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Perfectly Imperfect. by missmalfoy_
Chapter 1 : Hypothermia, Mud and Unexpected Help.
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I’m lying on the floor.


No, seriously, I am lying in the mud.


My lovely little brother Hugo decided to lock me out of the house and leave my wand inside said house.


It’s cold. I don’t mean to be melodramatic or anything but it seriously is very, very cold out here. It’s also three o’clock in the morning. Now, I know how that sounds. It sounds as if I was out late, partying and drinking lots of alcohol and kissing random boys and possibly letting them fondle my boobs. You couldn’t be more wrong. That sort of behaviour I left to my cousin, James Potter. The partying, drinking part I mean. Not so much the kissing random boys, though you never know with him.


No, I’m Rose Weasley. Hermione Weasley is my mother, for Merlin’s sake. I study hard, I get perfect grades, I was a Prefect and this year I'm Head Girl. I abide by all rules, set by my meddling, sorry, darling parents and school. I had enough friends at school, I supposed. I mean, being of the Weasley family made it easy to make friends - it helps that I have, like, a thousand cousins. That being said, I wasn't this social queen - I found it hard to flirt and, to be honest, I didn't go out of my way to speak to guys in fear that I'd probably blurt out something along the lines of, 'My favourite food is peanut butter and pepperoni'. It didn't help that my two best friends were crazy beautiful and had boys falling over themselves to talk to them.  Sometimes, it was easy to become the invisible nerd best friend when they were around. I didn't want to be invisible or perfect. I wanted to be me.


Back to my current situation.


I had come back from my friend’s place way too late tonight, which was actually really unlike me. It wasn’t as if I left her house late, I left at 10:30pm like normal but I got held up by running into a bunch of my Muggle friends from down the road, who were just on their way to a party. I sometimes felt like I had more friends in the Muggle world than at Hogwarts, which wasn’t exactly convenient. We ended up talking for a while (as in, an hour or two...) and they had tried, and failed, to convince me to come to the party too. I had refused, that sort of thing wasn’t really my scene. I came back to the house, ready to sneak in the back door-unless Dad was up late- and go straight to bed. Unfortunately, I found that both doors were locked (by none other than my little brother Hugo, I assumed, as Mum and Dad normally left at least one unlocked) and my wand was still on the kitchen bench. So, I’ve been sitting in my yard for the past two and a half hours, wondering what the hell I could do about my freezing arse.


Did I mention it was the night before I was due to go to Hogwarts?


The only thing that sucked more than where I was right now was the fact that Dad never listened to me when I asked him to make a very high hedge between us and our neighbours. He likes the ‘community’ feel, and our family are like, best friends with the people who live next to us. All expect me as per usual.


Our neighbours were the Malfoys.


Cue dramatic music and close up.


Now, Scorpius Malfoy is my real problem here. Typically, him and Hugo are mates, and the Potters live over the road from us and Scorpius is best friends with Albus. Albus and him were really tight. Albus also happened to be my cousin, which means I see him a lot. This means I have to be in the company of Scorpius Malfoy…a lot.


Don’t get me wrong. He is a very attractive boy/wizard/god/other unworldly creature. With that swooshy blonde hair, bright blue eyes, washboard abs, bulging arms and chiselled jaw…


Basically, he is nearly perfect and I hate him.


This works out well, in my case, because he hates me too and I don’t need to pretend to like him.


I say ‘nearly perfect’ because his personality kind of detracts from his good looks. He taunts and teases me on a daily basis, and is so cocky and up his own arse I’m surprised his head hasn’t disappeared into his own body. He doesn’t seem to hate my brother though, or any of my cousins or friends. Just me.


Problem is, Scorpius likes to keep his figure in tip-top shape, which means he will be out for a run in approximately three hours and he will see me in the mud. I don’t give a shit what Malfoy thinks of me, but this sort of sighting could definitely tarnish my fab reputation.  My reputation of being squeaky clean (ha-ha) Rose Weasley may just go out the window because of him. There was no other way to go about this situation.


