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The Trouble With Life is... by Irobbedgringottsandgotaway
Chapter 12 : Problem #12
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Disclaimer: Anything recognizable belongs to JK Rowling.





Wow! Last chapter! I can't believe I'm actually finished with this story! It's my first finished piece! I'd like to give a blanket thank you to all you awesome people who reviewed, you kept the story going, and to all of you other awesome readers out there! I would like to say, I will probably come back and edit this at some point, adding little scenes and tidbits from time to time, but I have two other stories to work on, and a whole 'nother idea stirring around in the alphabet soup also known as my brain. So keep your eyes out for stuff. I also have a one-shot in the works that all you Alex/James shippers will appreiciate! So thanks so much to all you readers, and enjoy the last chapter! Nuff' said.


 A/N (12/3): so, the sequel for this story is up, with a third chapter coming soon. I like to call it a seprequel because each chapter contains something post-epilogue for those who like the happy ending the best, and contains stuff from Hogwarts time, which is the stuff I love, you know, the build up.

Also, you should check out my Al/OC story if you like this chapter in particular! Not to mention the one-shot containing these two lovebirds (may or not contain a proposal... *whistles, trying to act naturally*)

Thanks again to all my readers (at this point there are 21,000!!!!!!!!!) {squeeeeee!}




Now I have come to understand,
The way it is,
It's not a secret anymore,
'cause we've been through that before,
            - Like a Star by Corinne Bailey Rae


I didn't even bother talking, simply kissing him, feeling his arms circle around me, knowing that I was home.

And then, it started to rain.

It was like a glorious outbreak in the heavens, pouring down its cool rushes of water unto us.

I broke away, and simply laughed.

I laughed seriously for the first time in years. James immediately caught on and joined me, us two laughing like absolute maniacs in the middle of a rainstorm on a bridge in the center of London.

It was perfect.

"Twenty nine days was much too long." He said, the first one to break the silence, his laugh dying down. His eyes looked like they were on fire, giving me a blazing look like green swirls of fire.

"Much. Much too long." I agreed, kissing him again.

"I love you." I said, finally, breaking away for a brief second.

He smiled again. "And I love you."



"James! Are you sure this is the right window?" I hissed in the dark, currently clinging to the branch that my health depended on.

"It's my own house, I'm pretty positive." He said from below me, watching me, ready to catch me if (or when) I fall.

"Okay." I said aprehensively. "Remind me again why we didn't just take the front door?"

"This is easier." He said.

"In what way James?" I asked, trying not to lose my patience.

"I don't want to get caught sneaking into my father's study. Plus, my family thinks I'm in Wales for the weekend. Double plus, YOU wanted to avoid the whole 'yeah we're dating now' situation with Lily and Al."

Right. So worth it now that I think of it.

We'd only been together for just over twenty four hours, and I was trying to avoid Lily and Albus for as long as I could, as they'd be absolutely insuffurable.

"Okay, here I go..." I say, jumping onto the tiny balcony adjacent to the window.

"Coast is clear, come on up." I whisper into the darkness.

"Is it locked?" He asked, climbing up the base of the tree.

"Yeah, but I'm on it." I whisper back, in the midst of jimmying the lock.

There was a satisfying click and I was able to slide the window open gracefully, tumbling into the room not so gracefully.

I let out an 'oomph', and to my surprise, someone yelled in response.


"Al! Don't worry it's just m- JAMES NO!"

There was another crash and James toppled in through the window right on top of me.

I sighed, cringing. There would definitely be a nasty bruise on my elbow.


"Shut up Al." James said. "Water Cress Tai Kwon Do? Really mate?"


"No he's not, I'm right here, you arse." James said. I couldn't see him in the dark, but I could sense him rubbing a sore spot on his head.


"Just turn on the damn light. We can't see a damn thing."

A couple of moments later, the lights flashed on. We were in a teenage boy's room, and I was still on the floor, behind Al.

"HIIIIGGGHHHH YAHHH!" Al yelled, charging straight at James, who was convieniently right in front of him, under the window.

"YOU BLITHERING IDIOT!" James shouted as Al continued to whack James over the head with his pillow, while wearing footie p.j.'s with little snitches and brooms on them.


"Oh for god's sake Al..."

It was actually a pretty funny situation, watching James get terrorized by his younger brother, who was wearing footie pjamas. Which is why I started laughing.

