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I cannot love a Gryffindor by Breeloveyou
Chapter 16 : When things go wrong
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I pulled my hand back, clenching my fist tightly. I slowly caressed the wooden door with the tips of my fingers. I couldnt knock, the feeling of retraint boiled inside me. The words "Malfoy Manor" imprinted in gold. I began to step back, but i shook my head. Regaining my courage i knocked quietly.

The sound of footsteps echoed through the building as the door began to creak open. Lucius's sleep deprived face appeared. His expresssion stern yet hopeful. As I walked in to the room, Draco appeared. "Draco..." my voice came out as a whisper. But my expression was bright, i hadnt seen him for quite some time. Draco Lucius Malfoy, the boy i love.

He looked up questioningly as his name was mentioned. My legs grew shaky, i knew i was scared yet it was know or never. "I need to talk to you.." i stuttered quietly. Lucius looked at me as if he knew exactly what was going on. Draco silently led me to his room, as i followed i gently rubbed my arm. Where the dark mark was embelished. After we entered he sat on the bed, guestering for me to begin.

Draco's actions had seemed strange. He wasnt as bright or happy to see me, but then..that is what the ceremony does.

My heartbeat began to quicken as my breathing grew heavy. "Im..gonna tell you something, something..i have been hiding from everyone else for a long time" He watched me curiously his gaze never leaving my eyes. Me and Draco had been growing further and further apart and the tension between us became vigilant.

So many thoughts raced through my mind at this exact moment. He didnt seem that suprised or happy to see me. He hadnt given me a hug or shown his affection in anyway...what was bugging draco?

"Well?" Draco's voice intruded my head. Sounding harsh and demanding. I violently shook my head, shaking off all the terrible intrusive thoughts. "Since were a couple, i think you should know that..." i was interrupted by Draco's distressed and angered self.

"A couple? are you kidding me? you left me alone for two days!! no contact NOTHING!" I stood back shocked. But before i could speak he intruded once more. "Im a deatheater now Scarlett dont you see! we were never! ever ment to be! your a Griffindor, and i dont love you."

I shattered. Those final words tore me to pieces "i dont love you". I attempted to hold back my tears yet it didnt work. Tear by tear started to stream down my face. Anger and deception boiling up inside of me.

"That what i came to tell you! Im not a Gryffindor,Draco you stupid prick!"

His eyes grew wide and scared. "The hat was tipped off!! i am Scarlett Riddle! daughter of Tom Riddle and your new leader!! i hate you! and never want to see you again!!! you selfish inconsiderate ASSHOLE!" I then left without another word to be said.

I paused just outside the door for a moment. Taking a deep breath out before journeying to Lucius's study to conspire about my new reign.

Draco's Point of view

I didnt know. Guilt was all i could feel at this moment, i thought back. "i dont love you". I looked back in disgust, i do. I love her more than anything in this world, yet im a deatheater know and must take responsibilty. Even though i had just lost everything i ever cared about, Scarlett Riddle..the girl i love and cherish. The girl that wont forgive me this time.

I needed a cure for my depression. So i went to the nearest pub as i entered i saw a party of people celebrating an engagement. Some of which were Potter and his friends the weasleys Ginny, Ron and George. Also that filthy mudblood granger. Those of which would just add to my horendous mood. So i began to get up and leave.

"You dont look too good love" I turned around curously to see where i previously sat, was now a beautiful looking women. I stared at her, her shoulder length hair sat perfectly around her flawless face. She was pale but fair and gorgeous. I sat back down looking her up and down. Admiring her dress, which was black and knee high . With diamonds embroidered on the top. "Brittany Dunsong" she stuck out her hand. I could smell the alcohol on her breath, yet i had also partaken in the consumption of fire whiskey.

"Draco, Draco Lucius Malfoy" i decided to be formal for i had taken a liking to the beautiful women that sat beore me.

Harry's Point of view

We all sat, cheers and laughter was heard everywhere. We were celebrating Hermione and Krum's engagement. Although i didnt know many people here. Until i realised George, an unusual expression. He was biting his lip yet smiling, i stared in his direction. A women with black shoulder length hair, a women i take to his liking. Yet his smile slowly turned into a frown, as i realised she was sitting with Draco.

Draco? My only thought. Scarlett, was she ok? what was going on? Did i still have a chance with her? My thoughts were interrupted by two women obviously from the party. One was short and chubby with very short red hair. The other...

Her brown hair fell to her waist, Her body perfectly curved, absoluetly flawless a gorgeous sight to behold. I smiled seductively, as my gaze moved to her expression. She looked as if she knew i was interested. She spoke her voice angelic "Hey im Erin, Erin Rosalin"

I spoke flirtasiously "Harry, Harry Potter"


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I cannot love a Gryffindor : When things go wrong


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