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Odd one out by elliefelton
Chapter 3 : Howlers and Quidditch
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 I went down to breakfast, I really wanted some pancakes or something, I was hungry.

I was not nice when I was hungry




"Titchy." Fred greeted me and ruffled my hair. I tried to bite him. Well! I said I was not nice when I was hungry


I sat down and enjoyed some of Merlin/God or whatevers best creation- Pancakes with chocolate, syrup and sugar. Mmmmmmmm. Then the mail came, clearly Louis was serious about writing to Fleur and Victoire. As when her mail dropped, two howlers were there. 


"Shit!" She was scared I could see. Dom wasn't scared of many things, but her mother and her sisters wrath. That is something we should all be scared of. She carefully opened the first one and Fleurs angry voice filled the hall


"Dominique! How dare you switch your bruzzers toothpaste with face cream! I swear Dominique, if you even touch Louis, I will be coming to get you!"


Well, that wasn't that bad, but then we all realized, the one from Victoire was still there. Crap




It was silent. I think the whole school knows not to mess with a hormonal pregnant womans favourite sibling. Wait, I think I hear a girl crying over at the Hufflepuff table, oh man up. 


"Well...." James attempted to break the tension that was building on our table 

No worries, mega cow was here.

"So Dominique, feeling unloved by your family at the moment? Aw" Elle came over with that false smile plastered on her face


"Shut your face Andrews. If you know what's good for you." I could Dom's temper rising. 


"Kates, aren't you going to defend me?" She batted her lids.


Shit, excuses, excuses!


"David? David, I'll be there in a minute!" And using my true Gryffindor courage, I did exactly what Godric would do. I ran.



I was on my way to my first lesson, which I knew was Care of Magical Creatures. I love that lesson. 

"Hey Hagrid!" I beamed at the giant man who stood before me

" 'Ello there Katy, how you been?" 

"I've been good, yourself?"

"Ah, been lookin' forwar' to our lessons! Where's Dom and that lot?"






"Oh, Dom got two howlers for switching Louis' toothpaste with jinxed face cream, but don't tell anyone! Then Elle came over and then Dom threatened to punch her, so Elle asked me to stick up for her, I ran." Wow, I said that fast.


"Ah, I see. Hows your family?"

"Well, Mum still hasn't been in contact, Sophie, she's still a "rebel", Tony he's still a workaholic. And I haven't seen Michael since he left and that was like years ago. Oh and my Dad still hates me!" I added with a smile 


"Ah, Kates, don't worry, us 'ere at 'Ogwarts love you!" 

Then the class came, it was smaller this year as it was NEWT level, we had all houses instead of us being split. And to my delight, Elle had a stonkin' fat lip. When I asked Dom, she said that Elle should learn to think before she opens that ugly gob of hers.

I couldn't put it better myself. Lesson went quick, we did Unicorns, not that I mind, I LOVE UNICORNS. And I think they love me. I hope. I want one, they're gorgeous.

Then I had Charms, which is okay as I sit with Fred. So I made my way up until I heard someone in heels run up after me.

"Kat!" Elle squeaked

"Since when did anyone call me Kat?" I said woodenly

"Aw, you're so funny!" She slapped my arm (bitch) "Look at my face, your friend did this to me! Why didn't you stick up for me? You're my sister, I deserve your support!" She whined, ergh she is SOOO annoying.

"Because Elle, I actually prefer Dom to you. You know as she's nice to me and doesn't annoy me or talks in a strangely high pitched voice."

Woah, go me. I left her with a look of utter suprise on her face. I stomped to Charms

"FREDDY" I jumped on his back

"Jeeeez' Titch you scared me! Ready for Charms?" 

"DONT CALL ME TITCH! I AM AN AVERAGE HEIGHT, sort of. And yes, I am." 

We walked into Charms. I sat at a desk, my desk, has been since first year. Then Professor Flitwick spoke

"Miss. Andrews. That is no longer your desk, new seating arrangements everyone!"

No, Merlin no. I love sitting with Fred. But he got put with Hannah, her hair went pink then purple then blue. PRETTY! She fancied him so bad.

"Katy, you are here. Next to Daniel Brown." 

Daniel Brown- Ravenclaw, prefect. Good looking. Very good looking,

I went to sit down with him. We chatted, helped each other. Well he helped me I'm shocking at Charms, Flitwick said he's surprised as Sophie was excellent. Well Flitters (CREATIVE, I KNOW!) I'm not Sophie. We carried on until the end of lesson, I had a free period so I was going to write some letters. One to Dad, one to Tony and reply to Sophie.

