny repeat the silent question of who her father was. I know Hermione doesn’t want to tell me but it seems unnatural that Hermione slept with some random stranger that she didn’t know, even if she was extremely drunk. It had to be someone she was at least on speaking terms with.



“Ginny, do you want another bagel?”



The red head was pulled out of her pondering by Luna who was shoving an overly large bagel in her face; she had tried making them herself. “No thanks.”






Hermione glanced over at her old school friends as they cowered away from the sun by sitting underneath an old oak tree that was similar to the one on the grounds of Hogwarts. Ginny had complained that she would blister red if she lazed about in the beautiful sunshine and Luna had said that if she tried sunbathing then Blibbering Humdinger would likely sneak into her ears because she didn’t have on her radishes.



Hermione had tutted at their lack of adventure and had splayed out across the yellowy green grass with her sunglasses on the tip of her nose. Mia had joined her mother; she loved the sun, mainly because of its colour but also how it made her hair shine. Hermione had said one day, while the two were having a picnic in their homely forest, that she looked like a faerie princess and Mia had secretly believed her mother ever since. She spoke with the forest faeries often and they had tried to tempt her to run away with them but Mia had always refused; she would never leave her mummy behind.



She picked up Cuddles and scrunched up her nose at the one legged bear. James had decided to throw him into the air the other day but poor Cuddles had got caught on a branch on the way down, ripping his left leg away from his body. James had tried to fix him for Mia but she had refused by saying that her mummy would mend him later. When she had taken Cuddles to Hermione however, Hermione had sighed and said that his leg couldn’t be fixed because it had ripped in too many places for her to sew back together. Mia had sniffled a little but had accepted the terrible news.



Hermione turned to her daughter and noticed that she was deep in thought. “You okay Princess?”



Mia looked up and stared with her intense baby blue eyes. “Yeah, just thinking.”



Hermione rolled over onto her stomach so that she could get a better look at her daughter. Her chestnut hair glowed in the rays making it look like autumn itself. “About what?”



Mia shrugged her small shoulders; an identical trait of her mothers. She bit the corner of her lip and lowered her gaze from her mother’s honey brown eyes to stare at Cuddles lopsided smile. Her head titled slightly to the right so that she could watch the Harry chase James along the pavement; the little boy giggled with delight when his father caught him.



Hermione followed Mia’s gaze and then looked back at her daughter. She had noticed that Mia had been watching the bond that Ginny and Harry had over the last few weeks and she had been annoyed at herself the other day when James’s asked her ‘who her daddy was ’ as she couldn’t answer. The blonde haired little girl kept staring after Harry and his miniature image until she sighed and turned back to face her mother.



“Nothing, just stuff.”



Hermione tilted her daughter’s head to make her look her in the face. “Honey, you know you can tell me or ask me anything, now what is it?”



Mia twitched her nose; a common sign she was agitated. “I was thinking…about…about why I don’t have a daddy.” Her little nose twitched more rapidly until she pinched it with her tiny fingers. Hermione exhaled and blew a few waves out of her eyes. I knew this day would come…just didn’t think it would come this soon. Oh well, here goes nothing.



“Honey, you do have a daddy; everyone has a daddy…thing is, some mummy’s and daddy’s don’t always stay together when they have children. Your Aunt Ginny and Uncle Harry are one of the lucky ones, they love each other very much and that’s why they are together. Me and your daddy didn’t really love each other when we decided to have you so that’s why we didn’t stay together.”



Mia’s eyes widened in fear, “Did my daddy not love me then?”



Hermione realised her mistake and opened her arms for a hug, “Of course he loves you, he loves you very much.” Hermione snuggled into the beautiful hair that the little girl had inherited from her father and felt the tiny body beneath her relax. “So why doesn’t he visit me?”



Hermione bit her tongue as she cuddled in closer to Mia. She whispered, “He day,” while staring off into space. If only he knew that you existed.






