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Queen of Gorgeousness by Zyii
Chapter 12 : Chapter Twelve – Some People Can’t Take Back What They Dish Out. This Is Their Downfall
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Chapter Twelve – Some People Can’t Take Back What They Dish Out. This Is Their Downfall

Strong Language

Evvie was still in shock from the events that had occurred at the bookshop. It was quite a shock for anyone to watch a person die that way, so sudden and unexpected. Evvie suspected the book clerk had a curse on him that would activate the moment he said too much. It also worked as a horrid threat to Evvie. A part of her wanted to run and hide if that was the sort of thing that Marcus did to people. Yet another part of her just felt more determined to get the truth.

She knew the sensible responsible thing would be to tell someone of what she witnessed and the dead man that she’d left behind. However, some small voice inside her was telling her not to say anything. The situation was fishy and would be made even more complex if it was known that she was involved. As it was she was getting enough grief from Blaise and Draco combined. Blaise had finally gotten through apologizing to Evvie stating how sorry he was and that he just got angry because it was a sore subject for him.

Evvie hadn’t really forgiven him – whether Blaise knew that or not was a different matter. Evvie had been deeply hurt by Blaise’s comment that it was none of her business; it would take a great deal for her to forgive him. Draco was also giving her grief. He stood firmly by Blaise’s side in the matter but he was also suspicious of Evvie and her current actions. It was him after all who had found her in Hogsmead, he was keeping a special eye on her and she in turn was avoiding him at every turn.

The guilt was slowly eating her up, where had the rule abiding Hermione Granger gone? Had she simply disappeared when she’d become Evvie? She desperately needed to tell someone what she’d failed to report. As she made her way to breakfast she prepared herself, intent on informing McGonagall as soon as breakfast was over. However, she never got that far. What caught her attention as a side article of the Daily Prophet stopped her current course of action head on.


In a surprising turn of events the old bookshop in Hogsmead village is up for sale. Customers say the book owner mysteriously packed up and left one day. Some regard this as suspicious while others are happy for the owner who had reportedly been thinking of retiring for some time. One customer, Mrs. Featherton explained how thrilled she was that the owner had finally retired and hoped he’d gone somewhere warm and sunny as a retirement treat. Who knows why the book store owner suddenly had a change of heart and retired from his beloved book shop and who knows if the bookshop will remain? The question is what prompted this unexpected retirement and who will buy the shop.

Evvie read and reread the article with confusion in her eyes. How could the book owner have this article about him when he was dead not retired? And who had written the article? Who had given the information?

Oh my god thought Evvie, was Marcus Boyle in Hogsmead, did he come to dispose of the evidence? Thought Evvie, she wished to the high heavens that he hadn’t realized there were any witnesses to his death and that if he had he didn’t know it was her. Shit shit shit chanted Evvie, today just didn’t look like a good day anymore. She would keep her silence about her involvement, perhaps it was selfish but she didn’t want to end up like the book store owner. She wasn’t about to give up on her quest to find her Father but she didn’t want to continue her search right now, not when things seemed so dangerous. She’d have to do more research first.

Did you ever wonder what happened to Ginny after the ball? She’d been so quiet and withdrawn lately that Evvie had almost forgotten about all the insults she’d thrown. There was always Pavarti picking up the slacks but she always was a bitch, even Ronald had quieted down but that might have something to do with his nightly stuffed visitor.  

Ginny had been going downhill for quite some time, she was still her bitchy annoying self but that was put aside with the current way she felt. It had all happened when Krum had been taken out by the auror squad. As she’d watched him be taken down, her head started t o spin and she’d grown both nauseous and clammy. She’d been standing off to the side as it was, confused by the lack of potion reaction with Draco that she hadn’t really been paying attention to what had happened. Now she seemed to be in a constant state of sickness, her magic was acting strangely, almost as if it were pulling her towards some unseen object. You’d think that Ginny would have read all the effects and side effects of the potion before she made and administrated it. She’d been so caught up with her plan that she hadn’t taken the proper precautions. She didn’t know that when the potion interacted with someone who’s magic was harmoniously joined with hers that they would become binded - Binded as in being married without having the wedding or binding ritual.

She also should have been more careful when she’d sneaked the potion into the glass at the ball. Sure she’d looked around to make sure no one had seen her but in doing so she’d taken her eyes off the glasses and therefore hadn’t noticed when someone spelled the glasses to switch positions. She hadn’t counted on the person of her affections being suspicious of her actions. Draco didn’t need to look directly at Ginny to realize what she was up to, funnily enough he wasn’t new to girls trying to outsmart him with potions and spells, he could spot a suspiciously acting girl a mile off. It comes from being surrounded by girls desperate to get their hands on the Malfoy fortune. A lot of the pureblood heirs had to learn to protect themselves from money grabbing whores like Ginny. So Draco had been secretly watching Ginny as she spited his drink with the potion, as she’d turned around to make sure she hadn’t been caught.

