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Something Like That by padfootforeveryoung
Chapter 16 : If You Ask Me
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 "Damn, damn girl you do it well

And I thought you were innocent

You took this heart and put it through hell

But still you're magnificent

I I'm a boomerang doesn't matter how you throw me."


                         -Not Over You (Gavin DeGraw)



“Why won’t this stupid thing open?” I cried out as I kicked the Gargoyle that blocked entrance to the Headmaster’s office.


“Chocolate frog.” Regulus said before my foot made contact with the stone again, thankfully because that bloody fucking hurt.


“Katherine, please tell me what is going on.” Regulus asked desperately as he chased after me up the staircase, but I ignored him as I pushed open the door without knocking. Imagine my surprise when I saw Sirius, James, Remus, and Lily staring up at me with concern and shock as I tried to catch my breath. Regulus was right behind me and put a hand on my shoulder to try and relax me.


“Where is Professor Dumbledore?” I asked anxiously and before they could respond a deep voice caught my attention.


“I am right here, Miss McEwen. Is everything alright?” He asked his blue eyes searching me carefully.


“I need to speak with you about something important.” I said without taking a breath and he nodded his head.


“What a coincidence I must speak with all of you about something as well?” Dumbledore asked taking a seat at his desk. I looked nervously at the three present Marauders who were looking at me curiously. Regulus’ expression dawned in understanding. I probably should have explained to him, but I wasn’t thinking clearly. Was this really the right approach? I mean Narcissa could be setting me up for all I knew. I had no proof besides what she had told me and let’s face it Pettigrew was a strange boy. Maybe, he was sneaking off to meet some girl and he didn’t want the Marauders to know about it. I decided I needed to talk to Regulus about this before speaking with Dumbledore.


“You know what never mind. What did you want to talk to us about?” I asked and the looks I was receiving were reminiscent of how people looked at Lovegood on a daily basis when he was at Hogwarts.



“We’ll talk about it tonight.” Regulus whispered into my ear. I was thankful he didn’t say anything about what he had figured out and I just nodded my head.


“If you’re sure?” Dumbledore said giving a moment’s pause if I wanted to change my mind and I nodded my head.


“The six of you are some of the brightest students Hogwarts has ever seen.” He said looking at each of us in turn. I saw James and Sirius exchange smirks. Really, Dumbledore you didn’t need to encourage them anymore. They both already had big enough heads and now they had the Headmaster telling them they were brilliant? I could only imagine what that would do to their egos.


“These are dark times, and I have heard from sources that some of you have expressed interest in joining the Order of the Phoenix.” He said carefully and my eyes went wide, but all of us remained silent. I felt Regulus’ grip on my hand tighten. This was he had been afraid of, me joining.


“Now I want each of you to understand the risks. You will be fighting to protect the innocent from the acts of Lord Voldemort and his followers. It is dangerous and I can’t guarantee your safety when you are sent out on missions. This is a very serious decision and I will not allow any of you to be involved in any missions until you have graduated.” He said looking at us closely.


“I don’t need to even think about it.” Remus said cutting in. “I know I could be of excellent use, because of what I am.” He said avoiding eye contact with everyone. This was a big step for him. Everyone in the Order would have to know about him and Remus hadn’t even told Dorcas yet. He should probably get on that. I can’t imagine Dorcas would take too kindly to being informed of this at a meeting instead of in private.


“You’re correct Mr. Lupin, but don’t think that I am asking you to join just, because of that. You’re an exceedingly loyal, brave, and an excellent duelist. All qualities that Godric Gryffindor himself prized in his students.” Dumbledore said, causing Remus to blush at the praise, and I nodded my head in agreement. Truth being told Remus was all that and more.


“We’ll join as well.” James said nodding in Lily’s direction. Her pale complexion looked like it had lost the little color that it had, but she held her head high. Like me she was a muggleborn and if I knew anything about Lily it was that she would die to protect the people she loved as would James. We all looked at Sirius who had been unusually quiet.


“Do I even have to answer that question?” Sirius said with a smirk and Dumbledore nodded his head.


“Yes, I know that you Mr. Black always are up for a battle. However, I want you to understand how important this decision is and what you will be fighting for.” He said gravely and Sirius narrowed his eyes and I noticed he glanced towards his brother and me.


“I know exactly what I’m fighting for and you couldn’t stop me even if you tried.” Sirius stated determinedly. The Old man looked as though he were deciphering something before turning to us. It was our turn now.


“Regulus and Katherine what are your thoughts?” He asked. I looked at Regulus and I knew that he wasn’t going to be happy about this, but there was no way I couldn’t fight.


“Of course I will.” I stated looking into my Headmaster eyes.


