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When One Story Ends, Another One Begins by potterfan310
Chapter 2 : An Emergency Shopping Trip
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Three weeks later, all my stuff from the flat had been packed and shipped off to America. I have been staying with my best friend, Phoebe, for the past week since my flat is empty. Now all that was needed to be sent was Al and myself. Mum had phoned me earlier to tell me that the four of us were going for a meal tonight and that I was to dress smart.

I went back to my flat and spent the morning looking through what was left of my clothes. I only have two pairs of jeans, two pairs of sweats, a pair of leggings, six tops, underwear, socks, three pairs of shoes and my pajamas' that are at Phoebe's.

I sighed and gave up. I pulled out my mobile and flicked through my contacts until I found Phoebe. I rang and on the third ring, she picked up.

"Hello Rosie."

"Hiya Pheebs. Mum phoned me earlier and told me that I'm going for a meal tonight. I have to dress smart. The only small problem is nearly all of my clothes are in America right now."

"This calls for some serious shopping. Do you want to go Diagon alley or the shopping Centre?" she squealed.

"Shopping Centre." I replied.

"Okay, meet me outside the Broken Arrow pub in ten minutes."

"Okay, see you then."

I stuffed my clothes up in my closet, and packed my hand luggage, making sure that my phone charger, money, pictures, keys, passport and plane ticket were all safely inside. I left and went to meet Pheebs outside the Broken Arrow. She was already there waiting for me.

Phoebe and I have been best friends since we were five. We met when her Mum and Dad (Adele and Seamus Finnigan) were over at my Uncle Harry's house for a party. Uncle Charlie was supposed to be babysitting us upstairs but James and Fred had given him some sweet from Weasley's Wizard Wheezes which made him fall asleep. It left us to do as we pleased. Phoebe and I didn't want to tie up Uncle Charlie up like the boys wanted to. So we sat in the corner and played with the toys and did drawings. Phoebe has blonde hair and blue eyes. She is as mad as a hatter and has a complete unique fashion sense.

For instance today she has on leopard print leggings, pink shorts, a flowty purple top, black ankle boots and a denim jacket in her hands. She also had her beige bag that has all different ribbons, buttons and sequins on. It's made up of lots of colors and patterns as it's patchwork. She made it from her old clothes, as she thought it would be a waste throwing them out. She hugged me when I got to her.

"What are you wearing Rose?" she asked looking me up and down. I had on my light jeans, a blue t-shirt, a grey hoodie and trainers

"I could say the same thing to you."

"I'm unique." was all she said.

"Well I'm going for the ‘all my clothes are in America’ look meaning that I only have a limited choice."

She laughed. "Come on. Lets get you some party clothes."

We went to the local Shopping Centre and spent the afternoon trailing though the shops. We stopped for something to eat in a little café.

I ordered a cheese and onion Panini and Phoebe ordered a tuna mayo baguette

"Pheebs, I need to tell you something."

"Oh my God! You’re getting married, aren't you?" She screamed and grabbed my left hand.

The other people in the cafe looked at us. I quickly yanked my hand back.

"How can I get married when I haven't a boyfriend?" I hissed.

"Oh yeah, what about you know who?" she asked.

No she doesn't mean you know who as in Voldemort. She means you know who as in the guy I slept with back in January.

"I haven't seen or heard off him in two months."

She sighed "So what did you want to tell me?"

I took a deep breath. "I'm pregnant"

"HOLY SHIT!" she yelled.

Again people looked at us. I gave them an apologetic smile

"Pheebs, stop being so loud."

"Sorry." she mumbled "So is it you know who's?"

I nodded. I pulled my scan photo out from my bag and showed it to her.

"There's number one and there's number two" I said pointing to them.

"Oh my god! Twins? Aww , they're so cute. They look just like you. How far are you? Who knows?"

Does she think that I look like an alien then? Because I thought they looked like little aliens.

"I'm nearly sixteen weeks, so four months. And only you and Al know." I told her.

"Ha-ha, I'm one of the first to know. Yay! Congratulations Rosie." She hugged me.

