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Nothing Is As It Seems by LadyMalfoy06
Chapter 6 : "Kiss me Harry"
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The next few days after the initiation meeting and ball were relatively quiet for Alexandra and the Malfoy’s. Alex continued to practice her chaser skills whist Draco praised and criticised her, their parents continued doing whatever it was they did, Lucius with his various business meetings and Narcissa with her gardens. Not many people knew this, but the flower shop on Diagon Alley, “Clever Carnations” actually belonged to Narcissa. Lexy had taken to helping her mother out there on occasions. And on the last weekend of the holiday, two days before they were due to return to Hogwarts, Lexy was helping out before going to meet her new friends and Draco. Before she could leave however, the door to the shop opened. Alex glanced up from the flowers she was arranging only to be face to face with none other than Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley.






She just stared in shock. She wasn’t ready for this; this was not the right time to confront them, she was waiting for Hogwarts.  






“Hi. How can I help you?” She asked, forcing herself to sound polite.






Wow, she’s gorgeous. Where has she been all my life? Bet I could have her easily. Ron thought to himself.






“Umm hi. Do you know you look exactly like someone we go to school with?” Harry asked. He too was mesmerized by her beauty but he was also so besotted by Ginny Weasley that he knew nothing could happen between him and this mystery girl.






“Oh no? Really, who might that be?” She asked, playing along, giving them a playful smirk.






“Draco Malfoy.” He replied.






“Nope, sorry never heard of him. Anyway what was it that you were looking for?” She cut straight to the point wanting to go meet her friends, and get away from these morons.






“Oh yes. I’m looking for some everlasting roses please, for my fiancée. Well girlfriend, I plan on proposing soon.” He told her.






What?! We were still going out a month ago!! How dare he move on so quickly! How dare he even cheat on me in the first place!! Alexandra was furious.






“Why of course sir.” She smiled, all politeness, “How long have you and the lucky girl been together?” She asked.






“A year.” He boasted.






A year. A whole fucking year!! So we dated for a year and two months, technically we haven’t even broken up yet!!! Ohh I could murder him right now...Alex was so distracted with her thoughts she didn’t notice they were trying to get her attention.






“Ohh I’m sorry, here these would be perfect for her.” She grabbed the roses from beside her; they were very pretty, changing colour to whatever the beholders favourite was.






“We’ll take them. Ginny is going to love these Ron.”






“Yeah mate, you know she will say yes. You two are perfect for each other.”






“Right so that will be thirty nine Galleons and twelve Sickles please.” Whilst they boys paid and Alex wrapped the flowers carefully, an idea formed in her mind, quickly checking to see that they were still busy getting out the money, Alex drew her wand and muttered a few choice words.






There that should show them. She smirked to herself. Alex had cast a jinx on the flowers, when they reached the hands of Ginny Weasley they would cause her to erupt in the most dreadful rash, which without the correct anti-jinx would last indefinitely, and get worse over time. Draco had taught it too her, he had used it on Filch once in third year.






“Thank you very much. Have a good day.” She told them as they left.






As soon as the door shut behind them she let out all the curses and swear words she possibly knew in every language she could speak (French, Italian, Spanish, and German to name a few). She was livid. She glanced at her watch; she was late to meet her friends! She ran out the shop, wand waving behind her locking the place up as she dashed towards Flourish and Blotts.






“Hey guys I’m so sorry I’m late. I had a bit of a run in with Potter and Weasley at the shop.” She told them as she tried to catch her breath.






“What?! Lexy are you alright? Did they hurt you?!” Draco asked, grabbing his sister and checking for cuts and bruises on her face and arms.






“No no I’m fine. It’s nothing like that. Come on lets go to the Ice Cream shop and I’ll explain.” She said.






Once seated and happily munching away at their various ice cream desserts, the four gathered around Alexandra. As she finished her story, her friends were all furious, Draco especially. Although they were proud of her trick with the flowers, Blaise told her she was a true Slytherin, making her blush.






“Nobody gets away with treating you like that Lexy, you are a Malfoy! They need to be taught some respect!” He insisted.






“Yeah Lex you can’t let them treat you like this.” Millicent told her.






“I know. I think I have an idea... What if Hermione was to make an appearance? You know, give them a little message?” She suggested.






“Brilliant!” Blaise clapped his hands.






“Yeah. But I thought you wanted to save the big reveal for Hogwarts though sis?” Draco was puzzled.