I was going to have to break into my house. Now, that doesn’t sound like such a big deal but trust me, it is. For me at least. I dug a bobby pin out of my pocket, picked up my study notes and trudged to the front door of my house. I knelt down and set to work on picking the lock.


Two and a half hours later and I’m nowhere. I am not any closer to getting into my house, and my bobby pin looks as if it’s on the verge of snapping it’s bent that much. I heard footsteps behind me but thought nothing of it; I’m too determined on getting inside before I dye of hypothermia.


“What on earth are you doing, Weasley?” asked a very familiar voice behind me and I spun around, startled. Of course it was fucking Scorpius Malfoy. Half an hour earlier than usual but it was still him…shirt off. Who let him take his shirt off?! Not acceptable.


“What does it look like I’m doing, Malfoy?” I answered his question with a question, and bitterly too. I turned around again and continued to shove the bobby pin into the keyhole.

“Looks like you’re trying to break into your own home,” he answered. “But I wonder why…”

“You put Hugo up to this?!”

“How could I resist?”

I spun around, thoroughly pissed off. As if I wasn’t pissed off enough already. I narrowed my eyes at him and tossed my auburn hair over my shoulder.

“Why, may I ask?” Scorpius sniggered and I resisted the urge to slap him in the face.

“Because it’s funny,” he said simply and shrugged. I seethed.

“Funny? Funny?! You think this is funny, huh? I am stuck out here, in the freezing cold, with no wand and practically no clothes.” I was nearing hysterical now; I was always the one to panic in situations where I felt uncomfortable.

“Whoa, chill out Rose. Loosen up a little and take a joke for once, will you? You’re always so damn serious and boring. I’ll open the bloody door for you,” Scorpius rolled his eyes and lazily flicked his wand, turning the lock on the door and opening it. I sighed.

“Thankyou. Now piss off please.” I ran inside and shut the door on Malfoy, running upstairs to take a long, hot shower and to plan my revenge on Hugo.


I didn’t even realise he called me by my first name.





The next morning was most definitely the most stressful morning of my entire existence...

“Watch it, Rose!” shouted Hugo as I bumped into him, resulting in him pouring his tea down the front of his freshly washed shirt.

“Shit, sorry,” I apologised as I walked briskly up the stairs, carrying my Transfiguration book in one hand and a half eaten piece of toast in the other hand. Needless to say, the Weasley clan were in a bit of a hurry. I sprinted up to my room, finishing my breakfast and shoving some last bits of school supplies into my bag. I struggled to carry it down the stairs, and halfway down Dad sighed and took it from me, carrying it with ease to the car.

“Thanks Dad,” I said and smiled at him and I hopped in the back.

“You’re welcome Rosie.”


The drive to Kings Cross took longer than usual (am I late for everything these days?), seeing as there was a shit load of traffic on the motorway due to a four car pile-up. I tapped my wand against the back of Mum’s chair impatiently, looking out the window and sighing impatiently. After about 2 hours, we finally pulled into the station, with only 15 minutes until the train left. All four of us sprinted down the pavement and ran quickly through the barrier.

“Have a good year, Rosie!” Dad said and kissed me hastily on the cheek, as Mum engulfed me in one of her warm hugs.

“Study well, my girl,” she said, kissing me on the forehead.

“I will Mum, I promise.” Smiling at my parents, I wasted no time waiting for Hugo and jumped on the train, waving at them and making my way down the corridor of the Hogwarts Express. Finally finding a spare compartment, I flopped down in the seat and smiled wearily, enjoying the peace before it got crazy.


First to arrive was one of my best friends, Ariana. She was gorgeous, with wavy blonde hair down her back and sparkling blue eyes. She had plump, red stained lips and long eyelashes. Ariana was the sensible one of our group-which was admittedly not very sensible- and probably the most intelligent, next to me. She was also the one with the boyfriend, who happened to be my other cousin Freddie, but we are so not going there.

