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The Year You Stole My Heart by alicia and anne
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2
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A/N: Well hello there my lovelies! How are you all? I'm so glad you're reading this story :-D I wrote this story for Nano last year and in this chapter I tried to see how many times I could include the words Jelly and Ice cream, so if there's a lot of it mentioned that is why :-D. 

Beautiful chapter image of Kelly made by Sjoeks @ TDA

Before she knew it, Amelia was waking up again. She had fallen asleep almost instantly the night before.
When she sat up in her bed she saw that Kelly was already pottering about the room, grabbing a few things and placing them into her school bag. She gave Amelia a cheery, “Hello,” as Amelia stretched and walked towards the shared bathroom, that a few of the other girls were about to vacate, running a hand through her long dark hair. They said their hellos as Amelia walked in.

A good ten minutes later Amelia was already washed and dressed in her school clothes. Making her way down to the common room with Kelly, who was waiting patiently for her friend, they began chatting about what classes they thought that they would have that day. A few first years were hanging around the common room and Amelia offered to take them all down to the great hall for breakfast. They followed behind Amelia and Kelly talking animatedly between them all.

As they entered the hall, the first years all walked further down the table together after thanking Kelly and Amelia for their help. Amelia smiled as she sat down, grabbing for a few rashers of bacon to put on her plate before adding a few sausages and an egg, she picked up her knife and fork and began eating as Kelly pretty much got the same breakfast.

“Can you believe that that was us not that long ago?” Kelly said to Amelia as she nodded in the direction of the first years that all seemed to just huddle together.

“What are you talking about?” came a voice that caused Kelly to roll her eyes, Amelia gave a smile as her brother and James sat down opposite them at the table. “You’re both still that small.”

James and Adam chuckled together as Adam reached forward and grabbed for a piece of buttered toast, spreading jam on it as James took Amelia’s orange juice and drank some of it.

“And why on earth are you sitting at this table?” Amelia asked them both.

“Showing inter-house unity, of course,” Adam said, smiling at Amelia and winking at Kelly who just shook her head at Adam.

“That and you have the best jam,” James said as he took a piece of buttered toast and spread jam on it like Adam.

“I’m sure there’s blueberry jam on your table too,” Amelia told them, as she finished her breakfast and took her drink back off of James.

“You would have thought so, but no. Apparently Gryffindor house isn’t good enough for blueberry jam.” Adam said through his mouthful of toast, spraying crumbs everywhere. Amelia grimaced as she wiped them off her sleeve and onto her brothers. “Sorry sis.” he said after he had swallowed his toast.

“Any idea what classes you’ve got today?” Amelia asked as she saw her head of house, making their way down the table handing out time tables.

Adam pulled out his own time table having gotten it off of his head of house before he came over to their table.
He scanned it quickly before saying, “I have double potions with jerk head here,” he said, pointing to James, who grinned at him wildly, showing the half chewed toast in his mouth. Both Kelly and Amelia were disgusted. “Then I have a break, followed by double Alchemy, lunch and then Herbology.”

“And I basically have the same, only I have Care of Magical creatures when Adam has Alchemy.” James told them after swallowing his breakfast.

“I can’t believe that you’re taking Alchemy,” Kelly said with a shake of her head. “I think you’re the only one here that’s doing it.”

Adam laughed. “There are at least five other people doing that class, all from Ravenclaw... and most of them girls.”

“So, what is Alchemy about then?” Kelly asked, raising an eyebrow at Adam, who laughed before shaking his head at her.

“Please.” he cried, looking at James, who shrugged and shook his head, as though calling Kelly crazy.

Kelly was about to argue back when Professor Alcott arrived next to them.

“Well hello there Professor, are you looking forward to this morning’s class?” Adam asked with a smile, Professor Alcott was the head of Hufflepuff house as well as the teacher for Potions. She was a woman in her mid thirties, slightly plump and with short brown spiky hair, her bright and bubbly personality was infectious and she was an incredibly fun teacher, she liked to make learning fun.

“As much as I ever do with you two in my class,” she said with a shake of her head at the two of them. “As long as you don’t try and cause any trouble.”

Both Adam and James scoffed.
“We don’t cause trouble, and we’re offended because you think that we would. We bid you all goodbye; we won’t stand for any more of your blatant fabrications!” James cried with mock outrage across his face as both he and Adam stood up. Adam shook his head at the teacher before bursting out in fake tears. James cradled his arms around his best friend and gave him a comforting pat on the back. “Don’t worry, Adam. It’s okay. We’ll just have to have a new favourite teacher.”