Thus the potion she intended for Draco to drink was actually drunk by Victor Krum. You can just guess what happened then can’t you. If you are thinking oh shit their magic bonded, you’d be right. Ginny was feeling so sick and weak because she was away from her bonded, they needed to consummate the bonding soon or one or both of them would go mad or worse die. She needed to find her bonded lover quickly before the consequences took over. It was funny how the people who wanted what they never deserved always forgot to read the fine print, when life hands you lemons they obviously forgot they were supposed to make lemonade and tried to make orange juice instead.

Victor Krum was sitting in an overnight cell at the Ministry of Magic. Remember when he said ‘all publicity was good publicity’? Well he was seriously reconsidering those words now. He was facing several charges and fines and was given a restraining order not allowing him to come within twenty yards of Evvie Zabini. He couldn’t understand why they kept talking about Evvie Zabini, he didn’t really remember his actions from that night or who she was. He just needed to see Ginny Weasley, he’d been asking for her for a long time but no one would tell him where she was or when she was coming to see him. He was getting rather anxious, something within him was saying that unless he found her soon bad things would start happening.

As it was he was facing a suspension from Quiddich and wasn’t allowed back in England for a further six months. Perhaps luck was on their side as one plucky young Auror thought it best to inform Arthur Weasley that the confined Quiddich star was asking for his daughter. That in itself puzzled Arthur Weasley for he wasn’t aware that his daughter and the famous Quiddich star knew each other. If there was one thing that Arthur Weasley regretted in life it was the way in which he let his wife spoil his two youngest children. Ginny especially was tainted by her upbringing for she was the only girl. He opinion had been favored by others and her manipulation techniques had been avoided too long. It was with a heavy sigh that Arthur Weasley traipsed down to Krum’s holding cell, knowing that what he found there was sure to be unpleasant.

Arthur was never a man to get angry or shout at people, he usually left that job to his darling wife. However at this present moment he felt that if he saw his daughter or his wife, something inside of him would snap and he wouldn’t be able to control himself. What was his daughter thinking using that particular potion, it was well known for being banned years ago, the only person she could have learnt it from would have been Molly, which enraged Arthur more.  Even more annoying that his daughter’s stupid plan was that she’d apparently got it wrong and ended up binding herself to the confused shouting mess of Victor Krum. Arthur would say it was twisted karma, trying to manipulate people around you for your own personal gain; you can’t force matters of the heart. How would he react I wonder if he knew the same potion had trapped him into his marriage with Molly?

Well Arthur refused to feel sympathy for his only daughter, in fact he couldn’t feel sympathy for her, and she’d done something so stupid and dishonest that he wondered where his little princess had gone. If he was honest with himself the answer would be that he hadn’t seen any sign of his princess since she started Hogwarts. Now he had to go to Hogwarts and explain the situation to Minerva, surely Ginny wouldn’t be able to continue with her studies now, she’d have to survive with just her O.W.Ls now. After all, she’d sealed her fate and was now for all purposes a married woman, she’d have to move in with Krum and she’d be stuck with him for her life. Not only stuck with him but stuck in Bulgaria for the next six months. Arthur knew Krum was suspended from Quiddich for the time being but would he ever be allowed to play again? And what would his daughter and her new husband do for money and food? Arthur almost felt sorry for his daughter but as the saying goes, she’d made her bed now she’d have to sleep in it.

Arthur sighed, life hadn’t been kind to the Weasley’s recently, and this was just another situation in a long line of painfully annoying ones. He’d have to watch his wife now, he wouldn’t let her get away with all the things she had over the years, and it was time to take back his command of the family. Molly would soon learn what it was like when she crossed her husband. Arthur knew fetching his daughter wouldn’t be pretty; she would not be pleased to know she would be stuck with someone who was facing several charges of assault nor the fact that he would give her no wealth or title. Yes, he knew his daughter well, he knew exactly what she was looking for, with Ginny it seemed that love didn’t factor into the equation, she was searching for wealth, fame and titles, that was what mattered to Ginny Weasley. Arthur sighed, why fate continued to be unkind to his family.

Draco was walking past the Headmistresses office as he saw Ginny Weasley being dragged up the stairs by her Father; he smirked to himself, if Ginny was in trouble, which was only too amusing for Draco. He sighed dramatically, he liked to think he’d grown more mature in recent years, war tended to have that effect on people, especially when you’d been involved the way Draco had. Draco walked around aimlessly till he found himself back in his own room. He stood in front of his mirror and looked at himself.

He wasn’t impressed with the image that looked back at him, looks were important to some, the used to be important to him but no more. Draco wondered where his life had gone; it seemed only moments ago that he was a young boy with the never ending love of his Mother and pride of his Father before him. Yet since then his life had become one complicated mess after another. His life was a series of tremendous ups and downs, more downs than ups really. Hogwarts had become his sanctuary; at Hogwarts he was away from all the pain and the hurt, there was no disappointment from his Father, no fear of darkness, and with no rules or demands. Draco could just be himself. Well that wasn’t so true, he could be himself within his small group of friends but then they’d mostly all been in the same boat since they’d come to Hogwarts, Draco’s behavior to others (especially Evvie) wasn’t who Draco really was, it was a front, a fake disguise to save him from disappointment and pain. He needed to have a reputation that pleased his Father while he was at Hogwarts. Now though the war was over and Draco’s Father’s opinion was no longer his concern.