“Katherine, are you sure?” Regulus whispered furiously and I narrowed my eyes.


“How could I not fight after what they did to my family?” I snapped and everyone looked surprised. I had never spoken to Regulus like that before. I felt guilty but at the same time this was what I wanted and there wasn’t anyone that could change my mind. Regulus let out a small frustrated sigh.


“I will as well then.” Regulus said.


“Are you sure Mr. Black? I’m aware of your situation and you will be fighting against family members and former friends. Are you prepared to do that?” Professor Dumbledore asked. Regulus eyes never left the Headmaster’s once as he spoke.


“That will not be an issue I can assure you that.” Regulus said his jaw tense. I knew that Regulus just wanted to keep me as far away from this as possible, but sense that wasn’t an option he was doing what he thought was best. I caught a glimpse of Sirius out of the corner of my eye and for a moment I saw a look of pride on his face as he watched his younger brother, but it was gone as quickly as it came.


“Well I’m very pleased that you all have agreed to join. You will be tremendous assets to the Order and this way I will not have to wipe this meeting from your memory if you had refused.” He said cheerily. I knew the old man was brilliant and all but he had crazy down pretty well too.


“Tomorrow evening I will also be meeting with a few more of your classmates to extend the offer: Ms. McKinnon, Mr. Fenwick, Ms. Vance, and Mr. Podmore.” I nodded my head in agreement. Marlene had grown on me the past few months and I had even studied with her and Benjy a few times. They were both talented and I had no doubt in my mind that they would join. Emmeline Vance was a seventh year Ravenclaw who I had never really spoken too, but she was good friends with Lily from what I had seen. On the other hand Sturgis Podmore and I had been partners once in Defense and he was incredibly quiet but exceedingly brilliant. It was a bit unnerving really.


“Excuse me but why hasn’t Peter been asked to join as well?” James said breaking the silence. I felt my heart pick up its pace. Even though I hadn’t told Dumbledore my suspicions there was no way I was going to let that little creep anywhere near the Order. I didn’t trust him and I wasn’t about to risk him being involved in something as important as this. No fucking way.


“Absolutely not.” Regulus said speaking up and earning a very dirty look from his brother.


“And why not? We can’t all join and not have Peter he’ll feel…” Sirius began but Reg cut him off.


“He’ll feel what? Left out? This isn’t your little gang of marauders where talking about this is a group that is in charge of the anti-Voldemort movement. Can you tell me that you 100% trust him?” Regulus demanded his temper rising. Although I completely agreed with him, him and his brother breaking out into a brawl in the Headmaster’s office probably wasn’t the best idea.


“I agree with Regulus.” Lily said quietly cutting in and I think every jaw hit the floor; even Professor Dumbledore looked like he had to clamp him mouth shut.


“Are you kidding me Lily?” James asked angrily.


“I agree as well.” I said quickly and Lily shot me a thankful look for attempting to deflect her boyfriend’s anger off of her.


“Peter would want to help.” Remus cut in and I shook my head.


“No Remus I need you to trust me.” I said and Remus’ expression was a mixture of confusion and anger. I got it he’s their best mate, but he’s also a potential Death Eater. I just didn’t know how to tell any of them that. There was no way they’d believe it.


“Well, as I hadn’t planned on asking Mr. Pettigrew quite yet, but as it seems some of you feel that is not the best idea I think I shall stick with that decision for the time being.” Professor Dumbledore said gaining everyone’s attention before all hell broke loose. They didn’t call him brilliant for nothing.


“But…” Sirius began but Dumbledore silenced him with his hand and a picture behind him spoke. Holy shit I did not notice all of the photographs in here before watching us closely. The one that spoke looked eerily familiar with dark hair that was streaked with grey and narrowed grey eyes. I just couldn’t place it.


“Hold your tongue boy. It’s quite obvious that you did not inherit any of the respectable qualities from our noble family. The rest of your ancestors would be ashamed.” It snapped.


“Oh shut it you old coot there was a reason you were Hogwarts least popular Headmaster.” Sirius snapped. I turned to Regulus and he answered my question immediately.


“That would be our Great-Great-Grandfather Phineas Nigellus Black.” Regulus said in a low voice but still attracted the attention of Phineas who eyed Regulus carefully.


“You boy you were sorted into Slytherin weren’t you?” He didn’t even wait for Reg to answer before continuing.


“I heard you were disowned for your fraternizations with a muggle born eh? Just like your good for nothing brother.” He said and my cheeks turned bright red when he zeroed in on our Reg and mine’s entwined hands. Sirius looked very, very pissed, but that didn’t stop the old coot as Sirius referred to him from continuing on with his rant.  


