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I Love You, Tom Riddle by Prongs1981
Chapter 2 : All My Friends
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"Hey, Jessie! How was your summer?" I said after crossing through the barrier.



"Oh, you know," my best friend replied with a shrug, "how about you?"



"Quiet. I so missed magic!"



"Next summer you should come stay with me! I can get away with using magic because they can't tell the difference of where it's coming from." Jessie is a pure blood, not that I really care. Some witches and wizards take pride in that sort of thing, they think they are better then others. Jessie doesn't, obviously, since she's best friends with a muggle-born (me).



"That would be brilliant! It's nearly time to leave, we should find a compartment," I said and started making my way to the train with my trolley. I disposed of my trunk into the storage area and grabbed my bag with my travel gear. We got on the train and struggled through the crowd. I wasn't completely watching where I was going because I crashed into someone, dropping all my things.



"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!" I stammered.



"No, it was my fault, really," said a kind, deep voice. I looked up into chocolate brown eyes. He bent down and scooped my possessions and handed them to me.



"Thanks," I said with a hint of blush peaking onto my cheeks.



"Don't worry about it. I'm Tom. Tom Riddle," he said coolly.



"I know. I'm Sophie Adams," I replied lamely.



"I know," he mimicked back. We stood there, awkwardly starting at each other. I don’t know why we did this, but neither of us moved. Jessie gave a faint cough and he said, "Right so I'll see you around." I nodded and turned around to face Jessie. She had a crooked smile on her face. I ignored it and kept pushing forward in hopes of finding a compartment.



"This ones empty," I said to my very weird friend. She kept starring at me.



"Soph, you know who you just talked to right?"






"Are you serious!? The sex god!" I gave her a look like she was crazy. Who the heck was she talking about?



"Um who are you talking about?"



"Tom FRICKEN Riddle!"



"Oh, well I didn't exactly talk to him, did I? I crashed into him and he picked up my stuff. He doesn't even know who I am," I said casually, looking into my charms book.



"Are your ears filled with pudding? He even said he knew who you were! Besides, you play Quidditch, he plays Quidditch. It's not like you suck, Sophie!” I continued to ignore her, or tried to anyway. But she kept rambling on. “I mean, he was staring at you for what seemed like hours!”



            “Hence the cough?” I asked, not in the least bit interested.



            “Well, yes. I know you were having a moment but my feet were hurting and I wanted to find a compartment before all the first years filled them.”



            “I wasn’t having a moment,” I said, annoyed.



            “Sure, sure. If you weren’t having a moment, please look me in the eye and tell me he isn’t hot,” Jessie said.



            “Jess, can I just read my book in peace!” I protested.



            “AH-HA! I knew it! You like him!” I looked up from my book.



            “I don’t like Tom Riddle. He is a Slytherin. Yes, he is very good looking. And yes, he was really nice back there. But no, I do not like him. I don’t even know him, Jess,” I said looking her straight in the eye. She smiled.



            “I don’t believe you.”



            “Are you kidding me right now!? I just did what you asked! I told you I did not like him.”



            “Okay, whatever you say,” she said giving another obnoxious smile. I rolled my eyes and let out an annoyed breathe. How this girl doesn’t believe me over all these years is a mystery. I mean, she has been my best friend since first year. Just because Tom is really hot does not mean anything. Besides, even if I did like him, he would never go for me. I’m not like the rest of his fan club. They all fall for him. They follow him around, do things for him without him even asking, and come to every single one of his practices and matches. I’ve got more important things to do than to worry about some Slytherin guy with nice eyes.






            “Hey you lot! Nice break?” asked Nate, Jessie’s number one fan. He came in to our compartment and plopped a seat down next to Jessie and swung an arm around her shoulders. Nate’s friend, Jake, came following behind him, taking the open spot next to me. Jessie wiggled away from Nate, shoving his arm off her.



            “Get away from me, Nate. I don’t like you like that,” she said, getting really red.



            “Come on, Jessie! Am I really that bad?” he asked, giving her a puppy-dog face.



            “Yes!” she yelled. Nate is a nice guy, to be honest. He is a little strange, I mean he dyed his hair purple for a month last year, but he is funny and a great person. I don’t know why she detests him so much.



            Nate shrugged.



            “So how was your summer, Sophie?” Jake asked.



            “Not bad. Boring, really. How about yours?”



            “Brilliant! I whooped Natey here into shape. He’s trying out for the team this year!”



            “Are you really, Nate?” I asked.



            “You’re trying out for the Quidditch team?!” Sophie asked before Nate could reply. He nodded. “WHY? I thought you hated the sport?”



            “I never said that. I never liked watching because I wanted to play,” he said, looking at his shoes. Jake nudged me. I looked at me while he shook his head. He was pointing at Jessie. Of course! Jessie loves Quidditch! And Nate loves Jessie. He is so adorable, it’s crazy. I really wish Jessie would suck up her issue she has with Nate because they would be so cute together!!!



            “No, I remember you saying last year that you hate the game and that all Quidditch players were meat head jocks,” Jessie replied.



            “HEY!” I said smacking Nate.



            “Not you, Sophie, the guys,” he tried.



            “Wow, thanks mate. I’ll remember that next time you want to copy my transfiguration homework,” Jake said, smiling at me.



            “Besides, you’re now a meat head jock,” I teased.



            “Not yet. I still gotta try out,” Nate replied.



            “Oh yeah, who’s the Gryffindor captain this year?” I asked.



            “Me,” Jake replied.



            “No way! Congrats, Jake! Well, you’re probably going to make it since a) you trained all summer with him and b) you two are best mates,” I reassured Nate. He rolled his eyes.



            “What spot are you going for?” Jessie asked.



            “Chaser.” Jessie gave a quick smile, but hid it quickly. But not fast enough for all of us to see. I laughed. It’s obvious that chaser was Jessie’s favorite position.



            “Shut up, Sophie!”


Sorry it's been awhile! The next chapter is coming. It's being validated right now! And chapter 4 is finished! :) So what do you think so far? Boring? Exciting? Lame? Love? Let me know! It get's more exciting soon! Promise! Review! I love reading those!


Prongs1981 <3

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