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The Crystal of Sayan by clari_tries_writing
Chapter 14 : Interlude III
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Interlude III


'There's an owl for you' Katarina said as a big black dog entered the cave 'it won't leave so I guess it must be important' she added as she watched the dog transferred into a shaggy black haired man, who headed towards the small owl and detached the letter from its leg.

'It's from Hogwarts' Sirius replied as he broke the red wax seal embossed with the school's distinctive crest.

'That's the school?' Katerina asked, waking over to Sirius, who was now reading the letter quickly.

'What it Sirius?' she asked as she watched his face fall as he folded up the letter and tossed it into the fire, watching the edges of the parchment crinkle up as it burnt.

'It's Harry' he replied, playing with his beard, a sign she had picked up which showed that he was worried, even though he appeared calm.

'Has he had another dream?' she asked, reaching out to touch his arm, trying to give the obviously troubled man some comfort. She remembered the letter Sirius' godson had sent him a month or so ago, telling him about a weird dream he had had. Sirius, at that point had been prepared to head back to Britain, to find Harry, but she had persuaded him to stay, stating that Harry would just worry if he headed back (she had been proven right when Harry replied to Sirius' hastily written letter) and that the Ministry of Magic would still be looking for him and he would not be any use to Harry if he was recaptured.

'It's much worse' he answered, sitting down on the hard cave floor.

'What did the letter say? She asked, sitting down beside him as he stared into the fire.

'It was from Dumbledore' he stated

'Dumbledore, he's the Headmaster?'

'Yeah, he wrote to tell me that Harry has been selected from the Triwizard Tournament'

'The What?'

Sirius then had to explain to the clueless witch what the Triwizard Tournament involved and its horrifying history. 'The thing is though' he said, explaining what was so wrong 'this time they decided to use an age line, so only students who are of age could enter hoping than it would be safer'

'But I thought you said that Harry was fourteen!' Katerina explained, remembering the mad expedition she and Sirius had had back in July when they had to steal a cake to send Harry for his birthday, from the local patisserie.

'That's the thing; someone else must have entered Harry into the Goblet of Fire. There are only meant to be three champions and Harry can't drop out because as soon as his name was put into the goblet, it was like signing a magical binding contract. He has to take part and he's going to be against these 17 year olds.'

'You need to go back' Katerina stated firmly as Sirius sat there quietly

'But I though you thought it would be too dangerous?'

'It sounds like Harry needs you. This Dumbledore obviously thinks that you should go back and from what you have told me about him, he's probably got you a place to hide near the castle. You need to be there to support Harry.'

Sirius stayed silent as if contemplating what the Russian witch was saying. But I can't leave you he thought. He felt horrible at the thought of leaving Rina behind. They had spent the summer together and Sirius felt a companionship with the blonde haired witch, more than he had ever felt with any other woman. When he had been at Hogwarts he had been a serial dater, using them just to fulfil his needs, he had never really been friends with one. That had changed when Lily Evans had finally become James' girlfriend. Sirius and Lily had become friends, which was surprising since he had spent most of his time at Hogwarts tormenting her but when James had been away on Order business it had left Sirius to look after a pregnant hormonal Lily.

The feelings Sirius had for Rina were also different from what he had felt for Marlene McKinnon, the only girl who would not fall for his charms and had tragically died just before the demise of Voldemort. It seemed despite the age difference, he felt a very strong connection to Rina. Not only were they hiding from something (Sirius had yet to find out what she was hiding from) and lonely, but she was also an animagus. Sirius thought that he had never seen such a beautiful creature than the white wolf that she transformed into and it had solved the mystery of the bright violet eyes he had seen in the darkness on his first night in the cave.

He couldn't just leave her behind, not after the way she had look after her him, let him live in her cave, fed him and his hungry hippogriff and kept him company throughout the summer.

'I'll be alright' Katarina said calmly, as if reading his thoughts. 'I've survived seven years by myself'


'Sirius, Harry needs you, it's going to get worse; you know that. From what you've told me, your godson and trouble always seem to find each other.'

Sirius sighed, he knew what he had to do but he felt so reluctant to do it.

'I'll be alright' she repeated, kissing him on the cheek.

However at that very moment Sirius turned his head, capturing her lips with his. Sparks jolted through their bodies, igniting this lust and passion that had been deeply buried. Though in shock, Sirius was glad that Rina did not pull away but instead seemed to pull him closer, falling into the kiss. Finally they pulled apart, gasping for air.

'I'll sort out some things for you to take' Katerina said, as if nothing had happened, though a small smile betrayed her true feelings. 'You'd better fly through the night. You wouldn't want people to see a hippogriff flying through the sky and ask questions, just be careful of the giants'

As she walked away, Sirius sat there, next to the dying embers of the fire, wondering what had just happened and what was going to happen next.

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The Crystal of Sayan: Interlude III


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