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The Perks of Being Best Friends by helpwillalwaysbegiven
Chapter 4 : Onwards to Hogwarts
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Chapter 4 - Onwards to Hogwarts

“It’s this one!” I said stubbornly, pointing to a compartment with the blinds drawn.

“No,” James said, shaking his head. “I have instincts! It’s this one here.” He pointed to the one across from it.

Yes, James and I are fighting over which compartment is the one that we sit in every year. You’d think by now that we’d know which one is ours, but no, we don’t. I swear, each time we get on this train, it changes. One year it was on the left and the next it was on the right.

Of course, it probably is changing each year.

But according to the boys, quote on quote, "We swear on Merlin’s left saggy arse cheek that the compartment is always the same, because us cool kids roll like that, G-mun, so stop questioning it dawg and get a map."

Yeah, I constantly worry about my friends.

Anyways, James and I have it down to two now, located across from each other. If only the blinds weren’t drawn. Then we wouldn’t have this problem and I would be able to see which one they were in. But no, my friends insist on privacy because “bitches be looking in on our life 'cause of Jamesie’s daddy.”

I guess it makes sense. The Wotter clan does have its fair share of on-lookers. Everyone wants to know about The Boy Who Lived and his family.

I personally never had that whole “Wow you're related to Harry Potter” phase. I guess it has something to do with the fact that when I was three, James and I became neighbours. When you're that young, you don't really care about who's famous and who's not. All you care about is who beat who in a race to the couch/mailbox/swing/Uncle Bob, and whether or not you HAVE to go to bed right this very instant and why-can't-I-just-stay-up-one-more-hour-please-Mum, and insisting that you're a big kid so you don't need a booster seat at the dinner table. So with all that load of tosh set aside, we became best friends, which lead to us becoming family friends, which everyone knows is basically like being blood-related anyways.

Then again, my lack of “Wotter Obsession” also might have something to do with the fact that growing up, I called Mr. and Mrs. Potter, "Mummy Two" and "Daddy Two". They seriously are like second parents to me and have always been around. I guess I’m just used to them, and in return, they're used to me.

But yes, that’s right, I used to call them Mummy Two and Daddy Two. (Actually, I still do sometimes, just for shits and giggles.) James and I did grow up together after all, so when he called his parents Mummy and Daddy, I copied. Because that's just what kids do.

I guess calling your best friend's parents "Mum" and "Dad" is just one of the perks of being best friends.

“Rina. Rina? Rina!" James said interrupting my thought. "I say we both enter a different compartment at the same time.”

But he said it too late, for I hadn't been listening and instead had randomly burst through the door belonging to the compartment to my left, yelling, "It’s THIS ONE!”

The glass on the door rattled as I slammed it open and my jaw dropped. Inside were not my group friends. No. Inside was none other than Dom, sucking off the face of some Slytherin bloke.

Both immediately froze and stared at me, not with the customary oh-shit-this-is-so-embarrassing-as-if-she-caught-us-snogging-fuck-me-sideways-omg look, but instead with the identical what-does-this-bitch-think-she’s-doing-intruding-our-snog-session-I'm-gonna-go-ape-shit look.

"Errr," was all my brain could compose during this oh so very tense moment.

Sometimes I wonder how I've made it this far in life.

The random Slytherin bloke was now scowling and clenching his fists while Dom was tucking her exposed bra back into her dress as she huffed rather loudly.

Well this is awks.

“Yeah, I think I was right this time around,” James whispered in my ear as he slammed the door shut, blocking Dom and her snog buddy from us. He turned on his heel and grabbed my arm, leading me towards our compartment. He smirked, dropped my arm, and gracefully opened the correct compartment door, entering it finally.

Pssh. Whatever, I knew this door here was the right one, I was just, yenno, kidding. Yanking his wand, the usual. Pssh.

"Just saying, I knew this door here was the right one, I was ju-" but before I was able to finish my bluff, the compartment door shut.

In my face.

And when I say shut, I mean magically forced closed right as I was about to walk through it.

Gits better let me in or so help me God I will cheerfully beat them all to death.

"Let me in!" I yelled as I kicked the door. I continued kicking and pulling the handle, with no such luck.

Well then.

With a loud huff, I slumped to the floor outside the compartment and threw my head against the door with a loud bang.

Shit. That hurt.

That actually really hurt.

But hey, sitting outside here by myself isn't really that bad. I mean, sure it sucks when the occasional student steps on me, but I'm not going to lie, tripping Freddie's annoying third-year fan girls kind of makes up for it all.

Yes, you heard right. Freddie has fan girls. A rather large group of young, desperate, preppy-looking girls who follow him around.

Oh wait, did I say follow him? I mean throw themselves at him.

Seriously, what is life?

Then again, Freddie is a gorgeous—

“OW! OKAY, WHICH BITCH— ?!” I yelped in pain as the compartment door was removed from behind me. For the second time today, my head made contact with a hard surface. This time the hard surface being the floor.


“Rina, what in the name of Merlin are you doing on the floor?” A rather tall, tanned, blond and blue eyed boy laughed at me as he stuck out one of his hands to help me up.

Ah, Brody Wood. How I've missed you.


Hey guys! So we hope you enjoyed this chapter. This gave you more of an insight to James and Rina's friendship, as well as a tiny introduction to Brody Wood (yes, a Wood. It wouldn't be a proper next gen fanfic without a Wood character!)

If you guys have any feedback/suggestions/criticism at all, HOLLA @ US! No seriously, do it. It helps us understand what we need to do to improve not only our story, but our writing skills as well.

We'll try to get chapter 5 up before the queue closes for HPFF's annual staff vacation, but there are no guarantees, and we're truly sorry about that! We would've had it up sooner but Maysie and I have been going h.a.m. studying for our exams. It's summer hols for us now though, which means LOTS of writing is gonna happen! We have a few other stories up our sleeves as well which we might put up this summer, depending on how quickly we get their first couple chapters done. So, keep checking back, and thank you so much for reading!

~ Jenny

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The Perks of Being Best Friends: Onwards to Hogwarts


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