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The dark side of love by Dracolovergirl5000
Chapter 11 : Here for You
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 Chapter 11: Here For you


“Are you alright Rena?” Blaise said to me after Potions. He looked really concerned.

“Yes, I’m alright Blaise. I do not take what Ron’s demented ego says about me to heart. He doesn’t know me, and obviously he never has if he doesn’t respect me or listen to what our mutual friends say when they defend me against his hatred.”

“That’s good.”

“I wish though, with all of my being that he would be willing to understand and open himself to change, because he was one of my dearest friends and now he is making me hate him and I do not hate people easily. I didn’t even hate Draco when he was tormenting me, I forgave him then even though I wouldn’t let him know it.”

“Well good, because I don’t want you to hate me.” Draco chimed in and squeezed my hand softly. I squeezed back and we both smiled.

“Ugg, stop being such lovebirds, you guys are being too cutesy and it is grossing me out.”

By this point, as Blaise was complaining, we had reached the Great Hall for lunch. I had the next two hours as a free period and would probably spend it doing my homework. Appearances may change but attitudes sure didn’t.

“Oh shut up Blaise, you need to get your own girlfriend.”

“I already have one.” He muttered so that I barley caught it.

“What? Who?”

“Ummmm.” Blaise blushed and tried to avoid the topic.

“Who?” Draco and I both asked at the same time, as Ginny came walking in the door.

“I believe that it would be me. That is if you lot are talking about what I think you are talking about.”

“You and him?”

“Yup.” Ginny smiled. I scowled at her.

“And just when were you planning on telling me?”

“Well we only kept it quiet literally from everone because if Ron found out…”

“If I found out what? Ginevera Weasley what are you talking to about with the Blood traitor whore?”

I stood up for myself this time.

“50 points from Gryffindor for using foul language directed at a student officer, and 50 points for that officer being the Head Girl. You may leave the Slytherin table now Mr. Weasley, there is nothing here for you to discuss with any member of this table.”

“Fuck you.”

“Add another 50 points to that list and a detention with McGonagall every Sunday night for the next two months.”

“I hate you, you do know that.”

“Yes Mr. Weasley, your hatred towards anything Slytherin is transperantly clear to anybody who observes your obscene behavior. Now I asked you to remove yourself from the presence of this group and return to your table. I will not repeat myself again.”

“Rot in hell.”

“And yet another 50 points.”

Ronald stormed away from the table, Ginny turned to me laughter in her eyes.

“That was great Rena, and thanks for saving me, but Oh Merlin why am I laughing, it isn’t funny, hes my brother, and that is my house.”

“I don’t enjoy doing that Ginny. He was a very dear friend but he is making it impossible for me to like him anymore, and he is losing points because he cannot control himself. I hope that he can accept the changes that have arose soon, but right now, I have to do my duties for this school as Head Girl and eliminate the threat of violence amongst students before it becomes too violent.”

“I know. His reaction was just so funny, like he couldn’t get it into his head that he was losing points because he kept repeating the same action.”

“As I said, he can’t control himself.”

“I should write Mum.”

“That is not necessary Ginny. She is already upset enough without adding this to her list of things to worry about.”

“Yes, but I do believe she would want to know about his behavior.”

“yes, maybe so.”

“I’ve lost my appetite, now.”

“As have I.”

“Seriously, you both need to eat.” Draco and Blaise said.

We did eat a small portion of food before we turned in for the night.

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The dark side of love: Here for You


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