“You’re both a disgrace to the prestigious name of Black.” He said in a grave tone. Excuse me. He may be portrait but I wasn’t opposed to hexing those. Regulus and Sirius were two amazing people despite of their upbringing.


“You shut the hell up.” Sirius and Regulus said together before looking at each other in surprise.


“That is enough Phineas.” Dumbledore said sternly and the portrait or person, whatever the hell it was quieted down, but not before shooting the two brothers very disgusted looks.


“Now Sirius we need to be careful with whom we take and I think it’s in the best interest that we all think about this before inviting Mr. Pettigrew.” Dumbledore said and Sirius shut his mouth, but that didn’t stop him from wearing a completely furious expression.


“Now I must express the importance that this not be discussed with anyone other than the people in this room and even then do so with caution.” He said gravely and we all nodded our heads.


“I will allow you all to attend a meeting in a few weeks’ time and I will send word when it will take place. For now you’re all dismissed.” He finished and his tone spoke with that of finality. Our chairs scraped as we all bid him goodnight and walked out the door.


“Well, that was um interesting.” I said once we all got out into the corridor.


“Couldn’t you have taken a little bit more time to think about joining the Order?” Regulus said angrily at the same time Sirius spoke.


“I can’t believe you don’t think Peter should be in the Order. He’s your friend.” Sirius said looking depressed. Clearly, what I said was the wrong thing if it resulted in all of the bitching that was going on.


“You too Lily. How could you not want him there?” James said rounding on his girlfriend who looked upset. James had never yelled at her just like Regulus had never yelled at me.


“How could I not join the Order? I’ve thought plenty long about it.” I snapped at Regulus who had a stony expression.


“And you I don’t have to explain my reasoning to you and neither does Lily.” I yelled at James and Sirius who were standing side by side with their arms crossed.


“How about everyone just takes a second to calm down?” Remus said in a soothing voice. How about not?


“Shut it Remus.” Lily snapped angrily and looked at me for conformation and I nodded my head.


“We’re going.” I yelled angrily looking at Regulus.


“Don’t bother talking to us until you’ve grown up.” Lily finished for me and they just stared at us like the fucking morons they were. Lily and I turned our backs and marched up the corridor.


“I can’t believe them!” I said angrily and Lily nodded her head furiously.


“Who are they for getting angry at us for having our own opinions?” She said squeezing her hands into fists.


“They are a bunch of selfish arseholes.” I said in agreement. Men always thought they were fucking right about everything.


“Who is he to say that I haven’t thought about this long enough? My parents were…” I began, but was interrupted by a voice. Lily and I whipped around to see Regulus running after us and I glared at him. Lily on the other hand nodded her head approvingly. He looked out of breath and we were on at least the sixth floor I realized. Being angry is a really good distraction when walking.


“At least he has the sense to come after you.” She said giving me a smirk.


“It doesn’t mean I want to see him.” I said and Reg ignored this when he turned to Lily.


“James is a floor below us wanting to talk to you if you want to go meet him. He couldn’t keep up with me.” He said out of breath and she nodded her head determinedly. I let out a low whistle, because at that moment I sincerely feared for James Potter’s health. Lily was not someone you wanted to piss off, funny how that we have in common. Regulus cleared his throat before looking at me.


“I’m sorry.” He said and I tapped my foot impatiently on the stone floor.


“If that’s all you have to say then I’ll just be going.” I told him and he grabbed onto my hand when I went to turn away.


“I’m just scared of losing you.” He whispered. “I knew the entire time you would join the Order but the thought of losing you absolutely terrifies me. And now that we’re both members it just all happened so fast. I realized I was being an utter arsehole as soon as you left.” Regulus said and I instantly felt awful. How selfish could I be? He wanted to keep me safe and I went off and joined some regime where there was a good chance I could die.


“Please say something.” He said and I threw my arms around him.


“I love you Regulus Black and I’m sorry for getting upset with you. It’s just I can’t not fight back.” I told him pulling away and he nodded his head.


“I know and I’ll be there alongside of you the entire way. I’m sorry for overreacting.” He said pulling me back into his chest.


“I’m terrified of losing you too.” I whispered and he me tighter.


“You never will.” He said and my heart contracted.


“And you’ll never lose me either.” I said and he kissed my head before pulling away. I let out a small sigh at the loss of contact, but the look he gave me was very serious.


“Will you please tell me exactly what Narcissa said now?” He asked. To be honest I had completely forgot about the conversation his cousin and I had had until that moment.


“She told me that she doesn’t know who, but she wanted to warn us for our safety that there is a traitor amongst our friends.” I told him and he nodded his head for me to continue.


