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Much Ado About Quidditch, Much Ado About You by cartoonheart94
Chapter 8 : Destination Hogwarts
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The drive to King’s Cross was unusually short, only made eventful by Hugo’s argument with his father on why he couldn’t be given driving lessons.

“But you’re too young!” Ron bellowed for the umpteenth time.

“But James and Al learnt to drive at thirteen! Uncle Harry was cool enough to teach them!” at the mention of the name James, Blanca’s stomach gave a few back-flips, she glanced behind her, where the Potters’ car was, steadily driving behind them and wondered whether he too was thinking of the kiss they shared the previous night.

“But they were far more mature than you are! Show me that and maybe I’ll consider it!”

“Come on dad! I’m not five anymore!”

“I’m well aware of that! I liked you better when you were five!”

“Okay! Cut it out, you two!” Hermione said, turning to look at Blanca and Rose, who sat at either side of Hugo, she said, “Why you two are unusually quiet back there. Why so?”

“Uh, just thinking of school, that’s all mum,” Rose quickly dismissed.

They pulled into King’s Cross and waited for the Potters and the other Weasleys to pull up. They all lugged their trunks on their trolleys and quickly rushed onto platform 9 and three quarters.

“Now be good!”

“See you at Christmas!”

“No more calls from Professor McGonagall Fred and James!”

“Lily! Please don’t hex that Jimmy boy’s head again! We’ve had too many calls from his parents!”

“Study hard!”

Were some of the things that could be heard from the Potter-Weasley clan as they bade farewell to their children. Once on the Hogwarts Express, Blanca and Rose quickly wove their way through the crowds of students to find a compartment. “Oi! Blanca! Over here!” Melanie waved to them from an empty-looking compartment. Once inside, Blanca could see Linda Jordan, huddled with her best friend, Florence Ordaz in one corner. Next to them, Paige Cobb and her boyfriend, Bernie Macmillan were playing tongue hockey, seemingly oblivious to anyone that was in the room.

“Mel!” Blanca said as she gave her friend a hug.

“Hi Rosie!” Mel said to Rose, who was standing behind her friend. They all took the seat opposite Linda and Florence, who snapped out of their conversation to greet the two new comers.

“Hi Rose! Er.....hello Blanca how are you?” she asked.

“I’m great!” Blanca replied.

“Are you sure?” Linda asked, well aware of what had happened between her and her brother.

Blanca grimaced, here we go, she thought, “Yes. What would make you think otherwise?” she said, deciding that playing dumb was the wisest way out.

So everyone resumed their conversations, Mel filled them in on what she had done the whole summer, pausing only to comment on what she would notice mid-way through her stories, like Blanca’s new hair and Rose’s loss of weight.

A half hour later, Rose excused herself from the compartment, “Prefect duty.” She said.

“But we don’t have prefect duty until an hour from now.” Florence replied.

“Well, uh.... I’m just going to prepare for it......” Rose replied as she closed the compartment door behind her.

“My, I must have bored her.....” Mel said sadly.

“You didn’t, she just had something to do.”

“She’s never liked me!”

“Hush up Mel! You’re overreacting!”


Once in the corridor, Rose walked past the compartments, looking into all of them for Scorpius’ blond head, she was giving up when a hand pulled her into a storage cabinet.

“I’ve been waiting forever to do that!” Scorpius huskily whispered in her ear.

Rose giggled as she let him plant hot kisses along her neckline, she grabbed his face and guided his mouth to hers. “I missed you,” she said mid kiss.

“I missed you more,” he whispered on her neck, “Two weeks away from you felt like forever.”

“I know,” she shivered as he bit down on her collarbone, “Scorpius, please don’t leave a mark.”

“I promise,” he whispered, “I wanna stay like this forever.......”

The mention of the word ‘forever’ made Rose flinch away involuntarily.

“What’s wrong?” Scorpius asked, clearly surprised.

“Uh...nothing.” she said quickly, though in her head, Roxy’s drama the day before was playing over and over in her head, “I’ve got to go.”

“Rose! Wait! What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I’ll see you later,” she planted a quick, chaste kiss on his lips and left the cabinet. Leaving Scorpius to think about what had suddenly made her act all strange.