What has it all lead to? His life seemed empty and unimportant. Blaise had told him not to involve himself with Evvie until he knew what he wanted. He was in conflict; his brain and his heart were fighting hand in hand with his morals and his conscious. Part of him wondered if life was worth the heart ache of letting someone inside the barriers he’d created. Chances are he’d get hurt; people never seemed interested in Draco, only the Malfoy name and the Malfoy vaults. Was it too hard to want to be liked for himself rather than his name? Perhaps a small part of Draco’s brain thought he deserved it after all he’d done and all the acts he’d committed. Are you still worthy of love when you’ve been shrouded in darkness?

Was it worth it? Letting love in? Deep inside, Draco was just as vunerable as the next person, he was a normal person with normal needs. He thought of Evvie, she looked spectacular at the ball, she always looked good, even as Hermione Granger, Draco was impressed by her. She had so many different smiles, and Draco loved all of them, when she smiled her whole face lit up, it was mesmerizing to watch. She got so excited at the smallest of things, she was an incredibly friend, she valued knowledge and loyalty. She loved chocolate and Cherryade, she always put others feeling before her own, she was very selfless. Draco wanted to let her in, he wanted to be her friend, wanted to share things with her, wanted to kiss those delectable lips. Blaise was right, Draco was being selfish, in his quest to avoid Evvie he’d only been thinking of himself and his own past actions and mistakes, he’d never given Evvie a chance to form her own feelings and opinions. He should have remembered that feelings aren’t one sided, they always go two ways.

Perhaps if everyone else could, Draco should try to let her in. It would be hard, as much as she lit up his world he also found her incredibly annoying, they seemed to argue about the most stupidest of things. It was ridiculous really, but every time Draco saw her he seemed to find the need to argue too strong, the words would leave his mouth before his mind had a chance to catch up. For once Draco was at a loss, he didn’t know how to move forward, he felt clammy and sweaty like a pubescent boy with his first crush. He’d never felt this way before, usually charming girls came naturally to him, he could get any girl he wanted, it was easy to find girls to fall into his bed. What was it about Evvie that made him nervous and set him on edge? He stopped starring at his own reflection, there was only so much one could take of their own personal pity party.

While Draco had his own pity Luna walked around in a similar state of mind. Luna knew what others thought of her, she knew they thought she was weird, odd and bizarre. They looked at her in a way that was almost like they pitied her or didn’t trust her. Luna never felt like being anything other than herself, she saw people living a life that wasn’t theirs. Like they were afraid of who they were, Luna was never afraid of who she was. Perhaps that is down to the influence her parents gave her or perhaps it comes from a lifetime of not following the herd.

Whatever the reason, Luna was about to take a big step. She’d often wondered why she was put in Ravenclaw, oh she was clever enough but that seemed to remain the only factor. She could have been placed in any house and been happy. Perhaps that’s why she was different, she would have been happy in any house and would have thrived anywhere, others were not so lucky. Most of the Gryffindor’s: Harry, Ginny, Pavarti would have been lost if put in any other house, in much the same way as many Hufflepuff’s, Ravenclaw’s and Slytherin’s would have been but not Luna.

Luna had only ever had a small group of friends, until the creation of Dumbledore’s Army, she’d really only had one; Ginny and even Luna realized how unfriendly Ginny was. The creation of Dumbledore’s Army opened Luna’s world up to the possibility of friends and real friends at that. However, since that fateful day and the trials that they’d all been through since, Luna had reexamined the friendships she’d made that day and realized that half of them were as phony as the lies told throughout the Wizarding world. Luna didn’t want friends who weren’t real.

You may wonder where all this is leading to, Luna had already told Potter where to go, what was her next move to be? It was simple really, she wanted to follow the one person she considered a real friend; Evvie. Some might argue this point and say that Evvie wasn’t a real friend to Luna, just take a look at how she judged Luna when they first met. But this is what Luna liked so much about Evvie, she didn’t hide the fact that she found Luna a bit different, she argued with her on all the strange facts Luna knew and gave her more of a friendship than she’d ever had before. Perhaps it sounds silly but Luna liked the fact that Evvie hadn’t pretended to be anything other than what she was and that in turn had made Luna consider Evvie to be one of her true friends.

The transition from Ravenclaw to Slytherin friends was easier than Luna anticipated, perhaps it was because Luna hadn’t many strings attached in Ravenclaw or that she’d severed all her strings from Gryffindor. She didn’t really know but she was pleased with how well the Slytherin’s accepted her, they didn’t call her out for being different from them but rather welcomed her with open arms. Luna couldn’t tell whether this was because of something Evvie had said or whether they were acting on their own accord but she liked the feeling of completeness that she hadn’t had before.  

I apologise if this chapter seems a bit iffy. I wrote half of it last week then unfortunately I ended up in hospital and had to have surgery, I'm now out of hospital but still in recovery. So I wrote the rest of the chapter post surgery, so if it sounds a bit bizarre or doesn't make sense, then that's why. I read it through and it sounds alright to me but you never can tell ~ Zyii

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