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Their Happy Ever After by rbrammer
Chapter 4 : James's Dilemma
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            “Jamie, luv,” Ginny Potter crooned, smiling at her three-year-old son. He scowled back at her. “Come to Mummy, dear.”


            His brown eyes were narrowed into slits as he eyed his mother disdainfully. He stuck his chubby fingers through his already messy hair, looking dreadfully like his namesake as he did so, and Ginny sighed, exasperated. James had been hiding in his closet ever since she had arrived home from Ron and Hermione’s. “No!” James said stubbornly, crossing his arms.


            Ginny made a face, sitting down on James’s small toddler bed. “James, come out of the closet. Mummy’s tired.” She frowned at her son, her voice taking a more authoritative tone.


            At this, James brightened. “If you’re tired, you can give the baby back,” he said slowly, eyeing her baby bump with distaste. “Then you’ll be all better an’ you can play with me an’ Albie again.”


            “P’ay?” Two-year-old Albus toddled into the room, his green eyes wide with excitement. He clapped his small hands together. “P’ay, Mummy, *Ow p’ay!”


            James grinned; Albus always got his way. There was no way Mummy could say no to Albie. Maybe she really would give the baby back, he thought happily. Things were much better when it was just him, Mummy, Daddy, and Albie, anyway. His grin faded, though, when Ginny spoke again.


            “James, we can’t give the baby back! Then where would she go? She has to stay with us; she’s ours. We are going to love her and protect her,” Ginny said firmly, rubbing her bump lovingly and smiling.


            “What’s this I hear? ‘She’?” Harry Potter stepped into his son’s room, an amused grin plastered on his lips. “So you think it’s a girl, Gin?”


            Ginny laughed, half-amused, half-exasperated. “Our son is trying to persuade me to give the baby away and that’s what you’re worried about?”


            Harry rolled his eyes, still grinning. He scooped Albus into his arms, kissing the small boy’s cheek. He looked at his eldest son, his heart bursting with love for all of his children. “James, come out of the closet,” Harry said softly, sitting beside Ginny on the bed, Albus perched comfortably on Harry’s leg. “Come sit by me, son.”


            James acquiesced immediately, and Ginny glared at her husband. “Just because you defeated Voldemort, now everyone listens to you? Maybe I need to find my own dark lord…” she joked, grinning.


            Harry chuckled. “You will do no such thing,” he murmured, kissing her hair. “We’ve had enough of those for a lifetime.”


            “Hear, hear,” Ginny murmured.


            James cleared his throat, looking at his parents oddly. “What’s a Vol-a-more?”


            “Nothing,” Harry said quickly, giving James a small smile. “Now, James, what’s this about giving away your sister?” Ginny grinned and nudged him, but Harry paid no mind. He was watching James.


            “Well…” James said slowly, looking at his feet, “Mummy’s a’ways tired an’ sick… so if we give the baby away, then she’d be okay ag’in. An’ it’d be jus’ us ag’in.” The little boy grinned, satisfied. Surely, his daddy would see the flaw of having another baby. Didn’t they know that the family was perfect with just him and Albie?


            Harry sighed. “James… Don’t you want to be a big brother?”


            “No,” James said resolutely. “I gots Albie and F’eddie, and Wose. I don’t need another brother.”


            “What if it’s a girl, James?” Harry asked seriously.


            “You can’t have sis’ers,” James said, frowning. “G’anddad tol’ me, an’ he can’t lie.” He looked up at his parents, shaking his head. Granddad was always right. Didn’t they know that?


            Harry bit back a grin. “Um, what exactly did Granddad tell you, James?”


            James frowned. His parents were acting stranger and stranger. Didn’t they know already? James had always assumed that his father knew everything, and, until now, his theory had been true. “G’anddad said that We’sleys can’t get sis’ers.” His eyes widened, and he looked at his mother reverently. “Mummy was special,” he whispered.


            Ginny’s heart swelled, and she wanted to pull James in for a bone-crushing hug. Harry snorted quietly, passing it off as a cough, so James wouldn’t notice, but Ginny did. She elbowed him, scowling. Her son thought she was special, dammit.


            “Jamie, honey, if Weasleys can’t have sisters, then how did Uncle Ron and Auntie Hermione get Rose?” Ginny asked quietly, smiling.


            “Or Uncle George and Auntie Angie with baby Roxanne,” Harry added. “And Uncle Percy; he had two girls.”


            James’s brow furrowed. “But G’anddad said…” Did Granddad lie? James thought sadly, his lower lip wobbling and his brown eyes quickly filling with tears.


            “Granddad must have been talking about before, baby,” Ginny interjected quickly, smiling and hoping to stop a tantrum in its tracks. “Back before you were born, when Mummy was a little girl, the Weasleys really didn’t get sisters. Just brothers, and brothers, and more brothers!” At every ‘brothers’, she poked James’s belly, and he giggled. “But then, when I was born, everyone was so happy, that they decided to start having sisters again. And that’s why we have Rosie, Roxie, Molly, and Lucy.” She glanced slyly at Harry, and she added quietly, “And your baby sister, Lily Luna.”


            Harry looked at his wife as if he had never seen her before. He knew that she had named their eldest son James for him, but he never expected her to let him name their daughter after his mother… He couldn’t speak; he was so overcome with emotion. Ginny took his hand, squeezing it lightly to show that she understood.


            “But, but you can’t be little!” James said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. “You’re Mummy!” Merlin, James thought with a little shake of his head, maybe Mummy and Daddy don’t know everything.


*this means 'Al' in little child speak (: 

thoughts? James decides maybe he does want a little sister after all, and everything is well and fluffy again (: if it's no bother, i'd love to have reviews from you all :) 

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Their Happy Ever After: James's Dilemma


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