Meanwhile, in another storage cabinet not too far away, James was having his welcome back shag. This time it was Analeigh something from Slytherin, James loved Slytherin girls, they ranked second from Gryffindors. Slytherin girls were smart and sexy, but they also had an extra trick up their sleeve, to James’ delight, Analeigh was super agile; what this girl could do with her legs was amazing. “You like that?” she whispered in his ear as she bit it. James groaned deep in his throat, this girl had a raw, primal animalistic thing about her that just drove him insane; his hands found their way up her shirt and stopped only when they settled on her large bosom. Analeigh arched her back as she allowed James’ mouth to leave hers and explore her neck. James was about to seal the deal when he heard a laugh from outside the door. The sound came like a bucket of cold water over his head when he recognised the person the laugh belonged to, and like they had both suddenly weighed a ton, James’ arms dropped from Analeigh’s hot body to his sides. “What?” a stunned Analeigh asked.

“Nothing.” He started to zip his trousers and throw his T-shirt over his head.

“But we just started!” she protested.

“Look, it’s been a lot of fun, really, it has been. But I seriously need to go,” he said as he passed her bra to her, with a naughty smile, he added, “maybe we could finish off from where we started later?”

Analeigh angrily glared at him, “Maybe not!” she snapped as she pushed past him to leave.

James ran a frustrated hand through his messy black locks, “Stupid Thomas!” he said, she had just ruined his first shag of the school year. Stepping outside the cabinet, he saw that she was just a few steps away from him; her and her little Hufflepuff friends were all huddled around the trolley lady, yelling their orders, James snorted and stalked off to the cabin he was sharing with Fred, Louis and Lance. “Back so soon,” Fred observed as James slid the door open.

“Fuck off Fred,” James hissed as he sat by the window next to Fred and chewed on a liquorice wand Fred offered him. On the bench opposite him was Lance, he had Lexi curled up on his lap, next to them, reading a thick novel was Louis and sitting next to him, directly opposite James was a girl he had never seen before. She sat by the window and studied the scenery like it was the only thing that existed, her hands folded neatly on her lap, which was clad in a short tartan skirt, her white blouse revealed just the tip of her pink lace bra and her milky white neck had a golden locket with the letter ‘J’ engraved in the middle. She had rich, curly golden hair streaked with white-blond highlights and her perfectly arched eyebrows showed off her golden almond-shaped eyes, she had a perfectly pointed nose and her full pink lips were in a slight pout due to her concentration on the scenery.

“Hi,” James said to her. The girl snapped out of her trance to look at him, she smiled softly and said ‘hi’ back. “I haven’t seen you here before, are you new? I’m James by the way, James Potter,” he held out his hand for her to shake.

“I’m Jenna, Jenna Hart. And yeah, I’m kinda new here,” the girl replied, James noted that she had an American accent, “My sisters and I transferred here from the American Institute of Magic.”

“Why so?” James asked curiously.

“My father got a job here, he’s now with the British Ministry, did you say you’re James Potter?”


“That means your father must be....”

“Harry Potter,” James patiently replied, he was sick of always being associated to his father.

“That must be really cool........” Jenna mused.

“Nah......not really actually! It’s not like he even acts all noble and stuff....he’s just a regular old dad. If you want to talk about cool dads, then take a look at Fred and Louis over here, even Lance. My uncle George, his dad,” he gestured to Fred, “is the world’s greatest prankster, he owns the Weasley Wizarding Wheezes chain of joke shops.”

“Yep, he is the residential clown,” Fred said, which made Jenna giggle softly.

“And have you ever heard of Lee Jordan?”

“Yeah! He hosts that show, Total Quidditch right? The one that features a Quidditch star every week, I never miss it!”

“That over there,” he gestured to Lance, who was currently whispering sweet nothings into Lexi’s ear, “Is an original Lee Jordan product.”

“Liquorice wand?” Fred passed a piece of candy to a laughing Jenna.

“Thankyou.” She said as she bit into the red candy.

“Louis’ dad over there, my uncle Bill, he is a curse-breaker, got bitten by a werewolf but was still good enough to marry a Veela.”

“She’s part Veela!” Louis snapped.

“Whatever, your mom’s still hot for forty,” James replied.

“You’re gross,” Louis said as he resumed reading his book.

Jenna was looking completely amused by now, “Oh really?”

“Yes, it’s true, I’m gross.” James replied, dramatically bowing his head.

“No, not that!” she laughed, “So you’re part Veela?” she asked Louis.

“No, not really.....well at least I don’t like to think so.” Louis replied from his book.

“The modest one of the family,” James replied.

“You’re funny, James Potter,” she smiled.

“James? Funny?” came Fred’s voice, “Now that’s a first!”

“And there goes my darling cousin, in denial that we are no longer the funny guy are we?” he asked Fred.

“Sod off!” he said as he threw a handful of Berty Bots at James.

“Are you guys always thishilarious?” Jenna was holding her stomach, gasping for air.

