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I Love You, Tom Riddle by Prongs1981
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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We all know the story of Lord Voldemort and Harry Potter. Voldemort tried to kill Harry as an infant and failed to do so creating a brutal rivalry for the next seventeen years. Harry beat him in the end, saving the wizarding world. But, Voldemort killed many innocent people during the wars. People don’t exactly know why he did, though. There are some theories floating around. Some say it was because of his father being a muggle, others believe he was born innately evil. None of these are true though. I know the real reason for his murderous nature towards Muggle-borns and Muggles.  

            It was because of me. I’m the reason for all those deaths. I’m the reason people lived in terror for all those years. I’m the reason Voldemort lost his humanity. I’m the reason Harry Potter doesn’t have any parents. I’m the reason for the wars.

            I broke Voldemort. He used to be kind and gentle. He was top in our year. He was brilliant. Everyone loved him. He played on the Slytherin Quidditch team as seeker. Nobody at Hogwarts would have believed he would become the monster he did after school. It’s all my fault.



            I loved Tom Riddle. And I broke his heart.


            I did not mean to. To this day, it was a complete accident. I tried to explain it to him, but he refused to listen to me. After what happened, he became bitter. He resented all muggle-borns. That crossed over to muggles eventually. He believed anything that could produce such a horrific thing as a Muggle-born was just as bad. Soon he became hateful towards other wizards and witches. Anyone who associated with Muggles or Muggle-borns were considered blood traitors. It eventually built up inside him so much that he cracked. He started attacking people. His heart was so broken, this seemed like the only thing to make his pain go away.

We were in love. What else was he supposed to do?



To begin to explain Tom Riddle’s story, I should probably explain who I am.

My name is Sophie Adams. I got my Hogwarts letter like every little witch and wizard when I was eleven. However, I wasn’t like most eleven year olds that received a Hogwarts letter. I am a Muggle-born. I had no idea magic existed. I was shocked when I found out I was a witch. It was so exciting going to Diagon Alley and picking out a wand and my spell books. And crossing through the barrier to get onto the train that brought me to my new school was amazing.

            I was placed into Gryffindor and made many friends rather quickly. In second year I tried out for chaser on the Quidditch team and got a spot. I was brilliant on a broom, wicked fast. Most keepers have a hard time stopping my shots.

            I was also decent in school. I wasn’t the best, for that was Tom, but I was good. Mostly O’s on my O.W.L’s.

            I didn’t exactly meet Tom until sixth year. We knew each other because of Quidditch, but we never spoke. We rolled in entirely different circles. Gryffindors and Slytherins don’t usually associate with each other. But all that changed when we became potions partners in Slughorn’s class.


What do you think? This is my first story on here. So let me know, advice, like, hate?


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