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I love you, Mum by erinn1197
Chapter 7 : Chapter 6
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Thanks to SophieScarlette@TDA for my Imange : )

“Nikkole, why?” China gasped.

“She would’ve told the school! I can’t have the whore school knowing, or worse, having James find out.” I cried. “It’s my job to protect my baby from things. Even though I’m not with him, I’m protecting him from these awful rumors.”


“Could you show me to the owlery?” I asked, changing the subject. “I need to send a letter home.”

“I actually have to go to the library to tutor someone. Maybe Dom could show you. She’s in the common room.” China suggested, grabbing her schoolbag.

“Oh um…well, I could wait…I guess.”

“Alexia isn’t down there and James went up to his dorm when I left.” China interrupted, walking downstairs.

I snatched the letters from my bag, a long with my wand and headed down to the common room.

“Hey Dom.” I said, talking a seat next to her. “Mind showing me to the owlery since China cant?

“Sure.” Dome said, standing up and adjusting her skirt.

Even though she changed out of her school robes, Dom still looked fabulous. While I was wearing oversized sweats (I wore these while I was 8 months pregnant okay), Dom looked fab in her floral print skirt, white cami, and jean jacket.

“Ugh, it smells awful in here.” Dom said as she opened the door and scrunched up her nose.

I quickly found Maria, my owl, and gave her the letters along with instructions. I dashed back over to Dom, shutting the door.

“Done.” I smiled, making my way down the stairs.


Much to China’s protest, I slept in the common room for the night. I just couldn’t be in the same room as Alexia, without trying to kill her that is. China gave up eventually and went up to our dorm. I curled up on one of the couches with my blanket and a muggle storybook.


I looked up. “Oh hey Fred.”

“What are you doing?”

“Well, I’m curled up near the fire with my blanket and book.” I answered.

“Why aren’t you up in your dorm?” Fred asked.

“Why aren’t you?” I tossed back.

“Can’t sleep.”

“Avoiding Alexia.”

“Alexia.” Fred repeated. “She’s such a cow.”

“Hence why I’m sleeping down here tonight and not in my dorm.” I said, gesturing to my blanket.

“Care to tell me why you got into it with Alexia and are now sleeping in the common room?” Fred asked.

“I would but then I’d have to kill you.” I answered with a smile.

Fred just smirked at me before saying “Want to sleep in my dorm tonight? You can take the bed and I can hit the floor.”

“Fred, I can’t…”

“Alright.” Fred interrupted. “You can be woken up at an ungodly hour by the lovely first years.”

I sighed. Fred was right and was only trying to be a gentleman. But James was up in his dorm too. Asleep, so I guess it would be okay.

“Fine.” I said and followed Fred up the boys staircase.


I woke up to a warm feeling next to me. Fred? I shifted in the bed. I guess he got into the bed after I fell asleep.

“James, you got to see this.” A male voice said. Luke? “Fred scared one up with the new girl.”



I squeezed my eyes shut, pretending to still be asleep.

“Bastard.” James whispered. “What a bastard.”

Why would James care if Fred slept with me? I mean, he didn’t but if he did, why would James care?


“What?” Fred moaned. “It’s too early.”

“Maybe you should’ve went to bed instead of screwing Nikkole all night.” James said coldly.

“You think I slept with Nikkole?” Fred asked. “It was because of your cow of a girlfriend that she was going to camp out in the common room. I was just being a good friend to her.”

“Now you have to blame it on Alexia.” James snapped. “I don’t understand why you all hate her. She’s a perfectly nice person.”

Nice? Maybe if I was high or something.

“James, no one likes Alexia.” Fred said slowly. “Nikkole, sweetie, time to wake up.”

I tossed in the bed a bit to make it look like I wasn’t listening to their conversation at all.

“I don’t want to.” I moaned.

“To bad. I summoned all your stuff for you too.” Fred said, handing me my school robes.

I went into the bathroom and slipped on my uniform. I ran a brush through my hair and pulled it into a sloppy ponytail.

“Thanks for letting me stay up here.” I said, grabbing my school bag. “Those first years would’ve been hell. Hey guys.”

“Hey guys.” I smiled, blantly ignoring James. “Want to head down for breakfast?”

Luke, Mitch, and Fred agreed and they grabbed their school bags. I looked up at James.

“I’ll pass.” James said, looking down at his bed.

I shrugged and we headed down the staircase. I made Fred go first to look for Alexia then Luke and Anthony.

“It’s clear.” Fred said. “No Alexia in sight.”

I let out a sigh of relief that I didn’t even know I was holding and we headed down to the Great Hall for breakfast.

Tyler, Mummy misses you.


Author’s note – I want to say how sorry I am that it took so long to update. I’ve been swamped with projects for finals and then I just started Guard practice for the summer. But here it is! J    

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I love you, Mum: Chapter 6


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