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The Greatest Days Of Our Lives by hiral05
Chapter 5 : An eventful night
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“Cheers to the frickin’ weekend, drink to that” Cheers – Rihanna.

 Lily and I walked into the room and found Remus and Mimi glaring at each other from across the room, Sirius sitting on his bed with a bottle of firewhisky, James looking at the door anxiously for Lily to walk in and Lola and Peter getting some muggle booze out of a bag.

‘Lily, finally what took you so long’ said James jumping to his feet as soon as we walked in.

‘Honestly I’m only 5 minutes later than everyone else’ retorted Lily giving him an uneeded glare.

‘waiting for you for 5 minutes is like waiting for 5 hours!’

‘Shut up potter’

‘I thought we had progressed to James’ he said as lily just rolled her eyes and went over to grab some muggle drinks.

I was just about to make my over to Mimi who was now staring out the window with butterbeer in her hand when James grabbed my arm and said ‘I don’t know what happened between you and Padfoot but I don’t want it affecting this night, now im going to go over and tell Mimi and Moony the same thing, ok?’

‘Fine, James, but it’s kind of complicated’

‘Then uncomplicate it’ he said simply before walking over to Remus.

‘Everyone, this isn’t going to be some divided thing, so I think some drinking games and such should liven things up a bit’ said Lola

I groaned, this was the last thing I needed.

‘Right, so everyone has to play! No exceptions’ said Lola smiling. She had everyone in a circle on the floor while Mimi took Sirius’ fire whisky drained the last of it and set it in the middle.

‘A bit of old school muggle spin the bottle ok with you lot?’ Mimi asked.

‘How do you play?’ asked James looking baffled.

‘Well, in one version you spin the bottle and whoever it lands on is dared to do something, in the other version you spin the bottle twice therefore having two people it lands on and those two people have to kiss’ explained Lily.

‘Well, the second version might get a bit complicated’ said Remus ‘so how about the dare one?’ while everyone agreed.

‘Great’ said Lola and she leaned forward and span the bottle, it landed

Of course.

‘Jem!’ said Mimi triumphantly ‘now a dare for Jem, anyone got one?’

‘I have’ said Lily ‘you have to....’ she pondered and then said excitedly ‘go into the 5th year boys dorm’

‘To do what?’ I asked, this was not going to end up good.

‘I don’t know, do a dance or something’ said Lola.

‘Or a cheer’ said James

‘No way, that is way too embarrassing’ I said.

‘Jem’ said Lily raising her eyebrows ‘you were never one to give up on a dare, don’t start now’

‘Lils, did I ever mention how much I hate you?’ I asked getting up while downing my drink.

Well an hour later everyone had done at least one embarrassing dare, even Sirius who put on a cheerleading outfit. I guess things weren’t that bad seeing as he hadn’t given me a dirty look for about 15 minutes.

By this time everyone was sobering up a little as we hadn’t drunk for a little while and now the hate stares were coming back between Sirius and I, and Mimi and Remus.

‘Ok, how about a game of I never?’ asked Lola

‘How do you play I never?’ asked James completely oblivious to every muggle drinking game ever to exist.

‘James, don’t you know any muggle games?’ asked Lily

‘No, I grew up in a wizarding family’

‘Fair enough, well I never is when somebody says something they have never done and if you have then you have to take a sip of your drink’

‘sounds fun, let’s go!’ said James suddenly enthusiastic.

‘I’ll start’ said Mimi ‘I have never...kept a really big secret from my friends’ she was staring at Remus.

Remus drank.

So did I.

So did all the marauders.

Mimi narrowed her eyes and said ‘I have never kept a secret from my friends right now in this very moment’

We all drank again.

‘I cant believe this’ she said before leaning back against a bed and sighing.

‘How about another one?’ said Lily bit Mimi ignored her.

‘What the fuck are all of you lot keeping from me or us anyway?’ she said dangerously.

I looked to the ground and refused to meet Sirius’ eye. ‘Oh that’s right, don’t answer me, keep your secrets’ she continued.

‘Look, Mimi’ started Remus

‘No, I’ve heard this so many times’ she said before she started mimicking Remus ‘If I tell you, you’ll look at me differently, you wont be my friend’ she stopped mimicking him and stared at him ‘well guess what Remus, I wont look at you differently, nothing you ever tell me will ever make me look at you differently’

‘It will’ he said quietly.