“I do, this will just confuse them even more. I want to embarrass them in front of the Great Hall so everyone knows what they are truly like. And if I’m Hermione for the rest of today, then at least I can get more dirt on them. Plus find out about the Order, since obviously, I am no longer a member.” She told them.






“Okay so how about this, you go change into the Mudblood, then when Potter and the Weasel walk by, I’ll start a fight with you?” Draco said.






“Okay sounds like a plan.” She agreed.






“Hurry though Lexy, they are coming now!” Pansy ushered her to the door.






Not a moment later, Hermione Granger exited the shop with Draco Malfoy following behind her.






“Get ready.” He whispered, winking at her, she smirked back at him.






“Oi! Mudblood, fancy seeing you here! You should probably leave though, we wouldn’t want your filth contaminating the place, and infecting us Purebloods.” He shouted.






“Leave me alone Malfoy, you insensitive prat!” She yelled, fake tears threatening to overspill down her pretty face.






Harry and Ron were at her side immediately having heard the commotion. They didn’t really want to go stick up for her, but they had to keep up appearances.






“Hey leave my girlfriend alone you ferret!” Harry told him, wrapping an arm around Alex’s waist possessively.






“Oh Harry, can we go please? I haven’t seen you in ages; can we go back to yours?” She cuddled into him turning her back on her brother.






“Sure babe. Hey Ron, me and Mione are gonna go back to Grimmauld Place. Can you take these for me?” He handed him the bags, not noticing Alexandra winking at her friends, telling them that she had a plan.






“Ready babe?”






“Yeah let’s go.”









They arrived in Harry’s bedroom at Grimmauld Place; Harry dragged Alex over to his bed and sat her down.






“Hermione, babe, are you alright? Just ignore Malfoy. He’s an arse; once we find the Horcruxes we will get our revenge on all of them okay?”He thought he was soothing her.






“Oh Harry, you’re so amazing. I’m so glad we are together. I’ve missed you over the holidays.” The words burned like acid on Lexy’s tongue but she knew she needed to say it to get him to trust her.






“Kiss me Harry.” She told him, pulling him on top of her. This was not the Hermione that he knew from before summer, the one that he was using for her brains. This one was more adventurous, hotter, maybe he would carry on his fling with her and Ginny at the same time. Lowering himself onto her he did as she asked.






Ginny Weasley was sitting at the kitchen table in the Burrow waiting for her brother and boyfriend to come back. She glanced at the letter in her hand for the hundredth time, it was from Hermione, but it didn’t seem like Hermione had written it, she was never snappy with them. In fact she was far too trusting. Ginny gave a harsh laugh. Yeah she’s so innocent and goody goody, I bet she’s never even gotten laid before. She’s nothing compared to me. Im the one who has Harry Potter for a boyfriend, not her. Well she won’t as soon as we get back to Hogwarts... Yeah I’ll get Harry to dump her publicly, in front of everyone! That would be brilliant.



As she grinned to herself she heard a faint pop, followed by the front door opening and closing. Loud footsteps told her it was her brother entering the kitchen.



“Hey Gin.” Ron said putting his and Harry’s school supplies on the table and grabbing a Butterbeer from the cupboard.



“Where’s Harry?” She asked.



“Uhhh...” Oh no! She’s gonna go mental on me!  Ron panicked.



“Uhh he’s with Hermione.”



“He’s what?!” her voice was a deadly whisper. Ron knew it was time to leave. He got up from the table.



“Where are they?” She demanded.



“Grimmauld Place.”



“That slut! I’ll fucking kill her!” She yelled. Grabbing her wand from the table she ran out the door and disappeared.






Alex and Harry were so absorbed in what they were doing that they didn’t hear the bedroom door burst open or see the red headed figure storm in, wand at the ready.






 “What the FUCK is going on in here?!” Ginny Weasley screamed.






Harry quickly rolled off Alex and grabbed his jeans trying to explain himself.



“I...Ginny...I” He stuttered.






“Ohh Harry babe, you don’t need to explain anything, to her I mean, we have been dating for over a year you know, it’s what couples do.” Alex asked, stroking Harry’s arm and working to hide her smirk as she looked at Weaselette whose face was becoming steadily redder by the second. Her and Harry hadn’t actually had sex (unlike others in the room, she was not a blood traitor) but Ginny didn’t need to know that of course.






“You...You...!” Ginny could barley control herself.






“Something wrong?”  






“Slut!” She screeched.






“What? Am I not allowed to fuck my boyfriend?” Alex asked, boy was she enjoying this.