"Thanks Pheebs."

"But what about America?"

"Well, I'm still going, It's safe to fly before thirty-two weeks but I can't after that."

"But I won’t see you or your babies. How am I going to cope without my Rosie and the babies will never know their Auntie Phoebe?" She whined, doing her puppy dog eyes

"Pheebs you will survive without me. And of course they will know you. Your not going to be Auntie Phoebe, your going to be their Godmother and their Auntie Phoebe"

She looked over the moon.

"Are you serious?" She said bouncing up and down in her seat. "Can I really be their godmother?"

I smiled "Of course. Who else would it be? But you cannot tell any body that I'm pregnant okay? You have to promise me or I'll make you take an unbreakable vow. No one can know"

"Okay. You won't need to, my lips are sealed." she imitated her locking her lips with a key and throwing it away "But why?"

"Because Mum will want me to stay. Dad will probably kill me when he finds out who their father is. I just need to get away from here. My new life is now in America .not here."

We left the cafe and continued shopping. We went in a baby and maternity shop called Little Darlings'. We went upstairs to look at the maternity clothes. I was browsing though the tops to see if there were any that looked like I could wear it to a party. Phoebe had disappeared somewhere.

"Oi Rose, come over here." I heard her yell.

I made my over to the changing rooms. Where was she? I heard her yell come from over here.

The door of the middle cubicle opened and there was Phoebe stood there wearing a pair of maternity jeans. The ones with the huge elastic panel in the front. But she had happened to stick two footballs down the jeans and somehow managed to pull her top over them.

Oh my god, I burst out laughing.

"look at me Rosie. This is going to be you in five months. You’re going to be whale sized and your bazoomas are going to be huge."

She walked out and grabbed a pair of tennis balls, stuffing them in her bra

"And god, these jeans would be good to nick watermelons. I think I could fit at least four in here" she said pointing to the 'bump' part of the jeans.

I laughed even harder until I had tears in my eyes.

The shop assistant came over to see what all the noise was. She took one look at Phoebe. She so wanted to laugh, I could tell. But she said in a stern voice

"If you could everything back where it was and leave please"

"But I'm just trying to show Rosie what she's going to look like in five months time." Phoebe argued pointing at me

"Please leave or I will have to call security." She looked serious.

"I'm so sorry." I managed to say "She hasn't had her medication today, sorry."

Pheebs eventually put all the stuff back and we left quickly. The assistant followed us downstairs and was giving us dirty looks all the way.

When we got outside, Pheebs realized she had left the tennis balls in her bra. So she walked back in and returned them to the shop assistant. Who looked horrified when Pheebs walked up to her and just pulled them out her bra.

I haven't laughed this much in ages. God, I'm going to miss Pheebs when I'm in America. I am honestly going to miss her weirding people out. When she came back out, I hugged her.

"Pheebs, you are defiantly going to have to come and visit us in America. haven't laughed this much in ages. I'm going miss you."

"Aww, thanks Rosie. Now, come on. Lets finish shopping."

And with that she dragged me off to some new shop that had opened the other week called 'Forever Young'.

She made me try on loads of dresses and tops. In the end, I bought a pale blue short sleeved flowy top. It matched my eyes and looked pretty good. It also hid the little bump that I have. I guess I'll just have to wear my dark jeans with it.

Phoebe bought a figure hugging dress in neon pink.

"Where are you going to wear that?" I asked her as we left the shop.

"Oh you know, to do the house work in."

Is she for real?

I laughed and looked at her.

"You're joking right?"

"Nope, I'm dead serious." She looked it as well.

Sometimes I really wonder what goes on in her head.



A/N  2nd chapter yay, the plot belongs to the_seeker12. The characters from harry potter belong to the wonderful JK  Rowling and any of the OC'S like Phoebe belong to me =)

Also thank you to those of you have added it to your favourites and reviewed :D xx

what did you think of Phoebe and her mad ways?

Who do you think the daddy is?.... All will be revealed in the next chapter ....


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When One Story Ends, Another One Begins: An Emergency Shopping Trip


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