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Here without you by kjp
Chapter 4 : First day back
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 2nd September


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First day back is always hard… even harder if you have dangerous death eaters running the school.

I wanted to make a good impression, not wanting to get into any trouble on the first day back. My clothes had been laid (untidily) at the end of my bed in a heap. I even made the effort get up early to make sure I had enough time to brush my hair through and make it completely straight, get dressed and pack my bag ready for today’s lessons so I don’t have to keep coming up to the common room to get my books every hour.

The room was cold when I woke up telling me that the house elves had not turned the fire on this s’morning and my clothes were still in a heap at the end of my bed.

Great now I’m going to have to actually tidy the girls dormitories from now on!

I looked down at my timetable quickly and glanced at what we had today.

“Damn! We have muggle studies” Sarah (a dorm mate) looked over my shoulder and voicing my thoughts “I really don’t want to take that subject” she moaned putting on her school socks and looking in the mirror to look at her hair at the same time “I’ve got a muggle mum and she’s forced me and my dad to live in this muggle place, not that I’m a muggle hater or anything but I hate there technology and I hear enough about it at home!”

I love Sarah, she’s one of those people who’s obsessed with there looks but still doesn’t get all up her self and bitchy about it. Sarah wouldn’t hurt a fly.

“I can’t believe Quiddittch isn’t on this year!” I looked up at the word of quiddittch and Sarah was sitting across from me everything done and waiting for her own friends to get ready.

“Yeah I know, it sucks” I yawn finally getting out of my comfy sitting position and combing my hair.

Sarah glanced at the mirror again to check if her hair was still fine and then back at me “I thought you would come captain this year”

What! Did she just say? Did she just say she thought I could become quiddittch captain! Pft… and that will happen when they invent a spell that does all your homework for you (there literally is no spell, I’ve been searching for it for years)

“Nah I wouldn’t… why you so interested anyway, I though you hated quiddittch?” I ask actually interested now that the subject of quiddittch was up.

“Well I was thinking about trying out this year, but it doesn’t matter… always next year right?” She says and shrugs it of before glancing at the mirror one more time. She swung her bag over her shoulder and then exited clearly tired of quiddittch talk.

No sooner had she left that she came back

“Neville is down stairs waiting for you by the way… thought you should know” She winked at me in a knowing way.
Oh Merlin’s beard, she thinks me and Neville are a item. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. This just cannot be happening. No, no, no! Just to make it clear, me and Neville are friends. F.R.I.E.N.D.S! nothing more than that, we are not a kissing couple, nor a relationship couple. We are just friends, got it?

Good glad we settled that… and don’t ever mention it! Cause it just gives me weird thoughts of me and Neville kissing and its not a very nice sight to be honest.

Not that Neville is a un-datable person, just not my type. I’m going to shut up now before I put my foot in it.

“Neville you didn’t have to wait for me you know” I smile at Neville and give him a quick hug (in a friend way)

“No its ok… I’ve already been down to breakfast and got you some toast” He passes me some jam and butter toast and I munch… yummy! I love food, it’s the only thing I would actually be messy about.

“Thanks Neville. So what’s the Carrows like, have you seen them?” I ask, curious to what actually the new teachers were doing at the school and what there plans were for us.

“I did. When I came in they were dragging some fourth year Hufflepuff out by the ear towards the portrait room. It didn’t look to good” Neville signed and sat down by the fire staring blankly at it “What are we going to do Ginny?”

What does me he mean by that? “Huh?”

“Nothing” he takes another sigh and for a few minutes the two of us just stare at the fire pondering on each others thoughts. My thoughts were on Ron, Hermione and Harry and what they were up too now. I’m sure Neville was thinking the same but I couldn’t be to sure.

The bell rang loud and clear telling us we needed to hurry to muggle studies.

I was thinking about not bothering with mugglestudies and hoping she wouldn’t notice that one student is absent. I however wanted to go see what the teacher was going to be like. Alecto Carrow can’t be that bad right?

I’m just glad I’m sharing the class with Luna. She’ll make it bearable I’m sure of it. Anyhow I’m not that worried… I’m just angry that I have to take the class, I already know half the things about muggles. What really is there to know anyway? All you need to know about muggles are that they cannot perform magic and have these weird technology things like computers and Tv’s. Wow I even surprised my self then with my knowledge on muggles!
“You better go… I have Herbology first thing so I’ll see you” He said goodbye and headed towards the grounds where he’ll be having a nice quite lesson where his teacher won’t gobble him up.

I strolled down to the first floor where muggle studies was held. It felt weird going this way, I’ve never had muggle studies before so I don’t know what to expect.