It was early evening when Ginny found Hermione sitting in the window seat of hallway. The sunset could be clearly seen from the position where her oldest friend was sitting and Ginny had noticed that it was one of Hermione’s favourite past times to watch the sun go down. Careful not to disturb her, Ginny shuffled towards the other side of the window seat to sit opposite.



Hermione smiled, “Hey Gin.”



“Hey Mione.” Ginny shuffled slightly in her seat and lazily picked at the strands of cotton that were fraying from the cushioning. Hermione could tell that the youngest member of the Weasley clan had something to say but knew that it was never good to rush her into talking. Instead the brunette laid her head against the wall and stared out over the horizon. “Mione… I need to tell you something.”






Ginny sat up a little straighter and stared at the girl in front of her. Her body language was one of pure relaxation whereas the red head felt completely edgy. Hermione picked up on her friend’s uncomfortable nature and snapped her head to attention; it was the same sixth sense that Mia had.



“Gin, are you alright?”



“Yeah, just a little…problem I have.” She began ringing her hands until she felt the reassuring touch of Hermione’s covering them. She gazed up into the honey brown eyes and saw all the unspoken comfort that her friend had for her. Sighing, Ginny told her about the situation she was in.



“Hermione, I think I’m pregnant again, and before you jump for joy and say it’s good news; it’s not.”



Hermione frowned, “Why? Doesn’t Harry want another child?”



Ginny nodded her head from side to side in a half-hearted nature, “Well, I’m sure he’d be thrilled but it’s me. I don’t think I want another one.”



“Gin, you love kids! You said only the other day that you and Harry want a big clan like your parents did. Why on earth do you think that you don’t want this one?”



“It’s Harry! He’s only here half the time and I’m the one who has to stay at home and look after James. I love my son to bits, but I can’t handle him sometimes – you think my temper is bad at the moment, when I’m actually alone in the house all day with him…sometimes I just want to leave. I’ve even cried in my room while James is playing in the garden. I don’t think I can handle a new-born as well.”



Hermione was dismayed to see the shining drops of tears fall across Ginny’s freckled cheeks and she automatically opened her arms to cuddle her best friend. “Oh Gin, why haven’t you said anything?”



Ginny sobbed and tried to wipe the tears away, “Because, it’s not Harry’s fault. He can’t help what his bosses make him do and I would never tell him to quit – but I feel so exhausted that I’m always bone tired! When he comes home from work he expects us to do family things but what he doesn’t realise is that I’ve spent my whole day chasing around the bundle of energy and that all I want to do is take some time to myself! I know that sounds selfish but it’s just how I feel.”



Hermione rubbed Ginny’s shoulders in comfort and shushed her so that her sobs became sniffles. “Gin, if you feel like this, you need to say something to Harry. I know that you think he might take it the wrong way, but what if he doesn’t; you can’t go on living your life isolated and charted to fit around your son. I know that you have to be there for most things but Merlin, even I get a break from Mia.”



“I know, but I feel…incapable of looking after my son if I just pawn him off to my mum or a babysitter. Mum managed to have seven children and be a full-time, magical housewife without ever having help from anyone else, I mean for crying out loud James is just a miniature version of the Twins and she had TWO! I feel like a failure!



Hermione raised an eyebrow. “Ginny, you really think that you’re a failure? I’m the one who can’t explain to her own daughter who her father is and why he hasn’t turned up at any point in her life!”



It was Ginny’s turn to look surprised. “What are you talking about?” Hermione shuffled uncomfortably in her seat. She started to pick at the skin around her nails which was an obvious sign that she was nervous. “Nothing…it’s really nothing, just some stuff that I’m going to have to deal with sooner or later.”






“Seriously Gin, don’t push it please, I’d rather just leave it alone for now.”



Ginny’s posture showed pure defiance at the lack of information that the Brunette was giving but after a few moments let it go; she was too exhausted from chasing James around all day to fight. Slouching against the wall she took to gazing at the open hills in the distance; the purple horizon a picturesque view. Oh how I’d love to just fly into it.



She brushed her fingers through her red hair and watched as it fluttered elegantly back down to rest on her shoulders. Harry had once said that the colour had reminded him of Fork’s phoenix feathers ever since he had saved her from the Chamber of Secrets. She smiled at the memory of their first time in bed together.



