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It's Just Me, Rose Weasley. by Gryffindor_Forever
Chapter 1 : Chapter One.
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 'Rose,' whispered a familiar silky voice in my ear.

 “Who's there?” I asked. Though I was quite sure I knew who this person was. Looking around I recognised where I was; Grandma Molly's garden, it had its usual state of messiness. 

I turned around half surprised to see Scorpius Malfoy standing in front of me.

 'What are you doing here?' I asked not expecting an answer.

He didn't reply he just walked over and kissed me. It was electric, it felt like fireworks were exploding in my mouth.

'ROSE! It's September 1st bebe! Get up before I make you!' screamed a tiny yet powerful voice. I opened my eyes to see who the lunatic was, but I was not surprised to see my maniac cousin Lily Luna Potter standing in the doorway to my room. 

'Lily. Why are you so awake and annoying this early?' 

 She didn't answer, she just gave me a cheeky smile and skipped off down the stairs. I followed suit; without the skipping because knowing me I'd trip. Oh good Merlin, this is the last time I will ever wake up to go for my first day of Hogwarts for the year, as I am entering my 7th and final year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 

 Okay, let me fill you in. I am Rose Jean Weasley, the only daughter of Ronald and Hermione Weasley and god daughter & favourite niece of Harry Potter. Yeah I know, I know they helped save the wizarding world. Anyways, I am in Gryffindor House along with my two bestfriends Emma Thomas and Olivia Longbottom. I am the Captain and Seeker of the Gryffindor Qudditch team. And I'm Head Girl.
I know what you're thinking. But, I got to where I am on my own. I recieved no special treatment, my parents made sure of that. But that also means I worked my ass off for 6 years to finally become Head Girl, that means I trained and trained and trained with Uncle Harry for as long as I can remember to become Captain of my team. I did not achieve what I have just by being the daughter of the two most famous wizards and witches around, I achieved it on my own.
And with that, I sat down in between my two cousins Fred Weasley and Albus Potter. Freddie looked up and gave me that mischievous smile that he inherited from Uncle George, but Al just sat. He looked annoyed. I wasn't game to ask.

'Is that pancakes I smell?' My mother turned around and flashed me a smile. 

 'Yes, Rose. But before I give them to you I need you to tell me just one more time what we agreed on this year,' she said. 

'I am going to decide what career path I am going to go down, I will not mess around with boys and I won't be attending any parties that involve alcohol. I will put my studies above all things, except my Head Girl responsibilities and I will owl you every week,' I repeated for the thousandth time these holidays.

 Well, it was a good thing I have my head screwed on, because otherwise I would have lost it. I know my mother means well, but sometimes I just want to smack her across the head. She just needs to understand, that I'm not and never will be her.

'Okay well, hurry up and eat these because we have to leave in an hour,' she said. 

After breakfast, we all got ready, jumped into Dad's car and with that we were off for another year at Hogwarts.

Going to King's Cross was great, reuniting with all of my friends and seeing everyone. But it was also sad in a way. When we got on the Hogwarts Express we all squashed into a compartment. Al's other best friend Daniel Finnegan and Lily's boyfriend Marcus joined us as well. We are all in Gryffindor except Marcus, he was in Ravenclaw. But yes, even Malfoy. The first in his family apparently.

'Rose! Earth to Rose!' exclaimed Emma.

'Oh, what? Sorry I was just ah, just ah. Nevermind.' 

'Er, Rose, we had better go to the prefect carriage now, it's getting quite late actually,' said Scorpius. I actually hadn't noticed him before now, which was very odd.

'Yeah, right. Better. Hang on a second Scorp. Why are you going to the Prefect carriage? Are you Prefect again?' I asked thoughtfully. 

'Oh didn't Al tell you, I'm Head Boy.' Of course you are. Brilliant. This is just going to be awkward. For me anyways.

 'Great. Um let's go then?'

 As we walked I kept trying to look away from him. I think he noticed because when we were at the front door of the carriage, he stepped in front of me.

 'Rose. What is wrong with you and Al today? I honestly don't know what I have done to deserve Albus giving me the cold shoulder, or you not even speaking to me before I reminded you about the carriage.'  

