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I Love You, Mrs.Malfoy by EverDiggory
Chapter 1 : Our Forever Falling Together
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 Author’s Notes: Hey guys! Another Lucius/Narcissa! <3 I hope you enjoy it!



The white silk lace clung to my pale skin, hugging my delicate curves tightly all the way until my knees, and then widened out into a short train trailing after me. My hands rest on my waist, then to my hair that Bellatrix had managed to put into an elegant up-do.


“You look absolutely gorgeous,” a voice purs from the doorway.


I whip around and see a tall, handsome blonde man observing me from the doorway. The glint of humor gleaming in his silver eyes makes my heart skip a beat.


“Don’t you know it’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding?” I ask, smiling as he strolls towards me. His strong hands catch mine, bringing it to his face, and tenderly kissing my hand.


Even now, after all this time, the blood rushes to my cheeks. “I’m afraid, darling,” he whispers, dropping my hands and replacing his on my waist, “That I simply couldn’t wait a moment longer.”


“If you have doomed misfortune on our marriage, just because you couldn’t be patient for once in your life,” I tease light-heartedly, “I will be rather put out.”


“Not to worry, my dear. I am not a superstitious person.”


“Figures,” I laugh, and turn back to the mirror. A smirk twists his lips, and I check my makeup. I don’t actually care, but the way Lucius strives for my attention when I don’t give it to him, is rather satisfying.


His arms wrap around my waist from behind me, and he leans down to rest his chin on my shoulder. “I would be alright if this could all be over already and we could be alone, you know.”


“Our parents,” I reply easily, “would simply murder us.”


“I think you’re right, my bride.”


“I am always right, Lucius,” I giggle, and lean back into him. “But, we have about 30 minutes until I walk down the aisle. So I’d recommend going downstairs, before our parents assume what we’re up to.”


“Technically, we aren’t up to anything quite yet, love.”


“Lucius Abraxas Malfoy,” I laugh, “Go! This will be over before you know it.”


He smiles at me in the mirror, and kisses my cheek. “I’ll be anxiously awaiting it, darling.” I watch him pull away form me, and silently slip out the door, as if he had never been here.


My smile did not slip from my face when he left; if anything, it grew wider with every passing moment. In less than half an hour, I would be Mrs. Narcissa Evangeline Malfoy. The title I had coveted for nearly five years now.


The minutes fly by quicker than I could hope for, and before I know it I’m being ushered down stairs by my mother. She shoves a bouquet of pink roses into my hands, and my father gracefully and silently steps beside me. He slowly releases the last bit of smoke from his cigar with ease, and puts it out in a crystal glass on the side of the room.


He holds his arm out to me, and he notices my shaking hand as I take it. “Ready, princess?” he asks. His warm brown eyes are comforting to me, and the sweet, musky scent of cigars embraces me.


“Splendid,” I squeak. I am thoroughly surprised of the wedding jitters; oh, how I had  long dreamed of this day! I took a deep breath as the music started. I watched my bridesmaids all walk down the aisle; it felt like it lasted an eternity. Each second was almost agonizing, knowing my future husband, future father of my children, and the love of my life was waiting for me at the end of the aisle.


“I think you made an excellent choice. No man out there is better than a Malfoy,” Daddy adds. I smile at him, and hug him. I hold him so tightly, and keep my eyes clenched shut so the tears would not spill over and ruin my makeup.


“I love you, Daddy.”


“I love you too, princess. But it’s our time to go now.”


Our music starts up, and I hear all the guests rise. My heart pounds almost painfully in my chest; I bet you my father could hear it. The door open, and my eyes instantly find Lucius at the altar. I want desperately to just rush down the aisle and forge the music’s pace. Thankfully, my father’s steady arm keeps me in pace.


This is it.


The moment I had wished for after that very first kiss. Every step led me all the much closer. I could barely notice the red silk carpet I walked on, or the bouquets of pink roses adorning the aisle, or the twinkling lights all around us. The tears were finally spilling over gently, and I almost hoped he could see them through my veil and know how happy our future made me.


“Who represents this woman?” the preacher called out.


“I do,” my father says, and Lucius holds his hand out. My heart swells as I anticipate the feeling of his smooth skin touching mine. My father lifts my veil, and kisses my cheek. I can tell by the expression on his face he wants to say on final goodbye to his last daughter to be wed, but he places my hand in Lucius’.


He leads me up the short path to the altar, were we stand in front of the priest.


The priest cleared his throat, and my heart pounded even harder, as though it were trying to beat it’s very way out of my chest.


No one in the room mattered, not one single person besides the man holding my hands tenderly. “I love you,” he whispers under his breath.


“Will you, Lucius Abraxas Malfoy, take Narcissa Evangeline Black to be your lawful wife, to love her, honor and keep her in sickness and in health and forsaking all others keep only unto her as long as you both shall live?” the priest says.


“I do,” Lucius replies. I want to kiss him at that very moment.


“Will you, Narcissa Evangeline Black, take Lucius Abraxas Malfoy to be your lawful husband, to love him, honor and keep him in sickness and in health and forsaking all others keep only unto her as long as you both shall live?”


I can barely muster my voice through the lump in my throat, but I manage to force the joyful words from my lips. “I do.”


“Lucius, as you have memorized,” the priest addresses Lucius.


“ I commit to never leave you, to follow you. For where you go, I shall go, and where you remain, I shall remain. Your people will be my people, and your God will be my God. Where you die, I shall die and be buried beside you.”


“Naricissa, if you will.”


I clear my throat a bit, clutching his hands tighter in mine. “ I commit to never leave you, to follow you. For where you go, I shall go, and where you remain, I shall remain. Your people will be my people, and your God will be my God. Where you die, I shall die and be buried beside you.”


Lucius pulls away to grab the ring, and brings it to my finger. “With this ring, I thee wed,” he says with smile, and slips the silver band on my finger. I don’t know how I keep myself from screaming.


I, too, grab the ring and bring it to his finger. “With this ring, I thee wed,” I recite, and slide the ring onto his finger.


“You may kiss the bride,” the priest finally says. Lucius leans in slowly, and locks his lips with mine. At the moment, I am in complete bliss. Finally! Finally, I was Mrs. Malfoy! I use every ounce of self control to keep our kiss acceptable for our friends, family, and business partners to see.


Lucius pulls me back down the aisle with my hand grasped tightly in his, and to our reception.


I’m embraced by so many people, surrounded by so much joy and laughter, yet the only thing I can notice is Lucius. I have eyes only for him.


Hours later, as we watch the very guest leave, I nearly collapse in relief. He turns to me, a mischievous glint in his silver eyes. He grabs my hand again, the cool metal of his wedding band grazing my skin, and apparates. We land in front of the manor that had just been recently finished. Instinctively, I gather the lace of my dress of the ground. Only for a moment do I fidget with my dress, for Lucius picks me up bridal style.


I giggle the whole way up the stairs, and he opens the door. We cross the threshold, and he gently sets me down.


I immediately pull him into me, and he places his lips on mine briefly. “I love you, Mrs. Malfoy. And I promise you, I always will.”


I smile, tears slipping down my face for what feels like the tenth time this night.


“I love you too, Lucius.”



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