“Not when he’s my boyfriend you bitch!” Ginny yelled.






“Sorry but I think you are mistaken. Harry you wouldn’t ever cheat on me would you?” She gazed at him innocently, whilst pointing her wand at him at the same time.






“Mione, I would never do that. I love you.” He said, coming to sit beside her on the bed.






Ginny stormed out the room and apperated back to her house too furious to speak. 






“So Harry, tell me everything. What have I missed this summer? Are we any closer to finding the Horcruxes?”






“Well......” Harry launched into his story and Alex made sure to pay strict attention to him, listening to every detail should something help her in her quest to defeat him. Soon the sky was beginning to get dark by the time Harry had finished.






“Wow that’s a lot. I’m hungry want to go get something to eat?” She asked, suggest the Burrow, the Burrow!






“We could always go back to the Burrow?” Harry hesitated, knowing how the Weasley’s apart from Fred and George hated her, along with several order members, including him.






“Sure, let’s go!”












The two arrived at the Burrow just in time for Mrs Weasley’s famous roast pie and Alex went straight to work, flattering her, winding up Ginny and quizzing Kingsley on anything Harry had left out. By the time she had finished talking with him, the others, (Ron, Ginny and Harry) had disappeared upstairs. She quickly left Kingsley and crept up the stairs to Ron’s bedroom and paused to listen.






“Dude why the hell would you go fuck that troll?!” Ron silently yelled at Harry.






“I didn’t! She just said that!” He insisted,






“Yeah right, I found you lying on top of her with you jeans on the floor and her in a bra and thong!” Ginny said.






“Look nothing happened I swear. You know I would never touch her, she’s disgusting! Putting up with her for the last six years has been awful, honestly! But just think once we maker her get You Know Who’s Horcruxes she’ll be gone quicker than you can disapparate.” He told them.






“Hey you guys have had it easy. You haven’t had to act girly with her all the time; listening to her moaning about the two of you when you don’t do your homework and how she hated that you were with Lavender but then she secretly liked you Harry.”






“Ughh as if I could ever like her. Don’t make me sick!” He fake gagged, making the other two laugh, Ginny had instantly forgiven Harry, she knew that Hermione was nothing compared to her.






Alex stood outside the door, tears pouring down her cheeks. She had heard enough; she turned on the spot and disapparated to Malfoy Manor.












Draco was quietly reading in the Library, patiently waiting for his sister to return when she appeared in front of him, back in her rightful form, and immediately collapsed on the floor sobbing. Throwing his book aside he ran to her;






“Lexy what happened?! Did they do anything to you?!” He asked.






“Oh Draco, I’ve been such a fool. How could I have fell for their fake friendship? I thought we were friends, you should have heard what they were saying about me! They hate me; they only wanted me for my brains! I feel so betrayed!” She sobbed.






Draco said nothing, just letting her cry it out and rubbed her lower back in small soothing movements, waiting for her to calm down. Eventually her sobs quietened and she sat up, smoothing her hair back and straightening her clothes.






“I’m sorry about that Draco. You shouldn’t have had to see that.”






“Lexy, I’m your brother, if you’re upset I want you to come to me. We are twins after all.” He smiled at her, gaining a small one in return.






“I’m fine now I promise. I am not going to waste anymore time thinking about their fake friendship. From now on, Hermione Granger is dead, long gone. There is just me; Alexandra Lee Malfoy, and I am going to help the Dark Lord get Potter.”






“Speaking of him, he has requested a meeting with us tomorrow, the night before we return to Hogwarts. He expects us at Riddle Manor at 8:00, so be ready for then okay? Draco kissed her cheek and went off to bed.












As Alexandra packed her school stuff, her friends had kindly gotten it for her today whist she was busy, she realised that what she had said earlier was true. She no longer needed Potter and the others. From now on, she would always and forever be a Malfoy, and she was more than happy with that.






Oh wow guys I’m so sorry for the wait! Been so busy revising but only three exams left so hopefully updates will be quicker. Yay! I apologise if this chapter is a bit crappy, it took me forever to write and I am not completly satisfied with it but ohh well, life goes on! Next chapter?! Well, they have their meeting with Voldemort, what does he want them for I wonder?! And Lexy tells the others what she found out whilst visiting her old friends.



Please leave a review?! Pretty please, with a cherry on top?! You know how I love to know what you are all thinking! Have a good day everyone.  Until the next chapter! :)

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