Al turned and looked at me, trying to stifle my laughter.

"I'm sorry, carry on... " I said, between chuckles. "But... I just have to ask... Are those actual footie pjamas?"

Al looked away from me for a second to glance down at his sleepwear choice.

James started laughing too.

"What the hell is going on in here? Doesn't anyone in this damn house understand the concept of beauty sleep?" Lily grumbled as she entered the room, rubbing her eyes.

"Sorry Lils." James apologized. "We were just going anyways..." He said, averting his eyes to me and then the door, in silent agreement.

I started to slip out, trying to get past Lily and Al without them grasping what was going on.

Didn't work out too well.

"Alex? What are you doing here?" Al finally asked, still blushing from the footie pajama comment.

"Alex?" Lily questioned, turning to see me. "What the hell? Why are you here..." A grin broke out across her face. "Oh, this is too good."


"So, how long have you two been dating?" Lily asked as we sat at the kitchen table, where James and I were sitting side by side with Al and Lily across from us, coffee in front of each of us. James was holding a bag of frozen peas to his head where he hit it, and I had frozen corn on my elbow.

"Like, thirty two hours or summat." James said, kind of mumbling. I looked at him, and a grin broke across my face at how ridiculous he looked, holding that bag of peas to his forehead.

He started laughing too, the two of us breaking down into laughter in the middle of the table.

"This is absolutely pathetic! I should have been notified at least thirty one hours ago of this happening!" Lily exclaimed.

"Whatever you say, Lils." James says, rolling his eyes. "You'll be the first to know the next time something big happens."

"Right. Glad we're on the same page." She said, mistaking his sarcasm for utmost seriousness. James just sighs and starts to drink the coffee Lily had made. "When you get engaged. I better be the first person you tell."

Cue James spraying his coffee all over the table.

I can feel a blush creeping up on my face.

Al just laughs.

I glare, patting James on the back to prevent him from choking.

"It's a little early for that, is it not?" I say, my blush subsiding. James is finally done coughing.

"Not in my eyes." Lily says plainly.

I roll my eyes.

"So, Al. How's Taylor?" James asks, turning the conversation away from us.

"Splendid." He said, averting his eyes to anywhere but James or I.

"Still in love with her?" I ask.

"Er... I guess, but I really don't think she feels that way, so it's better if we just stay friends for now." His face is turning red.

"Well, as the saying goes, the way to a man's heart is cooking. The way to a woman's is friendship." I said wisely.

James scoffs. "You just made that up didn't you?"

"Yes. But it is true. At least somewhat." I shrug. He just smiles and rests a hand on my knee.

"Well, as far as I've learned," Lily says, "The way to a man's heart is either chocolate, or s..."

"Or what?" Al asked, staring her down threateningly, anticipating her answer. 

"Er... sorbert. Sorbert." she says, blushing.

"That's what I thought." James said.

I laugh again, leaning into James.

He looks at me and smiles, reaching down to kiss me.

It’s official. I am irrevocably, absolutely, and unequivocally in love with James Potter.    

And I’ve never felt so at home.

I guess, that's the thing about James. I'm at home whenever I'm with him.

And the thing about life is, life's short, and is hard. So you just have to find that center, and keep rooted there, holding on for your life.



“James, if you don’t pick up the pace a bit, Hermione’s going to have your head.” Alex says over her shoulder, walking down the path, her nice shoes clicking against the stones. She’s pulling me along by my hand, but is smiling and rolling her eyes. She looks beautiful in a nice green dress and nice heels and earrings. She left her hair as she usually does, a touch of the regular Alex.

“She won’t mind if we’re a little late. In fact, she’d be proud of us for being ‘fashionably late’.” I respond.

“It doesn’t count as being fashionably late if we’re always late.” She retorts.

“I think it should.”

“Yes, but you have to admit, being an hour late to your family’s Christmas dinner doesn’t bode well.” She chided.

“Well, they’re your family too, so they won’t be lecturing just me.” I reminded her.

“Yes, but they like me better. Plus, I’m still pretty new, so they’ll probably let me off the hook.” She smirks.

I roll my eyes. “It’s been, like, seven months and two weeks. You wish.”

“No. I just know.”

“Cocky much?” I raise an eyebrow teasingly.

“Perhaps. Why? Are you intimidated?” She gives me a jokingly intense stare.