I'll let you in on a secret, I write to Mum and Michael. I don't send them, I just keep them in a box in my trunk, but shh. 

I was walking to meet Lucy when I heard someone running behind me, I turned around to see Daniel.

"Hey Daniel, can I help?"

"Erm, call me Danny please, I was just wondering, if it was okay, well it doesn't have to be Okay." He kept stuttering

"Yes...." I was itching to leave

"Will you go to Hogsmeade with me next weekend?" He finally stuttered out "I wanted to ask you sooner, but I thought you'd have a date, Merlin, you don't have a date do you?"

Oh, My, Merlin. Danny Brown wanted to go to Hogsmeade with me! If I was any other girl, I'd probably pee myself. But I kept myself cool and collected.

"Yes Danny, I will go to Hogsmeade with you." I added my best winning smile at the end

"Brilliant, Ok. I'll talk to you soon." He went.

I've never been on a Hogsmeade date before, I always went with our group, obviously James or Freddy had a date who sat with us. But I've never had one.

Now, before you go thinking. Aw never been kissed. I HAVE!  I had one boyfriend in third year. He was my first kiss and turns out, he fancied Sophie, that was interesting. I remember crying for ages, then I realized that boys carried infections like cooties. Ah, I was so adorable.



"So, Danny. Asked you on a date?" Dom asked after I told her


"Yes? Why is that so surprising?" I asked seeing as she nearly keeled over when I told her

She explained that Danny was the hottest boy at Hogwarts. She said it was easy because most of the boys in our year and below are related to her or going out with someone she's related to. But then she dropped the bombshell.


"What about James?" 


Crap. Now don't get me wrong. I'm still smitten with him, but he wasn't interested, he never has been. I'm not hanging around, so one date with Danny wont hurt. He clearly loves Elle. I don't want to wait. It may sound strange as I've been crushing on James for ages, but I think our relationship is purely friendship and I think. I THINK I'm okay with that. I think....


I explained this to Dom and she rolled her eyes and gave me a hug.

"Lets talk" She said after a moments silence

I didn't get what she meant, but then she told me to talk talk, so we started talking about funny memories. Our sorting came up first

"Elle Andrews" Flitwick shouted (Sprout took over as head teacher after McGonagall left) 

Elle had been waiting rather impatiently for the past six names now. She trotted up to the podium and sat on the seat

"Ahh, Another Andrews. Strange family you have. But you strike me to be like your Father and your Mother infact. Better be.... HUFFLEPUFF!"

Elle was delighted anyone could see, but then I realized I was next.

"Katy Andrews!"  This was it, this moment would almost decide my life for the next seven years, who I share a room with, who I'm friends with, even what sports I play.




I slowly walked up and Flitwick placed the hat on my head




"Andrews, again! Hmm, difficult. You could be great and wise like Ravenclaw, but you care too much like Hufflepuff"

I squeaked, I didn't want to be a Hufflepuff. Not with Elle

"Not Hufflepuff? Well then better be GRYFFINDOR!"


Gryffindor, the most noble house, I think. Harry Potter was in Gryffindor. 


Names went by. The people I had sat with on the train all Gryffindors. Well they were all Potters or Weasleys. 


Then Dom had to go up, I hope she was in Gryffindor. And to my delight she was!




  "We had fun when we were younger, didn't we?" She added with a sigh

"Yeah we did."


We remembered when we got locked out of the common room and had to sleep outside until Doms sister found us and let us in.


The time we found our secret lake spot and I was just learning the guitar. We sat and sung until it got dark.


It was our last year now, NEWTS looming over us, we'd be separated soon. Hannah soon joined us, then Lucy and we all sat on my bed in silence reflecting over our years at Hogwarts.

Then Amelia came in with three letters.

I opened Tonys first



How are you. Working well I hope? The house is quiet now. Are Jack and Elle behaving, no need to ask you, you never behave! Ha. 


Sorry this is so short, work to do.


Love Tony x

I DO BEHAVE. I just get detention a lot. Then Sophies...



I LOVE YA! Haha, I miss you too sweetie! I enclosed some chocolates for you and the girls and some original WWW sweets for Jack.

I heard what Dommy did with the face cream, silly girl! And that she punched the she devil in the face. Tell her nice one from me!

I cannot believe that you have a date, with a hotty! Take it you're over Jamesy then? 

I hope your well. (oh I only know about the face punching as she wrote a long whiny letter to Dad)

hate yaa! 

