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Cold as you. by EnchantedToMeetYou
Chapter 20 : -Lets play a love game.
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Lets talk about what you are that I aint’,

Lets talk about what you do that I can’t,

Lets put me and you in an empty room and see who wins.”


-Taylor Swift - Who i've always been









My head hurt, My vision was blurred and I could feel blood trickling from my wrists were the rope had cut into my skin.


“What have you done with him?.” I heard Damon ask quietly.


“Don’t worry yourself cousin.” A girl said back, reassuring him.


“You said we wasn’t going to kill them.” He replied nervously.


“Hmm.” The girl said.


“Cassie.” Damon said questionably.


Cassie? What.


Damon and Cassie were cousins?.


She was supposed to be in Azkaban.


Why the hell did she want me dead.


Then I realised, the only reason Damon probably went out with me was because she told him too.


Because she wanted James.


They used me.


I felt my stomach lurch and my spin.


“I’m not bothered what you do with her.” She replied coldly.


I  heard footsteps leave the room and slowly opened my eyes.


I was in the same room, tied to a chair, staring blankly into Damon’s dark eyes.


“Your cousins?.” I said quietly, I heard my voice croak as I spoke and swallowed hard.


He nodded quickly.


“Did you even like me?.” I questioned, strands of blonde hair falling into my face.


I watched him cock his head to the side as he thought for a moment.


“No, not at first, then you grew on me.” He said softly, looking me in the eyes.


Then his face grew hard.


“Then along came your stupid immature friends.” He spat.


I flinched involuntarily, shrinking back from his cold gaze.


He saw the fear in my eyes and seemed to be having a second thought about the whole thing.


“You know people will realise we’re gone, right?” I questioned quietly.


“And you will probably end up in Azkaban.”


Whatever was going through his mind seemed to stop and he shook his head.


I heard footsteps walking back to the room, and I felt my eyes grow wide.


“Close your eyes.” Damon whispered quickly.



“Who was you talking to?.” Cassie said, in a high pitched voice.


“No-one.” He replied in a monotone.


“What have you done with the boy?.”


“Nothing yet, he just keeps asking about this whore.” She spat out, acidly.


I heard a bang from somewhere inside the shack, and for a moment I let myself believe it was James.


I heard her footsteps leave and I re-opened my eyes.


Damon stepped behind me quickly, and grabbed my hands.


I flinched back at first before realising he was undoing the ropes, I felt his breath in my ear.


“Be quiet and go get help.” He whispered.


I struggled to stand up and leant on the wall for support, I then quietly stumbled into the corridor and crept past a room, I did a double take as I saw James, sat on the floor, hands and feet both tied together.


I watched his eyes widen as he saw me, I held a finger up to my mouth as if to tell him to be quiet.


His hair was messier than usual, his lip was cut and he had a cut along the length of his cheek, he looked tired and worn and was undoubtedly in pain, his eyes were dark and dull and his head had dry drops of blood splattered across it.


“What are you staring at Jamsey?” Cassie’s high voice said.


I backed away from the room and pressed myself to the wall around the corner


I heard footsteps follow me out as I backed down the corridor.


A hand placed itself over my mouth and pulled me into another room.


The hand released me and I spun round and came face to face with Freddie, Louis and Albus.


“Thank god.” I mumbled out, before breaking down and crying hysterically.


Louis rushed forwards and hugged me.


“Shhs Elle, we need to be quiet.” Albus soothed.


I pulled myself together and began wiping the tears from my eyes.


I nodded.


“He looks awful.” I mumbled into Louis’s jumper.


I looked up at Albus, his face went pale.


“How did you get out.” Freddie whispered.


I swallowed hard and thought about what Cassie would do to Damon for letting me go.


“He let me go.” I mumbled.


“How did you know where we was?.” I questioned.


“Rose and Scorpius heard your scream.” Al said, shuddering.


“where are they then?.” I replied.


They have the invisibility cloak, they’ve gone to help James.


Just then the door creaked open and then closed again.


They appeared, just Rose and Scorpius.


“We can’t get near.” Rose huffed, out of breathe.

“Ellie!, You’re okay?.” Scorpius asked with concern.


I nodded my head.


I had a plan.










I walked back towards the room, where my current boyfriend was bruised and bloody, not knowing just how far this psychopath would go to get James.


I arrived at the still open door, she wasn’t here, I heard her shouting somewhere, probably at Damon.


I ran forward knelt in front of James.


He picked his head up and his eyes widened.


“Ellie!, You cant be here, she’ll kill you!.” He said panicked.


“shshh!” I replied and started untying his hands and feet.


“Rose had gone to get help.” I whispered.


But his eyes were focused on some above me and my own eyes widened as I starred into his.


“Hello Elladora.” Her cold voice said loudly.


I stiffened and slowly turned to face the dark haired girl, her hair messy, her stripped Azkaban clothes covering her and a wide, fake smile plastered on her face,


This girl was dangerous.


My stomach dropped as I glanced at her wand that was directly pointed at me.


A glint appeared in her eyes.


“You know the best thing about this shack Ella?.” She began, smiling.


“Nobody can hear you scream.” She laughed.


My throat went dry.


I glanced at the boy behind me, still half tied and defenceless.


Then I turned a launched myself at Cassie but she was too quick and she pushed me away, I groaned as I landed with a bang on the floor.


She pointed her wand at me.


“Avada Ka-“ she began, shouting the curse.


This is it.


“Patrificus Totalus.” Louis shouted, bursting into the room.


Cassie’s frozen form fell the floor.


Then I blacked out.











Cassie had been transported to a high security guarded cell on the top floor of Azkaban, Azkaban itself was facing an inquiry of work as to why she’d been able to escape, and Damon had been taken in by the Ministry and has been hereby expelled from hogwarts.


James had been taken into the hospital wing and released after he was patched up and I had been awake for around 2 hours, in this time Dom had filled me in on everything, whilst Evie began braiding my hair.


I smiled briefly, Dom waffling on and Evie doing my hair how she used to.


I wanted to see James though.


 The nurse said I wasn’t aloud to leave until tomorrow as she wanted to keep an eye on me over night.


So at six o’clock Evie and Dom was kicked out of the hospital wing and I was left to rest.


However this only left me going over in my head the events of yesterday, it came out of nowhere,


Eventually I fell into a sleep of darkness and nightmares.









The next morning I was discharged, but given a few days off to “regenerate”, In turn each of my friends took turns skipping classes and sitting with me.


“Pull my finger.”


“Go away.”


“Go on, pull it.”


“Freddie, piss off.” I said.


“You’re no fun.” He replied, pouting.


Bless him.


I still hadn’t seen James, and I had a sinking suspicion that for some unknown reason he was avoiding me.


“Lets go for a walk.” I asked Freddie.


“Okie Dokie.” He getting up and linking arms with me.


I really question his sexuality sometimes…


Walking through the many corridors of hogwarts always calmed me sort of, it made me happy and I felt safe.


Up ahead I heard a scuffle, a boy stumbling down the corridor, a bottle of firewisky his hand, laughing to himself.


I almost laughed too.


That’s before I realised the boy was James.


“James?,” I questioned.


His head shot up and his face froze, mid-smile.


He opened his mouth to say something.


Then another person came up behind him and wrapped there arms around his torso.


A girl.


“James why don’t you come back to the cupboard?,” she said, giggling.




Him and her?.




I didn’t hear what he had to say, before I collapsed in a heap on the floor, Freddie Weasley pulled me away from the boy who had just single handily broken my heart.














A lot of information in this chapter, again sorry for a delayed update!

Thanks for your reviews!

Keep the coming <13




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