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JJ Gone.... Wild? by PotterPrincess7
Chapter 7 : The Best Day
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 I havent done this yet so id just like to say the only characters i own our Jaynee and Halen everyone and everything else belongs to JK Rowling, id also like to say thank you to everyone who reads my fan fic it means the world.



I woke up that morning feeling completly sure this was going to be a great year. The day started out normal, me,Lily and Halen all got dressed and headed down to the great hall for breakfast and we went to find a place to sit, we sat at the far end of the gryffindor table next to Alice and a couple other girls in our year. A few minutes later the Marauders strode in and headed over to us. Sirius sat down next to me and gave me a peck on the cheek and i grabbed his hand which caused a great deal of whispers to travel throught the great hall " Morning sunshine" he whispered 







"morning" I replied 






"ugh Jaynee if your gonna turn Padfoot mushy at least do it when no one with eyes can see it's repulsing" James grimaced






" oh Jamesie,Jamesie,Jamesie someone sounds a little jealous" Sirius smirked in reply. Lily and Halen giggled and James turned his attention to them. Halen and Remus started discussing  their  homework, they had almost all the same classes together Lily and James too me and Sirius were the only ones it seemed who had different schedules ( which wasn't exactly true,but it felt that way). The Marauders werent complete idiots in school,perhaps with the exception of Peter he was sweet but not exceedingly bright. Our first class was potions with professor Slughorn (he was Lily's favourite teacher none of us knew why i guess it's just cause she is amazing at potions ans he more than notices not that Lily cares if he notices she's not that needy.) Anyway as we made our way through the halls to class Sirius whispered in my ear 








"so I guess this means were together now? seeing as you didn't hex me into oblivion when i kissed you at breakfast"








"i still could you know, and that depends are you actually going to ask me to be with you?"








"Oh i see" Sirius got this wicked look on his face and I was suddenly scared to see what he was going to do. he stopped and looked me in the eye "Jaynee Julie Jones ( yes my middle name is Julie another J but how did he know?) will you be my girlfriend?" my heart leaped in my chest . he said it loud enough that the rest of our group , who had turned to see what was keeping us  and some passing students all turned to stare.








"yes Sirius Orion Black, i will be your girlfriend!!" he pulled me close ad kissed me so intensely I could have been standing in the middle of a war,naked and the only thing i would've noticed was Sirius, is beautiful eyes , his sexy hair and wonderful body, I couldnt help but think of what it would feel like to have his body pressed against me. we were broken apart when Lily said annoyed 








"will you two stop sucking eachothers faces before were late for class" We reluctantly pulled apart and headed for class the whole time holding hands while I was waiting impatiently for the days classes to be over so I could go back to the common room and continue snogging my new boyfriend (Oh my God! i cant believe i get to call him that!)

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