“I just really think its Peter. You know that Map they have where it shows where everyone is in Hogwarts?” I asked.


“Yes what about it?” He asked.


“Sirius mentioned earlier that whenever Peter disappears it’s always with the map. Why would he do that unless he was hiding something?” I asked and Reg looked like he was concentrating hard.


“He wouldn’t. Is there anything else?” He asked and I nodded my head


“You know he’s really skittish around me and I think it’s possible that he might have told Rosier and Bellatrix where I live. He could easily have found out by casually asking Remus, who would never think anything of it. Besides Peter is just so spineless; he’s easily scared into doing what you want him too.” I finished without taking a breath. Merlin that felt good to get off my chest. However, when I looked into Regulus’ eyes it was downright frightening.


“Why didn’t you tell Dumbledore this?” He demanded and I shook my head. Didn’t we just get over the whole being angry thing?


“We have no proof besides little things that could easily be classified as a coincidence. For all I know Narcissa could be setting us up.” I said earnestly, because it was true.


“I’ll take care of this.” He said after a few minutes. “Let’s just get you back to your dorm it’s been a long night.” Regulus added and he pulled me close to his side as we walked. Life would be so much easier without this war.




“Why is this so difficult?” I whispered furiously to no one in particular during Potions late Friday morning.


“Well, Ms. McEwen maybe if you paid attention, instead of bothering the more capable students, you would know what was going on.” Slughorn called from the front of the classroom. What a smug walrus he was. I glared at him and he gave me a sarcastic smile. Seriously get over the dungeon thing, even Lily had finally let it go and trust me that girl was not one to forgive easily.


“Why do you have to be so rude to her?” Sirius spoke up and I dropped the knife I had been using to slice the stupid root for the potion. All of the Quidditch players had been excused from today’s lessons (Regulus was sleeping in my bed still,) and the oh so capable student I was paired with was Sirius. Remus had paired off with Lily after Sirius demanded that we be partners and Peter was too much of an idiot to be in this class. Slughorn was only kissing his arse, because he was under the delusion that Sirius would attend his last Slug club party. He’d rather make out with MacDonald then do that; which happened to be very risky, because there was no telling what you might catch from her.


“Twenty points from Gryffindor Mr. Black.” Slughorn replied without even looking up from his crystalized pineapple. Like his extremely large arse needed that.


“Leave it, it is fine.” I said irritated. Sirius had come to apologize to me after snapping at me when we left Dumbledore’s office on Monday night. Apparently he and Remus had had a long talk about something or another. Remus even joined us in Hogsmeade when Sirius and I snuck over there to get stuff for Regulus’ birthday. I suppose he came along just to make sure Sirius didn’t get us into trouble.  


“Excuse me Professor Slughorn.” A voice said from the doorway. I glanced over to see a girl I recognized as a third year Ravenclaw staring nervously into the classroom. I think her name was Gwenog or something like that.


“Ah, yes Ms. Jones what can I do for you?” Slughorn asked sitting up immediately. Huh, she must be a slug club member, because the Walrus didn’t just stop eating for anyone.


“Professor Dumbledore sent me to fetch Katherine McEwen and Sirius Black. He said he needs them to report to his office immediately.” She finished. My heart stopped and my face must have visibly paled, because Sirius squeezed my shoulder comfortingly. Something must have happened to Ann or Russell. There was no other reason for us to get called to his office. If it was for the Order Lily, Remus, Marlene, and Benjy would have been asked to go as well.


“Very well McEwen, Black you heard what she said now move along.” He barked and I didn’t even say anything nasty back. I was too panicked to be concerned with that stupid oaf and I practically sprinted out of the room with Sirius on my heels.


“Katherine, wait up.” Sirius called running after me. I ignored him and my pace just quickened. Sirius eventually caught up to me as I reached the gargoyles for the second time that week in a panic.


“Chocolate frogs.” I said hurriedly and they sprang open immediately. I burst through the door and looked wildly around and my heart stopped. Sitting there across from Dumbledore was…


“Oh you’ve got be kidding me I thought I got another Ann free month.” Sirius said with obvious distaste. Ann and Russell were sitting there staring at us. Russell was grinning like crazy as he jumped up and pulled me into a hug. Ann had a scowl on her face after Sirius’ comment.


“I’ve been the one that’s had to live with her for the past few months.” Russell said causing Sirius to shake his head sympathetically.


“Oh shut it you too.” I said playfully and looked over at Ann who had stood up.


“What are you two doing here?” I asked curiously.


“Regulus invited us he said something about it being important that we’re here this weekend.” Ann said smirking at Sirius, who let out a low growl.