Room in the Leaky Cauldron



Ginny’s pale skin glittered with droplets of sweat from the nights antics; it made her look like a mermaid that had escaped her fate of always being a creature of the sea. Harry brushed his fingers along her arm tenderly as she murmured awake. Turning to face him, her hazel eyes bright with sleepy happiness.



Harry smiled, “Hey.”



She smiled back, “Hey handsome.” She reached over and brushed his messy ebony hair from out of his emerald green eyes. The eyes in question fluttered at her touch which made her giggle with approval. “Last night…was special.”



He nodded and caught her hand in mid-air, kissing it with tender vivacity. “Yes, it was…I didn’t hurt you at all, did I?”



She shook her head and nibbled at his earlobe. It had hurt to begin with but he had been so gentle and caring that she had forgotten about the discomfort and had enjoyed the special bond that the two were creating. “It was perfect.”



Harry grinned and wrestled Ginny into his arms making her giggle even more. “It was perfect for me too.” The laid like that for what seemed ages, until Harry started sniffing. Ginny turned to see Harry’s nose twitch and laughed as she realised a strand of her hair was rubbing against the edge of his nose.



“Oops, sorry sunshine.” She went to move her head but Harry instantly grabbed her back down into the position she was in. He gathered a section of her hair into his hands and started to stroke it with loving care.



“I love your hair.” He nestled his face into the top of her head and smelt the coconut scent that came from her shampoo.






“It just reminds me of Forks. The softness, the colour, the fiery attitude that represents you; just like the day when I saved you from Riddle.”



She snuggled into him and watched the seagulls fly outside “You can keep on saving me.”



Back to present



“Sometimes, I wish that me and Harry can go back to the days when everything was…simpler.”



Hermione snorted “When were things with Harry ever simple, sheesh every time the guy tried to have a day off ol’ Voldy appeared with another plot to try and kill him.” The pair of girls started to laugh and it was a full five minutes later until they settled down again; a sombre tension filling the air.



Ginny looked down at her hands and sighed. “You know what I mean; when we didn’t have James…everything was just easier to deal with; Harry working late, the house being untidy, dinner being cooked at random…everything was just easier.” She sighed again and slid a little further down the wall of the window seat. It was then that Hermione noticed the bags under her friend’s eyes. Ginny looked tired, really tired and she looked unwell as well. Hermione had never really suffered from the morning sickness when she was carrying Mia, but that could have been down to the fact she was in total relaxation in their cottage that she had no reason too.



Reaching out, she grasped Ginny’s slender hand into her own tightly. Ginny looked up and Hermione’s smile held hope for the youngest Weasley. “I’ll stay with you Gin, I’ll help you around the house until the baby comes.”



“Hermione, I couldn’t ask you to sta-“ Hermione held up her hand to stop her, “Gin, I ran out on you and Harry six years ago when your own brother died…my fiancé,” she shivered as the void started edging towards her heart; she quickly pushed it aside, “I’m not leaving you again.”



Ginny’s eyes filled with tears as she let the information sink in; she wasn’t going to be alone. She launched herself at Hermione and enveloped her into a bone crushing hug. Sobbing, she whispered, “thank you,” and squeezed even tighter.



Hermione stroked Ginny’s hair in comfort and carried on looking through the window. She had made a promise and she would keep it. If only I could help Mia understand about her father…guess there’s only one way of doing that though…ah crap I’m going to have to tell him.



Ginny looked up and saw the puzzled expression on Hermione’s face. She could tell that the brainiac was deep in thought but she could sense that whatever she was trying to figure out was causing her some distress. She was about to question her about what Hermione had mentioned earlier but decided against it. Whatever was bugging Hermione, she would either ask for help later or figure it out herself.






A/N: Well yeah I know that this was a bit of a sucky chapter and that it doesn’t really explain a lot but I’m making it more as a fill in for the next chapter. Keep reading and reviewing as all reviews are helpful towards the writing of the chapters :)

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