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Witness by Hermionniny9
Chapter 10 : Chapter ten
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 “More importantly is the matter that we have no one to count for the ninety counts of murder. But you are still the lone suspect, so I am sorry, but.”  Harry took a deep breath.

“Hermione Jean Granger I am arresting you for perverting the course of justice and the suspected murder of ninety muggles. You have the right to remain silent and any evidence which you do not disclose but later rely on in a court of law, may and will be used against you.” From what she could see, Harry was torn in some sort of moral dilemma.

Hermione was his friend, yet she was a murder suspect so Harry had to either break or abide the laws of the Ministry of Magic.

“What!” Hermione nearly shouted she looked round for help, but received none; Malfoy looked just as shocked as she did.

Obviously he thought that Harry still had little regard for the rules.

“Mr Malfoy please take her to the holding cell.” Harry said turning away from Hermione to look out of his office window.

“You can’t Harry, I didn’t do anything. Malfoy will you bloody well tell him! Malfoy!” she screamed, but Malfoy didn’t respond a near marble mask had formed over his face.

“From your holding cell you will then be transferred to Azkaban where you will await trial.” Harry said in a strained tone his fists clenched.

“What! No!” Hermione shouted,

“How dare you, what about innocent till proven guilty. I may as well just die now, because it would be better than going there!” she shrieked.

There was movement outside and the door burst open.

“Is everything alright?” a tall man asked looking round the room and then his eyes nearly popping out of his skull.

“Malfoy take her to the holding cell.” Harry commanded and then Hermione felt her wrist being bound.


“Why didn’t you say anything?” she hissed at Draco,

“Because Granger, that potion was not Veritaserum. I only played with your mind. For all I know you could be lying.” He said coldly as he walked her through the department and towards a dark looking corridor.

Draco was feeling rather smug that he had used his initiative to not use the potion he had originally wished to use, that would have been detected.

Draco opened the door to a cell and turned to Granger.

“Wands please,” he said impassively,

Begrudgingly Granger pulled out both of her wands and handed them back to Draco.

“If I were you I would stay here. You are far safer in the hands of the Ministry. If someone finds out you were there they will, I suspect, try and kill you.” Without a backwards glance Draco left the room and locked the door behind him.

He returned to Harry’s office with a grim look on his face.

“How is she taking it?” Harry asked when Draco cleared his throat,


“She’ll be safest in there and it will give the Prophet something to write about.” Harry said glumly.

“I’m guessing that my Holiday is over?” Draco asked casually,

“Yes, come on we need to get some mug shots.”


 Days passed, Hermione knew this only because of the three regular meals she received, and then nearly a week into her imprisonment the door opened and in stepped a man.

“Harry, have you come to tell me I’m innocent?” Hermione said looking up wearily, but still resolute.

“Sadly no. But I have come to make some ground on the case.” Harry sat down on the small stool which was opposite the rather drab bed on which Hermione was huddled.

“I would like you to think back to the night of the party,”

“It’s rather hard, it a bit blurred.” Hermione snapped,

Harry took a deep breath, he was obviously expecting resistance.

“Look Hermione, I want to let you go more than anyone else. But really we need this case to be closed first.” Harry snapped back,

Hermione looked down at her hands.

From his pocket, Harry produced an envelope.

“This might help to jog your memory.”

Harry conjured a long table and placed the succession of photographs on the table.

“From what we can find out, these people were in the vicinity of the anything?” Harry asked hopefully.

Hermione spent twenty minutes scanning the photographs. She was surprised to see that Goyle was among the mug shots. The rest of the men were thuggish looking and reminded her strongly of Death Eaters. There were also some women they didn’t look as evil. Amongst the thuggish men were three familiar faces that looked nothing like their companions.

“Aren’t they in your department?” Hermione frowned,

“Yes, they were there. This is why there are only two of us on the case and Malfoy is not on holiday leave.”

Hermione closed her eyes trying to remember what had happened the night of the party.

Several faces popped into her mind, they were distinctive and had identifiable features. To begin with, at the party, she had assumed that they were ruby players but now she looked back on it that notion seemed ludicrous.

Opening her eyes Hermione scanned the faces.

Pulling out nearly fifteen of the photographs and then setting Goyle’s aside.

Harry frowned.

“That many?” he mumbled,

“Goyle wasn’t there as far as I can remember but he should be charged with grievous bodily harm and using an Unforgivable Curse, oh and perverting the course of justice.” She said calmly pushing the photo forward.

“He didn’t?” harry asked outraged at her suggestion,

“Why would I lie?”

They sat in silence for a while.

“Can I have the Prophet?” Hermione asked after thinking hard about what to say,

“Yeah sure,”

They sat in silence again.

“I should be going.” Harry said abruptly and left Hermione promising her to send a newspaper round.


Draco scanned the Prophet which he was to post through Granger’s door. She was not going to appreciate what Rita Skeeter had written about her.

Draco wasn’t fond of the description of him either, made him out to be a little baby.

Sliding the paper under the door, Draco returned to Harry’s office where they began to sift through the files on all of the men and women who Granger had identified.


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