‘Maybe we should just tell them’ said Peter

‘Moony?’ said James carefully

‘Just do it’ said Remus so quietly I almost didn’t hear him. What the fuck is going on?

‘I have never...’ started James ‘wait, are you sure Moony?’


‘Fine, I have never been a werewolf’

Remus drank.

Mimi and Remus have been in the bathroom for a long time and we thought it would be an intrusion of their privacy if we listened in. The whole animagi came out immediately after Remus drank. Lily, Lola and I were watching as the boys changed themselves into animals and back for our amusement when the door opened and the two came out looking a little too happy.

‘I hope no fondling was going on in there, you two!’ said James handing them a drink each.

Remus laughed and said ‘no prongs, nothing of the sort’ while Mimi just looked flushed and sat next to me.

‘Well, it’s like 3 in the morning, can we at least get some sleep’ said Lily.

‘Yeah, im with Lily, im so tired’ I said

‘Fine, we’ll have to sort out sleeping arrangements?’ said Sirius, looking at me. Oh fuck off; he’s been giving me looks all night. I did not lead him on, a little harmless flirting and the boy thinks I’m in love with him.

‘I’ll conjure up a mattress’ I said

‘Well the girls cant sleep on the floor, you guys sleep in our beds and we’ll sleep on the floor’ said Peter

‘Yeah, I don’t mind’ said Remus

‘Lily, let me get my bed ready for you, I think the pillows are plumped’ said James, getting flustered and rushing over to his bed.

‘James’ said Lily, smiling ‘I don’t mind, you don’t need to plump the pillows’

As everyone else was distracted, getting ready for bed, Sirius looked at me and said ‘Go on then’

‘Sirius, I’ll sleep on the mattress, I really don’t m-‘

‘Jem’ he said sharply, cutting me off ‘if you think I’m letting you sleep on the floor then you’re crazy’

‘Then I’m crazy, because I’m sleeping on the floor’

‘Ok fine’ he said before turning away and getting some pyjamas out.

I was a bit surprised but I let it go and then realised something ‘Lils, I didn’t bring pyjamas’

‘Neither, just borrow one of the guy’ t-shirts or go back to the dorm’ she shouted from the bathroom.

‘Here’ said Sirius, handing me a grey large top ‘thanks’

Lily was now in James’ bed, Lola in Peters’ and Mimi in Remus’ WITH Remus.

I went into the bathroom got changed and realised I had no bottoms. I wonder what Lily did. I walked out in just the t-shirt which came down to mid-thigh and went over to Lily and had a look at what she was wearing. Only a t-shirt. Ok, I was in the clear.

As I made my over to the mattress Sirius grabbed me from behind and threw me onto the bed. I tried to get up but he pushed me down ‘Im stronger than you and like I said, you’re crazy if you think I’d let you sleep on the mattress. He then went over the spare mattress and made himself comfortable.

Omg, why is it so cold in this fucking room? I looked around to see that everyone was sleeping when I clocked that Sirius had his eyes open looking through the window.

‘Sirius’ I whispered, he wildly turned around and looked at me expectantly. ‘Are you cold? I’m freezing, can we start up a fire or something?’

He let our a bark like laugh and said ‘a fire? In a dorm? You really are crazy, girl’

‘I don’t know, but im cold, are you?’

‘Nope, look feel my hand, I have really good circulation’

I felt his hand and it was literally so warm I felt to just melt in them. ‘Well, good for you’ I shot at him before lying back down on the bed.

I heard soft padded footsteps before Sirius was at my side ‘Are you really cold?’ I held out my hand and he took it ‘Oh shit, Jem, you’re freezing’

I rolled my eyes ‘that’s what I’ve been saying’

He got into bed ‘what are you doing?’ I asked wildly

‘Keeping you warm’ he said simply before taking me into his arms. I curled up to his body so I could soak up his warmness.

Well, that’s what I call an eventful night.


A/N; ok, so this is my first authers note and i just wanted to say a few things.

first of all, sorry that the first few chapters have double returns throughout all the paragraphs, i will sort it out once i have time to edit! 

second of all, this is my first fanfic and im really excited about it. Im quite happy that mine doesn't focus on the outside troubles of the war and voldemort and the darker aspects of the time, but just the gang having fun in hogwarts.

third of all, i would really appreciate some reviews, they would make me really happy! I hope you like the story and if you think there are some things that you don't like or like then please tell me :)

How was that for a first auther's note? 

Lots of love 


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The Greatest Days Of Our Lives: An eventful night


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