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Here without you by kjp
Chapter 3 : death eaters are a nasty business to deal with.
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 1st September

another lovely chapter image by prometheus@TDA

We arrived at the great hall… it looked exactly how I remembered it, but even still it made me feel cold. Perhaps it was the dark clouds that were above us or the fact the this year there was no candles floating so gracefully above us. Nevertheless it felt cold and gloomy, no other words on how to describe how I felt.

There wasn’t as many people as I thought there would be this year. Well why would there? Half of them have been imprisoned or on the run because they are muggle-borns, I heard that my ex boyfriend, dean Thomas, had escaped capture and went on the run hiding from the people called snatchers. Nasty people if you ask me, there kind of wanna-be death eaters. This means they have no dark mark but do everything the dark lord tells them to just to get on higher ranks with him.

Stupid wanna-be

Snape was at top. Yes I did say snape as in the severest snape; no you are not hearing things!

He is now headmaster, feel sorry for me? Vile Snape the scumbag who killed our former headmaster and was the only one keeping all this war at bay, now Greasy git’s in the picture were all in danger.

I’m sure he doesn’t wash either… I’m sure whenever I was in potion glass it wasn’t the fumes that were giving of that disgusting smell. And when I say his hair sticks to his head because he is so greasy… I’m not joking. Also his nose is the most largest nose I have ever seen, I’m starting to believe that people with large noses really are nosy people.

His face had a sly smirk on his face as though he had accomplished something great that no one else could achieve. I bet he was enjoying it, the taste of success, having finally got to the top and beat old Dumbledore. Its not everyday you beat the most experienced wizard of all time I suppose.

He caught my eye. The sly git I mean. His black eyes met my brown and a shiver spread down my spine, I wasn’t scared of him there was nothing to be scared off… he couldn’t touch me and if he did I’m sure my brothers would back me up (even if they are not actually at Hogwarts at the precise second-but I’ll call them in when I need them)

A loud clang made me come out of it… A goblet had fallen over and pumpkin juice was everywhere. Some people started to get there wands out to clear it… me being one of them (I had to other wise I would get wet robes because the pumpkin juice was starting to spread… I.DO.NOT want wet robes for tomorrow) It’s a little problem I have… I just have to be clean for the first day, second, third or fourth and the rest of the year I’m fine being dirty… but first day back it has to be perfect.

About four people had there wants out now (me included) to clean up one puddle of pumpkin juice. I know! Its completely ridicules… it doesn’t take four people to clean up one mess.

There was a loud cannon noise that made all the noise in the room go quite. The air was filled with nothing but silence and shock. A sea of wide eyed people could be spotted dotted everywhere around the room in fear the next sound would be pointing right at them. Us four with our wands out momentarily forgot about the pumpkin juice that was slowly making its way towards my nice clean robes that had only been washed yesterday.

“SILENCE!” Barked a women with a unusually low voice. She had two teeth that stuck out at awkward angles and her hair pushed back in a neat bun that mad her look stupid. She was going a bit on the plump side and her nasty face twisted cruelly at us and glaring at every single on of us “YOU FOUR PUT YOUR WANDS AWAY IMMIDIATLY! NO MAGIC OUTSIDE CLASS” Her face quickly came to ours resting on all of our faces for a moment or two.

I noticed how her glare stayed on my face for more than the others and I couldn’t help but feel uneasy.

“Thank you Alecto” Snarled Snape the greasy git “As you are aware this year will be unlike any year that you have ever had. There will be new rules that will be put in place this year and they will be put up on the notice board in the morning. There will be quiddittch this year” there was a outbreak of protest. I already figured there would no quiddittch, it was going to be so different this year and Snape would do everything in his power to make our year the worst year yet. Quiddittch would be the first to go.

“SILENCE!” The women names Alecto blew again sending everyone quite without even raising her wand.

Snape glared at the hall looking at everyone full in the eye. It felt like he was searching us, for something hidden. Again eyes landed on me for a moment longer. It was obvious he was thinking that I should have been captured by now… he clearly knew I had been dating Harry Potter in fifth year, it had spread around the school like fire and everyone knew about it, it was common fact gossip around Hogwarts gets to everyone’s ears extremely quickly.

“I suggest you learn to take these new rules in or there will be severe punishments, its that understood?” Some stayed silent, others nodded there heads, some people looked down to scared to look up and see the cruel face of the man who killed Albus Dumbledore.

“Everyone is to take muggle studies this year whether you like it or not” He said “understand?” It was not a question to be answered.  We all had to like it.

Dinner came after that. It was sadly not up to the usual Hogwarts standards, which was disappointing, but I didn’t care… food was food right?

I could distantly hear what Ron would say in his moody voice if he were here right now “What the hell is this food… Hogwarts elves need a demotion” Then Hermione would smack him on the head with some heavy book that had about four thousand pages in it and Harry would sniffle a laughter.

I probably was in a trance for few minutes because Neville had tapped me on the shoulder asking me what was wrong. I just continued to stare into space, cold and heartbroken.

The hall wasn’t as full as talk as usual and a shiver spread down my spine. My worst fear was silence, I hated it… I would rather take on you-know-who rather than silence.

The reason I hate silence so much is because all you have with you is your thoughts… and when your thoughts aren’t very good then its all you have.

Dinner had obviously ended and people were getting to leave, still fear attached to some peoples faces and I felt sorry for them… they were scared; they were only human after all.

“HURRY UP” barked another Teacher. He was dressed in black and had a thin pointing face. Even though he looked like the opposite of the Alecto teacher you could still see similarity’s. My best guess was the they were sisters and brothers both on the dark site fighting with you-know-who. Just great! We have death eaters in the school, as if it couldn’t get any worse

“Ginny, lets just get out of here” Neville tugged on my arm leading me out of the hall and towards Gryffindor tower… I didn’t feel safe in this school, not one bit. 

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