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fight back by pottermaster97
Chapter 7 : 7. Giving up
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Two months of school had passed, everything was settling down for Draco, although people still hated him. He had kept reading Hermione’s letters to and from NB. He saw all the love and care that was written in each letter yet he still held his tongue on who she was. Hermione had become one of Draco’s better friends during school times he felt he could confide in her.

Hermione however was having trouble. Ron and Ginny kept trying to talk to her she had been doing her best to avoid them but she knew sooner or later she would have to face them.

After Herbology Hermione began walking to lunch alone as usual before she bumped into someone.

“Oh I’m sorry” she said before realising who it was

“Hermione can we talk please it’s been over two months!”

“Do we have to Ronald? I’m kind of busy”

“Please it will take a second” they had reached the entrance hall. Hermione stopped and turned to face Ron. “Fine”

“Look I’m sorry again I didn’t know about your parents and I wanted to tell you”

“When? As soon as the baby was born?”

“Well yeh but does that matter I was going to tell you”

“Of course it matters!”

“Well the main reason I wanted to talk to you was because I made a mistake ok? Lavender isn’t the one for me she’s so grumpy all the time! So please take me back and I’ll never cheat on you again”

“Ron she’s pregnant what do you expect! You will not turn your back on her you good for nothing asshole!” Hermione screamed.

“Don’t tell me what to do you stupid little … mudblood!” bang Ron was tackled to the ground. Hermione hadn’t even noticed Draco stood there before.

“Don’t” punch “ever” punch “call her” punch “that” punch “again!”

“Bat’s rich cobing from bou” Ron yelled through the gush of blood. Draco punched him again.

“I’ve changed” he growled

“Bou ban’t bhange” Draco lost it and kept punching Ron. A crowd of students formed around them.

“What on earth is going on?” a strict voice from the crowd said the students quickly parted to show professor McGonagall. She waved her wand and parted the boys. “Both of you follow me now”

She stormed off the two boys slowly following behind.



I’m such an idiot why did I fight that pathetic weasle! Because he was calling Hermione a mudblood, I did the right thing. Even if it means losing head boy? I can’t lose that I was just helping her, but I had been warned…

“Fighting in the entrance hall, muggle fighting to top that!”

“He abbacked be!” Ron said through his still gushing nose.

“Is this true Mr. Malfoy?”

“Yes but he called Hermione a mudblood”

“So you attacked him! You Mr weasley will detention every day until the under of the term and 50 points off of Gryffindor for calling miss Granger a mudblood, now go and see Madame Pomefry.” Ron got up and left quickly muttering under his breath.

“Now I’m sorry Mr Malfoy but I must ask you to hand in your head boy badge as it is Monday you may stay in your dorm room until next weekend.”

“But Professor! I was standing up for her you can’t do this”

“I can do whatever I see fit, you will also have detention every day until the end of term starting tomorrow understood”

“This is bull**** I haven’t done anything wrong and I’m being punished screw this!” he stood up

“Mr Malfoy sit back down this instant!” he ignored her and stormed out of the office.


He stormed into the common room and headed straight for his room. He punched the wall. How could this happen! I was doing the right thing! He threw his glass dragon on his bedside table against the opposite wall. There was a deafening smash, he slid down the wall. He heard a light tap at his door, he looked up to see Hermione standing there looking at him with shock.

“What happened Draco?”

“She took head boy from me”

“No, she can’t do that! I’ll go talk to her, tell her you were helping me”

“Don’t bother she won’t listen.  I’m sick of this place! I don’t mean anything to anyone anymore, I give up they’re always going to hate me!”

“Don’t say that you have Blaise”

“He’s with some girl all the time now”

“You mean a lot to me too”

“I do?”

“Of course you do!”

“Thank you”

“Oh did I tell another letter from NB”

“Really? Can I see it?”

“Yeh here” she pulled out the letter from inside her pocket. Draco unfolded it and read:

Dear Hermione,

                                I am in the county for a few days so meet me on the outskirts of the forbidden forest on the 2nd November at 8 pm sharp. Come alone.


“Are you going, it’s tonight?”

“I know it’s tonight and yes I am going”

“Oh ok”

“I’ll go and see professor McGonagall first thing tomorrow as well and I’m not taking o for an answer”

“Okie dokie” Draco looked at his fist. It was covered in Weasley’s blood and looked broken.

“Hermione?” she turned from the doorway


“Can you fix my hand?” she waved her wand using wordless magic, again, to fix his hand.


“Thank you for sticking up for me sorry It got you into trouble” she half smiled before walking out of the room.


8 pm

Hermione wondered down to the forest under the invisibility cloak she borrowed from harry. She stood on the outskirts of the forest and took off the cloak before checking her watch 8 pm on the dot. She saw a figure coming towards her from the shadows.

The figure was right in front of her before she removed her hood. Hermione gasped…



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fight back: 7. Giving up


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