Sophie xxxxxxx


OH DEAR. If Dad knows, I'm in shit.



I hope you are well, and behaving. I heard your Weasley friend hurt Elle, please don't let it happen again. 

If it does, there will be problems. I am confused as why you didn't stick up for her. Oh well. 


I have enclosed some money, buy whatever it is people like you buy.

All the best 




Who signs their letters to their daughter, all the best. Oh merlin.

"Whats up?" Lucy asked and pinched the letter she scan read it and I saw her roll her eyes. "No offense Kate, but your Dad, is more of an idiot than mine, I mean who says "Buy whatever it is people like you buy." It's stupid Katy, why do you put up with him?"

"Yeah!" Dom and Hannah said in unison


"Because if I do say something, I'm Homeless...."


"LIVE WITH ME!" Dom screeched "Oh no, wait. Better not, Victoire and Teddy are staying until the baby arrives. That sucks!"


I told them I just wanted to go to sleep.


As I lay in my bed, I think I'll miss this bed, it's my bed. Has been since first year.

Tuesday went easy, I sat with Danny in Charms again, planned our trip to Hogsmeade. Sat with James at lunch. I'm really starting to like Danny, he's so polite and doesn't push me around into walls like James.


"Hey Katy!" James shouted across the Potions room


"What Potter?!"


"Quidditch try outs after this okay?"


"Yes, I already knew you've told me six times!"


Then Professor. Slughorn told us to shut it. He's so cranky these days, all he does is shout at us. I'm crap at Potions.


Actually the only things I am good at are Quidditch and DADA. I'm only just getting an Acceptable in Transfiguration and I'm getting E's in everything else. But I exceed expectations by getting my name written correctly....


After Potions I went to the Quidditch field, I love this place. James was already there giving his "Now I am Captain" speech, I look around, no change really. Albus is a beater along with Malfoy (Shock, I he's in Gryffindor. I heard his Father had a mini hear attack when he found out!)


James is still seeker, but I lost my other Chaser and our keeper last year when they left. So really today is about me and my Chaser and a Keeper.


I just heard James hand it over it me, and I stood up, looking at all the hopefuls.


"Right Guys, this is mine and James' last year and I want that cup! We need the cup, so you guys better work hard and be prepared for blood sweat and tears. Because we will not go easy on you this year. Family or not." I shot a look at all the relatives of James, then I saw Jack in the crowd. A fourth year? Our youngest team member is Scorpius and He's a sixth year....

This'll be interesting.

"Right Keepers! I will throw 5 Quaffles into either hoop, catch them all Ok!" I announced and I saw a couple of Fifth years come up and Rose Weasley. I like Rose, she's funny and always gets me lush chocolate for Christmas!

"Right, Allie, you up first!" I called the first fifth year girl to the hoops, she got on her broom and flew upwards.


I swerved in and outwards trying to confuse her and it worked, she caught 2 out of 5.


The others weren't any better.


Then Rose came up, I was surprised she was trying out. She always told me and James that Quidditch distracts people from their work. Now is it because she started liking Scorpius that she decided to join or is she actually interested....

I had my heart set on a sixth year boy as he was the best. But even then he only caught 3 out of the 5 Quaffles. But Rose.... IS AMAZING OH MERLIN!

She caught 4 out of 5 and she only missed the fifth because Scorp' whooped and she went all funny. Right keeper, DONE!

"Thanks for all the keepers for trying out, but our new keeper is another Potter/Weasley- ROSE!"

Wow, our team is filled with Weasley-Potters, three positions filled already! Then I noticed someone missing, I didn't loose two Chasers last year. I had Dom!



"Oh sorry Kate, she can't play this year because of the face cream incident. Sorry I forgot to tell you!" Jack said

Shit, shitty, shit! We've lost Dominique!  I told them it was okay and that there was now space for 2 new chasers. I saw Hugo mount his broom

He was okay, but he kept getting distracted by things. I cannot have that on a team.

But then little Lily Potter mounted her broom. She was quick and nimble! Clearly nobody had seen her on a broom as James and Al' were both their with their jaws on the floor. Bless. She got off and blushed

"How did I do?" She asked.  She's so adorable

"Brilliant Lils! You're fantastic!"

I thought we'd finished but there was still one more space and Jack came up. Oh no, why is he doing this, Jack doesn't play Quidditch. He plays jokes not fly around on a broom! I couldn't look

I don't know how long I had shut my eyes for but I soon heard James shouting



I looked up to see Jack flying amazingly. Almost as good as Lily! Wow... 


My brother is fantastic.




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