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Queen of Gorgeousness by Zyii
Chapter 13 : Chapter Thirteen – Evvie Learns How Much Unrequited Love Hurts and How Stupid People Can Be
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Chapter Thirteen – Evvie Learns How Much Unrequited Love Hurts and How Stupid People Can Be

Mild Language

Her boots punctured loud and clear along the floor making others crawl back in fear. Oh how she loved to inflict pain and fear upon others, she relished in it. She used anything to her advantage to rise to the top, oh they said purity mattered little anymore but she knew differently. She wanted the bright large wedding with everything in top of the range; she wanted all the guests to bask in her glory, to bask in her moment of popularity. Her marriage would bring a horde of opportunities; society wouldn’t be able to get rid of her once she’d secured a high profile marriage. But one step at a time she was too young to be married right away but that didn’t mean she couldn’t start to plan.

Right now she wanted but one thing, she wanted popularity and control over two people and she wanted to make a third person’s life a living hell. She wanted to control Draco and Blaise, she wanted to discredit Evvie and she wanted to be powerful beyond all. Who did Evvie think she was, she would never be good enough for Draco Malfoy? She couldn’t even argue that blood purity meant anything for Evvie was a pure in blood as she was, however that meant little now. No despite her blood she was still a nuisance, an annoying nuisance that needed to be taken care of.

So she decided to do the one thing that any good bitchy little minx would do. She hatched a plan, a plan that would remove Evvie from the center of everything that was keeping her from reaching her plans. And what was the easiest way to do that? To discredit Evvie of course, she didn’t need complex plans like Ginny or petty words like Ron, she needed a rumor plain and simple. But what would be a successful rumor, Evvie was so unlike anyone she’d ever met, she would be hard placed to find a rumor sufficient enough. For a girl like Evvie who was so well known for being a pure innocent child with all naivety still intact, so the only way to discredit her would be to start a rumor that would show Evvie up to not be as innocent as she seemed.

The perfect way of course would be to start a rumor that linked Evvie to an older man that would be sure to destroy her oh so perfect image. First of all no one would believe the rumor at first but that was the beauty of it; the rumor was so farfetched that it might actually happen. The rumor mill was easy to power up and run; she started with first and second’s years, and watched how it spread through the years until in made a circuit around the returning seventh years. Oh it worked quicker than she imagined it would, this was rich, so rich, and all she needed to do was sit back and watch as the rumor took hold. She certainly didn’t need to bother with Evvie after the rumor did its work, she’d be ruined.

“Have you heard?” asked Pansy.

Blaise nodded absentmindedly, he’d heard and he knew it was complete folly. If one was to start a rumor about another, the least they could do was create a realistic rumor but perhaps that’s what the point of the rumor was. It was targeted in a way that would only appeal true to certain people, certain people who were already doubtful about their own feelings, feeling vunerable and confused. When he spoke of people he really meant just one person who was known for acting before thinking, the man, the legend, the hot god, Draco Malfoy.

The man, the legend the hot god was currently storming down countless Hogwarts corridors to find the object of his anger. He wanted to roast her alive, he wanted to strangle her, he wanted to hurt her and by god he was so angry. Why would she flaunt her feelings so openly, tease him with affection when she meant nothing of it. Why did she do it? Was it just so she could secure secrecy between her and her older forbidden lover. How could he have been so stupid, to have hoped for something more than what she apparently was willing to offer?

Oh this was going swimmingly, absolutely swimmingly she thought as she followed Draco silently down the hallway.

“You stop now!” he shouted at her, finally catching up with the object of his anger right outside the entrance to the Slytherin common room.

She stopped though she refused to turn around. She didn’t need any more drama now; she’d just finished writing her letter to Fleur Weasley, explaining to her all that had happened recently. She was confused about whether to continue her search or not, she wasn’t afraid for her own safety but rather the safety of others, especially others that she loved.

“Where do you get off acting all innocent” he snarled.

“Excuse me?” she asked.

“Don’t act all high and mighty now, I know your secret”.

“What secret?” she was completely confused by his behavior, she had yet to hear the rumor.

“The secret of your little lover” he practically spat in her face.

“What lover?” she asked.

“Stop with the act!” he shouted.

Now she was angry.

“What act, I have no idea what you are talking about” she replied, their combined shouting had alerted members of the common room, half of which had scuttled away in fear while the other half moved closer to the door in an attempt to hear more.

“People have been talking about you”.

“Oh so this is a rumor, and since when have rumors been correct” Evvie spat her response in his face.

“Oh stop the lying we all know you aren’t so innocent after all!”

She shook her head in disbelief, “What are you talking about?”

“Your secret lover, your secret older man!” he shouted.

She laughed, he growled, “That’s the rumor”.

He nodded to angry to speak.

“You’ve got to be kidding me. Whoever started this rumor had to realize it was completely stupid. Not just completely stupid but would only be believed by certain people, i.e. you” she said shaking with fury.

“What” he spluttered, “Why are you trying to blame this on someone else?”