“You think that’s funny?” Fred said, “Wait till you hear this-” and they proceeded telling her of their escapades at Hogwarts and life with their dysfunctional family. James studied this girl as she threw her head back and laughed. She was one of the few girls, with the exception of his family, that he had ever had a real conversation with, she seemed really cool and at ease with everyone, yes, Jenna Hart was different from most girls and James seemed surprised by the fact that the whole time they had been there, she had not made a move towards him, what surprised him even more, was the fact that even though he could acknowledge that she was super hot, he had not, not once, made a move towards her. James smiled to himself, it seemed like bagging her would be an interesting challenge.

The six O’clock whistle blew, Fred got up, “Time to robe up,” he said as he grabbed his robes from the little compartment above them, turning to Louis, he asked, “Oi! Didn’t you have prefect duty a couple of hours ago?”

“Meh!” Louis replied as he pulled his robes out, “I think Su-Ling has it all taken care of.”

James got up to take his robes out of his compartment, turning to Jenna, he asked, “So, what house are you in?”

“Gryffindor,” she replied as she got up and headed for the door.

“So I guess we’ll be seeing a lot of each other then.”

“Yeah, I guess so,” she said as she disappeared behind the door

“Hey!” James said, “Aren’t you going to change from here?”

Jenna smiled coyly and said, “Yeah, that’s not happening.”

“A hot one that un’ yeah?” Fred observed.

“Yeah,” James said with a faraway expression on his face.

“Okay, I’m gonna go join my dear Su-Ling organise the first years, she’s probably breathing fire by now,” Louis said as he disappeared behind the door too.


The train had stopped at Hogsmeade five minutes ago, and almost everyone was off the train, well, almost, because Blanca and Mel were in their compartment, on all fours, searching for Mel’s charm bracelet, which she had somehow managed to lose from her wrist.

“I just can’t leave it, my Great Gran Longbottom gave it to me, it’s really special,” she said in a panicky voice.

“Yes, I know,” Blanca said patiently, she had already heard Mel say that at least a thousand and one times. Then, when Mel straightened up, something fell from her robe pocket, it was the charm bracelet. “Bloody hell! Mel, you had the fucking thing the whole time!”

“I’m sorry!” she half giggled, “I forgot that I had put it in there while changing so I wouldn’t lose it.”

“Don’t never mind that! The carriages have obviously left by now! Let’s hurry!”

They had just managed to catch the last carriage as it started to pull out of the station. “Wait!” Blanca yelled at the invisible force that pulled the carriage, which abruptly came to a halt.

“Thank heavens,” she said as she heaved herself inside, Blanca just about swallowed her words when she saw who was in the carriage. Right in the corner, was Lexi and Lance, and opposite them was James and Fred. “Oh god,” she muttered under her breath.

“Hullo everyone!” Mel said brightly as she took a seat next to Lance.

“Hi Melanie,” James said, and when he caught her eye, Blanca noticed that Mel blushed and looked down. Whatever was that about, she wondered, but decided to ignore it.

So, turning to the only possible person she could talk to, she asked Fred, “What time is it?”

“Its 18:30,” he replied, “you excited to come back?”

“Honestly, Quidditch is the only thing that keeps me from dropping out, though I know you are more than happy to return and cause Filch more trouble.”

Fred ran a hand through his dreadlocks, Blanca observed they were streaked with ginger in random places, the only tell-tale sign that he was a Weasley, “Ah, you know me too well. But I guess I won’t have much time to do that, I’ve got N.E.W.Ts this year.”

Blanca snorted, “You! Fred Weasley, are concerned about your grades?”

“Nope! But I’m concerned about the state of my life if I failed my N.E.W.Ts!”

“Yeah, I guess we all want a good future after all.”

“No! I’m actually afraid my mother will murder me if I blew it, that’s all.”

Blanca giggled. “Do you ever say anything without joking about it?”

“Hmmm, let’s see... I don’t joke about my bacon.”

Blanca burst into even more laughter.

“No, really, I don’t.” Fred said.

“Will you two take your love fest elsewhere,” James snapped, “you’re not the only ones in here!”

“Are you talking to us,” Blanca retorted, “or to those two that are trying to see how far down their throats are?”

A suction-like sound came from the corner as Lexi pulled away from Lance, “What is it, Casablanca, jealous much?”

“Of contracting something from your spit? I think not, and I would like it very much if you called me by my last name.”

“But Casablanca is your name, is it not?”

“Call me Thomas.” Blanca snapped, “Please.” She added after some thought.

“Ooooh, cat fight,” Fred chanted.

“Shut up Fredward,” Blanca said, but with a smile on her face.

“I can see the castle lights,” Melanie observed.