And with that they both walked away from the table, each laughing loudly and shoving each other joyfully. Professor Alcott shook her head and sighed, “Boys.” before handing the two girls their timetables. “I see that you’ve both done excellent in your O.W.L’s, well done. Let’s hope you can keep it up for your end of year exams.”

She then walked off to speak to a few other students, leaving Amelia and Kelly to look over their timetables and compare them. They both had a free period first, then transfiguration second lesson, a break before the third lesson which for Amelia was Potions and for Kelly was Divination, fourth lesson was Charms for both of them, then lunch. Their last lesson was Defence against the dark arts for Amelia and History of Magic for Kelly.

“Not many together,” Kelly stated as she put Amelia’s timetable back down on the table and picked her own up. “But at least we have the first period free. Any plans on what we should do?”

“Laze around?” Amelia suggested, Kelly smiled and grabbed for her glass of juice. They enjoyed watching almost everyone else dashing off to class once the bell had rung to signal the start of lessons.


The next few days went quickly. It seemed like most of Amelia’s time was spent going to lessons and doing copious amounts of homework. The only thing that seemed to be breaking this circle was the fact that most of her classes had Mariah Hayes and Albus Potter in them.

This normally wouldn’t have bothered her, if it wasn’t for the fact that each of them was trying to either maim or attempt to kill the other. There were various ‘accidents happening in most of the classes such as; Albus charming Mariah to keep slapping herself, or Mariah picks up one of the stuffed animals in Transfiguration and using it as a mask to scare Albus enough that he ran from the room screaming at the top of his lungs.
When the teacher was watching them, they just seemed to settle for glaring at each other, mouthing words of hatred and attempting to trip the other whenever they had the opportunity.

Amelia, although found this enjoyable to watch, did find it a bit tedious at times. Especially when she was trying to get on with her own work and Mariah and Albus’s ‘war’ just escalated out of control. Scorpius Malfoy seemed to always be caught in the middle of the two’s fighting; having been friends of both of them since first year he never seemed to actually take sides, choosing instead to just watch the scenes unfold as though it was his source of entertainment.

Both Mariah and Albus had already gotten detentions today for their behaviour in lessons, which thankfully were apart from each other. Amelia would dread to think just what would happen if they had to serve it together, she wondered which of them would be sent to the hospital wing. Her money was on Albus.

“What are you doing this afternoon?” Adam asked Amelia as he sat down next to her at the Hufflepuff table in the great hall for lunch.

Amelia turned to look at him. “Nothing major planned,” she told him with a shrug, “just some homework. Why? What have you got planned?”

“It’s James’s birthday today.”

Amelia never would have guessed, it’s not like James was counting down to this day since they started school, or had been wearing a badge that could only be described as big enough to eat off of. “So, just a birthday party for him. We’re planning to have it in an abandoned classroom.”

“Of course, where else would it be?” Amelia asked, thinking that her brother was extremely predictable.

“Don’t give me that tone, we have permission this time.” Adam said, taking a sip of Amelia’s pumpkin juice. “Professor Longbottom is going to be joining us.” He gave her a small smile.

“And why exactly is Professor Longbottom going to be joining us?” Amelia asked with a small frown, wondering just what party was safe enough for a professor to join in on.

“Well, we thought why don’t we have a party a child would have? We’re having pass the parcel, jelly and Ice cream, pin the tail on the Manticore, the usual party games.”

“That sounds really good actually,” Amelia admitted. “Yeah, go on then I’m in.”

“Excellent. James’s family who go here will be going, bring Kelly with you. I think Albus is going to bring Scorpius, but it should be a laugh. I’ve heard that there’s going to be party bags.” Adam said with a wink at her before standing up.

“Oh, party bags.” Amelia cheered loudly, “I can’t wait for the party bags.”

“No one ever can. Bring your dancing shoes; I’m so going to win musical statues.”

“Yeah, you wish you could win musical statues,” Amelia scoffed; Adam laughed before walking over to the Gryffindor table.


“You moved!” Albus cried loudly from the sidelines, pointing at Scorpius who quickly threw a party hat at him. “You moved again.”

“Sorry, Scorpius. I’m afraid that you’ve lost.” James said with a laugh. “Which means that Professor Longbottom, is the winner of musical statues.”

Everyone let out cheers and claps as Professor Longbottom gave a bow and smiled at them, taking his winning prize off of Adam. It was a bar of Honeydukes birthday chocolate, little balloons were painted into the chocolate and each balloon was a different flavour.

