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The Little Things by GrangerFever4eva
Chapter 4 : Memories
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"C'mon Granger, I gotta show you something." I stated as she followed me. I threw a book on the bed and said casually, "Page 34, in about the middle of the page. Have fun." 

She looked at me, like she was confused, but did as I said. 
"It's just a blank page?" she asked confusedly.

 I didn't respond, just slowly brought her finger down to touch the book.

 Just like it was supposed to, the pages started to ruffle, the book began to glow, and she and I were in my personal memory. I was by a big stone wall, with those two imbeciles Greg and Vince.

You could hear past-me's thoughts clear as day, thanks to a bright bit of spell work on my part. It was the day of he stupid Hippo-whatever's execution, the day Granger punched me. She laughed beside me as she recognized where we were, what this was.

 My memory-me saw 3rd year Granger coming towards me, looking to kill. Current Granger and I laughed as my thoughts echoed around the clearing; 'Wow filthy mudblood got some spunk! Wonder if Weaselby's noticed her yet, probably not.'  We watched as past me got pinned up against the wall, laughing as my next thought was 'Not the face! Hex my balls off if you need to, but not my FACE! Ah thank the Dark Lord she's backing off, SHIT!' as 3rd year Granger pinned me, backed off, then slugged me hard. I looked over at Current Granger, and was pleasantly surprised to see her laughing harder than I was. 

The scenery began to ruffle again, and in a bright white flash, we were back in the Heads common room. 

Granger looked at me, and we both just started laughing hysterically. "Not...Not... Not my face..!" she managed to get out through the giggles. We left my dorm, still laughing occasionally, and separated at the fire. 

"Well... Goodnight Granger." I said awkwardly. 

"Night, Draco." she replied, grabbing my arm suddenly. "Thank you... For today." She leaned in and kissed my cheek. I stood back, shocked. 

Apparently I wasn't as shocked as Pansy, however, as she came screeching in to our common room. 
"You FILTHY DISGUSTING MUDBLOOD!!!" she screamed, all the while stepping closer to Hermione, "How DARE  you SPREAD YOUR FILTHY MUDBLOOD GERMS all over my BOYFRIEND!!!"She swung her hand around to slap Granger, but I saw it coming and caught her wrist. 

"Leave her alone, Puggle:" I glared at her.      

Pansy looked at me in that sickly sweet way she had, the one that made me want to puke. She turned towards me and crooned, "Oh Drakie, don't you need to go wash up? We don't want any of her filth getting in to your system, now do we?" 

God she was revolting. 

"Actually, pug , I would appreciate it if you would leave. HERMIONE and I are going to get some rest." 

She looked like I slapped her in the face. It was priceless! Until-
"Crucio!!!" she screamed, pointing her wand at Granger.

 Hermione, obviously, screamed loudly as the pain grew. 

I shot an Expelliarmus charm at Pansy, but missed, so I gave up and just tackled the bitch.

 Hermione seemed to be recovering, because she crawled over to the fireplace and Flooed Professor Dumbledore. 

Barely 3 minutes later, he was there, taking care of Pansy.  
Everything was taken care of quickly and quietly. 

Madame Pomfrey showed up to once-over Hermione, give her a potion, and leave. 

Soon we were all alone again, but without the happy mood of earlier. 
Hermione was curled up in a ball by the fire, obviously still in pain.

 I crawled over and wrapped my arms around her. She slowly leaned her head back against my shoulder, and we fell asleep. 


I woke up in Dracos arms. God I could get used to this. I tried to move into more of a sitting position, but stopped when the movement sent white hot pain flying up my back. Tears pooled up in my eyes. It hurt a lot! Draco's eyes flew open as I squeaked in pain. 

"Hermione are you ok?!?" he said quietly, as I tried to hold as still as I could. 

I squeaked and shook my head. 
"P-p-Pomfrey. " I stuttered out as he tried to move from underneath me without touching me too much. "OUCH!!" I screamed as he made a particularly painful motion by my left ribs. 

"Sorry," he stated almost regretfully, "I'm gonna levitate you and call Pomfrey. Ok?" 

I looked at him like he was insane. HIM, levitate ME?! If he just made one mistake, I could go crashing to the very painful floor at a high velocity.  I was NOT willing to risk it! "No! Just.. Just move fast. Please."

"Granger, trust me. Do you trust me?" 

I looked up into his silver-grey eyes and shook my head regretfully. 

"Fine. Whatever." he muttered, as he slid out from under me abruptly.

 I squealed in pain as my sore arse hit the cold floor. He summoned Madame Pomfrey, and she showed up quickly with Ron and Harry, Ginny hiding behind them. Harry took one look at me on the floor, glanced at Malfoy, and started ranting. 

"Mione, you ok??!? I swear if he's even laid a finger on you, I'll Crucio his pureblood arse, understand?!? Stupid little--" I cut him off as Draco visibly began to get mad. 

"Harry. I'm fine. Or at least I will be soon! I swear on my magic that Draco had NOTHING to do with this, at all. Now calm down!" Madame Pomfrey made me drink a quick potion, which numbed my whole body, made it tingle, then returned to normal; only without the pAin. I sighed. Life was so much better when you weren't in agonizing pain. 

"Hermione?" Ron asked hesitantly, "Will you forgive me for overreacting?" 

I looked at him crossly. "Ronald, there is no way in hell I will EVER forgive what you did to me! You RUINED my dance! Harry, I forgive you, you just stuck with your bud, but Ron, never." I ranted madly, "If you don't mind now, I want to sleep. But then again,Weasley, you never DID care about what I wanted. Goodbye!" 

Ron gaped at me madly, and left the room muttering under his breath. 

It was then that Ginny stopped hiding and slunk over towards my spot. "Before we go, what about me?" 

I knew immediately what she meant. "Gin, I've never been mad at you. You're still my best friend, of course! You've never left!"

She smiled and wished me a good day, and exited out the portrait. 

Malfoy looked at me, "We should get to class, Potions." 

I sighed. He was right, of course. Damn.

"Granger?" Malfoy asked, "why don't you trust me?" he looked deathly curious and slightly sad. 

I thought about it for a minute as I got ready. The real reason I didn't trust him was that he and I had hated each other for about three years prior to this. Why would he change now? But I didn't say that. He'd hate the memory. "Malfoy, I didn't want you to levitate me because there's so much that can go wrong! I hardly trust myself to do it, let alone my ex-enemy!" Shit, blew that. So much for not mentioning the past between us.  

"Thats all I am to you?" he asked, a hurt look on his face. "Just some dude that used to be mean to you? I gotta get to class. Bye, Her--Granger." 

He stormed out, leaving me to think. Draco was gone from lessons the whole day. 

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