“Why do you care so much? You say you don’t care for me beyond friendship and even friendship is hard for you. Yet this rumor starts and you act like I’ve betrayed you in some way” she replied.

“Why can’t you just admit that you’re seeing an older man!” he shouted.

“Because it isn’t true! The only men I’ve ever been involved with are our age!” she shrieked.

“Why do you continue to deny it!”

“Why do you continue to insist that it’s true”.

“Because it is!!”

“Who told you” she asked.

He mumbled his response.

“Speak like an adult, tell me who told you this” she responded.

“Pavarti Patel” he said, as she laughed, “But that doesn’t make it any less valid, she just wanted to let me know what a disgusting slut you were!”

Oh Pavarti loved this. This was greater than the best gossip of Witch Weekly.

The Slytherin common room door opened, Blaise stood furiously in the open door. Never had he expected Draco to behave this way, hadn’t he explicitly told him to stay away from his sister until he knew his own heart. Trust Draco to fall for something as stupid and farfetched as this rumor. Draco was an idiot, Pavarti was a bitch and Evvie was hurting. It may be a cliché but Blaise didn’t want anyone to hurt his sister, he knew that was hypocritical seeing as he’d hurt her before but still no one hurt his sister and got away with it.

Pansy came up behind Blaise followed by Daphne, apparently they weren’t the only people on the scene, other Slytherin’s piled in behind them and no one could mistake the head of blonde hair belonging to Luna. It seemed that Evvie always had people around to protect her in every situation she found herself in.

Pavarti was loving this, she didn’t realize the others didn’t believe the rumor, neither did she realize they knew she was there. Pansy sneaked up behind her, Pavarti was oblivious as she was too involved in the current action to realize she was about to be unmasked. A well placed charm ensured that she was unable to move, not that she realized that, Pavarti was great is gossip, fashion, boys and rumors, she wasn’t very good with charms and magic.

“Step away from my sister Draco” said Blaise.

“Why, she’s a liar!” snarled Draco.

“When are you going to learn to think before you act” responded Blaise.

“Why are you defending her, she lied to us all!”

“Who told you the rumor?”

“Why does everyone keep asking that, what does it matter who told me, it’s still true”.

“No it’s not and if you had more than two brain cells to rub together you’d know that as well”.

“How’s it going Pavarti” mocked Pansy as she uncovered the frozen Pavarti.

Draco and Evvie spun around in shock.

“Has she been there the whole time?” whispered Evvie.

Pansy nodded, “She probably followed Draco to see the results of her meddling”.

Evvie had had enough of backstabbing bitchy people, when she transformed and found out her new identity, she knew it would be a little bad but she never expected the drama to unfold quite like this. She imagined that at some point things would die down, new gossip would come along and people would forget about her. Yet somehow things hadn’t quite happened like that, things keep happening. It was infuriating.

“Well let’s see shall we, I for one am sick of being picked upon constantly” she pointed her wand at Pavarti, “Narro Verus” she whispered watching in delight as the magic did it’s work.

Pansy stepped back, she loved watching Evvie when she used magic, people were right about the cleverest witch of their age, she could be really scary.

“Talk before the teachers come and I have no more chance to hurt you” said Evvie as she smiled evilly.

Pavarti looked at Evvie like she was worse even than the dirt under her feet, just once thought Evvie, I’d like to have a drama free day where everything works out as it should and no one is trying to ruin my life. Was it cliché to say that every teenager thinks their life is to be ruined by others, perhaps but regardless of that it was what was happening to Evvie.

“Why should I talk to you” said Pavarti.

“You’ll talk to me regardless” said Evvie.

“I was going to ruin you with the simplest rumor possible. Of course no one important would believe the rumor, there were only two people I wanted to make believe the rumor. Blaise and Draco and I sort of knew that it would fail with Blaise, but then I didn’t really know how close you and Blaise were but Draco was easy betting. I wanted what any girl wants, to be popular, and have a man. The man I want is Draco but unlike Ginny I wasn’t stupid enough to create a complex plan I knew once I had Draco and Blaise on my side I would be in complete control, Evvie wouldn’t have a chance if neither Draco and Blaise were on her side” she looked immensely pleased with herself.

“It was all a lie?” whispered Draco.

“I told you it was but you refused to believe it” spat Evvie in response.

Draco had the decency to look shame faced, though Evvie couldn’t care less. Was this how it was always to be? - Constant arguments and longing glances. Evvie wasn’t sure if she could stomach more of this, perhaps it was time to count her pennies and forget all she hoped she’d have.

“Evvie I’m”.

“Save it for someone who cares Draco” replied Evvie, she wasn’t going to be bullied into forgiving him again. When he was ready to act like a grown up then she’d be willing to talk to him but until then she didn’t much care.

How tragic to go from one fierce argument to the notion of unrequited love for however much Evvie and Draco refused to believe it they both had strong feelings for each other, feelings that had the promise of turning into something more if they’d just give it a chance. It was no longer an action waiting to happen in their own hands, other people; other things were at work here. Are you wondering what ‘other things, other people’ means, well for starters it means all the people who were friends with Draco, Evvie or both. Secondly it means a higher power, some people refer to it as fate, and fate had a hand in manipulating the lives of Draco and Evvie together or that was what fate was trying to do. The two people involved were making it very difficult, not to mention all the other people who kept trying to interfere.

