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Draco's Pure Love by OhDraco
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3
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Hey guys :) Thanks for reading!! 

Chapter 3


A young woman, at the age of 16, was walking around her house with headphones, listening to music. She danced like no one was watching, which wasn't true, because someone was. A figure came after her and took off the headphones.


"Emmeline Rosalyn Richmond, do you have any idea how long I've been calling you? I've might have been mute from all the screaming" her mother crossed her arms on her chest as she told her daughter. "Sorry mother, it won't happen again" "I want you to dress formally, we'll be having guests in an hour." Emmeline nodded as her mother left her in the hall. Emme rushed to her room to get ready. She quickly showered and slipped into a lilac floor length dress. She stood in front of the mirror and examined herself. She definitely grew up. She had the body to die for.  Her stomach was flat, and her curves finally decide to show up, they really gave her the feminine body she was destined to have. So the dress really hugged the curves. She gave an award winning smile and put on her shoes. She never liked make-up and barely had zits. Some people even thought she was a model! Her! She never thought of herself as "pretty" or "hot". She chuckled at the thought and ran downstairs to greet the guests. 'Is it Draco?' she thought and smiled to herself. She missed him badly. And that bastard didn't even write to her. Frowning, she got Bubbles, the house elf, to open the door.


"Emmeline Rosalyn Richmond! Come and say hello to us!" a voice which seemed very unfamiliar shouted without any shame 
A girl with dark hair, brown eyes was standing at the doorway, with a sandy haired, brown eyed boy


Anna?! Alex?! Oh Merlin!" Emme screamed and ran to the twins with her arms wide open. They both hugged her like there was no tomorrow. "Oh man, don't cry Emme! We didn't mean to make you c-" Alex was cut off by a slap on the back of his head from his sister. "Shut up! She's happy to see us!" Anna was also on the verge of tears. We haven't seen each other almost 6 bloody years! How are you? How's things? Tell me everything, damn it!" Anna was very demanding, like her mother, Bellatrix Lestrange. Emme laughed and sat with them in the living room. She asked Bubbles to bring pumpkin juice.


Well, I study at Beauxbaton, and I'm in my last year. I lost contact with Draco and I miss him badly." She sighed sadly and looked at the twins. "Anna, how's things? Alex?" "Well, I'll tell you about our dear cousin." Anna looked at him. "He's really popular at Hogwarts and he's the captain of the Slytherin Quidditch team. I think he's training to be a death eater. He helped the death eaters to get inside of Hogwarts, but that was a while ago." Alex replied. "Well, Quidditch sure suits him. But a death eater? He wouldn't ever hurt a fly" "Well you'd say different if I told you that he cornered Dumbledore, oh! He was our headmaster, until he was murdered." Alex said grabbing a glass of pumpkin juice

"Well, is anyone else arriving?" Emme asked, curiously. The twins smirked at each other. All of a sudden, some one apparated to the manor. A dirty blond haired girl and a platinum blond were standing there. "Emme?" the dirty blond asked. She nodded. "Hello?! I'm Tally! Do you remember me?!"the dirty blond asked. Emme grinned "Well of course! They soon started to cry, from joy, from missing each other. "Where the hell have you been?!" "Do you have a boyfriend?" "What's your bra size?" all those of questions made Emme laugh. "Guys! Just relax! I missed you too!" "Group hug!" Alex shouted as they hugged and were squirming for space.

"Children! Dinner!" Amelia Richmond came to the living and announced. They pulled away and ran to the dining room. "We have a surprise for Emmeline" her father, Keith, declared. "We're moving back to England!" Amelia grinned at her daughter. All of her friends applauded and were screaming out of joy, but she was in shock. 'I'm going back? to England? I'm going to see him' She grinned as wide as she could.

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