“It’s really nice of you two to come and support him during the Quidditch finals and his birthday. It’ll definitely mean a lot to him.” I said nodding my head excitedly. Ann rolled her eyes but didn’t say anything.


“Yeah we’ll be here till late Saturday night and then we have to go back.” Russell said his expression faltering a little but he quickly recovered.


“I can’t believe I’m actually at Hogwarts and that I get to see Quidditch!” Russell said looking around Dumbledore’s office amazed by the moving portraits. Some of them winked, but in Phineas Nigellus case he rolled his eyes. What an old cranky bastard.


“Wait, how are they going to be able to get around? Everyone thinks they’re dead.” I said looking at Dumbledore whose blue eyes were twinkling. That man has the strangest reactions to things.


“They will be disguised under the influence of polyjuice potion and will be introduced as two foreign exchange students who are looking into transferring to Hogwarts from Beauxbatons. You will say that you and Sirius have been assigned as their tour guides. Russell will go by the name of Claude LeBlanc and Ann will assume the name of Marie LeBlanc. Twin siblings.” He added smiling down at us. Well, it sounded simple when you put it like that.


“Oh alright then.” I said.


“Well, let’s get this over with.” Ann said in bitchy tone. She was downright embarrassing sometimes; I mean you can’t just speak like that to someone like Dumbledore. The older man was smiling as though my sister was actually respectful.  


“Yes, yes of course I’m sure you’re eager to get a tour of the grounds Ms. LeBlanc.” Dumbledore finished and pulled out two flasks from his robes. Huh who knew good old Dumbledore was one to hit the sauce.


“You both must drink these every hour on the hour. That is extremely important, and if you have any issues please see me or Professor McGonagall.” He said and handed my siblings the flasks.


“Cheers.” Russell said and threw it back making a somewhat disgusted look as he finished. Ann sniffed hers carefully before taking a sip.


“That’s downright disgusting.” She sputtered out and I rolled my eyes. My sister always had a flair for the dramatics. Sirius looked positively beaming at the fact that Ann was grossed out. My sister and Sirius had more issues then Regulus and Sirius did. It was pretty impressive really.


The affects were almost immediate as both of their bodies gave a jerk and I had to look away. I had read about the polyjuice transformation before and it made my insides a little squeamish. Can you imagine if you were stuck with three arms or something?


“Oh Godric I’m going to need a picture of this.” Sirius said gleefully a few seconds later and I opened one eye hesitantly to see a very uh plump girl with bright red hair standing before me. Next to her was a taller, and much leaner male version of said plump girl.


“I look awful!” Ann cried out glancing her reflection in one of Dumbledore’s many trinkets. I was fighting hard to contain my laughter but Sirius was having a field day.


“Yes you really do.” He said grinning madly.


“Oh come off it Ann it’s not that bad.” Russell said looking at himself and he received a very nasty glare from our now very round sister.


“Well, I hate to rush out of here, but I must be going. I have a meeting in the staff room to attend. Mr. Black and Ms. McEwen you are excused from the rest of today’s lessons.” Dumbledore said and Sirius high-fived with Russell happily. I on the other hand took it at a subtle hint that we needed to leave.


“Thank you very much Headmaster.” I said and he smiled merrily back at me. For a second I could have sworn he gave me a quick wink. Karma was definitely a bitch Ann.



“I can’t believe I’m actually at a Quidditch match!” Russell said excitedly as we watched the players take the field later that day. My eyes were scanning the field for Regulus and I quickly met a pair of grey ones. Regulus gave a small smile and I could tell he was nervous. Hell, I was nervous and I wasn’t even playing.


“Do you not have a Quidditch team at Beauxbatons?” Lily asked curiously and I saw Russell shoot me a apprehensive look. The only person that knew who the two foreigners really were was Sirius, Regulus, Remus, and I. I felt bad about keeping James and Lily in the dark, but it would look suspicious and I couldn’t risk Peter finding out. Peter had been quieter than usual and it got me thinking that maybe he was smarter then he let on. Not likely, but still a slim possibility. Right now he was currently sitting next to Lily as he watched the crowd with his beady little eyes.


“No, we don’t.” Ann snapped. She was still a little bit pissed about her new found appearance and Lily, who had been trying to be helpful all day, was on the receiving end of my sister’s temper.


“You know Marie you’re definitely lacking in the looks department compared to some of the other French girls I’ve seen.” Sirius said rather bluntly and Remus snorted. Lily smacked him upside the head.


“I’m sorry Marie please don’t listen to this prat.” Lily said apologetically and shot Sirius a look that stated he was a complete and utter arse.


