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The Abundance of Potters by Phoenix_Feather49
Chapter 18 : Baby Bumps, Clever Distractions and Awkward Situations
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 “So when are you going to tell them?”


“On Christmas Day?”


“Well that’ll be a lovely present won’t it? I can see it now: ‘Hey mum, dad. I didn’t get you a present this year- I’ve got something better. You’ll have it in about five months’ time, say. Congrats, you’re gonna be grandparents!’”

“Not funny, Kat.”

“I thought it was rather witty myself.”

“It wasn’t.”

“Or are you going to tell them just before you get on the train? ‘MUM, DAD! I’M PREGNANT! SEE YOU AT EASTER!’”


“Ow, Rose! That hurt!”

“It was meant to!”

I rub my head where Rose hit it with a picture frame and glare at her. We’re sat in her bedroom, lounging around, doing nothing in particular.

I look up at her and say quietly, “Rose, you have to tell them.”

Rose groans and pulls up her top. She jabs her stomach angrily. “Look! There’s a little bump! Look! You can see it!”

I blink and lean forward, focusing on her tummy. Suddenly, I realise she’s right- there is a little bump, making her stomach more rounded. I can’t help but grin. “Wow.”

Rose looks at me with a WTF face. I shrug. “It’s cute!”

“No it’s not. It makes it so much more real. Going to the scan was bad enough, but with this… I liked the scan, but this is scary. I only noticed the other day- the day we left Hogwarts to come home. I’ve been putting a Disillusionment Charm on it- don’t worry, I’ve checked and it’s not harmful to the baby in any way,” Rose tells me quickly, sinking down into her double bed. A silence fills the room and I look around, gazing at the silent roaring Gryffindor lion on one wall and the various Quidditch players whizzing around the posters.

“It’s going to be alright you know,” I say softly, not taking my eyes of old Hollyhead Harpies captain, Gwenog Jones.

Rose puts her head on my shoulder. “How can you tell?”

“I just have a feeling.”

“Tonight. I’ll do it tonight. You’ll be there right?”

“Yeah. I’ll owl Scorpius too.”

“Any ideas on how to tell them?”

“No idea.”

“I’ll get straight to the point. Do it quickly.”

“Like ripping off a plaster.”


There’s a slight pause, then,

“Practice your shield charms will you? My dad might lunge for Scorpius.”

“What do you think I’ve been doing for the last few weeks at school?”

“PASS ME THE POTATOES JAMES!” Lily roars over the hubbub. We’re all seated in the Potter’s ginormous dining room. It’s a huge house- so big that I always think it must be lonely. But every inch of every wall is covered in family photos and portraits of various people. It never feels huge really, it always feels homely.

“JAMES! I TOLD YOU TO PASS ME THE POTATOES!”  Lily yells again and this time James responds and passes Lily the potatoes. She’s only been yelling for the last half-hour.

Scorpius arrived about an hour before dinner and Albus- very quickly- picked up on why he was here. He immediately and dutifully played to best friend, giving him a man-hug the minute Scorpius walked through the door. Scorpius gave him a grateful smile. Despite all the anger between them, Albus was going to protect both of them.

I’m sat next to James and Albus.

Which isn’t at all awkward.


James’ knee occasionally bashes against mine, making me flush. Nobody has noticed. I think. He’d been pretty pissed off with me for befriending Al again, but as soon as we got off the train he ran up to me, kissed me and apologized.

He’s a proper gentleman.

Scorpius is sat next to Al and Rose is sat across from me. Al makes easy conversation with Scorpius as I chat away with both of them, James and Rose. Rose and Scorpius keep glancing at each other nervously. Dom just keeps chatting to Rose.

Bloody hell, I’m incredibly nervous too. And I’m not even the one who’s pregnant! Or the one who got her pregnant.

Do you reckon I could get out of being there?

No, I don’t think so either.

As the young and colourfully clothed house-elf (who is paid, just in case you wondered) brought an exquisite looking dessert, Albus leans towards me and mutters in my ear, “She’s telling them today, isn’t she?”

I nod quickly in reply.

“Need a distraction?” Albus whispers again, grinning cheekily.

I smile back to say yes.

“On it.”

He returns to his conversation with Scorpius whilst shovelling spoonful’s of what looks like Treacle Tart down his throat.

How does he stay so thin?

I took into my own Crème Brule when suddenly a hand rests on my leg. I drop my spoon and let out a squawk. Everyone goes quiet and stares at me.

Of course. When Lily is screaming bloody murder, everyone ignores her. But when I squawk quietly, everyone stares at me.

Quickly, I cough a few times and say in a hoarse voice, “Sorry, food went down the wrong way.”

They all accept this explanation and Ron tells James to “give me a good slap of the back”. Albus throws me a funny look but doesn’t say anything.

James meanwhile places his hand back and gives me a crooked smile. I can’t help but smile back.

He keeps his hand there for the rest of the meal.

Once we’ve finished, we all chat for a bit, letting the food go down.

“Right! We’ll all head into the living room, yeah?” Harry tells us, beaming happily. Rose sends me a panicked look. She needs her parents on their own.

“Actually Dad, I was thinking we could have a Quidditch game?” Albus says quickly. All the children clap in delight.