Despite all the anger of the most recent argument both Draco and Evvie were wallowing in their own self pity parties and unrequited feelings. Evvie sat alone in the dorm room, Pansy and the others had given up trying to console her, for you can lead someone to the water but you can’t make them drink. Evvie wondered why, just why bad things kept happening to her. Was there something wrong with her? She thought so because despite everything, despite all the lies and the secrets, all the anger and the arguments, all the hurt and the pain Evvie still felt something for Draco.

She felt a longing, a desire to see him in ways that weren’t strictly confined to the realms of friendship. She wanted to hold and be close to him, she wanted to laugh and joke with him, she wanted to share moments and memories with him, she was stupidly falling for a guy that was both totally out of her league and totally and completely wrong for her. How messed up was that? Well it was probably as messed up as most girls’ lives are countless boyfriends and mixed relationships later we all find the perfect someone. How tragically perfect that Evvie falls for the perfect someone before her time.

Draco likewise was having similar feelings; his feelings were along the lines of anger and embarrassment. He couldn’t believe his feelings, thoughts and emotions had gotten away from him again, he couldn’t believe he still continued to act without thinking first. Unlike Evvie, Draco didn’t believe in the hands of fate, he didn’t believe in the helping hand of others, if he were to win back Evvie’s heart he’d have some serious work cut out for him but wait, where did that sudden thought come from? Why did he want to win Evvie’s heart back when he never had it in the first place?

Draco was a foolish boy, he didn’t believe in things he couldn’t understand. He didn’t realize that the heart retching feeling in his gut was his feelings. He had feelings for Evvie and as soon as he realized this his problems would be much easier. Draco was a foolish boy, he acted before he thought and in doing that he had ruined perhaps the last chance he had in getting Evvie. Hope was not lost; don’t think that, through the ups and the downs and the twists to come perhaps Draco and Evvie would find a way to come together. Perhaps is the word to use but if they never got together where would be the sense in the story?

Let’s leave Draco and Evvie alone for a while, their problems will take a while to work out, if they are spoken about any longer people might think they are the only two characters in this story. And those simply isn’t true, there are many more characters that need attention, just because they are supporting cast doesn’t make them any less important, besides they all have their own rules to play, who knows, they might end up surprise you dear reader.

Harry Potter stood outside the Slytherin common room, the one place he really didn’t want to be. The reason he was here? Well where else was he going to find Luna but the Slytherin common room where it was said she hung out. Why she had to hang out here of all places Harry didn’t understand. What did the Slytherin’s have that other houses didn’t. Slytherin’s were nasty untrustworthy people why did Luna think they were better people to hang out with. Harry’s temper was running away from him before he had a chance to stop it. He had to pause and take a few controlling breaths. Luna had already explained everything to Harry before, she’d told him to think about everything, that things were as black and white as he’d assumed.

With Ginny out of the picture for reasons unknown to Harry, his head felt a lot clearer, his feelings a lot lighter. It was almost as if he were under some sort of mind spell. That would explain his sudden sense of clarity, with Ginny removed from the picture the spell or whatever had happened to him had weakened, thus he was thinking of his own free will. With Ginny out of the picture Ron was no longer much of a threat. Whether he knew of the spell placed on Harry or not, Harry was no long as influenced to what Ron said as he used to be.

“Are you going to stand outside of the common room all day Harry?” asked Luna smugly.

“I er I” he stuttered.

“You came to apologize?”

“Yes, I’m sorry. You were right about everything”.

“Of course I was Harry, you took longer than I thought to realize that but Evvie said you would”.

He mumbled something unintelligible.

“Oh Harry, you aren’t still afraid of the Slytherin’s are you? You are silly, Harry. You came to apologize yet you’re making the same mistakes again” Luna shook her head sadly.

“Luna wait, please I’m sorry”.

“So am I” she replied.

“Luna don’t write him off” said Evvie who’d appeared behind her.


“He was under a spell. I couldn’t work it out at first but since he’s been away from Ginny it’s become clearer. He’s still under the lasting effects so don’t judge him too harshly. Make him come inside”.

“Yeah Harry come inside” said the voice of Neville Longbottom.

“Yeah Harry the Slytherin common room is so much fun” added the voice of Lavender Brown, “If I’d have known earlier I would have become friends with Slytherin’s way earlier!”

The small group of people walked a very confused Harry into the Slytherin common room, whatever happened behind the door it was Harry’s decision to make, only time would show his answer.

I used to love my bed, however being confined to it for a week makes me love it less. On the plus side recovery is going well, on the down side it's going at a snails pace. However since uni lectures and assignments are over (sob!) I have more time to write this - my brain has been arguing with the words they aren't getting a long but it will change I'm sure. Thank you to all you lovely people who have reviewed this story and others, your comments brighten my day ~ Zyii 


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