“It’s alright. I have a feeling Sirius over here is suffering from some sort of rejection and taking it on innocent bystanders. He’s probably in love with a girl who won’t give him the time of day.” A smirking Ann finished and Lily looked momentarily confused before nodding her head slowly. I had no idea what my sister was talking about but from the look she was receiving from Sirius it seemed like it might almost be true. Huh, I’d have to ask Reg if he knew anything about that later.


“Oh would you look at that the game is starting.” Remus said cutting in and Lily let out a nervous squeal. I watched as Regulus mounted his broom and the captains shake hands. James squeezed the Slytherin’s hand rather tightly and it looked painful. This game was going to be pretty ugly.


“And they’re off.” A voice called and I turned to see Benjy Fenwick sitting at the commentator’s booth. That was a much better choice than Professor Flitwick.


“Go Regulus!” Russell called out earning quite a few dirty looks from the surrounding people. We did happen to be sitting in the Gryffindor section and Russell didn’t grasp the concept of house rivalry yet; although I was obviously cheering for Regulus to catch the snitch as well.


“Don’t be so obvious you moron. People are going to think it’s weird that you’re cheering for someone you just met; especially if the Slytherins get wind of this.” I whispered into Russell’s ear and he gave me an apologetic smile, but it made me happy to see how much he was enjoying this.


40 Minutes Later


“That’ll make it 140 to Gryffindor and 90 to Slytherin!” Benjy’s voice said booming across the stadium and was mixed in with all of the cheers and boos coming from each team’s supporters.


“I can’t believe you’re actually cheering against your own house.” Sirius said. He was standing on the other side of me and I rolled my eyes.


“How could I not cheer for Regulus you moron? If some girl you were dating was in different house and she didn’t cheer for you if you played Quidditch that would do a number on your ego.” I told him.


“Fair enough.” Sirius replied with a smirk; which soon turned into a disgruntled frown when a Slytherin beater hit one of the Gryffindor chasers with his bat. I hoped he was okay, but I can’t say I was surprised with the level of violence considering the bad blood between the two teams.


“I think he sees it!” Russell cried out and began jumping up and down wildly. My eyes had been following Regulus the whole game and it figures the second I turned away he would spot the snitch.


“Slytherin’s seeker has spotted the Snitch!” Benjy called out wildly and the crowd went crazy; even Ann seemed to be getting into it as she stood on her tippy toes to see over the crowd.


“Go Regulus go!” I screamed as the Gryffindor seeker Ally Clark was hot on his tail. My pride wanted Gryffindor to win, but my heart wanted Regulus to catch that snitch.


“He’s going to crash!” Lily shouted and I had the sudden urge to cover my eyes, but I wouldn’t let myself as I saw Regulus’ hands enclose around the golden snitch.


“Regulus Black has caught the snitch. Slytherin are now the Quidditch Champions!” Benjy said and it was obvious he was disappointed. The only people who actually wanted Slytherin to win were Slytherin. Regulus landed on the ground and walked passed his teammates who were in a huddle celebrating without him. Stupid little bastards. They hadn’t even done anything; it was clear to everyone that without Regulus they would have lost. I didn’t even have to think about running down to the field and tackling him in a hug. Who cares if my teams lost, my boyfriend just played amazing.


“Congratulations.” I said and kissed his cheek while smiling brightly. He was grinning from ear to ear as I noticed James walked over looking devastated.


“Congratulations mate.” He said and held out his hand; which Regulus shook looking a bit stunned. James was the ultimate Quidditch nut and the fact that he congratulated Regulus after losing his final championship match said millions about the kind of person James was.


“Thanks.” Regulus replied seriously. Lily thankfully came over to comfort a dejected looking James when I realized that I had left my brother and sister alone in the crowd.


“Oh my Godric do you see Russell and Ann?” I said beginning to breathe really fast. Fuck, shit, damn, and every other swear word known to man.


“Where, did you see them last?” Regulus asked worriedly as he scanned over the crowds of people. Great I lost my brother and sister, and now was beginning to have a panic attack when Regulus and I should be celebrating. I was officially the world’s biggest idiot.


“In the stands.”  I said and began to weave in between people searching for bright red hair. The only person I saw that fit the description was Lily and I knew Ann definitely wouldn’t be around her.


“Katherine, they’re over there.” Regulus said and I whipped my head around when I saw what he was looking at. It was my brother and sister (thankfully disguised) standing behind a Sirius who had his wand drawn and pointed at a very angry Snivellus. I ran as fast as I could trailing behind Regulus whose longer legs made it easier for him to run more quickly.


“What the hell is going on here?” Regulus said viciously to Snape. I was surprised to see a look of fear formed on my sister’s face. Russell nervously glanced towards me and I stepped in front of him blocking Snape’s view of him.