No, but I am turned on. I just smirk at her and wink.

She rolls her eyes. “Just pick up the pace James. Now’s not a good time to get distracted.”

“You know you want to.” I say, kissing her neck, right underneath her ear. She smells good.

She leans into me. “Yes, well, your parents, and all your relatives are probably waiting for us, and they already have a lot over my head…” She sighs, turning around to kiss me.

“Still paying off the bet? It’s been, like a year and a half you know.” I remind her, between kisses.

She breaths out. “Possibly. It’s just so much damn money. And I’m trying to pay it gradually, since we’re saving up for a house and all that.”

“Alex, you don’t have to worry about that.” I say seriously. “You know that we already have a decent amount saved up, and with both our salaries, it’ll add up quickly.”

“I know.” She sighs, resignedly. “I just don’t like giving into their satisfaction.”

I laugh. “You’re impossible.”

“Only when I feel like it. And we should really go, they’re all waiting fo-“ I cut her off with a kiss.

“Allright. We actually need to go now Alex. Stop getting so distracted.” I say, smiling.

She glares. “Don’t even.”

“What? Were my rugged good looks too much for you? Or was it my snogging abilities?” I smirk.

“I can’t believe you. YOU distracted me.”

“What? I can’t kiss my own wife?”

“You’re impossible.”

I laugh.

“C’mon.” She says, pulling me along.

We walk along the street, under the sparse street lamps, to Ron and Hermione’s place. They’re hosting Christmas this year, as the Burrow is under construction, and Grandpa Arthur’s been in bed with the flu, preventing the fretting Molly from cleaning up the house. He’s better now, thanks to her. I hope Alex and I will be like that.

But then I remember, Of course we will.

“James! Alex! Come in!” Says my aunt Hermione as we step into the entry hall. “What took you so long?”

“Er… just got caught up in doing a couple things. Sorry, hope you haven’t been waiting for us or anything.” I explain.

“Oh no! The roast is almost done, you have great timing.”

I give Alex a look that clearly says, “I told you so.”

She rolls her eyes. “Here are the caramels that I said I would bring, Hermione.” She hands her the tin of caramels that took five pans, three pots, four wooden spoons to hit me with when I tried to sneak a sample, three hours, twenty kisses, and a partridge in a pear tree to make.

I know. Still not the greatest cooks. But we’re getting there. Plus, they actually turned out great, probably thanks to Alex’s mom’s old recipe we used.

“Oh! Great! They’ll love these I’m sure! Hope it wasn’t too much trouble!” She says. More people appear over her shoulder as she turns into the kitchen to check on Grandma Molly’s roast, and I make out Al and Louis.

I help Alex shrug out of her coat, hanging ours on the overflowing rack.

“Hey Alex. Is that a hickey?” Apparently this is a common greeting for Al to ask Alex. She blushes every time though.

“No.” She blushes. She touches her neck. Oops. I guess she does have one.

“C’mon Al. We’re married now.” I remind him.

“Hey Louis, Hugo.” Alex says, nodding to Louis and Hugo, who just walked in the door.

“Alex!” My sister exclaims, practically bouncing into Alex’s arms.

“Hey Lily, long time no see.” Alex laughs, returning Lily’s embrace.

“I know! I’ve missed you!”

“Missed you too, sis.” I say from the side.

“Hey James.” She gives me a hug too, laughing.

I look to Alex, and she just shakes her head, giving me a look, like, “Can you believe her?”

I smile, and shake my head. My dad shows up by the door and gives me and Alex one of those knowing looks before hugging each of us, like the one he gave when he found out we were dating. Like he wasn’t even surprised.

Later, after a nice, long dinner and night, Alex and I are walking down the street after apparating into an alley near to our flat.

“Man, your family is the best.” She says.

“I know. And now they’re your family too.” I remind her for the second time that night.

Our family is the best.” She says, smiling, emphasizing the ‘our’. I like how that sounds, and lean in to kiss her.

“I know.” I say, leaning down into her.

And I think of how unquestionably I love her.

And I feel at home.

"Home is where the heart is" as they say.

And I say, to truly come home, find your heart. Mushy, I know, right?

But seriously. You just need to find your #3 extra spicy chicken pepper pad thai, and stay there.

And that's the thing about life. 

It's not about the troubles that bring you down, but the things that hold you together.


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