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It's Called Summer by applesugar33
Chapter 8 : A Week Gone By.
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 A.N. Sorry if it took longer than usual, almost got my permit today, but no. Getting it tomorrow!! So by the time this is published I'll be driving! <333 Have a good dayy!! Review! 

            The second Ginny hit the ground, she regained consciousness and looked at Hermione. “What?” She yelled.

            “I’ve been dating Draco for over a month,” Hermione said reaching a hand to help Gin off the ground.

            “You have?” Ginny took a seat on the couch next to Hermione.

            “Yeah, he’s not the same as he is at school, sure he is a git,” Draco huffed, “but he can be a nice guy sometimes.” Hermione laughed, “When I went to meet up with Josh, Aubrey, and Mike this summer, he was there. We called a truce and stuff happened.”

            “That’s great ‘Mione,” Ginny smiled at her friend.

            “Wait, why aren’t you mad,” Draco said expecting some kind of anger.

            “I’ve been going out with Blaise Zabini all summer,” Ginny said matter-of-factly.

            “How has he been?” Draco asked, “My parents think I’m staying there is summer.”

            “Do they? That’s funny,” Ginny laughed. Soon enough everyone settled into normal conversing.

            The third day Ginny was here Hermione woke up once again in the living room along with the others who were still asleep. Ginny had fallen asleep, but it looked like her eyes were still glued to the television. Mia rolled out of Draco’s arms and silently walked up to the kitchen and out the back door grabbing a squirt gun and some water balloons, which she magically filled. Walking back into the room she was happy that everyone was still asleep. She tapped Ginny on the shoulder and handed her the balloons, together they managed to get everyone awake.  Draco woke and jumped up, right into a balloon. “Mia! I’m going to get you!” Soon enough everyone was awake and rolling on the soaked floor.

            By the end of the week, they had been almost everywhere in the town. Ginny had surprisingly got along very well with Draco, joking fighting everywhere they went. Hermione was happy Ginny was so good and happy that she would be able to help with the boys later.

            “Ginny, are you sure you can’t spend the rest of the summer here?” Hermione asked for the 30th time.

            “You know I would if I could!” Ginny hugged everyone and then walked out the door. “I’ll see you in a  few weeks!” she yelled back.

            “So what should we do today?” Mia asked turning back to the group of people. Draco walked up behind her and circled her waist.

            “I think we should all take personal days,” Draco said tightening his grip on Hermione.

            “And I’m just going to assume that personal day means couples day?” Hermione asked looking up. Draco kissed her lips and nodded. “Well than it’s decided. See you all later as I know you will all be back.”

            Once everyone was out the door Hermione turned back to Draco with a sneaky look on her face. She walked up to Draco and kissed him straight on the lips. They continued that for a while, Draco soon deepened the kiss by running his tongue swept over her bottom lip asking for entrance. Soon their tongues were dancing together. Hermione broke the kiss and looked up to him, “Do you want to go to my bedroom?”

            “You sure?” He asked, Hermione nodded confidently. The two walked down the stairs to her bedroom and continued kissing on her bed. Soon enough Draco ‘s shirt was off and Draco was kissing down Hermione’s neck. “Mia, I think we should stop here,” Draco said huskily.

            “Why?” She asked sitting up against the pillows.

            “I won’t be able to stop if we don’t now. We have forever to do this. Let’s just go watch a movie before this goes too far,” he said reasonable.

            “Thank you, Draco,” Mia said kissing his lips again lightly. “You’re right.”

            Draco got off the bed and then took hand to help her up. The two then headed to the downstairs living room to watch a movie. Hermione went and got a movie while Draco got popcorn and drinks. Hermione decided they would watch The Notebook and popped it in the player as she waited for Draco.

            “Hello love, your coca-cola,” Draco handed Hermione the beverage which she set on the coffee table and Draco took a seat with the bowl of popcorn in his hand. “What are we watching?”

            “The Notebook,” Hermione answered. Draco just nodded, agreeing with whatever she wanted. The two watched the movie, occasionally stopping to kiss a little at the romantic parts. When the movie ended Mia had tears in her eyes, Draco looked down in concern, “Hey Draco?”

            “Yeah?” He asked her lifting her so that she was on his lap.

            “Are you going to be my Noah?” she sniffled.

            “As long as you agree to be my Ally,” he responded. Hermione grinned at him and tilted her lips toward Draco’s.

            “This year, I am going to be myself. I’ll show people who I really am and who I really am is with you,” Hermione said.

            “So what is your plan, whatever you want is what I’ll do.”

            “On the train explain what you want to your friends, I’ll be in a compartment with Ginny, Ron, and Harry. Just come in as your charming self and we can work it out from there,” Hermione said.

            “Sounds perfect,” Draco kissed her. “I really do love you.”

            “I know,” Hermione said. Draco pouted, “I love you too. You should know that by now.”

            “Good. Let’s clean up, I give the others 10 minutes to get here.” Draco said taking the popcorn bowl from the couch.

            “Carry me,” Hermione said holding her arms up and yawning, she was partially joking so where Draco actually lifted her into his arms she was a little surprised but didn’t argue.

            “Come on Princess,” Draco said kissing her forehead.

            “You’re the best,” Hermione giggled. Hermione and Draco got to the kitchen, Draco saw an owl at the window above the sink and set Hermione on the counter. The owl flew in landing on the sink, hooting. Draco pulled the letter off the owl and it flew away. The letter was from his parents. Draco read through the letter and ended with a frown on his face.

            “I have to go home in 7 days,” Draco said. “My parents decided they want to spend a little bit of time with their only son.”

            “It’ll be fine, Draco. We have only 9 days left of break and a few left together,” Mia said hugging her boyfriend. “Spend some time with your parents. I think mine are coming home tomorrow anyway and they’ll want to spend time with me.” She added bitterly. “When they get home, they probably will want to have a big family picnic with my cousins and grandparents. You should come, meet them all, it would be fun and safe me from my parents for a while.”

            “What’s up with you and your parents?” Draco asked.

            “They didn’t mean to have me, so as soon as I was old enough they would just leave me here coming back to spend a day or two here or there. I used to spend summer at Emily’s, but then we got old enough to stay here,” Hermione explained.

            “One day, Mia, I promise, we’ll have a dedicated, functioning family,” Draco promised looking into her eyes. Hermione merely nodded and leaned into his embrace. 

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It's Called Summer: A Week Gone By.


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