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A Bump In The Night by prettywishes
Chapter 11 : Clairfication and Confusion
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A/N: So I've been getting chapters up pretty quickly lately after forgetting about this for awhile! Sorry about that by the way! Chapters should continue coming out quickly and it would make my day if you took the time to leave a review! 

 “Attention!” Professor McGonagall called, trying to gain control over the mess of students that were filling the Great Hall. Her words went unnoticed as students continued to turn from person to person trying piece together the best story they could. Snacks had been brought up onto the tables so many snacked as they gossiped making it even harder for her to get even one student to turn.

“Attention!” She called again, this time her voice much louder and sounding much more serious than the first time she’d tried to gain the attention of those in the room. There was a quick drop off up noise and it took a moment for the few stragglers to settle down. Faces finally turned, leaving their friends rumors for a chance at getting to know what had really gone on.

“As many of you already know, Albus Potter has been murdered.” She announced causing the silence she’d just created to be lost to the chattering of the students. Tones were hushed and it was clearly shocking to them to have the awful news confirmed. It was one thing to hear that someone had been killed but the formal manner that it was being given finally made it seem real. It was no longer the latest gossip to figure out; it was the death of a fellow student. Someone had been killed in the same building they slept in each night.

There were several deeply disturbed students and The Headmistress could clearly pick out the boys sobbing cousins among the other students. She knew that it would have been better pulling them out as well but it would have been quite a feat to accomplish so late at night. So she waited for a moment to give her words a chance to sink in.

“This is being handled with the extreme caution and anyone who believes that they have any information related to the incident should not be afraid to come to a Professor with that information.” McGonagall continued. The seriousness of her words was reflected in the reactions of the students as they didn’t dissolve back into their whispers as they had before.

“As of now security is of the upmost importance, and all students must remain in here until instructed otherwise. This is of course, to ensure the safety of each and every one of you. Classes will be suspended until safety is ensured.” She concluded. The lack of cheers at the announcement about lack of classes showed just how seriously the students had realized the situation was. Glancing over the students for a moment she wished that she could take the words back allow them to return to their blissful sleep but she couldn’t do that in the same way that she couldn’t bring back Albus Potter.

Stepping down from her place before the students, her expression solemn, she made her way through the Great Hall and out. Heading back down towards the Slytherin common room she hoped that they could figure it all out soon as the press was already going to have a field day when they heard the news.


Scorpius had not expected Lily Potter to come storming through the Slytherin common room, blowing past the Prefects who were supposed to be keeping watch, and make her way over toward him. And when he realized that she had he almost expected her to punch him in the face. It was not as though Lily was usually a violent person but he was being accused of killing her brother and he figured that would cause even the gentlest person to change their ways. The red head didn’t even appear to be mad at him which was more than he could say about almost anyone. It was a relief to know that there was more than one person who believed that he hadn’t done anything wrong.

“Right, so I know that you had nothing to do with this.” Lily announced, making her presence known by taking a seat on the couch next to him. Even though he’d know her for quite a while he couldn’t help but to be surprised at the way that she had herself pulled together. Her brother had died only hours ago but it was impossible to tell by just looking at her face.

“We just need to figure out who did it and then we’ll be able to clear your name.” Lily explained her voice almost sounding excited. He doubted that was the right emotion though; even if the death still hadn’t sunk in the mood of the night could keep anyone from being happy. Her face was all business though and Scorp was pleased that he’d managed to find someone who believed in him without even looking for her.

“I'm sure once the Aurror’s figure it all out they’ll track down the real killer and lock them up, then they’ll realize how wrong they were.” Scorpius agreed sending a glance over to the officials. Despite the urgency that he felt this situation deserved most of the men didn’t seem to be frantically doing anything, most seemed to be on their own time. Even if it wasn’t regular office hours it was a murder case and he thought that they ought to be doing their jobs.

“Not them-they’re not going to do much of anything.” Lily corrected, nodding over to them to put an emphasis on just how little they were doing. “If you want to keep from getting tossed in Azkaban until your trial, which you could always lose on some sort of technicality, we need to figure out who did this.” She explained looking to Scorpius as though he was a young child who might not be able to comprehend the words.

Draco Malfoy, who Lily hadn’t even noticed and whom Scorp had completely forgotten about laughed at the girls words. Sure, he gave the girl credit for all of her ambition but that didn’t mean she was going to manage to do anything. Even if the Aurrors weren’t the most efficient beings they had been trained for this type of work. They might have hit a wall, thus getting his son blamed, but that didn’t mean they wouldn’t get their act together eventually.

“You don’t seriously think that you could figure this out before the officials, do you?” He pressed, almost curious to see how she was going to respond. Her behavior reminded him of her father so much that it wasn’t even funny. He always seemed to think he could figure everything out first and much to young Draco’s dismay he often succeeded.

Lily glanced over to the dawdling figures who were supposed to be working on the case, and then back at the man who was questioning her wondering if he was still unsure who would actually be the most effective of the two.

“Look, you can laugh if you want but someone killed my brother, someone who we all know isn’t sitting here right now. The Aurrors are bonkers for thinking that they’ve figured it all out. So we can either sit around and wait for more people to turn up dead or we can figure out a way to stop them.” Lily explained, hoping that he’d realize just how serious she was taking the situation they were in.

Draco couldn’t come up with an honest reason to argue with the young girl for if she was able to succeed she’d be getting his son off the hook for something that he hadn’t even come close to doing.

“You are an awful lot like your father, do you know that?” Draco questioned, shaking his head before walking away to leave the two teens to try to plot their way out of the mess that they were all stuck in.

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