 Sighing, I decided that the dream was no big deal. But I still shouldn't tell him, because let's face it, it is kinda weird.
'I have no clue what's wrong with Al, but I assure you nothing's wrong with me. I just-' I was interrupted suddenly.
By Heather Zabini. Ick.

'Jeez, everyone was wondering where the two 'perfect' Head's were, and they were outside the whole time. Pathetic.'

Seriously. McGonagall has lost her mind making her Prefect. Heather's the biggest bimbo out. Slytherin, blonde and stupid she insists on trying to trump every success I have. But as usual she never does. She hates me for this very reason.

So the next 20 minutes were hell. Not just because I was avoiding Scorpius' eyes, getting death stares from Heather but because my ex-boyfriend Dexter LeTura was also made a Slytherin Prefect, alongside Heather. With whom, he was holding hands. Fantastic.

As soon as we got to Hogwarts, I basically ran off the train and waited patiently for the first years.

Hagrid soon took them off mine and Scorp's hands, and we went to the castle to have dinner. 

We made our way to the Great Hall, for the Sorting and dinner. I sat down in between Emma and Fred who were flirting, as usual. When were they just gonna get together? Merlin. Liv looked my way and rolled her eyes at them.
I looked at Albus who was giving Scorpius a death stare. And I mean if looks could kill. Scorp would have been dead 10 times. What the hell?

'Albus, what is going on with you?' I asked.

'Nothing. I just can't believe him!' Al yelled. I looked at Scorpius, who was just sitting there staring at Al as if he'd gone mad.

'Scorp? What is going on?' I asked. 

'I just said to Al on New Years Eve, that you looked very pretty at the party. It was just a compliment Al it's not like I was insulting Rose or anything.'
'Seriously Albus? Again! Are you out of your mind!' I yelled. Bad idea Rose. Bad freaking idea. Everyone was looking at me with wide eyes.

'Rose just sit down!' Albus exclaimed. But no, I wasn't finished. He'd done this so many times. Enough is enough. Every time I go out with a guy, or even if a guy gives me a compliment he is down their throat. I know he means well. It just goes to far sometimes.

'No Al! You have done this so many times! You scared Dex off, and Xavier before that! I'm a big girl and I can look out for myself. I don't need you to do it for me!' I walked off, headed for my new dorm.
I got to the dorm and realised we didn't have a password. Holding back tears, I asked to go through anyway. So I just sat on the ground and waited, I hated yelling at Al, he is and always will be my best best friend. But then again, tonight I was really angry at him, and I needed some air.

'Rose, are you okay?' Scorpius asked an hour later. He lent me a hand, and helped me get up.

 'Yeah. I'm fine. I can't go in without you.'

 We walked over to the painting and made the password Rosie Scorpions; Get it? Well we thought it was funny.

 After being let in, we wondered around, looking at everything. It really was gorgeous. Gryffindor colours everywhere, and a desk with brand new quills, ink and parchment sitting on it. Amazing.

 I walked up to see my bedroom, and was surprised to see how much of me there was in there. Red and gold splattered all over the place. Pictures of me, Em and Liv. Roses everywhere, hanging from the ceiling, on the bed. All my stuff was unpacked and set out like I was back at home. Even though I was pretty sure Hogwarts is my real home. 

Walking back out, I saw Scorpius emerge from his bedroom. He looked amazed as well. 

'So, what was really wrong with you today?' He asked. 

'I told you, Scorp. Nothing. Nothing serious anyways.'

His gorgeous grey eyes sunk into mine. And I was so close to telling him, but I just couldn't, it seemed so silly and unimportant.

'Merlin, I am tired. Off to sleep. Big day tomorrow. Night!'

I walked to my door and went in. I held the door knob for five seconds and then I opened it, but just as I opened my door, his door shut.

I think I wanted him to still be waiting. So I could explain and so everthing could go back to normal. But I know that somehow, there's a lot more in store for us.

This was going to be a tough year.


A/N; Hey guys, I just made a couple changes to the story, because I thought that the story was going waaaay to fast! But, I hope you like it and pretty please review <3 

DISCLAIMER; I do not own anything that is remotely related to Harry Potter. Only the plot (;

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