“Nothing at all, Regulus. I’m just getting your brother to introduce me to the newest addition of potential students to Hogwarts.” He said in a tone that chilled me to my bone. I couldn’t way to meet him outside of Hogwarts in a battle. My new motto for dueling was ‘No Mercy.’


“They’re not interested in meeting someone as disgusting as you Snivellus.” Sirius said and held his wand out a little farther; and Regulus followed suit. I’ve said it before these two could scare the hell out of anyone when they stand together like that. Snivellus had his out with a tight grip around it. I didn’t even want to think about the amount of nasty germs on it. The last time it was probably cleaned was probably around the last time he washed his hair. Disgusting.


“Katherine, what is going on?” Russell whispered furiously. I held out my hand to silence him. Where was a teacher when you need them? Sure, they were always there to catch you snogging in a broom closet, but never when actual danger was involved. Fucking lovely that was. I had a nasty feeling that even though my brother and sister’s identities were protected under the polyjuice potion Snape had an inkling about who they were.


“Oh I’m sure they’re under the Marauder’s charm already. It’s sickening. Have you been inducted as their fifth Regulus?” Snape sneered and I pulled out my wand. Pretty soon his was flying right into my hand. Whoever said Expelliarmus wasn’t useful was a complete and fucking moron. Snape’s yellow teeth were barred and he looked about ready to kill. Oh darn if he only had his wand.


“If you don’t shut the fuck up for once I will more than gladly snap this disgusting thing you call a wand in half. Got it Snivellus?” I said mimicking his sneer and Sirius snorted in amusement. Regulus was watching the situation carefully with a hint of pride on his face. Told you I can take care of myself.


“Give it back now McEwen or I will personally see…” He began and I started to laugh.


“Personally see to what? Go ahead tell that useless head of house of yours. Or wait where you going to call me a mudblood again?” I said giving him a sarcastic frown.


“I fucking dare you. Either way it won’t bring back your wand.” I said and he went to lunge for it. That’s when a Professor showed up.


“Mr. Snape what on earth do you think you’re doing?” An enraged McGonagall demanded. I definitely wouldn’t be messing with her right now. Not only did her House’s team just lose, but the bun her hair was in looked tighter than usual. Plus, you know the fact that she was intimidating as hell.


“McEwen stole my wand.” He said angrily as he picked himself up off the ground. Did I forget to mention that I had casually stepped aside when he lunged at me and his big nose broke his fall? Oops.


“Is that true Ms. McEwen?” McGonagall asked looking at me carefully and I shook my head.


“No Professor. Severus dropped his wand and I picked it up for him. He just wasn’t happy that I touched it, because according to him I have muggle germs.” I said hanging my head sadly. Snivellus gave an outraged gasp as he began to open his mouth to argue furiously.


“Enough Mr. Snape I hope what Ms. McEwen has said you did isn’t true for your sake.” She said and that’s when Regulus cut in.


“It is though Professor we all heard it.” He said with a straight face. Merlin, he was a good actor.


“Snape did say that and I’m just as appalled as you are Minnie.” Sirius said barely containing his glee. He was obviously in heaven right about now. First with Ann being transformed to an obese redhead and now his sworn enemy getting in trouble? It was like an early birthday present for him, but I highly doubted McGonagall would let him get away with calling her Minnie.


“Five points from Gryffindor Mr. Black and Mr. Snape you will come with me to the Headmaster’s office. I can’t believe that someone of your age would be making comments like that.” She said and he gaped at her like a fish. I handed dear Minnie the git’s wand and watched as he trailed after he arguing his case, but not before he shot me the look of death that usually only James and Sirius were on the receiving end of.


“That was bloody brilliant Katherine.” Regulus said picking me up and spinning me around. I started giggling and he pulled me into a kiss.


“Oi no snogging my sister in front of me!” Russell called out. Reluctantly we pulled a part and he set me back down on the ground.


“You’re my hero Katherine McEwen.” Sirius said in awe. “That was perfect. Snivellus was livid.


“You’re a lot more of a bad arse then I thought.” Russell added with a smirk.


“Is he one of those Death Eaters?” Ann asked quietly her face pale and that seemed to knock everyone down a peg on the happiness scale.


“Yes.” I said solemnly and she nodded her head. We all stood their awkwardly before we decided to make our way back to the castle. Russell was ecstatic that Reg let him play with the snitch he had just caught. However, my mind was still reeling from the Snape incident, and I also couldn’t help but think of how awful Regulus’ teammates were. He singlehandedly won the game for them and he didn’t even get to hoist the cup. It was ridiculous and I couldn’t help but feel like it was my entire fault.