“Hey Rosie,” said Ariana, putting her bag in the overhead compartment and sitting down opposite me. I didn’t have time to respond, however, as a loud noise at the door distracted me. May had arrived.


She stumbled in loudly, swearing as she stubbed her toe on her luggage.

“Shit..hey guys!”

“Hi May,” said Ariana and I and we giggled. May was the troublemaker out of us three, always coming up with the plans for parties and such. She had long, dead straight raven coloured hair and violet eyes. Weird, but kinda cool. She sat down next to me and pulled up her top. Ariana and I looked at her in surprise.

“Look guys! I got my bellybutton pierced,” she said, revealing a glimmering silver jewel embedded in her bellybutton.

“Wow May! Do your parents know?” I asked, knowing the answer even before she spoke.

“’Course not, Mum would go mental!” May laughed and as she was pulling her top back down, I couldn’t help wishing my stomach was as flat as hers... This was the only time the three of us spoke by ourselves before the madness ensued.


“Move your bony ass over, May.”

“Albus you just stepped on my fucking foot.”

“Can you two stop making out for TWO seconds, please?! Spare us.”

“Merlin help us all….”


I grinned as I sat in the corner of the train compartment with a bottle of butterbeer, watching my group of friends sort themselves out. By friends I mean everyone in there besides Malfoy. I admit, our compartment could be seen as overcrowded but we did have a big group, what with Ariana, May, Albus, Scorpius, Freddie, James and his slut of the week and myself. I wasn’t quite sure of her name; all I knew was that her pair of boobs were soon to be christened a national landmark. Anyway, I had gotten Head Girl (no surprise there at all) and Scorpius Malfoy had gotten Head Boy (a few surprises there). This meant we’d have to be hanging out a lot more, something I had mixed feelings about. I mean, I despised the boy but he was still pretty to look at and we got to share the Head’s quarters. Maybe I could catch him in a towel at some point.


Scorpius Malfoy had got to me though, for the first time like ever. He was also right, for the first time like ever. I was boring. This year was the year Rose Weasley was going to be interesting and it was these thoughts that prompted the next thing I said.


“I want to have a beginning of year party.” I basically announced to the whole compartment. There was a deathly silence following my words, which made me begin to regret saying anything at all. This was before the loud reaction.

“Stop the presses!”

“Are you serious?!”

“Holy shit, this is gonna go off!”

“What am I going to wear?”

“Where is it going to be?”

Throughout all this, I noticed Scorpius kept his mouth shut and simply stared at me with an amused smirk on his face. I looked at him, mouthing “what?” but he just shrugged. I sighed and turned back to the group.

“Guys, guys! Shut up! It’s gonna be about three weeks into the term, long enough for everyone to be stressed and I’ve already figured out where this party is going to be held; the Head’s quarters. Assuming Scorpius is okay with it…” I trailed off, looking at the blonde god in the corner once again.

“I am always up for a party. Hell yeah!” The boys cheered and the girls squealed and I just sat back and watched, fairly sure my friends could work out the rest of the arrangements. I stayed silent during the rest of the trip, staring out the window of the train and practically stroking my Head Girl badge. I just hoped my duties weren’t going to be stripped (ha-bloody-ha) off me if we were caught. But we weren’t going to be caught. Were we? I did feel a bit rebellious.


Not so rebellious that I was about to start dying my hair black, ripping my clothes, piercing random bits of my face and cease washing myself but I did feel a bit looser. It was my last year, after all, and I had to make the most of it. You only live once and all that.


In no time at all (or at least, it felt like it), we had arrived at the castle and were walking up to the Sorting and Feast. I managed to land myself Malfoy as a walking partner and we trudged up the stone steps in silence. A pretty awkward silence at that.

“Listen, Rose-“ Scorpius grabbed my arm (He’s touching you, he’s touching you) and pulled me into an alcove just inside the Entrance Hall. He hadn’t even finished his sentence before I butted in.