I was lonely, all my friends were either in a different house or year, hiding or on the run because they are a muggleborn. So I’m left alone as usual. Not that I mind (well I do… but at least I’m safe- sort of)

The classroom was full when I arrived of eager Ravenclaws. Actually I think eager was the wrong word… more like glum Ravenclaws frightened out of their minds. I think Luna was the only one actually focused enough to spot me (which is weird I’ll tell you that)

“Hello Ginny” Her dreamy voice came directing me to a seat next to her “I can’t wait for this class. I’ve always wanted to learn about how muggles use a light bulb”

I looked at her pitifully. She obviously didn’t understand that we were here to teach them about how muggle borns are dirty. I would tell her, but figured she will find out soon enough.

“SIT!” Someone from the back of the class roared in a unusual manly voice but could still tell it was a girl speaking.

Why the hell did she ask us to sit? Were all sitting anyway. Isn’t she a little bit to stupid to be teaching anyway?

“As you all know your resent teacher has… uh what should I say, resigned” She said with a little sneer on her face. She came around to the front eyeing us all up as though we were vermin at her feet. Her eyes piercing through everyone off us as though searching for a dark secret that could be to some use to her and her pitiful dark lord “I have also noticed how the people who were here last year are a little behind on their work. I understand, this is due to your old teachers faults” If her face could be any less understanding I would be shocked! There was no understanding look on her face. Stupid women.

“It says in the ministry of magic files that I have to teach you everything that is useful about a muggle” Her face went ugly and I could feel everyone’s breathing stop for a moment scared she would should “There however is nothing useful about a muggle

They are Infact dirty animals that pollute this earth and I wish to teach you how very useless they are” Her face quickly turned to a Ravenclaw boy who’s face completely went pale and eyes wide “YOU BOY! Put that sweet away!” She yelled making the whole room shake because of it “DETENTION! I thought it was widely known that Weasley sweets are not allowed in this school. And a detention for you Weasley” She pointed a chubby finger at me and her face showed no emotion what so ever “For giving him the sweet in the first place”

What the hell! I never gave him the sweet, I think my brothers sweets are childish and sickly (except the edible dark marks… they are actually quite tasty)

“I never gave him the sweet” I protested putting my hands up in defence and not scared to shout back if I have to.

“Weasley don’t you DARE talk back at me” She shouted making me to jump up in surprise.

“But I didn’t give it to him!” I’m going to kill the twins when I see them.

“DON’T TELL LIES!” man this woman is worse than umbridge… don’t tell lies.. sound familiar.

I gaped at her my mouth hanging open a bit “I’m not telling lies!”

She went over to me and towered over the sitting me thinking I would back down and give in. I however sat straighter just to put her of guard.

If she was surprised by my sudden move she didn’t show it instead she said with a reasonably calm voice “You will meet me at the portrait room at seven Pm tomorrow for your detention. Understand?”
I shook my head staring her right in the eye “Certainly” I said with a little smirk. I could now see it in her eyes that she was surprised by me. When she turned she glanced back at me almost curious but shook her head.

“As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted… Muggles do not deserve to share the same earth as us. They believe magic is evil. However magic is power and I want you all to write the following down and remember it clearly! And next lesson I shall ask you to repeat it for me and if anyone has not learnt it I shall put them in a weeks detention.. Understand?”
Slowly people shook around the room… I noticed how Luna hadn’t moved her head and was staring at the white board in front with boredom written over her face. No fear or anything, just boredom.

Carrow wrote on the bored in very scruffy writing that was barely readable that said “Muggleborns are mudbloods, dirty bloods” I wrote it down quickly wanting to forget that I wrote it and when I looked up more had come up “ Muggles are dirty and do not understand the power of magic” Again I quickly wrote it down and the writing like Carrows was almost unreadable.

“Magic is everything. Without it there would be no point to living. It is the thing that makes us powerful, look at the dark lord for a example. Look at where he has come, he has come far because of magic” Carrow talked making me block it out staring into space.

A few moments later I came out of my trace. I really don’t want her to ask me a question and I have no idea what she’s on about.

“I would like everyone single one of you to tell me your views on the work the dark lord has” She turned around the classroom and then pointed at a random Ravenclaw girl who was shaking in her seat “YOU! What do you think?”

“I… I think that he’s very…. Uh…”


This made her tremble even more that I thought possible “I… I think he’s…. powerful” She looked scared for a moment and then let out a sigh of relief when the teacher smiled satisfied.

“good. I want more answers like this” Then she turned to my table and looked like she was about to ask me then stared at Luna who took no notice that the teacher was staring at her “and you girl?”
I was shocked when she actually answered, taking her eyes of the board and staring the teacher in the eye. I didn’t know she was listening.

“I’m not to sure professor. I don’t know him personally but I would say he is quite a extraordinary wizard from what I’ve heard” She smiled satisfied with her bazaar answer. I hesitantly turned to the teacher cringing at what her expression would be.

The Carrows face was hard to read. A mixture of shock, anger and glory. I’m not to sure what was running through her head but I’m sure it wasn’t good.

“Lovegood is it?”

“Yes” Luna replied enthusiastically.

“Yes I thought so…”

The bell rang loudly and everyone grabbed there bags before the teacher could say anything else.

“Weasley remember the detention”

As if I could forget 

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