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A Little Game Called Pretend by Dark_Angel123
Chapter 11 : Discovered
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Chapter 11: “Discovered”


“Oh, since we so luckily happened to run into one another, we must plan the wedding together! I’ll be the maid of honour, of course?”


“Of course.”


“Brilliant! I have the perfect theme. Everything will be green and silver!”




“We must have it at the Malfoy Manor. It’s the perfect place for an extravagant wedding!”




As Daphne rambled on about the wedding plans as if it was her wedding, Astoria was utterly bored and only gave monosyllabic answers. They were sitting at a table beside the swimming pool where Draco was lazing in the waters and Pansy was shamelessly ogling him. Blaise Zabini, who had also tagged along with Daphne and Pansy, made a dive for the pool, splashing water all over Pansy. She shrieked, to which Blaise and Draco simply laughed.


“Astoria, are you even listening to me?” Daphne asked, irritated.


“Yep,” lied Astoria.


“No, you’re not. You’re – hey, where’s your engagement ring?” her sister suddenly asked, taking hold of her left hand.


“In my room,” replied Astoria, tugging her hand away. She stopped wearing it once she came to the island.


Daphne raised an eyebrow but didn’t comment any further on it. She knew something was suspicious. If they were so in love, then why wasn’t her younger sister wearing the ring? Daphne didn’t believe in their relationship at all. She was sure something was up their sleeves and she was determined to find out what it was.




To say Draco was annoyed with their new company would be an understatement. He was downright angry and ready to hex them into oblivion. Just when things were running smoothly, those nosey witches had to pop up and ruin everything. He couldn’t stand Daphne interrupting him and Astoria during private moments and almost gagged at the thought of Pansy who seemed like she was out to seduce him. At least Blaise was tolerable, though he only tagged along because he wanted to enjoy the show.


“I’m going to kill them! How the hell did they find us?”


Draco was glad Astoria shared his feelings. Now, they could formulate a plan to drive the wretched women away.


“Your sister’s been spying on us ever since she heard about our engagement,” said Draco. “Maybe she overheard us when we weren’t alert.”


Astoria huffed and plopped down on the sofa beside him. They were sharing the same room now since they didn’t want Daphne to get even more suspicious of them.


“If Daphne finds out the truth, she’ll definitely tell our parents,” stated Astoria, looking at Draco.


Draco sighed. “I know. And then everything will fall apart.”


Astoria felt sorry for him. “Can’t you just say no to your father?”


“You don’t know my father, Astoria,” said Draco, smiling bitterly.


“Okay, then we’ll just have to put up with the pretences a bit more and find a way to get Daphne out of the way.”


Draco looked at her in surprise. Before he could say anything, Astoria said, “Yes, yes, I sound eager to help, but only because I like seeing Daphne suffer. The look on Pansy’s face is rewarding too.” She smirked, remembering Pansy’s reaction the first time.


Draco chuckled. “You sure you’re not doing this just because you like kissing me?” he asked teasingly, winking at her.


Astoria tried to hide her blush by quickly getting up from the sofa and rushing to the door. “Of course not,” she replied.


“Hey, Astoria?” Draco called out to her before she could leave.


She looked back at him, hoping the blush on her cheeks was gone. “Yes?”


“Thank you.”


After a moment’s hesitation, she answered, “You’re welcome, Draco.”


Astoria stepped out of the room and closed the door swiftly. She was a bit surprised that Draco had actually thanked her. It seemed so out of character for him. She almost wanted to go inside again and check if it really was Draco Malfoy or someone using Polyjuice Potion.


However, before she could turn the doorknob and ease her doubts, a voice called out to her in the hallway.


“Oh, there you are, Astoria. I was looking everywhere for you last night. Where were you?” asked Richard, walking towards her.


Astoria groaned inwardly. She was hoping she wouldn’t see Richard again after last night. She thought she had liked him when she first met him, but now his presence simply annoyed her.


“Um...I was feeling very tired and went to sleep early,” she answered.


Richard nodded. “Hmm, I guess all that dancing tired you. Can we do that again sometime? I really enjoyed spending time with you,” he said, giving her a dashing smile.


Astoria shook her head furiously. “No!” she exclaimed, thinking of Daphne. She hastily composed herself seeing the look on Richard’s face.


“No?” he repeated uncertainly.


“I have to do,” Astoria replied hastily. “I really have to go now!” With that, she all but ran from Richard who looked utterly confused and simply stared at her retreating figure.


Neither of the two noticed a smirking Daphne Greengrass who had been using a Disillusionment Charm and was silently watching the exchange. Her initial goal was to eavesdrop on Draco and Astoria but now she had something even better.


She made herself visible again and tapped Richard on the shoulder, fixing him with an attractive smile as he turned around.


“Yes, may I help you?” he asked.


“Oh yes, can you please tell me what your relationship is with my sister?” she asked directly with a silky voice.


“I’m just a friend,” Richard replied.


Daphne wasn’t finished with him. “Did you know she’s engaged to be married?”


“She – she is? To whom?” Richard asked, gaping at her.


“Draco Malfoy,” she answered. “Tall, blonde, handsome bloke. I don’t suppose you’ve seen him?” she added.


Richard frowned. “Actually, I think I did. But Astoria said he meant nothing to her.”


That was all Daphne needed to hear. She flashed him another dashing smile. “Thank you so much.” With that, she sashayed off, leaving Richard confused once again.


The triumphant smirk still stayed on Daphne’s lips as she entered the room she was sharing with Pansy. Pansy looked up from a magazine she was reading and asked what Daphne was so happy about.


“Good news,” Daphne replied. “Looks like Draco and my dear little sister are faking everything.”


Pansy shrieked in delight. “How did you find out?” she asked.


Daphne hastily explained what she had heard and Pansy’s smile grew bigger. “Oh, that means I haven’t lost my Draco to that wretched witch after all!” she exclaimed gleefully.


Daphne rolled her eyes. “Don’t get your hopes up yet. We have to find a way to prove this to everyone else.”


“We’ve got plenty of time to do that,” Pansy said optimistically, already dreaming about her and Draco.


Daphne had already started scheming in her mind. She knew from the beginning that something wasn’t right with Draco and Astoria but no one had believed her, not even her mother who previously used to side with her on everything. She just couldn’t stand Astoria being her parents’ favourite daughter now. Her blood boiled every time their mother cooed over the couple and discussed their wedding plans.


Daphne didn’t like being out of the centre of attention. And she was going to do anything to get back in it.


Just you wait, little sister. Just you wait... 



A/N:  I just wanted to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has read and reviewed this story. You guys encourage me so much. I almost gave up on this but even seeing how many reads I got makes me write more. This is currently unbeta-ed but I may get one in the future to beta all the chapters after I've completed the story. 

Important question: What would you like to see in this story? I'm currently writing chapter 13 and you'll be sure to get another twist in chapter 12. =P Is there anything in particular you guys would love to read about? I think this story would be around 15-17 chapters, so yeah, we're nearing the end and I want to know what you would like to see in the end. =)

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