“Hang on a minute. Since when do you call me Rose, Malfoy? Are we on first name terms now or what?”

“You called me Scorpius on the train.”


“You did. You called me Scorpius and not Malfoy.” Scorpius retaliated.

“Yes, but that’s beside the-“

“Look, if we want to make this year the best for the senior class and school, we’re going to have to work together in our Head duties. We don’t have to be friends but we can at least act like mature 18 year olds and be civil to one another. Okay?” Scorpius ended his little speech with a huff of breath, staring at me (into my soul)  with his icy blue eyes.

“Okay,” I mumbled, quite ashamed of myself and how I had been acting as of late, and hurried off to Gryffindor table without a backwards glance. I hadn’t realised how long we were gone, until I saw that we missed the Sorting.

“Where the hell were you?” hissed May. She and I had always made it our job to pick out who we thought would make it somewhere in the school.

“Sorry! Head duties,” I whispered back. That wasn’t a total lie, was it?

“Liar,” whispered Ariana on my right, her eyes sparkling mischievously. “I saw you with Scorp.” 

“What?!” James’ head whipped around at the sound of his friend’s name. “You were doing what with Scorp?” He demanded.

“Nothing! Nothing I swear, we were just talking about Head stuff. I swear!” I spluttered. May looked thoughtful.

“He’d so get it from me,” she sighed.

“Get what?” I asked. May raised her eyebrows at me and I blushed.


James snorted. “Like that counts May. Anyone would get it from you,” he said and laughed. The rest of the group joined in.

“Like you can talk, Potter,” she retaliated but May had an amused sparkle in her violet eyes. I hushed them as our Headmaster, Professor Dickens (stop laughing) stood up to address the school.

“Welcome, welcome to another year at Hogwarts! I trust that everyone had a fine travel here, and I’m sure everyone is eagerly awaiting our wonderful feast.”

“Hell yeah!” Someone from Ravenclaw yelled out and Professor Dickens chuckled.

“However, before that I need to note some changes to the year. Firstly, could our new Head Girl and Head Boy please stand; Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy.”


There was a great deal of tittering as I stood up slowly, watching Scorpius (why am I not calling him Malfoy?) do the same on the other side of the hall; it was no secret that I hated his guts. The thing that was secret was that I often fantasized about stripping his clothes off and smothering melted chocolate over his abs and possibly licking it off…. But that was for my mind and my mind only, so keep your nose out of it. There was a smattering of applause and we sat down again, maintaining eye contact until I looked away, cheeks burning (remember that you hate him, Rose).

“Now, an announcement I think the whole student body will agree with. On request of our Head Boy and Girl, and with the express permission of the staff, there will be more social events this year. This means more Hogsmeade trips, school dances and other events such as those. Now dig in!” Professor Dickens finished his speech to an outroar of applause and talking amongst the students. I could hear what some of the people around me were saying:

“Oh my god, more chances to talk to Brad!”

“I need to find a Muggle outfit for every day!”

“Do you think they’ll let us go clubbing in London? Nah forget it, that Rose Weasley is a proper snob. Old reliable for homework help though.”

“Scorpius is so fine. Weasley is a bitch for sharing a dormitory with him!”

“Weasley has good tits though mate, you know? She just needs to get them out more.”


I huffed. Some people in this school were honestly such tarts, and yes I include May in this equation (love you May!). May is a nice tart though; most of them were just bitchy slags. I didn’t like people thinking I was a snob however, it wasn’t my fault I inherited my mother’s brains and applied myself to my studies! I didn’t exactly like being indentified as ‘old reliable’ either. I had to show people I could have fun like the rest of them! Hello, senior year? Definitely time to let loose.


This year was the time for Rose Weasley, ‘old reliable’ to change.


Even if I had to “get my tits out more often”.

A/N: First chapter, hope you guys like it! Read and review s'il vous plait :) Love Emma!

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