“Now, who’s ready for jelly and ice cream?” Adam asked, walking over to the table that held the jelly and ice cream; a charm was placed over it to keep the ice cream frozen. Everyone sat down on vacant chairs as Adam handed out the desserts.

“Who would have thought that this would be so fun?” Lucy Weasley asked Amelia and Kelly as she pushed her blonde hair behind her ears, before digging into her dessert. Lucy was in the same year as both Kelly and Amelia and was Amelia’s potions partner this year, they hadn’t really talked much before but Amelia found herself really liking the girl.

“I for one didn’t.” Kelly stated as she too began eating. It was strawberry flavoured which was her favourite.

“I can’t wait for pass the parcel.” Amelia admitted. “Look at James; he looks like he’s really enjoying himself, who said you needed alcohol at birthdays.”

“Not me,” Kelly admitted. “I’m not too big a fan of alcohol.”

“Not since that one time in the Gryffindor common room when James snuck in a few bottles of that wine stuff.” Lucy said with a laugh, Kelly went red.

“I can’t believe that night; I tried to forget most of it. This is why I shouldn’t hang around the Potters or Weasleys.” Kelly said with a shake of her head.

“You start to learn that the Potters are a bad influence,” came the voice of James’s girlfriend, she was sitting with her friend Steph who was the winner of pin the tail on the Manticore. It was a close call after everyone thought that Steph was going to pin the tail on the Manticore stomach, but due to some sixth sense she seemed to have she managed to pin the tail in the right place. No other person in the room knew anyone else who had managed to achieve the difficult feat of defeating the Manticore.

Steph’s winnings of Honeydukes chocolate was currently being crumbled on top of her jelly and ice cream.

“Tell me about it.” Lucy said with a laugh, “Try being related to them. Although if you think that the Potters are a bad influence you should wait until you meet all of the Weasleys together. I’m glad that I’m the normal one of the family.”

“And that’s no easy thing to achieve,” came Roxanne Weasley’s voice, James’s cousin who was in fifth year, she had dark coloured skin and extremely curly hair which she had put up into a high bun. She was the Gryffindor chaser and was in her fourth year at Hogwarts.

“We’re just a big family of nutters,” Lucy laughed, before nodding over to where the boys all sat together. Albus had somehow mashed his jelly and ice cream together and was trying to drink it out of the bowl, most of it was dripping down his robes causing the others to laugh and for Professor Longbottom to shake his head at them. Being a friend of the Potter and Weasley family, he was sadly quite used to seeing this kind of behaviour.

Albus laughed before trying to make Hugo eat the jelly off of his robes. Hugo let out a yell before shoving him away and running over to Lily Potter, James’s younger sister, hoping that she would protect him.

“They’re also disgusting; at least we girls are normal.” Lucy laughed before continuing to eat her food.

Kelly just looked distastefully over at Albus, who was rubbing his robe in Fred’s face, and put down her bowl of jelly and ice cream, not wanting to eat anymore. Amelia was trying not to look at them, Lucy just shook her head at the boys and continued eating her dessert.

“How can you still eat that after what they’re doing?” Kelly asked, nodding over to the boys; Professor Longbottom had given up trying to talk sense into any of them and was having a conversation with Louis Weasley and Rose Weasley.

“I’ve seen them do a lot worse, believe me. You just become immune after a while.” Lucy admitted with a shrug.

“I don’t think I could ever become immune.”

“Then hope that you never see Albus in shorts rubbing cereal into his skin,” Roxanne said shaking her head.

“Why on earth was he doing that?” Kelly cried as Amelia frowned in disgust.

“Including the milk?” Amelia asked, wondering just why on earth this was important.

“Yep, and he used the spoon to rub it into his skin.”

“What? But, why?”

“No idea? I think he thought that it would make his skin softer, but you learn not to question Albus’s behaviour. He claimed to be sleepwalking at the time.” Lucy said, trying to ignore Albus who was trying to convince Adam to give him another bowl of food, to which Adam was declining. “We would have believed him if it wasn’t five in the afternoon and he had been awake for over twenty four hours.”

“You have a weird family,” Kelly said, disgusted with a shake of her head.

“Tell me about it.”

“You wouldn’t think that they’re nearly adults would you?” Roxanne laughed. “I don’t think that they’ll ever grow up.”

“I second that,” Amelia said with a laugh.

The party carried on in much the same way. More games were played; with James winning the pass the parcel, Albus yelled out that James winning was a fix. But no one paid him any attention at all. At the end of the party, everyone was given a party bag each. Amelia’s was filled with a few sweets, some joke toys from Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes, and some other random goodies.
Amelia had to admit that this was the best party she had been to, in a very long time.

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