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Harry Potter and the Forgotten Enemy. by Marauding hippogriff
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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A jet black castle sat in the mountains in Northern Germany. In the dark night, the stone made the fortress almost invisible. At the front, a steep stone stairway led down to the valley below. Either side was flanked by a perilous drop into the black abyss, while the rear met the sloping side of the mountain. The castle was almost impenetrable.

The front gate had an archway, bearing the words "For the Greater Good." This was Nurmengard, once the seat of power of one of the most feared wizards ever to walk the earth, now home to but a single lone prisoner.

The wind and rain battered Nurmengard's black stone walls. Imprisoned in the highest tower of the fortress, Gellert Grindelwald felt the full force of the freezing weather. He cursed his luck.
Instead of being overlord over wizards and muggles, as he had planned so many years ago, he was stuck in a tower like some helpless princess in a muggle fairy tale.
It wasn't right!The Elder Wand should have allowed him to beat Dumbledore.
But his arrogance had been his undoing. He had not deserved the wand all those years ago...he remembered the duel as if it were yesterday...

The rainy night was almost identical to the one Gellert was cowering from now. Nurmengard's walls glistened in the rain, giving off an eerie glow. Desperate, the German Aurors had launched a massive offensive to try and halt Grindelwald and his Consecrat army's unstoppable wave of destruction across Europe. 
They were losing-Grindelwald, empowered by the Elder Wand, was laying waste to them, his followers more than a match for those who dared not approach the insane dark wizard.
But then a figure appeared in their midst, seemingly from nowhere. Cloaked in purple robes, with long auburn hair and piercing blue eyes, he calmly strode to where Grindelwald was dueling two more Aurors. As they fell, he seemed to sense someone was watching him. He turned to the figure, and smiled gleefully.

“Albus. Finally, you’ve come to face me. I always knew you would.” Grindelwald said, the grin still on his face. The others, his followers and the remaining Aurors, stopped fighting. Something in the air told them huge, unforgettable and terrifying was about to happen. Albus Dumbledore smiled sadly.

“I never thought it would come to this, Gellert. But you’ve gone too far. You have forced my hand, Gellert, I must stop you.” While Dumbledore’s face was lined with sadness, a burning fire was ablaze in his gleaming blue eyes. He needed closure. Gellert seemed to pick up on this.

“What’s the real reason Albus? Is it guilt? Is it the guilt from the sister, who was struck by your curse?” Grindelwald taunted, his wild grey eyes alive with malice. “You cannot hope to defeat me now, Albus, I have the Elder wand. I’m undefeatable, you must remember from our research as boys all those years ago” He bellowed triumphantly.
Dumbledore smiled again, his hand now clasped around his wand. The moment was almost upon them, it was now inevitable. The air seemed electric.

“The wand bearer can be defeated, Gellert. How else could it be passed down throughout it’s bloody history? And we both know that I was always the more capable duelist.” The fire still blazed in his eyes, and he drew his wand.
“You fear me, Gellert. Why else would you never extend your terror to Britain?” Dumbledore was calm on the surface, but the fire in his eyes burnt through every fibre of his body."It takes great courage to stand up to your enemies, Gellert. But far more to stand up to your friends." he said quietly.

Grindelwald was clearly thrown by this remark, and the fury was etched into his face as he spat his reply.
“Enough. Let us see if you can back up that claim. Today, Albus, my old friend, we meet our fate, as you will soon meet your death. AVADA KEDAVRA!”
The spell was screamed, and a jet of green light burst from the Elder Wand. Albus met the killing curse with a powerful stunning charm, and the two exploded in a flash of golden light with tremendous, deafening force. Many of the onlookers were thrown to the ground, but the two combatants remained standing.

“You see, Gellert? Even though you have the Elder wand, I can still match your power.” Albus said, smiling lightly. He flicked his own wand, sending another powerful stunning charm at Grindelwald, who deflected it with some difficulty. The scarlet jet of light smashed into the wall of Nurmengard, sending huge chunks of black masonry to the ground.
Before Grindelwald could react, Dumbledore charmed the rubble and encased Grindelwald. For a few seconds, nothing happened. Then, with a thunderous roar and a massive flash of white light, Grindelwald exploded the ensnaring stone, sending rubble flying out in deadly arcs. Dumbledore quickly conjured a shield charm to protect the onlookers.

Grindelwald stood, panting furiously at the effort breaking Dumbledore’s charm had taken. He glared at Dumbledore. “Why don’t you aim to kill me, Albus!” he demanded. “Surely the closure you seek can only be found with my death?” Albus looked at him, the sadness clearly visible in his eyes. “Do you fear me, Albus?” Grindelwald asked, cackling manically.

“No, Gellert. I do not. I fear for you, however” Albus sighed. “If you believe death is the worst I can do to you, then you have forgotten everything we did as young men. Killing you would give me no satisfaction.” Albus raised his wand once more, and the spell work between the two wizards became furious. 
Both were trying everything in their arsenal to try and pick a way through the other's defence, but it seemed as though the two were equally matched-it seemed as though they would duel until the end of time, neither yielding, neither striking the final blow,
Beams of light flashed across the night sky, and the entire earth seemed to shake as the titanic clash reached it’s climax. Sparks of golden light illuminated the courtyard as spells clashed, yet still neither wizard could seem to find their opponent. 

Grindelwald began to cackle insanely.
The wand was unbeatable. Why was he worried? Arrogance, that hateful arrogance, filled him, and he raised his wand, summoning up all his power to cast the curse that would destroy his former best friend. Albus saw this momentary hesitation, and seized his chance. Grindelwald was hit by a red jet of light, and the Elder wand flew from his hand. Before he had a chance to register his shock, a final stunning charm hit him in the chest, and everything was black.

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Harry Potter and the Forgotten Enemy.: Prologue


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