“I’m bunking with the Marauders?” Russell asked excitedly later that night in the common room. He was having the time of his life here; even though he was under an assumed identity. James had even put together that Claude was indeed my brother and he couldn’t help but recognize the bitchiness that was Ann’s signature personality trait. Basically all of the marauders, minus Peter, knew that it was actually my brother sharing a dorm with them. It made me incredibly nervous that Russell was staying in the same room with Peter and I was tempted to give Pettigrew a friendly little shove down the stairs so that he would spend the night in the hospital wing.


“Yes, and it’s going to be awesome!” Sirius and James said giving each other high fives. Remus shook his head embarrassed by the maturity level of his best mates. I was embarrassed for him and by the fact that my little brother wanted to be just like them. The thought made me shudder and I could tell Regulus was trying hard to contain his irritation.


“Where are you sleeping Reg? Do you have to go back to your common room?” Russell asked. We had let him in on the house rivalry and the fact that Regulus had to share a dorm with Snivellus instantly made Russell feel terrible.


“No I uh have somewhere else to spend my time.” He said vaguely and my cheeks tinged a bit.


“I don’t want to know.” Russell said holding his hands up.


“You’re going to be staying in my dorm if that’s alright with you?” I asked Ann cautiously. Lily and Peter were already up in their dorms and the common room was pretty empty sense the loss today, making it alright for my siblings to act more like themselves. She simply nodded her head and continued to look out the window. I felt bad that she had to leave Keltie at the Order’s headquarters, because she was pretty lonely and Sirius taunting her all day hadn’t helped.


“Well, I think we should head up for the night. It’s a big day tomorrow for some of us.” Russell said with a sneaky smile on his face.


“Did Regulus tell you what he’s planning for his birthday?” I asked him narrowing my eyes.


“Of course not.” Russell said brushing me off before turning to the Marauders. “Would you mind showing me where the room is?” He asked and Remus jumped up quickly.


“I think I’m going to go as well.” Regulus said and gave me a wink. I’d be seeing him in a few minutes when he climbed through the window. He kissed my head lightly before waving good bye to everyone and walking out the portrait hole.


“I’m going to head up as well.” James said giving Sirius a pointed look before following Russell and Remus.


“Here I’ll show you where the dorm is.” I told Ann and she shrugged her shoulders.


“I already know where it is.” With that she started walking up the staircase. Pretty soon it was just Sirius and I the only noise being the crackling of the fire. Sirius was sitting on one of the comfy red armchairs and I was still sitting on the floor by the fire. The silence was just starting to get a bit awkward and I was ready to leave, seeing as how it wouldn’t be much longer until Regulus would be hovering outside the dorm window, when Sirius spoke looking me directly in the eyes.


“Does he make you happy?” He asked and my eyes went wide with surprise.


“Why would you ask that?” I asked curiously and he continued to stare. It was as if he was searching my soul.


“Just answer the question Katherine.”


“Well, yes he makes me happy. He makes me happier than I’ve ever been. I honestly didn’t think it’d be possible to be in love with someone as much as I am with him.” I told him tugging at my necklace nervously. I had no idea where this conversation was headed.


“You don’t think you’ll ever love someone or be as happy as you are with him, with anyone else?” Sirius asked and for the first time in my life I saw a vulnerable Sirius Black and it absolutely terrified me.


“I’ve never thought about it,” I told him honestly and he nodded his head for me to continue. “But no I don’t think so. The way your brother makes me feel isn’t describable. He just gets me completely if that makes any sense.” I finished.


“You’ve never really given any one else a chance besides him though. Before you met him you didn’t notice other guys you never…” He said trailing off nervously and when our eyes met the look he gave me was smoldering. It was almost like looking into Regulus’ eyes, but there were a million emotions playing in Sirius’ gaze at that moment. I didn’t know what to think.


“What exactly are you trying to say Sirius?” I asked biting my lip. There was a long pause before he answered.


“It’s a funny thing that your life can change any second without you having any time to prepare. One sentence could flip your world upside down.” He said before standing up.


“If you ask me I think if you had given another guy a chance you’d be just as happy and a lot safer for that matter.” Sirius said holding me under another smoldering gaze.


“Is everything alright?” I asked.


“I’m going for a walk. See ya later McEwen.” He said avoiding my eyes and ignoring my last question. I watched as Sirius put his hands in his pockets and walked out of the common room without one glance back.



Author’s Note: What does everyone think? I really would like to give a big thanks to all the readers that have been reviewing, because it means a lot. I’d love for all of you readers to have a say in what happens. What are your ideas and thoughts about what you want to see happen? Let me know and thanks for reading! 

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