“I don’t know, Al. We’ve only just eaten-” Ginny begins slowly.

“Come on, Mum. You’re just scared we’ll beat you!” James calls out, laughing. Ginny laughs too and pulls her hair back.

“You’re on.”

Harry laughs and gazes lovingly at his over-competitive wife. “Well then! Everyone who wants to play, head outside!” At his words, all the children run out of the room at full pelt, headed towards the garden. Rose and Scorpius nervously scuttle I know they’ll be waiting outside the room. Albus heads out just after them and sends a look to both of them that simply says, “Good luck.” They smile gratefully as he strolls away. James looks at me pointedly, grabbing my hand.

“I, uh, just need the loo. I’ll be out soon,” I lie easily. He smiles and nods, leans in for a quick kiss and then follows his little cousins.

“I’ll clean up,” Hermione decides easily- she was never one for Quidditch.

Harry nods and turns to Ron. “You up for it mate?”

Ron shakes his head and pats his stomach, “Nah, I’m stuffed. I’ll have a heart attack! I’ll help Hermione clean up.”

Harry laughs and claps his friend on the shoulder before heading out. I follow him, as if I’m heading to the loo. I stop walking as soon as I see Rose and Scorpius walk back in. I hang back behind them.

“Mum, dad. Can I speak to you?” Rose whispers tentatively.

“Of course, Rosie,” Hermione smiles warmly at her daughter, looking confused. Ron meanwhile eyes up Scorpius suspiciously. Hermione leads the way to the living room and we all follow suit.

Ron and Hermione sit on one of the sofas and I sit in one of the chairs near the fire. My wand is in my pocket- just in case. Even though I’m underage, in a house so full of magic, the Ministry won’t be able to track who used the spell. Rose and Scorpius stay standing.

Probably in case they have to do a runner. I watch Rose carefully as the adults fuss about as they sit down. She’s muttering something to herself, and as I peer closer, I realise she’s mouthing “Rip it off like a plaster” over and over.

Rose takes a deep breath and Scorpius tenses.

“I’m pregnant.”





There we go.

Ron leaps up, eyes bulging. Hermione sits back and pales considerably.

“I-I’m sorry,” whispers Rose, looking scared.

“SORRY? SORRY?! You’re sorry! Oh, so sorry makes everything okay does it?” Ron roars. He stomps to the fireplace and rests a hand there, staring at the flames

“Rose, how could you do this?” Hermione murmurs, her eyes not leaving her daughters face. “I thought we raise you better than this.” She continues, her voice laced with sadness and disappointment. That tone is so much worse than Ron’s fury.

Both Scorpius and I wince, and Rose begins to cry silently.

Ron turns back, his eyes wild and furious. “Do you have any idea to what you have done?” he hisses.

Rose stays silent, still crying. Scorpius reaches for her hand. That movement suddenly sends Ron spiralling into complete fury. He storms towards Scorpius and grabs him by the collar. He practically lifts him from his seat and Scorpius stumbles up. Ron pushes him backwards until he’s against a wall.

Rose screams, Hermione jumps up in alarm. Ron whips out his wans and points it at Scorpius’ neck. Scorpius shakes in terror, but doesn’t wriggle or move.

Suddenly, the door bangs open and Harry strides through. The entire family is behind him.

“What’s going on? We heard yelling and a scream!” Harry yells, panicked. Then he sees Ron with his wand pointed at Scorpius. Ron ignores his friend and is completely focused on Scorpius. Harry sends Ginny a look and she hurriedly attempts to close the door. Hugo squirms through before she can fully close it. The family is still at the door.

“Ron,” Harry says cautiously as he reaches for his own wand and walks towards them.

Ron drops Scorpius suddenly, and he falls to the ground, grabbing at his neck and taking ragged breaths.

“Ron, what’s going on?” Harry asks quietly, not realising the door is still open. Ginny is desperately trying to drag the others away but none of them will go.


Then the entire house goes still. No-one moves or reacts or says a thing. Everything is silent except for Rose’s terrified sobs.

Al is the first to recover. He pushes through his family so he can step inside the doorway. He hurries towards Rose and crouches beside her. He holds her tightly. Hugo slides down the wall till he’s sat, leant against the wall.

Harry is still frozen in shock. Then Ginny grabs the nearest child and hurries them all outside, closing the door behind her. Now everyone in the room is frozen in this awkward silence.

And I hate awkward silences.

I never know what to do.

So, I do the first thing I can think of, what my Mum would always say in a crisis.

“Anyone want a cup of tea?”


A/N Hey there! Long time no speak! Sorry for the slow updates, I have one word for you: EXAMS.
They suck. And are hard. And require a minimun of five hours revision a day.
So I have no time to write at the moment- which is very annoying! AND to make matters worse, the exams are spread overfour weeks, so it's not like I get them out of the way soon... 
HOWEVER, because I love you all so much, I took time out today to finish the next chapter and begin the one after that. So hopefully those chapters will be out soon!
THANK YOU SO MUCH for bearing with. Please review!
Phoenix_Feather49 <3


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The Abundance of Potters: Baby Bumps, Clever Distractions and Awkward Situations


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