“Thankyou Merlin,” Blanca sighed.

The carriages pulled up at the castle doors and Blanca jumped out as soon as they stopped. She rushed over to the castle doors where she was almost knocked over by Albus, “Watch out grandma!” he said.

“Sorry, I was just in a rush!”

“School doesn’t start until tomorrow,” he jested.

“Bug off!” she playfully shoved him.

Once in the hall, they parted ways and Blanca made her way to the Hufflepuff table and squeezed herself between Paige and Bernie, “We’ve had too much kissing for the day,” she said as she received a death-glare from Paige. The sorting quickly went by and soon, the table was filled with food, which Blanca grabbed immediately.

“A little hungry are we?” Bernie noticed.

“Shush! I’m a nervous eater!”

“And just what are you nervous about?”

“Did you not hear McGonagall? The second game of the season is us against Gryffindor; and there will need to be Quidditch try-outs and stuff.....!”

“Yeah. But why are you worried about all that? Doesn’t the captain..........wait!” his eyes were wide, “You’re the captain! Congratulations!”


“We all knew you’d get it!”

“Shut up and let me eat,” Blanca said, her mouth full of chicken.

A laugh from the Gryffindor table made her raise her head, there was a girl she had never seen before sitting between Lily and Rhiannon, she had a round face and a small pointy nose, her mouth formed in a perfect smile as she threw her head back in laughter, her wavy blonde hair fell softly on her shoulders.

“Who’s that?” Bernie asked.

“Sophie Hart,” the reply came from Linda, she was seated next to Paige, “part of the Hart sisters.”

“Part of the Hart what?” Blanca asked.

“The Hart sisters. They transferred from America, Sophie is in her fourth year, her sister Jenna is in our year, and the twins, Hayley and Desiree are Seventh years.” Linda elaborated.

“”And you know all this how.......?”

“Rhiannon Giggs told me,” Linda said.

“Of course she did,” Blanca said into her goblet.

“Whatever, she’s really hot,” Bernie observed, which he instantly regretted as Paige’s hand flew past Blanca to smack the back of his head.

“What did you say?” she angrily asked.

“Nothing sweetie,” he said, rubbing the back of his head.

“I thought so.” She muttered, “Where’s Melanie?”

Blanca looked around and realised that Mel was nowhere to be found, feeling guilty about leaving her friend in the carriage, she quickly got up and said, “She must be in the dorm, I’ve gone to find her.”

She rushed out of the hall and rushed past the portraits to the giant moving staircase, she rushed to the common room and after tapping on the barrels, got into the ever so familiar yellow and black room.

“There you are,” she said as she climbed into their circular dorm, “I was beginning to think you had decided to go back with the carriages.”

Mel was lying on her bed, making little sparks with her wand, “Hi,” she said flatly. This was so not like Melanie Longbottom, she was the most energetic person Blanca ever knew, and her lying on her back on the first day back from the summer break was out of character.

“Want to talk about something?” Blanca cautiously asked.

Mel looked like she was going to say something, but decided against it as she got up to wear her pyjamas, “What do you want to say?”

“I was hoping you’d have a story for me, but since you’ve got nothing,” she said, a mischievous smile on her face, “I’ll tell you a secret.”

To Blanca’s delight, Mel turned to face her, “Yeah? Do tell!”

“Okay. James Potter kissed me last night!” this time, to Blanca’s dismay, Mel’s face dropped.

“Oh.” She said in a small voice.

“‘Oh’? That’s all you’re gonna say, ‘oh’?”

“Well, I just thought you loathed him, that’s all,” she said as she got into her black sheets.

“Yes. I do hate him, and he still hates me more than anything, that’s why I was shocked when he kissed me.” She said, “And even more surprisingly, I let him kiss me!” the expression she was expecting on Mel’s face did not come, instead, she just remained as flat as ever.

“Maybe you like him,” Mel drawled.

“But I don’t, I think it’s a whole physical attraction going on between us you know, nothing emotional, because I know I hate the git, but I feel like there’s electricity between us! It’s just my teenage hormones raging right?”

“Hmm,” Mel sounded bored, “only physical. Goodnight.” She drew her drapes and went to sleep.

Blanca felt offended; Mel had never blown her off like that! Even if something did not interest her, she would stick it out and pretend like it was, but today, she had snubbed Blanca. Blanca quickly changed into her pyjamas and got into her sheets, wondering what it was that had made Mel go so cold.

 (Well, i hope you enjoyed reading this chapter. i will try and publish the other one as soon as possible but please bear with me if i delay because i'm working on two stories and am trying to balance out the two as much as possible. :) )

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